You gave me roots to grow. you gave me wings and made me fly. you touched my hand i could touch the sky. you . lyrics

Get lyrics of You gave me roots to grow. you gave me wings and made me fly. you touched my hand i could touch the sky. you . song you love. List contains You gave me roots to grow. you gave me wings and made me fly. you touched my hand i could touch the sky. you . song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Because you loved me You gave me wings and made me fly You touched my hand I could touch the sky I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
Adele - Someone Like You lyrics
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you. ... Each minute, hour, day made me miss you more. Wanted to feel you ... 95 meanings to Someone Like You lyrics by ...
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I thought if I could touch this place or feel it ... Daddy gave life to mama's dream. ... From the house that built me. You leave home and you move on and you do the ...
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A SORROWFUL DREAM LYRICS - "Toward Nothingness" (2009) album
A SORROWFUL DREAM lyrics - "Toward Nothingness" (2009) ... So hold me tighter Help me to be You did hand all my screams ... light you made me fall you feared me you ...
DARK AVENGER LYRICS - "Dark Avenger" (1998) album
DARK AVENGER lyrics - "Dark Avenger" (1998) album, ... Little angel come with me Close your eyes and hold my hand ... Worship me child and I'll grant you wings to fly
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"I Gave You Power" God stop my heart if I'm lying ... Poet Laureate infinity now you know it's me ... cause that's what you made me
SEVENTH WONDER LYRICS - "The Great Escape" (2010) album
SEVENTH WONDER lyrics - "The Great Escape" ... Another star on the night sky A set of white wings to fly ... He made me save them from tears Singing my lullaby
Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts lyrics
But now she has captured everyone's feelings in "Jar of Hearts" and made herself a ... I gave you everything ... Jar of hearts, is the same story with me n my ...
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... 125 meanings to Paradise lyrics by ... see if a song would talk to me and reach out to touch me. You guys did awsome I believe ... she could grow up to ...
Owl City - Fireflies lyrics
When you grow up you have all these responsibilities so ... No wonder why it made me wanna eat choc chip ice cream ... The message this song gave me was ...
Bill Withers - Lean On Me lyrics
You just call on me brother, when you need a hand ... 17 meanings to Lean On Me lyrics by Bill Withers: ... but it is your song that gave me the courage to live until ...
Muse - Uprising lyrics
... 78 meanings to Uprising lyrics ... but even then they could get hurt so they gave up their fame and ... Did you even read my post. The last post I made talked ...
God Gave Me You (In the Style of ... Losing My Touch (In the Style of Toby Keith) [Karaoke Version] 1377: ... What a Difference You've Made In My Life ...
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY LYRICS - "Existence" (2010) album
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY lyrics - "Existence" (2010) ... You are as free as a lonely star on the deep sky Spread your wings and fly with me, ... I giveĀ­ you my hand ...
Touch My Hand (Demonstration Version] ... You Could Be Mine (Karaoke Version) ... Fly Me Away (Karaoke Version) ...
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BAL-SAGOTH lyrics - "Battle Magic" (1998) album, ... and the final outcome of this epic tale shall soon be made known to you ... Their flesh burns at the touch of my ...
If You Could Read My Mind ... You've Made Me so Very Happy ... The One I Gave My Heart To (Originally Performed by Aaliyah) ...
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl lyrics
I'm curious for you Caught my attention I kissed a girl and I ... It made me so happy that they ... the holidays and never touched a drug in my life. What about you?
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