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Zumba Fitness Dance Party - Caipirinha Lyrics
essa menina de lpanema quando passa. mami, the way you move your hips the music pumping like this your body hitting the beat me vuelve loco mami, let me ...
EIFFEL 65 LYRICS - Move Your Body
Lyrics to "Move Your Body" song by EIFFEL 65: Work your mind mind Work your body move your mind Move your mind mind Work your body body Wo...
Lazy Groove (Zumba) Lyrics - Claudia Leitte
... for "Lazy Groove (Zumba)" from "Claudia Leitte": Are you ready to dance?, To make your body crazy, ... Move your arms around like you've got nothing to lose
SIA LYRICS - Move Your Body
Lyrics to "Move Your Body" song by SIA: Poetry in your body You got it in every way And can't you see it's you I'm watching I am hot for you...
Lyrics to "Move Your Body" song by BEYONCE KNOWLES: 5, 3, 2011, let's move! Clap your hands now! Clap your hands now! Clap your hands now! Clap your ...
Zumba Fitness - Zumba Loco lyrics
Jan 18, 2014 Lyrics for Zumba Loco by Zumba Fitness. ... Let me see you let it go, let your body take control, everybody on the floor, come on lets get LOCO!
J Perry feat. Shabba - Boujé (feat. Shabba) lyrics
Mar 11, 2016 Zumba zumba hoo! zumba zumba Oh ohooo ... ... Everybody dance and bouje bouje Put your hands up souke souke Shake your hips and ... Move aside Tout le monde ka bouger Tout le monde ka danse Tout le monde ka ...
Francesca Maria, Jayko, Cisa & Drooid - Dale Dale - Video Edit ...
Feb 29, 2016 ... it started Come on lose your fears and move your body Keep going, ... control Ven dale Zumba sin miedo no lo dejemos pa'luego Subeme la ...
Beyonce Knowles - Move Your Body Lyrics
Let's Move!! [Swizz Beatz] Whoo! Clap your hands now! (4X) Jump! (8X). [Beyonc] Mission One, let me see you run. Put your knees up in the sky 'cause we just ...
Zumba Fitness - Caipirinha lyrics
Oct 25, 2012 Mami the way you move your hips The music pumping like this Your body hittin' the beat Me vuelve loco… Mami let me know what you feel This ...
Mademoiselle Luna & Miss Autumn Leaves - Move Up & Down ...
Apr 16, 2016 Lyrics for Move Up & Down (Radio Edit) by Mademoiselle Luna ... fine Rock your body And row your boat Move your tumbs Up and down Like ...
NINA SKY LYRICS - Move Your Body
[Chorus (x2):] Move your body girl. Makes the fellas go. The way you ride it girl. Makes the fellas go. All up in the club looking fly. Made your first approach
Lyrics to "Bumpy Ride" song by MOHOMBI: I wanna boom bang bang with your body yo Were gonna rough it up before we take it slow Girl lemme ro...
ZHANE LYRICS - Hey Mr. D.J. (Remix)
Lyrics to "Hey Mr. D.J. (Remix)" song by ZHANE: Everybody move your body Now do it Here is something that's gonna make you move & groove Hey D.J. ke...
DADDY YANKEE LYRICS - Limbo (Spanglish Version)
Come and fall back Limbo! Keep movin' your feet And... ... Zu-zu-zumba! Here we go! Take it down! ... Go ahead and work your body! No lo pare ahora! Dime oh ...
Lyrics to "Your Body" song by CHRISTINA AGUILERA: I came here tonight to ... Tonight's your lucky night, I know you want it ... We're moving faster then slow,
El Chevo - Metela Sacala lyrics
May 12, 2015 Lyrics for Metela Sacala by El Chevo. bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce move your body to the beat... el...
Nina Sky - Move Your Body Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Move Your Body Girl' by Nina Sky. Move your body, girl, makes the fellaz go / It's the way you ride it, girl, makes the fellaz go / Move your body,
Lyrics to "Move" song by LUKE BRYAN: Your mama packed y'all up and ... Had a rocking little body with a yankee strut ... But I can't move when you move
THE SATURDAYS LYRICS - What Are You Waiting For?
Wanna see everybody move your body body body 'Cause it's the only way that we party party party. Yeah everybody grab somebody, let's get naughty naughty
(Uh, uh) All the girls on the floor tonight. So move your body from the left to the right. Cause you know your lookin good tonight for sure [Verse 1: Mr. Vegas]
Drop it low, Pop it up, pop it up, turn around [x4] [Verse 1] Move your body baby, bom bom bom. When I shake it, I'mma steal-a the show. Come one baby, run ...
Don't stop, move your body. Rock this party. Dance everybody. Make it hot in this party. Everybody dance now. Don't know what's on your mind. You comfy have ...
Wanna tell you bout a dance it's been going around. Everybody doing it from grownups down. Ain't gotta move your head ain't gotta move your hands. Ain't gotta ...
Zumba zumba hoo! zumba zumba Oh ohooo ohooo Hee heeeheee a. ... Shake your hips and woule woule oh ... Get into the groove and move your body.
Yeah, I'm a freak. Yeah, baby there you go (let's go) Stealing my heart just like a criminal. No turning back, this time is critical. Ya' move your body like a miracle
Just move your body girl. Work it to the floor. Let your body go now, now now, oh oh oh [2x] Let me take you to rio, rio. Fly'o the ocean like an eagle, eagle
STAGGA LEE LYRICS - Rock Your Body (Mic Check 1, 2)
Lyrics to "Rock Your Body (Mic Check 1, 2)" song by STAGGA LEE: Rock your body, mic check 1, ... Bump it louder so the crowd wanna move - like Ohhh, Ohhh
Shakira - Hips Don't Lie Lyrics
Hey Girl, I can see your body moving. And it's driving me crazy. And I didn't have the slightest idea. Until I saw you dancing. And when you walk up on the dance ...
PETER ANDRE LYRICS - Mysterious Girl
I wanna get close to you. Oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh, oh. Mysterious girl. Move your body close to mine. Girl you are me heart's desire. And you alone a set me soul on fire
S Club 7 - Don't Stop Moving Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Stop Moving' by S Club 7. ... Everybody's moving to the rhythm that's inside ... Ain't no mystery, just use your imagination, let it take you there.
Dj Bobo - Everybody Lyrics
Everybody move your feet. To the rhythm of this beat. Everybody ... Move your body jump around check it out with this sound. Everybody, everybody, get up and  ...
Mya - Orishas Represent Cuba Lyrics
I'm the one you find deep in that move, that drives your body and your senses, I'm the heat inside, when rhythym and love collide, Cuba, let me introduce myself
Get on down just do your thang. She back it up, they back it up. Get on down just do your thang. She move it, she move it. Her body, her body. So sexy, so sexy
Jennifer Lopez - Papi Lyrics
If you got your baby, baby. Move your body, move your body. Dance for your papi . Rock your body, rock your body. Dance for your papi. Put your hands up in the ...
Skales - Shake Body lyrics
Jul 17, 2015 Lyrics for Shake Body by Skales. exfacter entertainment&Jay Pizzle production Hey…hey Hey…hey ... Hey It's okay, ah Hey….hey Oya shake body Oya move body Make you ring alarm o Oya ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
NELLY - Move That Body lyrics
Move that body. Work that body girl twist that body. Twist that body. Shake ish sha day. Oh my man could you stand up. See you gotta bug on put your hands up
Backstreet Boys - Hey, Mr Dj Lyrics
As we dance across the floor. Every move that your body makes. Only makes me want you more. And it seems like time's moving fast. How can we make it last?
DON OMAR LYRICS - Danza Kuduro (English Remix)
Don't lose your breath now. Because this has just started. Move your head. Dance to Kuduro Move your body, this here is so crazy. Morena, come to my side
JENNIFER LOPEZ - Papi lyrics
Put your hands up in the air, air, air, ohohohohoh. Move your body, Move your body. Dance for your papi. Rock your body, Rock your body, Dance for your papi

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