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Toni Braxton - Lies, Lies, Lies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lies, Lies, Lies' by Toni Braxton. I see you comin' through the door / Creepin', it's a quarter past four and / I smell the scent of cheap perfume /
You keep telling me Lies, lies, lies Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies [x2] So I threw all your things All over her yard All our photographs, Broken records and guitars
Modabo - If You Keep On Telling Me Lies Lyrics
Lyrics for If You Keep On Telling Me Lies by Modabo
K. Michelle Lyrics - Turn The Radio Up
He keep telling lies (turn the radio up high) You all alone at night You know he ain't right You gave him your life (turn the radio up high)
Glen Hansard - Lies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lies' by Glen Hansard: I could see you're only telling lies, lies, lies Breaking us down with your lies, lies, ... And I can't keep up with you
Status Quo Lyrics - Little White Lies
If you keep telling little white lies I won't try anymore Now you must think that I believe Every little lie you weave So let me make it clear
Ryn Weaver Lyrics - Pierre
Lyrics to "Pierre" song by Ryn Weaver: ... Keep on telling, telling, telling you lies Keep on telling, telling, telling you lies No, I can't let him in
Young Empires Lyrics - Uncover Your Eyes
Lyrics to "Uncover Your Eyes" song by Young Empires: ... My wandering eyes keep telling me lies keep telling me lies, telling me lies I used to be afraid of myself
Poco - Child's Claim To Fame Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Child's Claim To Fame' by Poco. Well there goes another day / Now I wonder why / You and I / Keep telling lies / I can't believe that what you say /
Buffalo Springfield - A Child's Claim To Fame lyrics ...
A Child's Claim To Fame lyrics by Buffalo Springfield: Well there goes another day / Now I wonder why / You and I / Keep telling lies / I
David Bowie - Telling Lies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Telling Lies' by David Bowie. Telling lies / Gorgeous girls are bound to meet / To talk of stars and kings and feet / Through the chromosomes of
MC Magic Lyrics - Lies
Lyrics to "Lies" song by MC Magic: Why would you lie to me? ... You could tell your lies I dont really care what you feel inside all you ever did was make me cry
The Pierces Lyrics - Secret
Lyrics to "Secret" song by The Pierces: Got a secret Can you keep it? ... Now you're telling lies 'cause you have sworn to keep it But no one keeps a secret
Ellie Campbell - Sweet Lies Lyrics
Lyrics for Sweet Lies by Ellie Campbell. Baby please keep telling sweet lies My mistake was loving you Much more than your loving ...
EMF Lyrics - Lies
You said too much And what you said it was a lie You said too much And what you said it was a crime I've bled too much With every lie you keep on telling
Kwamane Love - Telling Me Your Lies Lyrics. [Intro talk] See, I bend waiting all night To give it to you Now that I got the chance to I’m going to take my Time out ...
The Pierces Lyrics - Lies
Lyrics to "Lies" song by The Pierces: ... i can't tell you how many times i've cried over you, ... You keep saying that i'm crazy
Bobby Vee - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes lyrics ...
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes lyrics ... Though you keep telling me that you ... So remember when you tell those little white lies That the night has a thousand eyes
Ashley Tisdale Lyrics - Tell Me Lies
Lyrics to "Tell Me Lies" song by Ashley Tisdale: It's in your eyes, feelings can't be disguised Cause the truth makes me want you to tell me lies M...
White Lies Lyrics - Taxidermy
Lyrics to "Taxidermy" song by White Lies: Hang me up on your wall, above the coal fire Keep your promises, ... You keep on telling white lies to the little kids
Christina Grimmie Lyrics - Echo
Lyrics to "Echo" song by Christina Grimmie: ... You keep telling me lies You know I'll find out I don't keep it inside I just let it echo, echo
Vanilla Ninja Lyrics - Stay
Lyrics to "Stay" song by Vanilla Ninja: Don't you make me cry, ... It will hurt my soal if you keep telling me lies Love is what I choose in my eyes Touch my hand
Babyface Lyrics - Never Keeping Secrets
Lyrics to "Never Keeping Secrets" song by Babyface: ... And I'm never telling lies I wanna make it up to you No I'm Never keeping secrets Girl I swear it's all behind
The Georgia Satellites Lyrics - Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Lyrics to "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" song by The Georgia Satellites: I got a little change in my pocket going ching-a-ling-a-ling Wanna call you on the telephone ...
Paul Van Dyk - White Lies Lyrics
When you're telling me the white lies, champagne It's getting rough and I wanna know If I'm addicted to your white lies in vain. Can't get enough, can't get enough
Kent Jones Lyrics - Don't Mind
Lyrics to "Don't Mind" song by Kent Jones: Hola, ... But she keep Telling me this And telling me that You said once you take me with you, I'll never go back
Lyrics to "Lies" song by Marina & The Diamonds: You're never gonna love me, so what's the use? What's the point in playing a game you're gonna lose?...
CKY Lyrics - Lies From You
Lyrics to "Lies From You" song by CKY: ... Right when I met you I could clearly tell There was no honesty I do detest you, ... Lie (Keep hearing) Lies from you
Phil Collins Lyrics - Do You Remember?
Lyrics to "Do You Remember?" song by Phil Collins: ... Would you keep on telling me those lies? (telling me lies) Do you remember?.. There seemed no way to make up
Mary J Blige Lyrics - Miss Me With That
Boy you keep on telling lies You'll be lying without me I know just what your ass gone say ... Miss me with that Miss me with your lies [x2] This is my goodbye
The Weeknd Lyrics - Secrets
You tell me I'm the only one My love, ... Every time you close your eyes I hear the secrets that you keep ... It's a lie, a lie I catch you every time In your lust, ...
He Is We Lyrics - Secrets (Hush)
Lyrics to "Secrets (Hush)" song by He Is We: You tell me one thing Then I turn my back I hear you whispering (lies ) "Let's just shot her up now"...
Bonfire - You'll Be Alright lyrics
You'll Be Alright lyrics by Bonfire: ... covered with lies You'll find somebody to love ... I'll never give up telling you Chorus I know ...
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