Your heart is floating in the sky we known each other for so long lyrics

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Every time I close my eyes I hear your voice and see your smile. Wish I could feel it, ... If I cant swim if I cant float I'd build my love into a boat and sail to you dear ... Just because we hold each other up don't mean that we're in love. But when I ... And so as long as we're apart we'll use the waves to send our hearts. Through ...
[Sia] Money cannot buy. All the love that's here tonight. All the love that's here tonight. Ouh-ouh. It's just you and I So lift your hands toward the sky. Lift your ...
RICK ASTLEY LYRICS - Never Gonna Give You Up
We've known each other for so long. Your heart's been aching, but. You're too shy to say it. Inside, we both know what's been going on. We know the game and  ...
FLUME LYRICS - Smoke & Retribution
Aimin' at your temple, we was taught to kill a nigga mind ... I know they'll never understand, but I don't give a fuck ... I held you to the ground cause you were floating ... Only got each other we can turn to ... That's fine cause you so fine, the way you walk, you talk ... I just wanna see the sky ... I made it out with my heart intact
PHORA LYRICS - As Time Goes By
I know we had our differences, but girl it's time to let it go ... Listen, all I need is you girl, so tell me that you'll stay. In touch with the ... Throw my ashes in the ocean, feel my spirit in the sky ... I feel your heart becoming so close ... No Other Way
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - The Last Lost Continent
Lyrics to "The Last Lost Continent" song by LA DISPUTE: I felt your sickness ... " Too long you've torn us into pieces, ... "You know, you wouldn't believe the things I saw when I was stationed ... Though we're not sure who we are, we keep our heads up ... So fill your heart with what's important, and be done with all the rest. We ...
KENNY LOGGINS LYRICS - Underneath The Same Sky
Lyrics to "Underneath The Same Sky" song by KENNY LOGGINS: Like bees without the honey Or a sun that isn't sunny Eat a cookie ... We're right beside each other. Even though we're far apart. Our friendship fills my heart ... When you can't annoy your buddy ... So good to know we're under the same sky ... Long Tailed Cat
MAYDAY PARADE LYRICS - You Be The Anchor That Keeps My ...
Lyrics to "You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart ... All my sand castles fall like the ashes of cigarettes
Blood on my hands, throw them up in the sky. I was a number one ... I broke your heart, broke up the next day. My bags ... I float away but you're my gravity. Die to love another day. We rise again and lose our gravity ... So pull the trigger give me one more shot ... No matter what you say – I don't know the truth from the lies
The speed of light's for pussies; we're going at the speed of Brian Flying towards ... Men and women wave to each other from a respectable distance. Without the ...
Lyrics to "Higher" song by ANGEL HAZE: Can we just get higher up, hey Can you ... Find new life through each others eyes ... Get deep enough that we gotta float ... In us, cause I know you gotta be tired ... I know your secrets buried deep and I know ... So far beyond physically ... We can feel our heart beat to the same tune
PARAMORE LYRICS - (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
You know we're gonna be forever. Why are you tellin' me ... Now I walk under a pink sky (ooh), Lovers float along and pass me by. I pour my heart out to your voice mail, Let you know I caught a ... Just so I can smell your skin. As the chemicals ...
'Cause I didn't know how to feel bad enough to make him proud ... Pa, stay your hand and steel your resolve, stay where you are, so long and tall ... When we go out, they're bound to see you with me ... "In your heart is all that you need ... Helpless as a child, when you held me in your arms and I knew that no other could ...
VANNA LYRICS - "VOID" (2014) album
VANNA lyrics - "VOID" (2014) album, including "Bienvenue", "All American't", ... My sky's all wrong, no floating on clouds ... We own this town, so go ahead and take a look around ... We have each other and we'll pull through ... There's a reason you just don't know, you don't know ... In your heart and with your friends. So ...
CHIODOS LYRICS - "Devil" (2014) album
We're Talking About Practice 3. Ole Fishlips Is ... I'm so perfect, I know I wanna make you practice. You all look the same, catch me spitting on your image. It's a frenzy, it's ... Away with the fishes floating like the stars across the sky. ... Follow my heart and can't trust my head. ..... I've been searching myself for so long, so long."
ICE DRAGON LYRICS - "Dream Dragon" (2012) album
They've stolen away with my eyes / So that I can no longer see / Thieves and liars / But I brought you on myself / Thieves and liars / If I could only get some help
ARCHITECTS LYRICS - "Daybreaker" (2012) album
Try fill that hole inside your heart. Sun of god, sun in the sky. .... Floating through space, what a destructive race. ... I know all we meant was to expand and to thrive. But we sharpened our claws and we went to war. With ourselves, with each other, with the rich and with the poor. ... Long departed we're so short sighted
THE AMITY AFFLICTION LYRICS - "Chasing Ghosts" (2012) album
(let my heart keep on beating and not given it all up) For the grave ... There's no ghost left to haunt you so you know I'm still here, Just the end of ... (there's no one there on the other side) ... please float on by my loved ones and let them know that I'm still here. ... And we sing woah oh woah, our voices carry through the hills.
Disney - Colors Of The Wind Lyrics
How can there be so much that you don't know ... And we are all connected to each other ... We need to paint with all the colors of the wind ... Disney - Beauty and the Beast "Belle" | Sing-A-Long | ... A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes lyrics.
WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)
Really live the life you other niggas speak about ... She love me we fuckin', we in the fly free zone with some niggas who ... I'm glad to be here out the way in so looong so looong so long ... And I don't have much, but I take all I got and that's what I give (what I give) ... If you love her then hide your bitch so you keep shawty
SOULRELIC LYRICS - "Love Is A Lie We Both Believed" (2005) album
Fell from a dream so frail and you are not here to guide me through this day. Where the roses never grow to pierce your heart with blood-red glow ... The rain is pouring down from our loveless sky ... Now that it`s over, I realize we were always universe away from eachother. So ... Sway like a tree the day as clouds float away
Wicked - Dancing Through Life Lyrics
Of enough of them to know. They want ... Down at the Ozdust... Fiyero: If only because dust is what we come to... All: Nothing ... Smart! You deserve each other. So here, out of the goodness of my. Heart... Boq: ... Your life could end up changing
And if it all goes crashing into the sea. If it's just you ... And pops stayed the same and your moms moved away ... Trying find a heart that's not walking away ... We can feel so far from so close ... Trying to find a way down the road we don't know
When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels. But I know our filthy hands can wash one another's. And not one ... So brown eyes I hold you near
James Bay - Hold Back The River Lyrics
... the river, let me look in your eyes Hold back the river, so I Can stop for a minute and be by your side. ... We rode our bikes into the sky ... Let us hold each other
Andrew Lloyd Webber - Beneath A Moonless Sky Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beneath A Moonless Sky' by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I should have known that you'd be here / I should have known it all along / This ... That long ago night ... I couldn't see your face but sensed you even so ... I looked into your heart and saw you pure and whole ... We never dared to say ... Other patents pending.
WATSKY LYRICS - Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 2
And most of us have the audacity to think we matter ... Someone stabbed him in the heart, just a little poke ... Against the vastness of what we don't know ... We live in a house made of each other. And if that sounds strange that's because it is. Someone please freeze time so I can run around turning everyone's pockets inside ...
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME LYRICS - "Colors" (2007) album
Ants Of The Sky 6. ... we drove the bends... so small... A conscious decision to persuade ourselves amongst the ... On the shaded side, it's starting to affect the process of your reading eyes. ... It's been a while since we've written each other and hopefully this will comfort you. ... I'm floating towards the sun, the sun of nothing.
SHADOWSIDE LYRICS - "Theatre of Shadows" (2005) album
Doesn't know what's wrong or right. Seems so ... Look within your heart! ... Meet each other ... And I'm flying, flying as the Queen of the sky ... So now. We're gonna die tonight. This is the fate for all mankind. They're gonna die tonight ... Dancing all night long for a chance to live ... Feel the magic - I feel it floating in the air
ANTICHRISIS LYRICS - "Not Fade Away" (2012) album
We won't get another chance (for running away) ... I've been living here for much too long. Small town small minds it's all so bloody daunting ... but deep inside you know there's gotta be a better life ... we're floating in a darkness where the ... reading your letter the third time turns my heart to stone .... with the clouds in the sky
Lyrics to "Warning" song by INCUBUS: Bat your eyes girl, be otherworldly, count ... What's so wrong with being happy? ... No one flinches, we all float face down.
And swiftly ran the other way. And I heard the ... They got lost as they were taking off each other's clothes. They realized there was a hole in the boat. And with no lifesaver you try your best to float ... So I thought I'd let you know it was beautiful slow dancing ... I know in my heart I would never let you tumble to the ground
EARTH, WIND AND FIRE LYRICS - We're Living In Our Own Time
Lyrics to "We're Living In Our Own Time" song by EARTH, WIND AND FIRE: I feel it in the night I hear a whisper, a ray of light A flash across the sky Through the window in. ... It's just like floating away ... Silence of the dark, words are falling from my heart ... Believing forever touching each other ... All that we're feeling so right
TRAIN LYRICS - When I Look To The Sky
Lyrics to "When I Look To The Sky" song by TRAIN: When it rains it pours ... And floods the floors we thought would always keep us safe and dry ... And as I float along this ocean ... And every sunset that we'll miss I'll wrap them all up in a kiss ... And when I feel like there is no one that will ever know me ... Your Every Color
MATISYAHU LYRICS - King Without A Crown
Lyrics to "King Without A Crown" song by MATISYAHU: Zee you're all that I have and you're all that I need Each and every day I pray to get to know you... ... I want to be close to you, yes I'm so hungry ... And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might ... Strip away the layers and reveal your soul
Spend money when ya money gets long ... Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop (Yeaaaaaaaah!) ... Just made a mil, count another mil, so put that on top of that ... I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga ... We buy cars. y'all flip whips, catch us smokin that quick trip
ADEPT LYRICS - "Death Dealers" (2011) album
I need to know if this weakened heart has strength to carry on. Another day around the ones who always brings me down. I make beliefs around the thought that we could be so much more. We're ... Through the smoke you change your fucking act. I still don't ... I reach up to the sky and believe if we're not in this together
So don't worry, Josephina, you know that your secret's safe with me. Oh, the mystery that surrounds you couldn't hide your heart of gold 'Cause you're so beautiful and shy and true. And I'm the ... I think we can help each other... But you' re so ... your toes. Then you feel you start to float away.. and I'm the only one who knows.
AXXIS LYRICS - "Paradise In Flames" (2006) album
Break Your Soul 14. ... Everything is so unreal ... No wind no help you sail on your own ... Eyes try to meet each others gaze ... A cold wind's covering my face l we're all in fear ... The prince of darkness is floating in the sky ... Now we know the holy book has never lied ... Guide my life through the dark forever in my heart
ANNISOKAY LYRICS - "Devil May Care" (2016) album
deep in you heart you know the truth so scream it loud. Loud loud loud ... if your heart's not frozen don't let it all ... we're all seekers always searching for a life worth living we are ... across the years we've lost each other blinded by a softly ... falling in love with a cloud in the sky all I can do is watch it float away you were the ...

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