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ALESANA LYRICS - "The Emptiness" (2010) album
A story that will torture your thoughts by day and poison your dreams by night. And though I will do ... Empty eyes accuse a face so evil, I'm coming undone. The mirror says it all, ... with her eyes? A glossy stare that won't leave me be starts my blood running cold. .... I'm finding pleasure in watching you writhe. I lean in just to  ...
HOLE LYRICS - Best Sunday Dress
Watching you burn....ahh ahh. Watching ... Pale blue eyes so far away. Watch me with his sorrow ... ooh ooh I'm coming undone, he comes from the cold mine
Lyrics to "Don't Stop Me" song by WYNTER GORDON: I can feel it in the air I can ... Now stands all alone, got me out here. And I'm up so high that I can't come down. All the beats so hot, yeah, beat so loud. And I'm crying out [Chorus] Open up your eyes and see the light ... Watching while I'm rolling it, baby I'm controlling it
SETHIAN LYRICS - "Into The Silence" (2003) album
When death's sleeping eyes shall open. Rest Under Her Silver Wings If death is a long cold rest. You can lay your burden down on me. See but the ... Within which all must come undone. Laugh with me ... Watching as everything will fall apart
LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES LYRICS - "When We Don't Exist" (2011 ...
I never asked so don't assume that I would need your help ... You never needed to drag me through the hell ... I saw the change in your eyes ... I'm sick of watching you come undone ... Cold hearts are never warm when you need them to be
OMINOUS GRIEF LYRICS - "Nothing In Remembrance" (2007) album
Come caress me, for its still midnight in the grave. Sun shines bright .... will be left undone. The night will become one with your eyes, watching me from the stars
KREATOR LYRICS - "Live Kreation" (2003) album
So keep your ice cold bitter illusions. I don't need your ... of cold distrust. Watching as you finally fall ... Prejudice, intolerance, eye for an eye [SOLO - FRANK] .... My thoughts come undone make me see the dark stains on my soul. A darkness as ...
CARDIANT LYRICS - "Verge" (2013) album
While The Ice Is Cold 11. Can't Reach The Ground. 1. Justice Turns Into Revenge . Watching the scene on your brand new plasma screen ... Eye for an eye and a whole head for a tooth ... Oh, just tell me - what have you learned? You say ... I thought my time has yet to come ... My escape is over, these things can't be undone
HEATHEN LYRICS - "The Evolution Of Chaos" (2009) album
8. Undone 9. Bloodkult 10. Red Tears Of Disgrace 11. Silent Nothingness ... I've seen the cold dark shell of a man ... Agony coming my way. Demon eyes are watching me .... Nothing more than a passing glance to aggravate your arrogance
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "Angel Of Babylon" (2010) album
Oh craving devour me, take me away. Oh to infinity, take ... An instant that won't come undone ... Your eyes are cold. Pale are ... Devil watching through my eyes
A BREACH OF SILENCE LYRICS - "Dead Or Alive" (2013) album
The dark takes hold of me, this is my destiny. There's nothing to ... Through the eyes of the enemy. This is! Your time! Too rise! In the eyes of the enemy. ... is gonna come undone. ... Cold tears at night no longer worth .... just watching you bleed
THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD LYRICS ... Corruption runs through your cold veins. We shall prevail as ... Leave me for dead, but don't come back for me this time. I need no demons watching over me tonight. Save me ... We are undone
EYE OF THE ENEMY LYRICS - "The Vengeance Paradox" (2014 ...
EYE OF THE ENEMY lyrics - "The Vengeance Paradox" (2014) album, including " The Regret", "The Irony", ... cold embracing ... another day has come and gone ... Watching as your light goes out for me ... What's now begun, won't be undone.
OMEGA LITHIUM LYRICS - "Dreams In Formaline" (2009) album
Watching me through the eyes of the strangers ... They are coming here ... Haunting in cold realms of dream mist ... Obeying your master. While we dreamed of freedom. Drowned in silence. Close the eyes ... In the name of the glorious undone
PRETTY MAIDS LYRICS - "Pandemonium" (2010) album
Sweet mother earth mankind come undone. Enemies of ... It seems that everything is coming down your street so neat. And poor .... Instant cold. Taken ... The twilight people watching me. A silent ... I'm scared to death of what the eyes can't see
SYLOSIS LYRICS - "Dormant Heart" (2015) album
Where The Wolves Come To Die 2. Victims And ... Watching it all unfold ... Coveted eyes to ultimately deceive. I'm coming undone ... I hope their hands cling to your soul ... Point the finger at me ... The cold frost of winter soothes the sting
KALMAH LYRICS - "12 Gauge" (2010) album
KALMAH lyrics - "12 Gauge" (2010) album, including "Cold Sweat", " Sacramentum", "12 Gauge"... ... 9. Sacramentum 10. Cold Sweat ... I am the one of your daydreams. Don't call me sexy ... Swampwar the time has come to stop the deprivation ... why all the bad just can't be undone? ... Thousand eyes are watching me now
CHARON LYRICS - "Sorrowburn" (1998) album
that opens path behind your back. Crawl down ... Breath by a cold reaching the ecstacy. Drown me with a ... flovers of knowledge for me to come ... Her dark eyes that glares so bright ... I think she's watching me ... The undone and deceased
ERRA LYRICS - "Drift" (2016) album
And spread me out with waves in the ocean. With every trace ... It's endlessly coming undone ... You can't find the strength, your eyes loose resistance, I will lift the weight for you. ... Watching your soul in flight ... With bodies cold and weightless
FEAR FACTORY LYRICS - "Demanufacture" (1995) album
Open your swollen eyes. Erosion invades ... Watching life come all undone. Growing fear, a ... There was no love for me. There was only ... Cold rules are reality
OSI LYRICS - "Blood" (2009) album
We Come Undone 5. Radiologue 6. ... I never meant to be your friend. I kicked the tire but it caught ... Watching the colors wave I sat up ... Please don't make me leave again. Eventually ... He huddles in the cold ... Eyes fixed at the gun. A bag is ...
MALEVOLENT CREATION LYRICS - "Invidious Dominion" (2010 ...
War you will come undone, united hate ... Become his hideous art, watching yourself die ... Gleaming of his blade reflecting in his eyes ... Cap your head, face is cold and turning blue ... Slapping me across the face, hate now takes a stand
YEARNING LYRICS - "Evershade" (2003) album
Through the eyes of suffering. They've seen it all ... When life is through they're coming for you ... Just quiet world around that disappears with me ... You try to speak to me ... Colours fade from your dying face ... I do not know what I should say or do to make it now undone ... For there's dark and cold but you're colder inside
ALLEN / LANDE LYRICS - "The Battle" (2005) album
I don't want to live in your cold world. I don't want to ... her evil eyes. Don't touch her cold skin or ... Close your eyes and wish for a miracle.. You can't ... The time hasn't come for me to leave this place. How can I .... After this war and far beyond the guardians who are watching us. Another ... To save an undone life from pain
PINK FLOYD LYRICS - Coming Back To Life
Lyrics to "Coming Back To Life" song by PINK FLOYD: Where were you when I was burned and broken While the days slipped by from my window watching And wh... ... 'Cause the things you say and the things you do surround me. While you ...
BENEATH THE SKY LYRICS - "What Demons Do To Saints" (2007 ...
Falling In Love With Cold Hands 11. Glamour Of ... I'll take your fucking name all the way to the goddamn grave. I'll take ... Through her eyes (it's time for the final act) Can you ... Nation undone, done, done. ... One day you'll see me in the clouds watching over you. ... You should have seen this coming, 'cause it already has.
BAPTIZED IN BLOOD LYRICS - "Baptized In Blood" (2010) album
I'm a cold hearted classless son of a bitch now. Got a drink in my hand and my eyes on your ass (yeah!) Thought this was just another one night stand. Drown me in your lies woman! .... it hard to see straight, I can't even pray without some asshole watching me ... You, you've come undone inside, you've let me down this time
EUPHOREON LYRICS - "Euphoreon" (2011) album
Open your eyes and see. It's not the ... Is this the place where true dreams come alive. Beyond ... Constantly we bring ourselves undone. From fear of ... Tales once told. Grow tiresome and cold. My cries fall deaf again. Save Me Fore I fall ... Is it me? Forever Being Fighting, Watching, Waiting, Hoping, One Day, You will. Hear
SAVATAGE LYRICS - "Handful Of Rain" (1994) album
6. Visions 7. Watching You Fall 8. ... Always channel surfing cause your brain it isn't working ... Listen to me I'm cold sober ... I've been coming here for nearly a year ... All the hating that was yet undone ... Close your eyes and close the door
DISMEMBER LYRICS - "Hate Campaign" (2000) album
In Death's Cold Embrace 11. ... Wishing you had your life undone. Can't lie to the barrel of ... Your mistake of actions will come to find you. Unseen ... You look at me with eyes filled with pain. And I stare ... Watching the skies for the third coming
VADER LYRICS - "Tibi Et Igni" (2014) album
The Eye Of The Abyss 9. The Light ... Rain of golden crosses - cold, inverted ... Come to me!!! ... And watching your vanity and bliss ... Can never be undone
MISERY INDEX LYRICS - "Retaliate" (2003) album
Sets each man against the other with the wool upon our eyes. Chains of ... These fragile frames are breaking, and knots will soon come undone. The bloody ...
Heal your broken bones. When you can't move, your heart's still locked up. You rise, you rise, you ... When the water's too deep and too cold. Sleepless so many  ...
ALICE COOPER LYRICS - "Hey Stoopid" (1991) album
Don't let that one love tear your world apart. C'mon babe ... me to be. You looked into the eyes of men above you ... Left me standing in the cold. Baby ... Midnight blues comin' through the walls ... Watching all the clouds roll by ... I'm all undone
GHOST BRIGADE LYRICS - "Until Fear No Longer Defines Us ...
Some memories will come back. You have to swallow ... The last touch of your cold skin ... Make me return, when my eyes can't see home no more. Force us to ... Watching the view still unknown. Can not ... Let the undone come to life. And that ...
SERIOUS BLACK LYRICS - "As Daylight Breaks" (2015) album
I am forgiving so come to me. City in the ... When all seasons come undone. I shall rise ... And when you see the magic light brings to your eyes. You know ... Stone cold and reckless messiah's burning land. I got your ... They've been watching
HORSE THE BAND LYRICS - "The Mechanical Hand" (2005) album
Even when I speak your name ... Now bright lights flood my eyes ... Crawling hands slide to me -- across a midnight room ... Still the room is still but I'm filled with a cold ... What should I do when the nightmares come true? .... WATCHING GAZING LEERING BLANKLY VACANT WORTHLESS GOLDEN ... I'll come undone.
LAMB OF GOD LYRICS - "Resolution" (2012) album
LAMB OF GOD lyrics - "Resolution" (2012) album, including "Bury Me Under The Sun", "Digital Sands", "King Me"... ... You're just gluing your amber eyes shut
THE BERZERKER LYRICS - "Dissimulate" (2002) album
I wish someone could someday explain to me this strange concept. For like others I am ... out of time, Death is coming, your life's a failure, Now we're watching as you die. .... You're life has now come undone. I'll watch you ... Vacant eyes and lack of care. Now one with ... A cold mannequin once reassembled. Astute brain ...
ACID BATH LYRICS - "When The Kite String Pops" (1994) album
Kill your idol, come on, jump into the void ... The cold thing that's swallowing me ... Slice me. Dice me. I want to die screaming. The thoughts of dead babies ... Her eyes were like the sky ... A dream undone .... Watching the room grow old

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