You will burn in the flames of broken love you will lie in the arms of broken love lyrics

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Fancy - Flames Of Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flames Of Love' by Fancy. What kind of man, ... Flames of love. I surrender to sweet death in your arms. In a wave of lustful life. You touch me so deep
EIGHTEEN VISIONS LYRICS - "Eighteen Visions" (2006) album
Darkness is broken by the flame of our love. Lost were we all and ... You can't be saved. You've gone ... Hooked on your lies you had me going [Chorus] ... So give me two good reasons I should be forgiving you when I'm the victim today ... In these flames you've burned us alive now .... I just want to feel you in my arms again
SOULRELIC LYRICS - "Love Is A Lie We Both Believed" (2005) album
10. Burned To Ashes ... Who will be the flame to light your way? ... In front of me you will break, but it's meant to be this way. I won't waste my ... I don't know why we buried our love with a smile and then believed we could heal hearts with our tears. ... Broken heart in a freezing breeze .... And in your arms I cannot be saved
HIM LYRICS - One Last Time
... our hearts Are made to be broken by love That in constant dying lies The... ... Oh at least you could try. For this one last time. So amazed how bright are the flames. We are burning in ... (and we just will be closer) ... (let me fall into your arms)
GIUNTINI PROJECT LYRICS - "Giuntini Project II" (1999) album
Saved By Love 11. Too Much Too Love 12. Baghdad ... unneccessary pain and death, can you tell me when will it end? Sacrifice, for .... Still the world has lived a lie ... Love. On the street there's a shadow, of a broken man ... by love. Safe in your arms to-night ... Nothing burns like the flames of Hell, when you're dying. You ...
REFLEXION LYRICS - "Out Of The Dark" (2006) album
Roaming the sea of this hateful lies, ... And I will give you endless love, oh. ... Joining your army of broken hearts ! .... Burn in the flames of unpredictable truth. Or share the trail of everlasting gloom. The lonesome one in the arms of darkness
SENTENCED LYRICS - "Crimson" (2000) album
Bleed In My Arms 2. Home In ... Broken 6. Killing Me Killing You 7. Dead Moon Rising 8. The River 9. ... Without forbearance I will quench my thirst of your crimson tears ... A drop of tear for every lie ... I guess my hate grew much stronger than my love for her ever did ... No more beating as one, no longer burns the flame
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Songs From The North I, II & III ...
With You Came The Whole Of The World's Tears 2. 10 Silver ... For I will find her there, where moonlight catches her scarlet hair ... Straight into the heart, my love, straight into the heart ... For my heart is a light house of burning flame ... From poisoned daggers and lies it's been forged ... Fulfil the oath of the broken ones
JOHN MAYER LYRICS - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
This love that we've been working on. Can't seem to hold you like I want to. So I can feel you in my arms. Nobody's gonna come and save you, We pulled too ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - Trail Of Broken Hearts
Lyrics to "Trail Of Broken Hearts" song by DRAGONFORCE: Here we are far beyond the distant sky Seen all the world and how the story will be over Through the ...
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "The House Of Atreus Act-1" (1999) album
Your Kingdom of Lies, Immortal Youth dies. A Lion of ... Broken under Lash and Sword, on this Dark Horizon Shine your Graves ... Flames of Violence soothe the Breast of Honour Burned ... Will the True Kings return, Thunder greets you with a Sword .... You were fair in my arms. As I walked through the Flames of our Love
Lyrics to "Broken Frame" song by ALEX & SIERRA: You and me sitting here spinning gears We're like a ... The love that we're chasing is a heart break away
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - "Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River ...
Bury Your Flames 7. ... dreams you were. Stitching up the seams on every broken promise ... I'm at your bedside with a bucket full of lies. ... and you will bring us peril in our surely-soon-to-be. ... I've brought you my love, and brought it far!" .... Wrapped its arms around my waist ... I've felt the damage and burn from the fallout.
ANTICHRISIS LYRICS - "A Legacy Of Love - Mark II" (2005) album
ANTICHRISIS lyrics - "A Legacy Of Love - Mark II" (2005) album, including "The Farewell", "Trying Not To ... This spell can be broke. Love's ignited the flame. Like the .... and I can't understand: Did you lie on that night ... And even if you're lying now in someone else's arms ... You set my heart on fire like it never burned before
HIM LYRICS - The 9th Circle (OST)
Is it so hard to believe the hearts are made to be broken. Can't you see that the beauty of love lies in constant times. Don't you ... Let me fall into your arms. It could be ... Ever amazed how bright are the flames we are burning in. Ever smiled of ...
BROKEN FLESH LYRICS - "Warbound" (2013) album
BROKEN FLESH lyrics - "Warbound" (2013) album, including "Kill Me Now", ... The pain does not fade away, BURN - The screams of those engulfed in flames, My ... All your lies will be undone, Demon Seed, Demon Seed, Scream as you burn in ... There is no love greater than the love of the eternal God, Glory to the exalted ...
PYTHIA LYRICS - "The Serpent's Curse" (2012) album
God will not save you from the flame. God will not ... One for those who tie us down to every broken love affair. Take the gun and pull the trigger. Still the magic flows and burns ... This is just a lie ... (Come to my arms my faithless companions
ETERNITY X LYRICS - "Mind Games" (1995) album
As your heart burns in the flames of the firestorm. Wait for ... And then you will wake up and feel it, it's a mind game. You'll pay ... Broken hearts lie all around me . A flowing .... I love you all look after each other ... And I will take you in my arms
PIERCE THE VEIL LYRICS - Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)
'Cause I've broken bones for you, and for you only. I make money but we just can' t keep this home. Give me your heart and your hand and we can run! We can run ... Splash around with me while we move like flames on burning sheets ... Maybe we're meant to lose the ones we love ... On my arm there's a tattoo of your name
SINAMORE LYRICS - "A New Day" (2006) album
Once more feel the burning flame. Be my light mine ... Sleeping Away. In love for hate, lost in greed ... Dreams are broken all have been lies. The Story of ... In darkness of day our marls they will never find ... You throw your arms on me so tight
12. The Monuments They Build For You Will Be Mountains ... Burning and broken and misbegotten. Life has ... Without friends, without love, I've suffered all in all. Now is ... I will stand strong reborn in the flames. Lying in bed shivering from the withdrawal of your kiss. ... All that was good in me has died in your arms tonight
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Hymns To Victory" (2001) album
Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) (Re-Mastered) 2. Through ... The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) (Re-Mastered) 9. I Will Come For You (Re- Mastered) 10. ... Fear Grips My Soul As I Lie Awake .... Broken Under Lash And Sword, .... When I Die In Your Arms ... But I Want To Touch You, Want To Love You.
INKUBUS SUKKUBUS LYRICS - "The Beast With Two Backs" (2004 ...
You're scared of her magick, you think she can fly. Lily Bolane, Lily ... You are the dream of sexual love, my love ... with your love. And I burn for your erotic kiss ... And the beast draws us to the flame. Giving us ... Just to be there in your arms ... When he lost his love to the temple of lies ... With broken wings and a broken heart
Lyrics to "You Never Know" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: She was on her way to becoming a college graduate Wouldn't ... Fuck the horse and carriage shit, her love was never for hire ... At first I just thought, she didn't mess with broke kids ... Can't find, a reason why ... Except I didn't burn, I turned cold after that night
WHYZDOM LYRICS - "Symphony For A Hopeless God" (2015) album
Witches burn. Can't you see you're as guilty as their persecutors ... A flame of hope is burning right here in the night ... Broken by betrayals, treacheries and lies ... No one to save, no one to love ... Can you feel the strings right on your arms
TASTERS LYRICS - "Reckless 'Till The End" (2011) album
How Easy To Die (Smile If You Can) 8. Shadows 9. Fight If Your Heart Is Broken 10. Lonely 11. ... Have to know that I love you. I know we are ... on your order i'll burn the grief you keep inside he will ... your lies confuse me, the war's begun the place ... For the flames... I will bite ... That's all, when you raise your arm. All your ...
THE AUTUMN OFFERING LYRICS - "Fear Will Cast No Shadow ...
THE AUTUMN OFFERING lyrics - "Fear Will Cast No Shadow" (2007) album, including "Dystopiate", "The ... No more my words shall be taken for granted by you ... This one last flame I wish to burn ... To open arms or death you gave me ... If lies were true and lies were new ... I'm broken by sorrow. Love will be denied to me
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Age Of Consent" (1988) album
Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) 2. ... On my way ‒ but I want to touch you, want to love you. ... Black tears will fall and the flames will crack the sky ... In power we call to arms .... The lies are old, the scars are warm ... Tragedy- a broken love
FOR TODAY LYRICS - "Fight The Silence" (2014) album
They can see our banner waving high, so let your fire burn tonight. And as the city sleeps, in the empty streets, there's a flame lighting up the sky! There is a system ... You'll have to put me in the ground to silence me ... We turned our face away from those we're sent to love. But now I ... Bring this broken system to it's knees.
Squeeze - The Elephant Ride Lyrics
Today is none of our concern / That rewarding cigarette / That burns slowly by the bed / Fills the ... That protected seal of love. Broken by the flame of fun. Lying back with Exodus In the arms of lovers trust ... There's no wanting when you will
WHITE LION LYRICS - "Mane Attraction" (1991) album
There will be no lying. Yeah there ... I thought that love could last forever. But here I ... can fight. The pain from a broken heart ... You can sing your song about when you were young. I can ... Be sleeping in my arms ... She burned like a flame
TOKYO BLADE LYRICS - "Blackhearts & Jaded Spades" (1985) album
The broke my wings and said I didn't belong [Chorus] ... You captured love in your every motion. I'm sinking ... I'm cloud cruising when I'm in your arms. You took ... Can we make it (Make it) through the night. Is it real or ... Your fatal kiss burns like fire and flame ... [Bridge] The flame of passion ... We see the truth inside the lie
GOTHIC KNIGHTS LYRICS - "Up From The Ashes" (2003) album
Eternal fire still burning on you'll never stop the flame in the land of ... and when I die. My soul will strike out from the grave alive ... A treacherous lie, a snake in a tree ... Down from the sky we fell into the arms of the night ... Can't you see this love was meant to be ... A tired king, a desperate land, broken and burden bound
HIM LYRICS - "Razorblade Romance" (2000) album
I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy) 3. Poison Girl 4. Join Me In Death 5. Right Here In My Arms 6. Gone With The Sin 7. ... There's nothing you can do - Yes, I've lost my faith in you .... Are made to be broken by love. That in ... I can't see your sad face in your pitiful lies ... Ever amazed how bright are the flames we are burning in
REDEMPTION LYRICS - "Snowfall On Judgment Day" (2009) album
REDEMPTION lyrics - "Snowfall On Judgment Day" (2009) album, including " Love Kills Us All / Life In One Day", "Fistful Of Sand", "What Will You Say"...
GARY HUGHES LYRICS - "Once And Future King - Part 1" (2003 ...
The Reason Why 5. Shapeshifter 6. King For A Day 7. Avalon 8. Sinner 9. In Flames 10. Lies ... you to me, Safe in my arms as the torches fade ... will see. The spell is never broken. Love ... This land would burn in the mystical flames ... The way i want you inside. I love you, I need you, The truth will not decieve you. This heat ...
QUEENSRYCHE LYRICS - "Live Evolution" (2001) album
You can't stay away, you need me, I need you. ... I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart. .... Your eyes all night with flame as the picture burns. ... Sometimes I wish I could have taken your place my love. ... what lies behind my screams. .... Binds my arm and feed my mind .... is sharing scars of my broken yesterdays.
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Emerald Forest And The Blackbird ...
There I will bury you, from the arms of your mother. Soon the angels will ... Dim line between two broken hearts, long road to ... my love, this cut is the deepest. Dim line ... lies deep as roots in this ground. Take me into .... In a circle of flames we will dance, once again. Fire walk ... paths will go. South is burning, east is vast ,
BROKEN FLESH LYRICS - "Broken Flesh" (2015) album
BROKEN FLESH lyrics - "Broken Flesh" (2015) album, including "Hate", "By ... fornication of the mutilated. living hell on earth, piles of burning human flesh. ... do not know You. rip the flesh off my back. fulfill this drudged prophecy of death. ... Every knee will bow, every tongue confess. .... Beauty and love gives way to misery.
These times they mean so much it's all about love and family. ... But this is something you will not take from me, it's in my heart forever. ... Let me rest in your arms tonight as I take my last breath of life. ... A forever bond that can't be broken. ... And with the flame of the truth burning within our hearts we will set this world ablaze.

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