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Neal McCoy - Twang Lyrics
Falls slow and easy like her tender kiss. She can read a phone book, make it sing . She talks to my heart when she talks that twang. She says, it's getting late, ...
Ohh With Tender Kisses Ohh I Gotta Get Some ... She Smell Like Shaqel With Her Cucumber Melon And Her Fashion Is Dipped In Prada Prada I Got A Boss One ...
Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses) Lyrics - Lefty ...
When I say goodnight at her front door. I always beg for one kiss more. Give me more, more, more of your kisses. I want more, more, more tender kisses
If I never feel you in my arms again. If I never feel your tender kiss again. If I never hear I love you now and then. Will I never make love to you once again
Tracie Spencer - Tender Kisses Lyrics. I'm so confused and I think I'm gonna cry tonight What must I do babe? You don't know what you mean, oh Tell me ...
Lyrics to "Kissing My Love" song by BILL WITHERS: Whoa now When I'm kissing my love Yeah ... She's such a tender sender. With her sweet young friends
FRANK SINATRA LYRICS - (Love Is) The Tender Trap
Those trees, that breeze, they're part of the tender trap. Some starry night, when her kisses make you tingle. She'll hold you tight, and you'll hate yourself for ...
She'll kiss away your gypsy fears. And turn ... Tend to overwhelm her tender frame (oh) And when raw winds blew us down her city's streets (oh) She warmed my ...
Shanice - Tender Kisses Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tender Kisses' by Shanice. Aahhhh / ooohhhoohhh / Yeahhh / I'm so confused / And I think I'm gonna cry, Tonight / What must I do babe / You dont ...
Mother Fist Lyrics - Marc Almond
She cries give me the word. When I'm downtown in Barcelona When I'm pissed or when I'm pissed off. Mother Fist just gives me her tender kiss. And some of her ...
Menudo - If You're Not Here Lyrics
I need your tender kisses. The feel of your hands, your caress. Your perfume has me burning. My heart is yearning to touch you. I need you so much. If you're not ...
He sits beside her in the evening. She turns and asks ... He lays beside her as she's sleeping. She asks if ... I've been waiting for your tender kiss. Your tender ...
BOB DYLAN LYRICS - I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
You think you'll find heaven of bliss. In each caress, in each tender kiss. But I forgot more than you'll ever know about her. You stole her love from me one day
Dezperadoz - Last Man Standing lyrics
Lyrics for Last Man Standing by Dezperadoz. You know well I did not start this. Sure as hell I'm gonna see it through. Lady luck with her tender kiss.
All night long Lyrics - Triggerfinger
Never felt the softness of her tender kiss. I never felt her heart beat strong. All I know is she's in every dream I dream. All night long. Never heard her speak a ...
WEEZER LYRICS - Thank God For Girls
The girl in the pastry shop with the net in her hair. Is making a ... And tender loving kisses on your stab wounds and when you come home. She will be there ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Freaky Tales
I took her to the house and she gave me head. She likes to freak was ... I met this tender, her name was Lori .... But I wouldn't raise my leg to let her kiss my feet
Jack Greene - Ever Since My Baby Went Away Lyrics
I'll walk alone till she returns I miss her tender kiss. I cry when I'm alone I'm not brave enough I guess want to kiss that pretty face home has been a lonely place
Andrew Lloyd Webber - Why Does She Love Me lyrics
I give her sorrow. She asks for honesty. I've none to borrow. She needs my tender kiss. She begs it of me. I give her ugliness. Why does she love me?
Can't Shake It Loose Lyrics - Funkadelic
Her sweet tender kiss has got me strung out. Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah. But I love him in such a way. Ill never gonna try to get away. And oh, it just ain't no use.
Giving up is hard to do. When you really love someone. Giving up... so hard to do. When you still depend upon. Her warm and tender touch. Her kiss and her ...
lefty frizzell - give me more, more, more of your kisses lyrics
When I say goodnight at her front door. I always beg for one kiss more. Give me more, more, more of your kisses. I want more, more, more tender kisses
VOLTAIRE LYRICS - The Mechanical Girl
A tender kiss upon the cheek. Unleashed an armory. Rocket launchers and flamethrowing guns. Grew from her sides. And she grew to seven times her size
her hands are callused but her heart is tender ... Redneck girl got her name on the back of her belt. She's got a kiss on her lips for her man and no one else
I feel your lips, your tender kiss. Just move. What am I gonna do? I love you, ooh, I love you. Drive me crazy, thinking about my baby. I love you, but you love her
TEDDY PENDERGRASS LYRICS - Don't Leave Me This Way (Parts ...
Don't leave me this way. I can't survive, I can't stay alive. Without you love, oh baby. Don't leave me this way. I can't exist, I will surely miss. Your tender kiss
HEATWAVE LYRICS - Mind Blowing Decisions
Throw a kiss or try to taste her tender lips. Will these be the factors that will make our lives a trip. But just in case things don't settle well with her. I'll say that I'm ...
Frank Sinatra - Tender Trap, The Lyrics
Those trees, that breeze, they're part of the tender trap. Some starry night, when her kisses make you tingle. She'll hold you tight, and you'll hate yourself for ...
SHEDAISY LYRICS - A Night To Remember
[Chorus 1] When he vowed they'd stay together. To have and hold her in his heart . She promised him forever. Until death do us part. Sealed with a tender kiss
Joey Lawrence - Time lyrics
Lyrics for Time by Joey Lawrence. Holding hands, strolls in the sand A heart-box filled with dreams Her tender kiss, a penny wish A gift to you from me T...
Lyrics to "Love That Girl" song by RAPHAEL SAADIQ: You can tell by her smile she's such a ... Then she gives me this kiss, that gave my whole body a twitch
Lyrics to "Deeper" song by HANSON: She moves like a tender kiss And I can't stop feeling She soothes with her tenderness And I ca...
JOHNNY CASH LYRICS - I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
You think you know the smile on her lips the thrill at the touch of her fingertips ... You think you'll find a heaven of bliss in each caress and each tender kiss
These crashing seas. Like a tender kiss, Holds it's heart. In me. [chorus] ... Is I loved her from the start. I was her's forever. She was mine too. Something's wrong,
Bill Anderson - Sometimes Lyrics
I can see you're married don't you love her (sometimes) But you have thought of cheating haven't you (yes sometimes). Sometimes I long for a warm tender kiss
FOUR TOPS LYRICS - Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)
Every day the sun comes up around her. She can make ... When she smiles so warm and tender, A sight for ... I would kiss the ground she walks on, 'Cause it's ...
Journey - Kiss Me Softly Lyrics
Kiss me softly. Kiss me slowly. I get lost in you. Like only lovers do. Hold me closer. Love me tender. I get swept away. Like only lovers do. You've awakened ...
Johnny Mathis - Warm And Tender Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Warm and Tender' by Johnny Mathis. Make me yours ... We kiss and I know I've been kissed ... Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex-Boyfriends.
LUTHER VANDROSS LYRICS - Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)
Never had a feeling so real, no, girl. I wanna tell the world. I found me a girl. I can' t think of anything that I would ever miss. More than her sweet and tender kiss
Randy Crawford - Almaz Lyrics
She's young and tender, but will life bend her. I look around is she everywhere. He throws her kisses, she shares his wishes. I'm sure he's king without a doubt

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