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Darkwoods My Betrothed - When Ancient Spirits Battled Lyrics ...
The battle of the giants was raging / The Earth tried to free from the Ice / Who had taken her to his deadly embrace / And shunned her from all light / The Sun rose ...
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR LYRICS - "War Metal Battle Master" (2008 ...
Holy gift of Bacchus, Awaiting centuries, This ancient spirit, Bewitch the Kentauroi , These savage tribes arise, All grabbing weapons. I see the craze in their eyes,
INQUISITION LYRICS - "Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual ...
... The Abyss Ancient Horns Bray", "Hymn For A Dead Star", "Crepuscular Battle ... Deep in the forest where spirits roam demons speak in their ancient tongues
TWILIGHT FORCE LYRICS - "Tales Of Ancient Prophecies" (2014 ...
TWILIGHT FORCE lyrics - "Tales Of Ancient Prophecies" (2014) album, including ... The spirit will never die .... I fought with my steel, I believed in my sword
WINTERSUN LYRICS - "Wintersun" (2004) album
Battle Against Time 5. Death And ... Strange visions of the ancient spirits, travesty of man appears. Coldness ... The artful spirit: "You don't have to die, You can ...
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "Battle Magic" (1998) album
Ancient king in this sylvan court of elm, ash and yew, The wood-spirits watch from gnarled bough and bole, As I pull two Mercian shafts from my bloodied thews.
TWILIGHT FORCE LYRICS - "Heroes Of Mighty Magic" (2016) album
In the battle of arcane might. Lightning bolts ... Ancient spirits whisper of raging souls ... "The spirits of life returned to the magic lands to restore time and light.
RUSH LYRICS - Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres
They battled through the ages. But still neither force ... Hemispheres Some fought themselves, some fought each other ... Their spirits were divided into blinded
DEATHSPELL OMEGA LYRICS - "Infernal Battles" (2000) album
DEATHSPELL OMEGA lyrics - "Infernal Battles" (2000) album, including " Sacrilegious Terror", ... The Ancient Presence Revealed 7. ... Their poor spirit will burn
Lyrics to "Spirit Wind" song by CASTING CROWNS: Ezekiel stared down into the valley Filled with dry bones ... For soon these arisen warriors will battle again
SAXON LYRICS - The Great White Buffalo
Hear the ancient battle cry. Give the land back to the nations. Let their spirits roam the plains. With the great white buffalo. You were the eagle in the sky
DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY LYRICS - "Battle Sluts" (2009) album
DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY lyrics - "Battle Sluts" (2009) album, including " The Return Of ... Within the realm of ancient shadows we will finally meet kingdom of the dark, kingdom of the dead .... Enemies are the spirits of everlasting hope
TUATHA DE DANANN LYRICS - "Tingaralatingadun" (2001) album
We have no fear - the battle spirit's in us. Let's sing ans ... This bloody battle will stain the time. We are De .... Fly to the ancient times to the land of De Danann
CALADAN BROOD LYRICS - "Echoes Of Battle" (2013) album
CALADAN BROOD lyrics - "Echoes Of Battle" (2013) album, including "Book Of The Fallen", "A ... The moon shines on old dunes, awakening ancient hatreds
FOLKLORD LYRICS - "Resistance" (2004) album
The earth shaken and during the battle. The Gods ... Ancient symbols are tattooed on the warrior's skin. Lighting, black clouds, winds and spirits try to take him
DRAGONHEART LYRICS - "The Battle Sanctuary" (2015) album
The battle doesn't end until the last blood drop fall from their honored swords blades. Does this ... Ancient gods trembling in front of it .... Our spirits will be free
BATTLE BEAST LYRICS - "Battle Beast" (2013) album
BATTLE BEAST lyrics - "Battle Beast" (2013) album, including "Shutdown", "Rain Man", "Black Ninja"... ... Black Angel, white Hawk, but same is the spirit and soul. Behold the fifth and ... lonely voices whispering her ancient name. It's a life of a ...
DESASTER LYRICS - "A Touch Of Medieval Darkness" (1996) album
In A Winter Battle 3. A Touch Of ... nature,feel the forgotten spirits the last weak .... follow us into an ancient world,feel the spirit of those glory days and prepare for ...
MANOWAR LYRICS - "The Triumph Of Steel" (1992) album
Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee 5. Burning 6. ... In the heat of the battle, Hector was killed. See him ... Ancient gods are calling me I hear them when they sing ... Demon's blood and dragon fire, falling on my wings Racing to the battle in the sky
GRAVELAND LYRICS - "The Fire Of Awakening" (2003) album
Battle of Wotan's Wolves 3. In the Sea ... We will revive from the ashes of ancient praise. Which is .... Within her the spirits lay, which call upon us to fulfill our duty
DOMINE LYRICS - "Ancient Spirit Rising" (2007) album
DOMINE lyrics - "Ancient Spirit Rising" (2007) album, including "How The Mighty Have Fallen", "Sky Rider", "Another ... There was a time was sang of battles won
HEATHEN FORAY LYRICS - "The Passage" (2009) album
HEATHEN FORAY lyrics - "The Passage" (2009) album, including "Wilderness Lore", "Theatre Of Battle", ... Ancient Secrets 8. .... Crying no tear my spirit awakes
THE ANCIENT WAR LYRICS - "Riding On The Hills Of Death" (2011 ...
THE ANCIENT WAR lyrics - "Riding On The Hills Of Death" (2011) album, including "Desolation Of Chaos (Outro)" ... The spirit of the ancients. Guides us in battle
IRON FIRE LYRICS - "Thunderstorm" (2000) album
Battle Of Freedom 9. Glory To The King 10. Angel ... The brothers of the ancient clan. Servants of sacred land ... Their spirits will live on and on. When heroes fall
GODS TOWER LYRICS - "Steel Says Last" (2011) album
The ancient spirits touch my mind. Through burnt skin of ... And without this battle I will die. The height is the battle. My majestic battle. In the battle I only can fly
ANCESTORS BLOOD LYRICS - "A Dark Passage From The Past ...
Rise Of The Spirits Of Ancient Heroes / Outro 7. Prelude ... The final battle, hate is all what feeds me. (. ... Be may also be an evil triad, with evil spirits (Demons)
NEGATOR LYRICS - "Gates To The Pantheon" (2013) album
The Urge For Battle 8. ... knowledge of death - I call upon the ancient names of the ... Evil spirit! God of death! They were mingling their waters together - No cane  ...
STORMLORD LYRICS - "Supreme Art Of War" (1999) album
... album, including "Of Steel And Ancient Might", "Immortal Heroes", "War (The Supreme Art)"... ... spirits of war I call, enlight the shades ... yelling their battle
IMMORTAL LYRICS - "Sons Of Northern Darkness" (2002) album
Let the battle be fought to be won. Tremble ... Where the ancient armours of bronze. Are buried and ... And spirit rideth with the ones that know no fear. They were ...
AASGARD LYRICS - "Morbid Celestial Desecration" (2012) album
Beliefs Of Native Gods. 2. Supplication To The Immortals. Ancient spirits come forth. We call you for a purpose. To came with us to battle. To fight side by side
SATANIC WARMASTER LYRICS - "Strength And Honour" (2001 ...
Raging Winter. Frozen woods holding within the wisdom. Forbidden spirit of war and our blood. Ancient battles that were fought then. Are now revived to glorify ...
IMPERIAL AGE LYRICS - "Warrior Race" (2014) EP
Battle Heart (Re-Recorded) 7. Anthem Of Valour ... Spirit of the Warrior Race, It will rise among their graves. And the ancient might of old. Shall arise, and its ...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "The Beginning Of Times" (2011) album
Battle For Light 2. Mermaid 3. My Enemy ... Ilmatar the ancient. Mighty ocean- ... Came forth the woodland creatures, the spirits great and small. The mistress and  ...
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled ...
To Dethrone The Witch-Queen Of Mytos K'Unn (The Legend Of The Battle Of Blackhelm Vale) 3. As The Vortex ... And I stand enthralled and silent atop the ancient, shadowed mountain, gazing in awe at ... demon-spirit from the dark realms.
Agathodaimon - Spirit Soldier Lyrics
Ancient spirits cursed through your veins. The sparks in you turned into flames. You heard battle drums thundering. Was this a dream or an awakening, ...
BALFOR LYRICS - "Barbaric Blood" (2010) album
In A Thunder Of Ancient Glory 5. Pure Barbaric 6. ... I'm the ancient horror, the spirit of war. Behold my armies ... My sacred battle won't be lost…Never Raising ...
ANCIENT BARDS LYRICS - "A New Dawn Ending" (2014) album
ANCIENT BARDS lyrics - "A New Dawn Ending" (2014) album, including "A New ... The quietness only broken by the rattling of battle weary lungs pressed to the ..... Any place we choose is gonna be fine, cause their spirits are free somewhere.
OLD MAN'S CHILD LYRICS - "In The Shades Of Life" (1996) album
waded in blood battle until the end, a gift of ... and high-raised swords, the ancient gods command. Fading the ... The pestering storms, the raging battles forward from the north. An ancient myth ... Rise nocturnal spirits, eternal gods of the north,
Dawn of Ashes - Tribe of Chemosh Lyrics
Nov 29, 2016 Bringing power into spirit We are archons from an ancient time Call on ... from slumber Call on your ancient winds The battle rages on against ...
ASTAROTH LYRICS - "Organic Perpetual Hatework" (2005) album
As mind and soul collapse – my spirit disappears ... Dark voices deep inside. no battle can't resists the force .... Ancient spirits bestowed me – immortality

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