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TRINA LYRICS - That's My Attitude
Lyrics to "That's My Attitude" song by TRINA: Money over everything (thats my attitude) Still ... And I feel like I'm tha shit, (thats my attitude) (yeah) (thats my attitude) (yeah) (thats my attitude) ... Go and do ya thang shawty, naw I aint mad at you
Lyrics to "Shawty" song by DEJ LOAF: That's my shawty I like what you be doing with your body Can't nobody ... More than 15 seconds, put it on the gram, yeah
Lyrics to "My Shawty" song by GEMINI: Shawty Yeah That's my shawty Yeah Oooh, that's my shawty Ain't no one like that Thats Down to ri...
Yeah. thats my bitch. Thats my bitch. Sh-shorty right there. Thats my bitch. Thats my bitch [Chorus - Elly Jackson:] I've been waiting for a long long time
BABY BASH LYRICS - Shorty Doowop
"Shorty Doowop". [Chorus:] Yea that's my shorty doowop. Yea that's my shorty doowop. Yea that's my shorty doowop. And I can't wait to be alone with you
Lyrics to "We Gon Ride" song by DREEZY: Yo! Wop! Yeah Dreezy! Gucci! Welcome home! That's my nigga, that's my bro, yeah that's my dog If n...
BOW WOW LYRICS - Girlfriend
Yep, that's my girlfriend. All mine, all mine. Shawty with me all the time. Stay hot, stay fly. Keep her right by my side, (she so fine yeah,yeah) Yep, that's my ...
Shorty Doowop Lyrics - Baby Bash feat. Russ Lee
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Shorty Doowop" from "Baby Bash feat. Russ Lee": Repeat, Yeah that's my shorty doowop, Yeah that's my shorty doowop (I love ...
That's my shot, that's my shot, that's my shot, yeah. Spendin' ... You know how I do it, Concords on my toes ... I need that money like the ring I never won, I won
JLS LYRICS - That's My Girl
Lyrics to "That's My Girl" song by JLS: Cause that's my girl, that's my girl, that's my girl, that's my girl And she's the ... Yeah I know she bad, yeah she lookin' good
Adamjlss - That's My Baby Lyrics
Intro / Yeah That's my baby / And I got her / That's my baby I said / (Chorus) / That's my baby ... They can't fill my eyes, none of them shawty they can't fill my eyes
That's My Word Lyrics - 2 Pistols
Full and accurate LYRICS for "That's My Word" from "2 Pistols": And if your man ... Shawty you gon' be straight without him ... Rings night, you my wife, oh yeah
This girl that I came here with, dat my main. The one that's sharing these drinks, dat my main. The one celebrating her birthday, dat my main. Yeah that's my ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Marvin's Room
And she want that dope dick. Hello, world, I'm the ... Yeah that's my bitch, pussy wetter than a wishing well ... Shorty knows I fucks with a hard body. Shorty fine by  ...
POST MALONE LYRICS - White Iverson (Remix)
You know what it is when you hear that, haaaaan? Double OT ... Started from the block, yeah I was broke, I ... That's my shot, that's my shot, that's my shot, yeah
CASEY VEGGIES LYRICS - 3AM In Cape Town (Swag Worth A Mill ...
Yeah I'm in South Africa right now if you're wondering. I'm out here in the field ... We ain't really with all the titles, but she know that that's my shawty (Yeah that's ...
G-EAZY LYRICS - Lotta That
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2]) I got a lot of hoes, all up on my dick. I got a lot of o's , all up on my check. And yeah that loud ass tree (Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Lyrics to "Go DJ" song by LIL' WAYNE: Yea, yea, yea Grown ups in between, children and babies Right about now its yo ... Say go DJ, cuz that's my cuz that's my
Omarion - Girlfriend Lyrics
Ugh So Special / L-B Dub / That's My Girl, / True Dat / That's My Girl / That's right, she wit ... Omarion Yeah and Bow Wow Yeah ... Shawty put it on my like a pro
Lyrics to "My Queen" song by ERIC BELLINGER: Ah yea There she go, there she go There she go, yea Oh don't mind that girl, that's just my queen, y...
Yeah, that's my bitch forever, ever. The love that we got is forever, ever. I got ya back forever, ever. I hit the lot with them racks on me. I went to court with that pack  ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Just A Lil' Bit
Lyrics to "Just A Lil' Bit" song by 50 CENT: Yeah Shady Aftermath G-Unit Damn baby all I need is a lil bit A lil bit of this, a lil bit... ... G-Unit in the house, yeah thats my clique. Yeah I'm young, but ... Then I'ma get shorty here and I'ma let her know
My Nigga Lyrics - Lil Wayne
... "My Nigga" from "Lil Wayne": (x2), That's my mothafuckin' nigga, Yeah that's my ... Shawty let ya hair down ... Yeah thats my body, better hold that nigga down
Aw thats my shawty she really really down for me. She do whatever I say, she ... Yeah she down for me when no one is around for me. When shit get fucked up ...
E-40 LYRICS - Red Cup
Yeah that's my shorty (shorty) I done (Fell in Love Wit a Stripper) Pain you already know what it is bruh (whoop whoop!) Game is all that I know how to give her
SHAWTY LO LYRICS - That's Shawty Lo
and everywhere I go that's Shawty Lo (who) that's Shawty Lo (okay) Pull up to my hood show love to my folks that's Shawty lo (LO) that's Shawty Lo (yea) who ...
THE RANGERS LYRICS - Ego Trippin Ya Know
... She claim me as her nigga, yeah Like that's my motherfucking nigga The way I put it down on you You... ... Shawty left with too much dna up in her mouth
Rocko - Thats My Money Lyrics
If you making money ya that shawty watchin', if a nigga shot at ya / Tryin' to make ya ... That's my money. she only got one thing on her mind and that my money ... So I'm a let em have it. you gone let em have... yeah I'm a let em have it. swag
2 Pistols - That's My Word Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That's My Word' by 2 Pistols. / Songz and 2 P ... Shawty you goin' be straight without him. That's my word ... Yeah I'm on my grown man. Out in public ...
LIL' PHAT LYRICS - That's My Baby
[Chorus:] That's my baby (uh uh) Nobody has to know... just keep on da down low . Nobody has to know [x2] [Verse 1: Lil Phat] I wanna be yo juvy, buying me ...
[Intro:] Thugger! YSL for life, bitch. Yeah fuck you, your momma and everything else. Free the goat! [Hook:] That's my best friend, that's my best friend, bless em
MC Smally - That My Name lyrics
That My Name lyrics by MC Smally: Yes iii / MC Smalley yeah dats ma name, Guna go by the flow / Gonna' play the game, gonna' roll the dice,
Baby Bash - Shorty DooWop Lyrics
Yeah that's my shorty doo wop (I love them things she do) And I can't wait to be alone with you (baby) [Baby Bash:] I bet you never seen a shorty so fly. Pushing ...
Rick Ross - White Iverson (Remix) Lyrics
That's my shot, that's my shot, that's my shot yeah. Spendin', I'm ... Her credit back from that school on, you got a dope boy, shawty don't trip. Be they get from that ...
Oh my god, that's my baby. Caroline, you divine. Mighty fine. Shawty really blow the pipe (that's true) ... Don't run up in my lane, I don't want you in my lane
Why flipping the script won't mean that she forte, cyeah ... You been working tryna up your net worth, shawty ... Yeah that's my blood, she proof, nah nah nah
I'm on my Cool J [Chris Brown:] My bad, I'm sorry. I'm double parked. Yeah that's my Bugatti And that's my Ferrari next to my Ducati Call my old school Big Bertha ...
YG LYRICS - My Nigga
Lyrics to "My Nigga" song by YG: I said that I'm a ride for my motherfucking niggas , Most likely I'm a die with my finger on ... Know him since I was 8, yeah, that's my nigga ... Tryna leave my nigga, shawty see me and wanna leave with a nigga
Lyrics to "Nasty" song by BANDIT GANG MARCO: Hit me in my whip dammit, nasty Bad bitch got attitude, nasty Ooh ooh ... Nasty, nasty (ooh ooh that's my song ho, that's my song ho, that's my song ho) ... Roll it on (roll it), got my J on ( yeah)
Thats My Money Lyrics - Rocko
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Thats My Money" from "Rocko": If you making money know that shawty watchin, ... Swag through the door the hoes like fuck yeah.

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