You gon watch my feet like right upper cut lyrics

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T Speed & 5upamanhoe - Sleep lyrics
Feb 21, 2016 I be dancing for you niggas I'm dancing for yo hoe These niggas on the ... you gon watch my feet Right uppercut then yo ass gon be sleep Roll ...
Lyrics to "Watch My Shoes" song by TRILL FAM: Mouse Drop A Track That'll Make Ya Bounce And Act Don't Fuck With Me Fuck With ... Don't Fuck With A Nigga Like Me ... That Iron Getcha Mind Right ... Fresh Girbauds White Tee 300 On The Feet ... And If You Scuff 'Em I'm Gonna Have To Knock You Clean Out Ya Socks
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a ... I went down one of them Bodaga shits right there in Harlem ... I'm saying if you gonna retire, then hand me the crown .... Both feet in the dirt, 300 Bars and Running ... And watch them shits sell out like a Air Jordon shoe
Don't you ever fix ya lips unless you bout to suck my dick. Bitch swallow my ... Bounce right back on them bitches like Magic Abra-cadabra I'm ... Bitch watch me ! Bitch watch me! ... we right here. I'm gonna make sure we ball till we fall like tears
If you get offended, fuck you, suck my dick. ... Watch me laughing my ass off while I'm pissing in your face. ... You're a close minded faggot bitch kiss my feet.
This is not, a motherfucking game, why you playin' boy? ... Rambo, they begging for mercy, like the lambo' ... On two feet, that's where I stand though ... This that new Pen Griffey watch that nigga get a home run ... Niggas gotta get the work, girl unless you gon twerk something ... M.V.P upper deck with the money, money
KID ROCK LYRICS - Devil Without A Cause
You knew that I was coming cause you heard my name ... Like some uncut dope motherfucker, Kid Rock's to blame ... Watch me throw like a fist of rage ... Anybody fuck's with you and I'm gonna mack 'em ... Three foot nine with a ten foot dick
EMINEM - Shady XV Cypher lyrics
Check out the complete Eminem Shady XV Cypher lyrics and watch the music video on ... My name is KXNG CROOKED, I snap on you rappers often ... Fuck the cypher, my mind ain't on rap right now ... House Gang, Shady, I'm gone, nigga, my job is done ... And pass out like a fetus in a jar with my feet up to the stars
And you're askin' for my goddamn autograph on a napkin ... Pump my gas, cut my grass, I can't take out the fuckin' trash ... Missouri southern roots, what the fuck is upper class? ... Fuck you gonna say to me? ... Creature of habit, feel like I'm trapped in an animal shelter ... Right next to 'em, stuck at the light the fuckin' shit's
2PAC LYRICS - A Crooked Nigga Too
Yo Pac (That's right) Yo, I heard you got beat up by the police. Got a big fat lawsuit and everything (yeah) Niggaz just wanna know if your still gonna be on some ...
Lyrics to "Get Up On My Level" song by KEVIN GATES: Get up on my level Get up on my level Get up on my level (love) Get up on my level ... The things you niggas brag about, ain't shit to me. I feel it's only right to say ... Just like Stevie Wonder
RZA LYRICS - Domestic Violence
Lyrics to "Domestic Violence" song by RZA: You ain't shit, your daddy ain't shit your brother ain't shit, ... Stains on my carpet, bathroom's more like a fish market
gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep! REGULATORS!!! ... all you skirts know what's up with 213 [G:] So I hooks a left ... I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Nate [Nate:] ... if you smoke like I smoke then you ...
Niggas that watch it happen. And niggas that ... She fuck me and she gone get that Chanel swag. Her boyfriend like, “Where you get that Chanel bag?” 55 hundo ...
REFLECTIONS LYRICS - "The Color Clear" (2015) album
you're blind your eyes are like kaleidoscopes. ... and I wish you would whisper my name through the wind ... Leads me right back to the same mistakes ... How the lowest people always get the upper hand ... I'm done being treated like the dirt underneath your feet. Fill my eyes with flies and cut my throat so I can't breathe
SUM 41 LYRICS - Get Back (Rock Remix)
[Chorus] (Yeek-Yeek Woop-Woop) Why you all in my ear? ... Motherfucker You don't know me like that. ... See I caught him with a right hook, caught him with a jab, caught him with an upper cut, kicked him in his ass. ... I'm gonna tell you one time, don't FUCK with me! ... sit back and watch some women get drunk as hell,
C-Murder - Come Roll With Me lyrics
Apr 10, 2016 Mook is you ready baby Total Slaughter y'all ready King of harlem, ... to these lost niggas attempting Only thing you gonna take is attendance You just ... was written 2010 that 'Watch Me Work' video, I gave you the premonition ...
Lyrics to "Upper Clapton Dance" song by PROFESSOR GREEN: Yeh, Yeh Wot When I bop through ... Cause they talk about violence like they know it, ... All my Upper Clapton People, ... Left foot, right foot, best foot, first, ... Rubber guys you gotta watch them, ... And your cars gone, Look, stare and your cuts won't last long ,
ISSUES LYRICS - "Issues" (2014) album
Standing in front of this bed with some matches, watch it burn. I'll pray my ... There's a place in my bed where you rested your head .... I've got to cut the chains all loose so I can fit in ... Well it seems I'm right that most people fear you ... Somebody's gonna give you it all .... So I can leave and feel like I've got the upper hand
TOM KEIFER LYRICS - "The Way Life Goes" (2013) album
And every time I got to planting my feet ... Yeah she cut me down just to watch me bleed ... Working it like a whore ... Ain't gonna pull you from the gutter again ... I left the right words back a thousand years away ... It's the quicker picker upper
YO GOTTI LYRICS - After I Fuck Your Bitch
You better watch before I knock her. And get cha ... My nigga better watch your bitch, cause she been creepin' My nigga ... You better watch your bitch, like you watch your mail. If you ain't ... You bring her around me it's gone be a matter of time
SKID ROW LYRICS - "Slave To The Grind" (1991) album
my throat. But I ain't at the end of my rope 'cause. I won't be the one left ... Tarred and feathered like a piper on ... So you think you cut me down to size ... So can the TV rays and take my tonsil glaze right down your throat ... Take a walk with me with your triple double Ds and your 40 foot do .... And watch you die every day
2PAC LYRICS - A Crooked Nigga Too (Raphael Saadiq Remix)
if you still gon' be on some crooked-ass sheeeit [2Pac] Please tell ... I wake up at the slightest peep, and my sheets are 3 feet deep. I guess it's ... I got the right to bear a pistol. And when the ... Why me? Play like Jasmine Guy and try me ... You better watch your step or you'll be left on death row. But I learn to ... The Uppercut
SIX FEET UNDER LYRICS - "True Carnage" (2001) album
SIX FEET UNDER lyrics - "True Carnage" (2001) album, including ... Right through your fucking neck! Don't think I ... I don't fucking care about the world you fucking live in ... Blood shot ice - and a knife in my hand ... Find your carred body, cut your throat and drink your hot blood ... I live to kill, I'm plotting deaths like a terrorist
Talib Kweli - Some Kind Of Wonderful Lyrics
These chicken neck MCs get me vexed / My rhymes be blowin' up chat rooms all over the ... Soon they gonna need wack MC reservations ... Burn leech niggas like salt when i lay in the cut ... With the right mixture of words used as colors ... Me either, 'cuz you'll be down where my feet is ... Talib Kweli - Upper Echelon Lyrics.
The Script - Breakeven lyrics
What am I gonna to do when the best part of me was always you, ... Oh you got his heart and my heart and none of the pain .... That was over 15 years ago but it still hurts like yesterday. ... Relationships are rarely at a balance so 1 prsn will undoubtedly have the upper hand in the end it all just ... This song is right on point.
NICK CANNON LYRICS - Your Pops Don't Like Me
Lyrics to "Your Pops Don't Like Me" song by NICK CANNON: Oh, females dads ... At the mall, cute feet with the baby fat booty ... Boy, you were young and how knowin' for the Lexus ... So much more for my daughter (Your pops don't like me) ... Or is the watch, ma (He don't like me) ... Left, right, uppercut, knock out your pops
Swung On (Stanley Clarke F/ Politix) lyrics Romeo Must Die OST
Watch out for them brothas with them swelled flows. You tryna get ... Cuz I'm quick on my feet like a kick from Jack D That you did ... Shake it off, yo, you gon' live. Just pay ... You could get swung on if you ain't actin' right. Did you ... Upper cuts
ATREYU LYRICS - "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses" (2002) album
Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead 5. ... That my lungs froze right in my chest. ... Gone are the tender whispers dancing in your ears ... And to me it clearly appears that we're already one foot in a very shallow grave ... Next time I see your face we'll see who has the upper hand. ... Watch the sun play in your hair
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty & Stinkin' (remix) Lyrics
"I said if you could just" - Ol' Dirty Bastard "First things first ... My rhymes come funkier than ya grandfathers feet ... So let the music shut ya ass up, then feel the uppercut. Now I make ya fall to ya butt. [Chorus: samples scratched] "Watch out for. ... Yeah right, Willy ... Get in ya stance and we gon' set up it off like true romance
EYES LIKE DIAMONDS LYRICS - "Frequencies" (2011) album
EYES LIKE DIAMONDS lyrics - "Frequencies" (2011) album, including "Years In The Making", "It's Not ... From the bitter, the upper, the realm ... Without you by my side ... oh if only I could see what's right in front of me ... cut the line and made to fail ... I'm done and gone I'm made to fail ... Watch the waves. Wash me off my feet
GYM CLASS HEROES LYRICS - Petrified Life And The Twice Told ...
(Thank you ) That's my pre- ... And got cut like DJs spinning doubles -(let the fucking song play) I'm on my ... But my pockets got holes, I guess the goal is to stay empty. ... Twice (yeah right) ... I just couldn't keep up with that ever-changing Jordan line of foot apparel ... Just to have the upper hand in monotonous conversation,
The Coup - Not Yet Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not Yet Free' by The Coup: Here's a FOOT for. ... I got a mirror in my pocket and I practice lookin hard ... Capitalism is like a spider, the web is getting tighter ... No need to be told, cause when you got a million po' people ... My teacher told me that I didn't know what right was ... And a left and an uppercut, too
COME THE DAWN LYRICS - "Light Of The World" (2014) album
That you were just in the way, of something bigger than you and me? It's becoming .... And now I'll show you that it's like to be cut down in your prime. Yeah, this ...
Eminem - Mockingbird Lyrics
Stiffen up that upper lip. What you crying about? You got me. Hailie I know you miss your mom and I know you miss your dad. Well I'm gone but I'm trying to give  ...
VAGINAL JESUS LYRICS - "Affirmative Apartheid" (2002) album
'Cause if you sit in the front you're gonna die ... You used to cut us down with arrows and axes ... Kick your ass right off the roof ... My father bought you at an auction for a hundred bucks .... To when we had the upper hand, ... Lets kick their black asses like we beat Rodney down .... I laugh so hard, fall off my feet, yeah!
MUNICIPAL WASTE LYRICS - "The Fatal Feast" (2012) album
You're Cut Off 8. Authority ... It kind of seems like my eyes are seeing red. It's really hard for ... The medicine you gave my made it worse. Now my ... Something just wasn't right ... All needs I've had have gone away ... Watch with whom you make you deals .... If it's your goal to have the upper hand. You ... Six feet down [ x2]
SKEPTA LYRICS - Spaceship Freestyle
If You Don't Like Me, Do Something Then ... My Crew Put 5 20 Pound Notes In A Roulette Machine And Spin Them ... That's Right, Next MC's Can't Test Me
EMINEM - So Far lyrics
Check out the complete Eminem So Far lyrics and watch the music video on Directlyrics. “So Far” track 13 ... And you're asking me for my got damn autograph on a napkin? ... Puff my gas, cut my grass, can't take out the fucking trash ... Fuck you gonna say to me? ... Creature of habit, feel like I'm trapped in an animal shelter
How you gonna stop the Son when your plan is hopeless. We got the Father ... I watch the crowd jump to their feet like a last second touchdown. Try and stop me  ...

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