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LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Fingers Hurting
She say she can be my housewife and keep my house clean. I said shut the fuck up ... Whippin' in this kitchen, in the trap house with my shirt off. I'mma get these ...
lil wayne - Finger Hurting lyrics
Jan 26, 2015 ... work for an hour, fingers hurting Let my bitches help me, before they ... Whippin ' in this kitchen, in the trap house with my shirt off I'mma get ...
Jugging the plug that's a cake walk. Peewee longway told me get that weight off. It's hot in the kitchen my shirt off [?] and I turn it to rerock [?] whippin' no rebok
Lyrics to "Whippin'" song by CHRIS BROWN: Whipping up some work Phone going off, trap going berserk Hit the road ... Section on my T-shirt ... Off that Hennessy, we just stay, turn me up ... Turn dead to peng, kitchen whippin' with friends
Take your shirt off and commence to whippin' hoes ... You in my hood and I know I'm up in your mind ... Then get back off in the kitchen where you can chill
Gucci Mane - Its Goin Up Lyrics
It's 4 in the mornin' / She callin' my phone / She wanna be grown / We gone get it on / She said that she ... I hopped up out my bed ... My shirt off when I perform
I'm the man round my side of town, might see a bitch and forget I hit it. Lil Bibby on ... And I never feed off another man cause I understand how a nigga lie. Never snitch ... Like point me to the kitchen bitch, I be water-whippin' shit. Whip it, Jeff ...
Longway, longway, blew out my ears, sound engineer ... 4, 5, boxes droppin' off with one skirt. Gas Bags, gotta Bentley em out like a vert. [?] Playing with my money, your face on a shirt ... Hammer-time when I'm in the kitchen whippin' bricks
If he is not dripping then we gonna run off with his pack. VVS dripping ... I'm Whipping work, I done spilled baking soda on my shirt. I'm smoking OG ... I'm in the kitchen cooking crack like its bacon, these pussy ass rappers they be faking. I' m 21 ...
Lyrics to "My Life" song by MEEK MILL: The world is yours and everything in it You gonna go get it? Mama couldn't ... I'm still tripping off them hoes that played me. Same bitches ... Early mornings in the kitchen like I'm whippin' the grits. Nigga ...
G-UNIT LYRICS - Move That Dope (Remix)
(How much dope can you move, my nigga?) [Verse 1: 50 Cent] Flippin' the cake, whippin' and flippin' the yay ... I'mma a drop it off and get back at you later ... In the kitchen with Rida Gang chopping an eight ... Make her run down on your shirt
pill feat. rick ross, meek mill, gunplay & 2 chainz - pacman (remix)
And I'm still whippin' up a kilo. There he go ... All my power pellets turn you bitch niggas to ghosts. Pacman ... Got my shirt off in the kitchen hot in here like Nelly
Shorty I'm pressin' lines lifting the Lauren shirt. Tell her to ... I'm in that kitchen, wrist water whippin' ... I'm on my séance shit, I'm tryna' make a million dollars
My boys pull out big knots cuz we all rich. My boys pull out big ... In the kitchen whip it like a stir fry. In my Lambo I ... Yellow tramp pissing them off. Only be fishin'  ...
PUSHA T LYRICS - Nosetalgia
Arm and hammer and a mason jar, that's my dinner date. Then crack the window in the kitchen, let it ventilate. Cause I let it sizzle on the stove like a ... Shirt buttoned open, taco meat land on his gold. I said "daddy, one day I'mma get you right ...
HOUSE OF PAIN LYRICS - Put On Your Shit Kickers
And if I'm bustin' off caps, you better hit the deck. Steppin' on ... When I go to by the street to see my Aunt Ilene Danny Boy's ... I'm layin' out fools like kitchen tile
BIG SEAN LYRICS - Mula (Remix)
Lyrics to "Mula (Remix)" song by BIG SEAN: Where my real niggas that's gon' ride for me Where my ... And my dick even harder, you whippin' the charges ... On the bathroom, kitchen and stove ... Mama come get this nigga off my fucking melon
Fat Joe - (HaHa) Slow Down lyrics
I beat a mothafucka uglier than Precious Real nigga, you can find me where the X is Whippin' in the kitchen, both hands ... a little mothafucka get his shine pa Good fellas hood fellas livin' on my block Nigga got a problem, ... Take Your Shirt Off.
Future - Move That Dope Lyrics
Been rockin' the dope, soon as it get off the boat ... Fork in my right and my pride in my left ... From sixteen years old, I'm whippin' in kitchens, fuckin' my junkies
Z-RO LYRICS - Never Been
Only thang on my mind is money, and what bitch I can get some from. I ain't never been a bitch, ... I'm white t-shirt, white ones and blue jeans. The MVP and the only ... No mo' whippin chickens up in the kitchen, nigga please. If I ain't pimpin my ...
Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples - Wool lyrics
May 5, 2015 Shorty I'm pressin' lines lifting the Lauren shirt Tell her to bless the girth if she with it I'm in that kitchen, wrist water whippin' (psych) Work nigga, ... the crip I'm on my séance shit, I'm tryna' make a million dollars Keep ... Off Top.
I'm not going home til I can take you with me. I'm not going home. Come with me. Come with me. A simple tension a run through me chest. My simple intention
Migos - Black Bottles Lyrics
My mama told me get money and stay alive (mama!) I can't make the deal, ... You talkin' 'bout that blow but you can't be from in the kitchen. Whippin' up Alicia Keys You say that you got the big ... Migos - T-shirt (lyrics) · Migos - Migos - T-Shirt ...
My shirt is a Liberace You can spot ... But can't keep me off the streets. I'm cleaner than all ... And I be whippin' like I'm whippin' bricks in the kitchen. Keepin' that ...
I been on the road and my driver stop me in Atlanta please. By magic city so I ... X's on the shirt thats davinnci. Gangstas in my ... In the honor of the streets im in the kitchen whippin whippin wrist until i (????) 00:00 ... 3, Off Top of the Head, Pt. 4.
182, Shirt Off. 183, First Day Out. 184, Buttnaked .... 526, Mouth Full Of Golds - feat. Birdman. 527, Whippin .... 793, My Kitchen. 794, Baby Wipes. 795, Bet Money.
GARTH BROOKS LYRICS - Ain't Going Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)
Six o'clock on Friday evening. Momma doesn' t know she's leaving 'Til she hears the screen door slamming. Rubber squealin', gears a-jamming. Local country ...
Can I Hit It? Lyrics - Spice 1
Baby, you ain't got to be on my shoulder to be a star. Ain't a trick honey, ... Just want to get you in the bathroom and take off your clothes ... Up early whippin' birdies that don't chirp to get my cash flow ... Dancin' on the kitchen table, got me watchin' and shakin' You was waitin' at the house with a t-shirt and your panties on
The Regime - It's Dark Lyrics
Slip satar, run em off in 1950. Bust down in ... I'm whippin so much dope that my clothes smell like raw. I'm feelin ... I'm in the kitchen whippin those, call me Wolfgang punk. Ragged ... Bang, your T red, I put yo face on a black shirt. Your body in ...
Gucci Mane - Any Thing lyrics
Lost 200 grams, I'm water whippin, need some better bricks ... Drop my top wit yo main bitch, damn she off the leash ... 3 hunned spent on a shirt ... My Kitchen.
Just suck off the, that's how she mikes it. She just hop on a, ... She cooking in the kitchen, she's all naked, a little shirt and slippers and that. And she's a bit ... And then my phone started ringing, she's like "who is she?" ... 2, Whippin Excursion.
Frank Zappa Lyrics
A token of my extreme · Frank Zappa · A vicious ..... Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance · Frank Zappa ... The Dangerous Kitchen ... Wet T-Shirt Nite (aka " Fembot in a Wet T-Shirt") ... Whippin' Post (in album Does Humor Belong In Music
13, The Wet T-Shirt Contest. 14, Latex ... 18, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance .... 274, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (in album You Ca .... 382, The Dangerous Kitchen .... 535, Whippin' Post (in album Does Humor Belong In Music .

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