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It's funny how, funny how, funny how it feels so good. Writing something like this. Here… You can keep my picture. Hang it on the wall. I don't live here no more
Gary Glitter - Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again Lyrics
Did you miss me, yeah, while I was away, did you hang my picture on your wall. Did you kiss me, yeah, every single day, although you couldn't kiss me at all. And did you love me, ... 23 One Hit Wonders You Still Can't Get Out Of Your Head.
ALISON KRAUSS LYRICS - It's Goodbye And So Long To You
You can hang your head and cry. Hang my picture on the wall, but I won't fall. Kiss me when you're dreaming, no good that will do. It's goodbye and so long to ...
Now you're gone. I realize my love for you was strong ... With your pictures hanging on the wall. Now you're gone ... I will think about you everyday [ Instrumental]
Alison Krauss - It's Goodbye And So Long To You Lyrics
It's goodbye and so long to you. {Chorus} You can hang around and love me, You can hang your head and cry, Hang my picture on the wall, but I won't fall.
... RING: I could build a big machine Draw pictures for the walls Hang up all my ... Baby why don't you see, see my sea ... I speak them slow so you can read
XV LYRICS - Pictures On My Wall
Lyrics to "Pictures On My Wall" song by XV: I can't breath in this space that's filled with your sound Can't call a spade, a spade in this town... ... I can't figure it out ( Hanging Pictures on my wall) Always on ... You walk in and think it was FernGully
Take my hand and show me forever. So never will I ever let you go. So let's hold on together. To this ... And let's sing our song. Let's hang our pictures on the wall
Horrorpops - Keep My Picture lyrics
Keep My Picture lyrics by Horrorpops: I'm leaving a note for you. / Surprise I'm leaving you behind, / I've made up my mind. / It's funny. ... You, you can keep my picture! Hang it on the wall, I don't live here no more. That's all your gonna get from ...
Eminem - Stan Lyrics
And I can't see at all. And even if I could it'll all be gray. Put your picture on my wall. It reminds me, that it's not so bad. It's not so bad. Dear Slim, I wrote you but ...
Lyrics to "Thank You" song by DIDO: My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all the morning rain ... the morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all. And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall
JET LYRICS - Look What You've Done
Lyrics to "Look What You've Done" song by JET: Take my photo off the wall If it just ... And there's nothing there for you to prove ... 'Cause I just can't think for you
HorrorPops - Keep My Picture! lyrics
Aug 3, 2010 It's funny how, funny how, funny how it feels so good Writing something like this You… You can keep my picture Hang it on the wall I don't live ...
And I'll picture your face. This beautiful life. Did not go to waste. Goodbye and thank you. It's my last curtain call. I can hear the applause. Hang my hat on the wall
AARON LINES LYRICS - You Get The Picture
Barry White, he woke me out of my sleep ... I can't believe it's already past noon. On my arm there's a ... You get the picture, just hang it on your bedroom wall
Basshunter - Now You're Gone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Now You're Gone' by Basshunter: Now you're gone I realized my love ... With your pictures hanging on the wall ... Without my Anna it will break apart
Lyrics to "Pictures Of You" song by THE LAST GOODNIGHT: This is the clock upon the wall This is the story of us all This is the ... Pictures of you, pictures of me . Hung upon your wall for the world to see ... There is a title we can't win no matter
Paint Fade (feat. Drew) Lyrics - Smashproof
Drew)" from "Smashproof": Chorus, Hang a picture on the wall of me and you now, So as time passes by you'll ... ... 'Cause you my Queen of Diamonds or a pair of dice ... But that's not, and one day you will grow up and find out for yourself
Kinky Machine - Hello Hello I'm Back Again Lyrics
Did you miss me when I was away. Did you hang my picture on your wall. Did you miss me every single day. Although you didn't see me at all. Did you love me  ...
2PAC LYRICS - U Can Call
Lyrics to "U Can Call" song by 2PAC: Dear baby you the picture of perfection Straight from your million dollar smile to ... I'm so lonely in my bedroom, lookin at the walls ... A hundred thousand dollar car on dem gold thangs, so can you hang ?
Birtles & Goble - I'm Coming Home Lyrics
Mum / I'm coming home / So take my picture off the wall / I'm coming home / I've had enough of being alone / Dad. ... Now I will come to you. Back to the only ...
CHARLI XCX LYRICS - Supermodels And Holiday Stunners
Now that it's over, will you take my picture off your wall. Fill it with the holiday girl and Lily Coll Or will you just leave me there to hang on peacefully? Oh, oh
Lyrics to "Hang" song by MATCHBOX 20: She grabs her magazines She packs her things and she goes She leaves the pictures hanging on the. ... She leaves the pictures hanging on the wall, she burns all ... If it's the same for you I'll just hang
SUGARCULT LYRICS - Bouncing Off The Walls
Lyrics to "Bouncing Off The Walls" song by SUGARCULT: I'm bouncing off the walls again (whoa oh) I'm looking like a fool ... And my heart's beating out of my chest ... So go ahead and take a picture. And hang it up so you can tear me down
The Young Gods - Did You Miss Me Lyrics
Lyrics for Did You Miss Me by The Young Gods. Did you miss me, while I was away? Oh, did you hang my picture on your wall? Did you miss ...
JACQUEES LYRICS - Future Baby Mama
All the stars in the sky can't shine like you on your worst day. You make ... There she go looking like my future baby mama, Can't nobody do your ... I'll write your name on the living room wall. Put your picture in a frame, you can tell the world.
I can tell what you're waiting for. But I think that you're pretending ... You'd take my picture. And you'd hang it on your wall. Hold on tight. I am. I'm a revolution
WITT LOWRY LYRICS - Kindest Regards
And right now can't deny that I'm scared all this music I wrote won't compare or warrant the buzz. Alone in my ... Pictures so vivid you yell in the kitchen I'm taking my boxes I've made a decision. I'm done ... I would just stare at my wall and you gave me no reason at all when you left ... I wanna hang out yet you shutting me out
Lyrics to "Superstar" song by TAYLOR SWIFT: This is wrong but I can't help but feel like There ain't nothing more right babe Misty ... Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you. Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar
Peter Ansley - To Hang Upon My Wall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'To Hang Upon My Wall' by Peter Ansley. Sometimes in the ... Is this the picture that I wanted to hang upon ... Can You Guess The Song By The Emojis?
I'm, leaving a note, for you Surprise, I'm leaving you behind I made up my mind ... You... You can keep my picture. Hang it on the wall. I don't live here no more
Shawn Mendes - Memories Lyrics
Take my hand and show me forever. So never will I ever let you go. So let's hold on together. To this ... And let's sing our song. Let's hang our pictures on the wall
BAYSIDE LYRICS - Masterpiece
And frame it and hang it on my wall, Maybe you would never have to hurt it all. Painting pictures in red and blue. A portrait bruise just like you. And now you're ...
THE PRETTY RECKLESS LYRICS - The Walls Are Closing In ...
Lyrics to "The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman" song by THE PRETTY RECKLESS: Get your shit together There's no light Mama, ... But I reject it, I can't keep it in my stomach mama ... When they come to hang you ... With a picture in my mind
Lyrics to "Hold Me Now" song by THOMPSON TWINS: I have a picture Pinned to my wall An image of you and of me and We're laughing and loving it all B...
I'm sick and tired of hanging out my window, I've learnt ... When you're awake and your own shadows turn into ghosts. [x2] Ahh, oh. ... And their roads will have no way, And you'll be ... I'm pulling pictures off the wall watching smiles as they fall,
... me know you. Paint me all your pictures. Hang them on my wall ... Fall in line with what you're meant to be. A fire burns into ... Things will change with time [x2]
4 Him - Mystery Of Grace Lyrics
A solitary picture hanging on my wall. The same familiar scenery we all have seen before. And I can't help but wonder staring at Your face. Just what You must  ...
Come with me, girl I wanna take you to a place Where it's just you and me.. To my cabin Let me... ... We can hang stuff on the wall together ... It's a picture!
Ask Embla - Fathers Eyes Lyrics
... Ask Embla. I could paint a picture of my heart, hang it on a wall / and watch the colours fade away / tell the world that we have. ... oh, a heart can burn so many times, I am proof of that ... I know that everybody says you've not been good to me

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