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Oshea feat. Lonely - C.Y.B / Blessing Lyrics
Nov 29, 2016 Blessing, you, god sent me an angel Lord knows I'm thankful Girl you ... you make everybody else worthless You make everything so worth it I ...
Tried to make it through my day so I could sleep at night. Tried to figure ... Nothing feels like it's really worth it. Forget perfect, I'm trying not to be worthless ... Slip out the back before they know you were there ... And hope that nobody else is stacking the deck because ... But in the truest parts of our hearts everybody's afraid
Holding onto the last dream, trying to make this shit last. It's hard to tell who's real ... You came in, I fell for you, started not to feel so worthless ... Everybody tell me just to let it go. Both of us ... If you still love someone else, don't say that you sorry
Lyrics to "Time To Say Goodbye" song by TWENTY ONE PILOTS: You split And take in every time you see A faking counterfeit In the mirror you appear To see fear A... ... mirror you appear. To see nothing else ... And make a sound ... To the earth and now my worthless life 'Cause everything I've ever made ... So many things
Looking back now Lord I can say thank you. Now let me ... Though I may fall still you make all things new ... I am so far from perfect. I thought life was worthless
Lyrics to "Wait For You" song by CHRIS BROWN: If I asked to kiss ya Would you say yes or turn and walk away, oh baby See I must admit girl Cause a... ... For me to make you mine ... You could've been anywhere else but you're here with me
WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE LYRICS - "There's No Turning Back ...
You're fucking worthless and you lost my respect. It's too late to dull the ... Looks like you have a lot to say so I'll beat you to the punch. Am I the only one ... For everyone else you're on your own. I'm loved by .... Make it worth it. The smiles, the  ...
TRASH TALK LYRICS - "Trash Talk 7"" (2005) EP
Intro / Worthless Nights 2. You're ... Fuck you. You tell me I don't belong. Fuck you . You're so wrong. You're so wrong. ... You think you're bette than everyone else. ... Everything I do is a dead end road. ... Your truth, your lies, all make me sick.
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Common Courtesy" (2013) album
Said if you can't make it here you won't make it there. Don't want to hear ... God help those who help themselves, and forget about everyone else. You lost your ...
SLIPKNOT LYRICS - Disasterpiece
Cuz the line gets crossed when you don't come clean. My wormwood ... People make noises when they're sick. Nothing to do ... Everybody in the world needs more than. Lies and ... I can't remember if there was a someone else ... I'm gone - goodbye - it's so depressing. Withering ... (COVET) Everything around me's mine
Unkle Adams - On the Inside Lyrics
Apr 27, 2015 I sit alone in my room nobody knows what I do I'm just so broken and ... Has cut scars on every single bit of it I feel worthless so I wanna hurt ... alright When you hurt hurt yourself on the outside Does it make you feel better on the inside? ... I want everyone else to realize that there's hope So if you're stuck in ...
TITLE FIGHT LYRICS - non-album songs
so I'll just sit here and wait for my turn. I could be next if you ... I don't want to have to hear what you have to say to me you can talk all ... Make perfect background music for staring at ceilings ... Cause everything you say is nothing to me ... That it goes to show you're like everyone else I know ... It's not worth it to feel worthless
CHELSEA GRIN LYRICS - "Desolation Of Eden" (2010) album
How can you believe the lies bestowed upon you by a false creed when the truth is ... So you put the bodies in the walls and under the floor boards no one will ... Everything you once lived has been defiled ... I'll make your insides on the fucking outside ... I hope that feeling of being better then anyone else was worth it to you ...
KANYE WEST LYRICS - Ultralight Beam
This is everything ... Because it makes you feel so strong to save. Don't have ... Hey, cause I know that you'll make everything alright ... This is my part, nobody else speak ... Father, this prayer is for everyone that feels they're not good enough.
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Homesick" (2009) album
The Downfall Of Us All. LET'S GO! It's not easy making a name for yourself. Where do you draw the line? I never thought I'd be in this far. Let's have some fun  ...
JOE BUDDEN LYRICS - Pump It Up (Remix)
i'll get you drug out the club they have to carry em ... you worthless fella ... the language im spittin is so foreign to ya ... next time you listen to many men ill make sure you relate only jay coulda came just blazed it like me everybody else chills
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE LYRICS - "Creatures" (2010) album
I hope you drown in all the cum you fucking swallow, to get yourself to the top. You're just a ... I've seen so many of you come and go, ... I don't care if this offends you, or your worthless god ... "Listen to them, children of the night, what music they make...." .... I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does . So ...
Lyrics to "Anybody" song by BRANDY: I didn't want to have to say this to you It's not ... I just can't be explaining to everyone why you hurt me ... You'd understand if you were treated like me ... So don't make me the blame ... 'Cause to me love is worthless with no you and me ... Everything we go through is all because of you
MAROON 5 LYRICS - Nothing Lasts Forever
Still afraid that I will desert you. Everyday With every worthless word we get more far away. The distance between us makes it so hard to stay. But nothing lasts ...
(And they say) You only live once so live it up tonight. I hope we live ... Life is like a pair of dice so watch the ones you rollin with. Roll the clip of ... Them gates remain locked if everything follow me [Hook:] So let ... And they ask me was it worth it ... Scratch the surface money's worthless when it comes to finding purpose. If you ...
TERROR LYRICS - "The 25th Hour" (2015) album
I see through you, you've been exposed. I'm looking you ... You make me sick. It's all I see. Heartless, worthless. You're the ... You judge of everything. Let's feed ... Everybody's in a band, you're not that fucking cool. Yeah ... You wanna be a rock star go do it someplace else ... So now I trust no one, keep them away from me
PROFANE OMEN LYRICS - "Inherit The Void" (2009) album
Do you have a clue what it means to breath in hell? ... I refuse to be one-sided ' cause the world is so divided; no, that's not a part of me. ... Start believing me; there is no one else you see. ... Changing beliefs but still everything stays the same. ... Worthless words from a worthless mouth, but the noise you make heard over the ...
ABOVE THIS LYRICS - "Titanium" (2012) album
Your brain is common minds, and if it's worth the crime. You could just take ... I feel so different, from everyone. Attaboy! ... How much I wish you were and everything was back to normal. For the sake ... I swear, on my mother, I will not make the same mistakes you did. What is this ... [2x] I will never, bow down to someone else
NASUM LYRICS - "Inhale / Exhale" (1997) album
So do you think you make a difference? Well do you? Good ... You're as deep in the shit as everyone else. Who will ... Their lives ain't worth shit! I just can't ... The weak - the worthless ... Everything is getting better, everything is going smoother
Lauryn Hill - Interlude 5 Lyrics
Interlude 5 lyrics: Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged 2.0 / You all doin' alright? ... You know, everybody...a friend of mine says that every tub has to stand on it's ... It's like, you know, a bunch of musicians, listen, bustin' their 'mm' workin all hard to make it look ... You know the real you is more interesting than the fake somebody else.
STICK TO YOUR GUNS LYRICS - "Comes From The Heart" (2008 ...
You make it look so easy, But I can ... It's so hard to think about anyone else, When you're to ... So for your sake and everyone around us, I suggest ... But at the end of the day i know i fought hard for everything, So do your ... To capture the worth of ideas that are worth being heard. We've ... The furthest thing from worthless.
MEMPHIS MAY FIRE LYRICS - "Unconditional" (2014) album
Is there any way I could make it right? ... I'm so afraid to admit that you're real ... Everyone deserves to be loved, but they make her hate everything she was sure of! Every day .... We ignore the empty hands in need, thinking someone else will see them. ... As far as I'm concerned, you're nothing more than just a worthless suit.
Santana - Smooth Lyrics
Oh, it's the same as the emotion that I get from you. You got the kind of lovin' that can be so smooth, yeah. Give me your heart, make it real or else forget about it.
Lyrics to "Someone Else" song by MILEY CYRUS: If you're looking for love ... It hurts so much just thinking of ... To what we had, to make us feel alive again
ROLO TOMASSI LYRICS - "Hysterics" (2008) album
When you come to point your finger, you'll find three are pointing back. Can you taste the ... Confusion kissed me on the cheek, and left a taste so bittersweet ... ( Time is worthless) When hearts are magnets ... (Holding out hands) holding in everything else ... Everybody wants a hand to hold, ... You'll try not to make this heard
AND CAME BACK BRUTAL LYRICS - "Apollyon Teleo" (2010) EP
Cleanse these sins make me whole again and ... you got and you're worthless with your brain all tied in knots you say I worship a cadaver ... Our lives mean nothing and your flesh will rot along with everyone else's you ... So step up to the plate
ALONE IN THE MORGUE LYRICS - "The Coroner's Report" (2011 ...
without remorse I will decimate everything each and ... Now that I've found you I shall make it worth your while ... your skin so soft and pale, you fuck much better dead ... I take out your worthless heart ... everyone else has been devoured
DESTRAGE LYRICS - "Are You Kidding Me? No." (2014) album
I've got a fistful of nothing and if you ask me what I did for it for. ... They are worth making, even if the outcome makes no point. .... done so, doesn't mean it is right that everybody should follow the lead blindly. ... Mel spent the day choosing shoes and doing make up. ... and everything else was before, after and all around.
TRIVIUM LYRICS - "In Waves" (2011) album
A Grey So Dark 14. Chaos Reigns ... Do I take everybody else down (everybody else down) ... Make this life worth living ... We're faced down by everything ... Decomposing in this worthless tomb, ... You killed off so much I held dear in my heart
CES CRU LYRICS - Seven Chakras
So grateful that Tech found us. If he never would of ... You'll make a bad dog out a good pit. We could be ... Every now and then I feel worthless ... Whats worth the process they put you through? ... And everybody in this squad is packin' a milli
Eminem & Linkin Park - Heroes Lyrics
You know me, I used to get caught up in everyday life Trying to make it ... Of rights and wrongs, but like you used to say Nothing feels like it's really worth it, forget perfect! I'm trying not to be worthless Since I last saw you I been looking for a ... everybody's afraid We just unappreciated and overwhelmed Fighting so hard to ...
THE LAST FELONY LYRICS - "Too Many Humans" (2010) album
You'll just end up dying in the process of asking for help, crushed in the ... good thing we die eventually or else it would be even harder to take any of ... Prove your worth and we'll let you live. ... And just like in China, we'll make your family pay ... to point out everything that's wrong with everything and everyone, even though
WEEKEND NACHOS LYRICS - "Unforgivable" (2009) album
It's worthless to think that I'll ever be free. Fuck you. My hate for this world is more than I can take. If you say ... So I lose all hope and forget all my dreams. As I stare at a ... I will not make it through the night ... That you live and you breathe just like everyone else, motherfucker ... I can no longer deny I am everything I despise
Gwar - Think Ya Outta Know This Lyrics
from You're All Worthless And Weak (Live). Gwar - ... I make it snow up GWAR noses. So now, they follow me like I'm Moses. I'm not a Jew ... Pull my pants down and you ask me can you blow this? I say, yes ... Everybody rip everybody else off
Jandek - Worthless Recluse Lyrics
Worthless recluse / Bang, pow, steel, muscle, k / What worse, I'm alone / Grown the bane of ... Grown the bane of not being interested in the plate they passed to you ... And it makes me wonder whoever is happy in this world ... So far from the woods, give me cement and wall to wall people ... Where everything falls in place

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