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Lyrics to "Hunnid" song by YO GOTTI: Ayy Gotti, what you gon' do homie You gon' swap it up, slang it out? ... I don't even wanna see it [Hook - Yo Gotti:] I don't know another nigga that had done it ... If you really want beef, we can run it ... Yeah I remember last time I got fronted ... Digest, these watches got sister, cousins
Cash Out - We Ball (Blue Hunnids) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Ball (Blue Hunnids)' by Cash Out. Blue Hunnid ... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Blue Hunnid ... Bitch you need to come see my pants, my pants got ... if ya knew betta you do betta she choosey.... Wassup.
... "Throw Sum Mo" song by RAE SREMMURD: Ass fat, yea I know You just got ... You just got cash, blow some mo' Blow some mo', blow some mo' The more you spend it, the faster it go. Bad bitches, on the floor, its rainin' hunnids ... See the money go up and she dance on site ... I got these bitches kissing on these bitches
Ten ten ten twenties on ya titties bitch ... T-Raw you don't know who you fucking with? ... Fucking all night nigga we ain't celibate ... Throwing hunnids, hunnids ... keyy Babii, TheTerminator, Christopher Reynolds for correcting these lyrics.
All these hotties poppin' on the floor. And we're stuntin', know you see the GLO Girl these hundreds, thought I'd let you know. Since LA, I've been puttin' on
JADAKISS LYRICS - Confetti (Skit)
I wanna see you work let me see you twerk. Bust it open baby ... She know we big tippers she know I'm signed to jadakiss. Hundred dollar ... Yea we blowin confetti, all them hudred dolla bills. Make you ... Make you drown in them hunnid dolla bills, confetti. She want a ... Visit for these lyrics. A-Z Lyrics · J ...
AB-SOUL LYRICS - Hunnid Stax
Lyrics to "Hunnid Stax" song by AB-SOUL: (Money is the anthem...) People treat you ... Best act like you know, I'm gettin' them checks, I'm spendin' them checks
Murda Beatz - Hunnids Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hunnids' by Murda Beatz . / Hunnids on hunnids / Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids / Nigga watch our running / We been getting money / She told me stop. ... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: [Intro: Smoke Dawg] ... You know how we get down. You see the articles ... Yeah all the work poured it
G-EAZY LYRICS - Nothing To Me
You talking loud cause I'm not around, yeah that's something to see. Say I'm the man and I'm winning now, that shit ain't nothing to me. And all these hunnids that I'm pulling out, it's a lot to you, but ain't nothing to ... See we measured in the money that you made, short ... But in the back of ya'll motherfucker's mind ya know it
So I can't see you niggas stopping me. And please don't turn down the mood. We know these niggas jealous, anything I can't [do?] I done ran out of old hunnids, ...
Future feat. Drake, 2 Chainz - One Hunnid Racks lyrics and ...
Sep 21, 2016 Lyrics and translation for One Hunnid Racks by Future feat. ... Talkin' duffle talk, yeah Got a hunnit racks bustin' out the wrapper Got a ... to work on budgets You can go check these stones Everything on me flooded ... no shorts Turn my dog to a boss We ain't gon' take no losses Know you tryna ... See more.
Lyrics to "Hundreds Of Ways" song by CONOR OBERST: What a thing to be a witness to the sunshine What a dream ... It took centuries to build these twisted cities ... Don't you look so scared ... And I guess that I can see it from the side ... We ramble on and on ... Yes there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ways
Hunnid dolla bills. Young ... But what you ridin' in a space ship and where ya damage from Saudi Arabia ... A1 since day 1 we stayed down so we came up ... I can see these niggas hatin' but as you can see the bad bitches love it ... Young niggas on pull up on yo ass unannounced in a foreign I don't know where I'm goin
LIL' KEKE LYRICS - Hunnet Bands
A quick six figgas, I guess we hood rich. I'm bout my hustle bout my cash, yeah I' m good bitch ... I see the faking and the hate, but I appreciate it. The money ... Fifty racks and doubled up, and made a hunnid bands ... You know them FED's out here looking, keep your money quiet. We ... Visit for these lyrics.
K CAMP LYRICS - 1hunnid (Remix)
Lyrics to "1hunnid (Remix)" song by K CAMP: I let you count my money, baby You 1hunnid so that means ... And that's 1hunnid, baby, just keep it a hunnid, baby
Lyrics to "Supposed Too" song by JACQUEES: (Rich Gang) Ah You know we goin' up Gotta keep goin' up Can't stop goin' up (Beezo) Uh! What you do?... ... You play with me gon' show up at ya mom house. Everything goes once ... size you. These bitches see that we glow nigga ... But a hunnid B's in them Bentley coupes
Lyrics to "Keep It 1 Hunnid" song by PROJECT PAT: Nigga keep it 100 Ye ain't never been to jail, ye ... These niggas getting early released, that shit is beautiful
I just peeped you trynna steal my swag, yeah ... When you see me I be drippin' Fendi All these hunnids in my pocket, bitch I'm getting plenty ... I'm a fucking hypebeast nigga I don't know how to act ... At the strip club, we be throwing money
Lyrics to "Solid" song by TY DOLLA SIGN: I got my money up These women all down As soon as I touch down in they city Man, they all coming out... ... Hunnid with my bros, you know I'm solid ... When they pull up, we gon' celebrate ... Yeah, I'm whatever, man, I'm doing this album shit right now, man ... When I See Ya
YFN Lucci - Know No Better Lyrics
Jun 3, 2015 Yea We was always then niggas They know we them niggas She know I'm the nigga Still inn t. ... But still don't know no better Look where I came from, Look At these ... You fuck up a dime on your time, You needa stop wasting your time, ... first we never last, I told em a hunnid a never last, See I got a hunnid ...
PnB Rock feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Bet On It Lyrics
Jul 13, 2016 I got so much hunnids I could make stacks on it I switch the swag all up in my bag ... Now you want my D because I got it for the low I got cash now, ... I had to flex yeah Bitches on my dick Cause all these bitches know I'm ... so I'm not even mad, yeah yeah Get the dice, nigga we can bet on it I got ... See more.
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Yea Yea x 3 Yea Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want ... ... now everybody say that they fuck with us Man I told these lil bitches to ... it You know you gotta go and get guap All my niggas yea we straight ... see me and they know me I swear I don't know where I'd be without ...
J.B. Tha Killah - Big Bills Lyrics
Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: [Hook : J.B. ... Yeah! Yeahh! nigga you know we run it we counting fifties and hundreds,Counting fifties and hundreds. Yeah! ... and I aint stoppin' til you see a nigga make a mill and I aint ...
RAE SREMMURD - Throw Sum Mo lyrics
Dec 9, 2014 Yeah I know, you just got cash. Blow sum mo' ... Its rainin' hunnid's. Throw sum mo' ... You a bad bitch, I ain't even gonna deny her. She told me ... You like hunnid's on your body. Girl you ... See the money go up, and she dance on sight. By the end of ... I got these bitches kissin' on these bitches. I can't even ...
Don't try nothing funny cause I know that I look like money. Yo bitch on my dick and ... These benjis, them franklins, them hundreds. I look like so much ... Smoke on the e-way man I can't see shit behind me ... And all the niggas that I trust yeah they still grimey [Hook - Lil ... If you fuck with my money, we clappin' like hands
Why you be givin' up on us, like you don't know all the shit we been through? ... They wanna' see us apart, that's why they smile in your face ... Let's keep it one hunnid' We ... These bitches be lovin' the crew, but I never be frontin' on you
Lyrics to "1Hunnid" song by K CAMP: I let you count my money, baby You 1hunnid so that means you meet my standards, baby ... And that's 1hunnid, baby, just keep it a hunnid, baby ... Takin' all these nigga's bitches, you can say I'm Drakin' ... So tell me why we waitin' ... Heard my name around the city, girl you know it's me
Lyrics to "Do A Trick" song by TRAVIS PORTER: Big face hundreds, big face hundreds Bitch get money, ... Pop that pussy for me, bitch you gotta make it nasty ... Yeah I know she ready cause dat bitch ain't got no panties ... It's Gucci Mane and Travis Porter, we ain't with that funny shit ... Visit for these lyrics.
YG LYRICS - Why You Always Hatin?
song by YG: All up in my face, you not from the clique Give me space, we might rob the shit Most hate it, baby t... ... Hunnid 4 times how it go down. Slaps on deck ... Girls these days, they just don't know how to keep a nigga. But I got it all handled. They try to box me in, I got my own angles, yeah ... I see why they don't like me
Young Jeezy - I Love It Lyrics
Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Ride till I die, Lord knows I stay high. And I luv it, and I luv it, let's go. We count hundreds on the table, twenty's on the floor. Fresh outta work ... Yeah, it's parked outside, and it's sittin' on fo's. And I luv it, and ... And everything comes to da light, you'll see. These niggas in ...
What You Got ... Hunnid rounds for them niggas ... I seen my first hundred thousand ... We only saving the hunnids. Know what we do with the ones and fives. Yeah we hit Magic on Monday (floor) ... Visit for these lyrics.
KYLE LYRICS - Feels Good
Yeah Jadaboo, this is for you. Well if it feels good, then go ahead and do it girl. You the only ... And when you bring them keys back, we can pull these sheets back ... But the show is always better when you get to see it live ... I been up a night tryna hit a hunnid ways. If you let me hit it girl you'll never be the same. I know it
Is we fucking when we leave the club or nah? I ain't spending cash for nothing I wanna see you take it off. I'm a pop this ... You gonna run it for these hundreds girl or nah? Show me is ... You already know my money go a long time. I could slide ...
L'A CAPONE LYRICS - With The Shits
But we don't love these hoes, they good for just one night [x2] [Verse 1 - Lil ... Yeah, we toting them pipes. Keep cool, get ... I'm getting hella money, I'm counting all hunnids, I got these bands. All these damn ... I'm just in my RayBans tryna see what I could see. And my ... And my nigga Lil Chief, you know bro gone squad!
You already know what time it is mane (Skurt ... We Back in here. ... Yes I do love money, ... Nothing but them hunnids, ... I met these bitch ass niggas couldn't be,
House party nobody tripping cause we all paid. Once I cop the ... Hundreds on hundreds I done blew up. Used to be ... One thing about these hoes they show the crew love ... They already know, about to get the vibe right. Alright ... I ain't see you in a minute, hope you been winning ... This the same ones that get high with ya
Lyrics to "Know No Better" song by YFN LUCCI: Still in the hood Still riding 'round up to no ... All these bitches love us. Everybody calling my phone. Where were y' all at when I was growing up (Say yeah) ... Mason Margielas, boy when you step up ... We got them hunnids we buying nigga In every dozen there's a dime nigga
Dreezy - Body Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Body' by Dreezy: Got a Uzi on your booty know you popping. ... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Yo body on my body ... Keep it a hunnid boy I know that you want it. Another ... See all. Ain't going home baby we could go all night yeah. Drop all yo hoes let me show you I'mma rider. Make the ...
G HERBO LYRICS - Havin' Shit
G HERBO! Niggas know that I been havin' shit Know that I've been havin' shit Blow a hunn... ... Blow a hunnid K, on a habit bitch. Waitin' for a nigga ... Yeah, I know you know me. I be gettin' ... At 14 we was out there on that savage shit ... 15 racks in my Balmain you can see it poking ... Visit for these lyrics.
Stackin' hundreds. Bunch of ... These other bitches think they hot? Not really. She a broke ho, that's how you know she not with me. Keep my ... Click clack bang bang we in the Murda Bizness ... I'm the first of my kind, ye ain't seen any? We ...

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