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Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles Lyrics
Young bull livin' like an old geezer. Release the cash, watch it fall slowly. Frat girls still tryna get even. Haters mad for whatever reason. Smoke in the air, binge  ...
KSI LYRICS - Smoke 'N' Mirrors
Lyrics to "Smoke 'N' Mirrors" song by KSI: Look at myself I see my face In ... Still I' m still a young ting ... Living life like I never thought I could ... But I see a lot of smoke in the air ... But man a dead weight, my boy say, "get your head straight"
TQ LYRICS - Westside
I was just a young boy, livin in the hub city-Eastside Compton G Back in the days ... Throw your dubs in the air - and wave 'em like you just don't care. From LA to ...
Visions of a young boar, ready for that count war. Bring it to your front... death is what he kills for. Living life unsure, smoke weed,.. talking to them pigs, It's like the  ...
That boy is a real pussy pleaser. All that fetty but he never met ... El Chapo but he crazy like La Quica Young girls always lookin' for a soulmate. But I shoulda ... Young bull living like an old geezer ... Smoke in the air, binge drinking. They lose it ...
ALEX AIONO LYRICS - Black Beatles, Confessions, & No Problem ...
Young bull living like an old geezer. Release the cash, watch it fall slowly. Frat girls still tryna get even. Haters mad for whatever reason. Smoke in the air, binge  ...
Lyrics to "A Milli" song by Lil' Wayne: Young Money Ya Dig A millionaire, I'm a ... Like smoking the thinnest air ... boy I got so many bitches like I'm Michael Lowry
Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild & Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Young, Wild & Free' by Wiz Khalifa: So what we get drunk So what we ... So what we smoke weed ... Living young and wild and free ... Up front four blunts, like "Khalifa put the weed in a J" ... There's gon' be some weed in the air
2PAC LYRICS - Hit 'Em Up
Cut your young ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceased. Little Kim, don't fuck ... I'm going to let my little homies ride on you bitch-made ass Bad Boy bitches. Take money ... Smoking dope, it's like a sherm high. Niggas think they ... Thug livin', out of prison, pistols in the air haha. Biggie ... Gun totin' smoke. We ain 't no ...
Smoke like I'm in Cali, fuck takin flight, I blast off. Niggaz talkin ... I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! I roll one and roll ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doin my damn thing. Been blood with ...
She asked me how a young nigga came wit them bands and drugs make you live this good. She asked me ... It cost to be a boss living good. It cost to be ... Boy get yo bitch, what you mean she don't like me? ... Smoke like a rasta when I roll OG
Shouts out to Syd the Dude, shouts out to L-Boy Awk [Verse 1: Tyler the ... So when he says "catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident. Um, flowing like my ... Nigga I'm tryin' to smoke, bitch get higher ... Livin' like the Mafia, bitch, don't get to slacking up. And if these ... One finger in the air, all's fair when crime pays. My grand ...
TQ - Westside Till I Die Lyrics
rock rock on. I was just the young boy, Living in the hove city. ... Everybody broke smoking roaches. DJ Quik ... Throw your dubz in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care. From L.A. to the ... West Coast living be the shit to me. One time for  ...
LOGIC LYRICS - Metropolis
Lyrics to "Metropolis" song by LOGIC: Sometimes I feel like I've drifted, I feel different I ... I've been high so long, don't need to smoke to get lifted ... Boy, I've been feeling courageous ... Yeah, young motherfucker that be giving what he living
Bang bang, pop off like the long gun. If you a lame, nigga you ain't making no noise. Get faded, turn up with the big boys. Live fast, die young that's my choice. Get money ... And we can smoke it ya ... And my enemies they see me living now
Treat rap like Cali weed, I smoke till I sleep. Wake up in ... Still ain't tripping, love to see young blacks get money. Spend time out the hood, take they moms out the hood. Hit my boys off with jobs, no more living hard ... Ooo Wee, put it in the air
Lyrics to "Boyz In Da Hood" song by YOUNG DOLPH: I got racks in my front and back ... Boys in the hood, we living good ... I pulled up at the club through the show, money in the air ... Pockets fat like Bruce Bruce Drive a bad bitch cookoo. Smoking gas watching the bitch scream lil Jimmy on South Central screaming out  ...
Smoke it on some bomb beat and second hand smoke will get ya, hit ya. And make ya ... He better be strapped boy, how ya like that boy ... I'm a young one, and down here, bitch I'm the hardest ... The only time I lick in the air is new years eve
You should get a good lawyer, like Johnny Cochran Swear to tell ... Roll up a fat one for the players to smoke. Short Dawg ... Cause life ain't long, for a young black man. Tryin to ... But the boy makes money and he makes it fast ... It's time to come up, put your dollar bills in the air ... The true and living so I got to kick the facts).
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Everyday Struggle
I'm living everyday like a hustle. Another drug ... Smoking mad Newports 'cause I' m doing court for an assault. That I caught ... Trick 'er little dope buying young girls tringes. Dealing with ... Yo they gotta eight I gotta teck with air holes. That's just ...
TYGA LYRICS - Cash Money
That's the Last King boy, haan? Last King ... Models in my living room ... Yeah it's mine I can throw it in the air if I wanna [Verse 1:] Rolex ... Smoke when I wanna
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Got me a bootleg Lloyd Banks and Young Buck CD Took that shit ... Oh, that boy colder than Hova unless he sober. Like I'm the .... And watch them shits sell out like a Air Jordon shoe. I told Funk ... Gun smoking, Fase think I'm locin' backing up
2PAC LYRICS - Fuck Em All
Bad Boy Killaz (That's right bitch, Fuck em' all) Hahaha yeah nigga, fuck em' all... ... Fuck a misdemeanor I'm raisin hell like felonies ... (Young Noble) Come put your hands up in the air, it's a middle finger affair, yeah ... a possibility of livin' well
YELAWOLF LYRICS - I Just Wanna Party
We blowin smoke in the air, we drinkin ice cold beer. Wit cha girl in my ear sayin ... D boys on the corner droppin quarters like a wishin well. Ziplock in the freezer  ...
JIM JONES LYRICS - Emotionless
You're lightweight I get the young boys to murder ya ... Maserati lookin' like a shark on land ... Blowin' smoke in the air, getting high as the sky (that purple)
That shit ain't even ?? big boy [Big] Oh aight, you don't, ... You wanna sip Mo' on my living room flo' ... Spin my V, smoke all my weed. Tattoo on ... Who would ever think that you would spread like mustard? Shit got ... Young bitch from the street, guaranteed to stay down. Used to ... Break up affairs lick shots in the air. You get  ...
KING LIL G LYRICS - Windows Down
Drummer Boy). [Hook:] This that a-k ... Where the weed smoke at? ... Smoking on that loud ... [Verse 2 - Young Drummer Boy:] ... My shoes white like cool whip
Know when I stop 'em, survivor Of close calls though, I'm feelin like death's... ... Livin' foul is your secret! Want me ... Bottles in the air, gettin' high all I do is crush! ... Remember us - young boys too loose of the Vodka! Smokin' like I smoke now.
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Pure Cocaine
I'm like a bird myself nigga wrap me up and move me, I got a stamp in ... I'm yo gotti the king and I got that young cash, New money in a ... Gucci mane the dope boy point me where the jays at, Heres a 50 ... 80 in the air man bricks over here mane [Young Cash:] ... Purple haze is all I smoke but she couldn't make it on this trip
2PAC LYRICS - All Bout U
With my boy 'Pizznac, you know what I'm sayin'?) It's all about you ... Wise decisions, based on lies we livin' Scandalous times ... In every club, I see you starin' like you want it. Well, baby, if ... Creep low, weed smoke's in the air. Everywhere I ...
Livin' life in-between the lines of clocking in and quittin' time ... Yeah the drink that we're drinking the smoke that we're smoking ... You're a little shy thing with a wild side on a night like this it just can't hide 'Cause it's dyin' ... Boy's blowin' it up
Them Cleveland boys got it hard. Oh my God, we living like this too long. Just to lose it all in a week. My people too strong. Get it? Me and my boys be blown,
ERIC CHURCH LYRICS - A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young
Lyrics to "A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young" song by ERIC CHURCH: I like ... I like fast cars and sharp dreams ... In a cloud of smoke, foot stuck to the pedal
I'm like Niggas ain't loyal, niggas ain't loyal. And these ... Young rich nigga quarter, millie worth of jewels. Bad bitch with ... Nigga livin' life like fuck all you niggas
That's what they doin', camera on, they actin' like these singers, man. I ain't ... Now I'm in the East cause my boys are gettin' right, man. I was on TV ... You know when I'm mixin', I smoke when I drink, it's tradition. Like Zoe mama I go hippy. Peace sign in the air like I'm Nixon I'm mixin', I ... Of the life I'm livin' since I was Jimmy
Look up at da stars, she like "Honey where da roof?" Pull up in a Dawes ? ... Dat boy had it hard, no facade it's da truth, So now when I ... You just throw it in the air , Celebratin ... I just like to give. Used to run da street- young nigga, bare feet,
RON POPE LYRICS - Lies And Cigarettes
Lyrics to "Lies And Cigarettes" song by RON POPE: It was a warm day, in the middle of a cold winter. ... We were young and living on lies and cigarettes. Last thing I remember snow began to fall. She went out to get some air, said she didn't want to talk ... She said she loved the boy I used to be, then the conversation stalled
NBA Youngboy - Gravity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gravity' by NBA Youngboy: They claim that they with me, but shit I know that ... In this life that I'm livin, ... that boy said he dont like me tell him fall in line
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Running from the law, living how I'm living, fuck 'em all ... Buy it, break it, roll it, light it, smoke it, inhale it. Write it, record it, mix it, master it, press it up, unveil it. Feel like I've been waiting forever, forever to inherit .... Swag RattPack all day, boy. ... Bernard G.Worrell Jr, William Earl Collins, Andre Romell Young, Eric Wright, ...
Young Thug & Mozzy). [Intro - Sinister Pook:] Longwinded, running through this life like it was mine. Never settling, but ... Lotta niggas squeal, lotta dope in the air ... And I do that shit, why y'all fuck with the boy. I'm wet like ... I smoke and I choke

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