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Problem Lyrics - Strap
Lyrics to "Strap" song by Problem: Strap on my lap Keep my strap on my lap Strap on my lap Got my strap on my lap Strap, ... Get that out in my home, ... Yeah, I let ...
Chamillionaire Lyrics - Sittin On Chrome
Yeah.. Met a lil chick her ... She'll make you get out like she the boss ... Man I gotta keep my strap on me Case saw my big face stacks lonely Don't act foney, don't ...
2Pac Lyrics - All Out
... brandish my strap, back like a cobra ... you better go all out Keep goin' all out All my niggas goin' all out ... So let's see you act like you know
E-40 Lyrics - Shit Like That
These hoes on me just like the tats on my arm Keep playing around I got big old straps, yeah I'm armed Yeah, yeah this shit be crazy, give it to me
Tee Grizzley Lyrics - First Day Out
Yes I'll slap a pussy nigga if he act out ... Yeah you right, ... Boy I can't trust you with that strap if you don't got no bodies
Yo Gotti Lyrics - Real Shit
I'm trying to stop from clicking out Did a show in Alabama, guess my strap ... my niggers, that mean I love my niggers Yeah, ... on my aim They say Keep it ...
Usher Lyrics - Yeah!
Up in the club with my homies, tryna get a lil' V-I, but keep it down on the low key ... Yeah (yeah), her and my girl used to be the best ... Watch out! My outfit's ...
Freddie Gibbs - Forever And A Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forever and a Day' by Freddie Gibbs. Yeah, ... Broad day with the strap out Can't forget it, ... Steady tryin' to keep my cool in a game full of fake niggas
YoungBloodZ Lyrics - Foolish
SS Chevelle straps stripes on the hood ... I keep my circle small away from parasites ... They say that I be acting out & foolish
Chamillionaire - Sittin On Chrome Lyrics
/ Yeah..yeah.. / This view lookin ... Man I gotta keep my strap on me Case saw my big face stacks lonely Don't act foney, don't act foney
Lil Bibby Lyrics - MOB Freestyle
All of my hittas on gold, keep them a ... I love all my killers, I give em the gas She acting boujee, ... bitch get out the trap M.O.B, yeah I'm M.O.B M.O.B., bitch I ...
Lil' B Lyrics - Fuck The World
Don't nobody know what my conscious needs I'm stressed out nigga I'm stressed the ... Keep my head up through the stormy ... That meant the nigga hold the strap
50 Cent Lyrics - In My Hood
... but I don't go no where without my strap In my hood A lil dro', a lil hennessy, a nigga just don't know how to act In my ... my block show off Uhh you shit out ...
2Pac - All Out (original Version) Lyrics
All Out (original version) Lyrics 2Pac. ... brand as my strap Back like a cobra, ... you better go all out Keep goin' all out All my niggaz goin' all out
G-Unit Lyrics - Gangsta Shit
Hand me my strap Show me where they ... I keep a holster on my shoulder like I'm John Wayne ... nobody acting soft 'Til they laid out in the hospital, eating applesauce
Rich Gang Lyrics - Riding
Hopped out the passenger side with my strap ... Big MACs and them straps, ... Married to the money, yeah we live together Love my F&N but still keep that Beretta
Wooh Da Kid Lyrics - Strap-A-Holics Reloaded 2.0
Counting money to my eye Wooh da Kid, Strap-A-Holics 2.0 ... 45 knock your door out nigga hurry up First nigga act up then it making dha news ... keep a bad bitch, yes
T.I. Lyrics - Like That
Yeah the like that, ... grind ain't gon' shine til I'm sold out. Keep a 'k and some yay no ... hundred grand and my strap Only thing I got now, this nine in my lap ...
Ludacris Lyrics - Two Miles An Hour
Lyrics to "Two Miles An Hour" song by Ludacris: Yeah.. we gon' send this one out to e'rybody that put mo' into they cars than they do they relation...
Boosie Badazz Lyrics - Strapped Up
... Money beats Boosie Badazz nigga And I keep my shit ... it ain't a act it's a fact I got a vest in my rack so if you shoot ... that nigga with the strap out
Dr. Dre Lyrics - Fuck Wit Dre Day
Lyrics to "Fuck Wit Dre Day" song by Dr. Dre: Ha, yeah, hell yeah, ha knowhatI'msayin (Sssss) Yeah, Mista Busta, ... Spot him, got him, as I pulls out my strap
Blessthefall Lyrics - Decayer
Sever the ties or it's all for nothing Without a warning out of site All these thoughts keep plaguing my mind You saw this coming, you're out of time
Kap G Lyrics - Motivation
She get it out of the floor, yeah ... I got that man for the code, yeah I got some juice for the code (Act') I got my shit on my lone ... I keep a strap like a backpack
King Lil G Lyrics - Roll With A Strap
Lyrics to "Roll With A Strap" song by King Lil G: ... Yeah everybody killa ... For my homies up in jail Try to get you out on bail
Young Dolph Lyrics - Bagg
I got the strap, I got the hitters Stay out my way, ... Yeah I threw the money on a stripper ho ... my bro keep a sniper
Trinidad James Lyrics - Henny Cup$
Yeah, yeah From A-Town to New York, niggas die, ... sixteen with the strap out Niggas selling dreams, ... act like a man again You wanna eat? Then move your feet, ...
Lil' Jay Lyrics - Competition
And you know I keep the strap like Velcro ... Stretch a nigga out like elastic ... Sipping Act til a young nigga doze off
E-40 Lyrics - Outsmart The Po Po's
Bring me out a unit, ... gotta keep stackin' (yeah) I keeps me a strap in case ah, ... would love for a nigga to even attempt to act black That's why you gotta-
21 Savage Lyrics - All The Smoke
Yeah, yeah, yeah, 21 Yeah, 21 Dropped out of ... (tool) Got a deuce deuce (what?) Time to act a fool (yeah ... still walk 'round with a strap (21, 21) Gotta keep that ...
2Pac - All Out Lyrics
... brand as my strap Back like a cobra, ... you better go all out Keep goin' all out All my niggaz goin' all out ... So let's see you act like you know.
E-40 Lyrics - Choices (Yup)
Ever helped a brother out when he was down on his luck? ... (yeah, yeah, yeah) And I ain't gotta sell my soul (no, ... Never leave the house without my strap (nope)
G Herbo - Run It Up Lyrics
... ay, run it up Nigga run it up Yeah, run it up Told myself, ... ha-ha-ha Keep the hammers out in traffic, ... keep my strap on cap, ...
116 Clique Lyrics - Act Out
Lyrics to "Act Out" song by 116 Clique: I'm loving life fam, we in the light man Yeah that's right fam, ... Act Out Let's keep it hype man, ...
Silkk The Shocker Lyrics - 1 Morning
Waked up out my bedroom, ... so I stepped out the door An fo' i did I went back an grabbed my... strap ... yeah I might man, keep it tight man It be like Charles Barkley
Usher - Yeah! Lyrics
Yeah! Lyrics Usher. Yeah! video. ... Now I gotta keep it real now ... Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. Luda', watch out my outfit's ridiculous
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