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KID ROCK LYRICS - Welcome To The Party
Lyrics to "Welcome To The Party" song by KID ROCK: Well my name's Kid Rock I' m a Capricorn And ... But I only got eyes for just one girl ... Cause people like to hear my base go boom ... Lickin pussy underwater shootin bubbles up your ass
R.I.O. LYRICS - Party Shaker
Lyrics to "Party Shaker" song by R.I.O.: Yeah-eah-eah, Oh-Oh, Party Shaker Wake Up, ... So welcome everybody ... But we just like to party ... Your ass shake
R.I.O. feat. Nicco - Party Shaker lyrics
But we just like to party And party tonight So if you wanna dance The party never ... ass upon the floor From Rio to Jamaica We are the party shaker So welcome ...
MIGOS LYRICS - Came To Party
Lyrics to "Came To Party" song by MIGOS: (Came to party, came to party, came to party Came to party, ... Welcome to my party, got that bitch, she poppin' molly ... Got a nice ass, got some nice hips ... Niggas just like the ashes figured I try it
Lyrics to "Slumber Party" song by NICKI MINAJ: Banana boat full of blow Banana clip to cut ya throat Banana dro come pack a smoke ... Welcome to my private party more hoes than a Bachelor party ... just yesterday we bought a Lake ... as it's Gucci Mane no stupid ass ... Got that super soaker pussy pop like cola coka
I pay you in cash baby, he just pay you mind. Tell me you love me ... Champagne on that ass. Just keep it ... One looks like Rita, the other Rihanna. Baby, ooooh.
T.I. LYRICS - Welcome To The World
Lyrics to "Welcome To The World" song by T.I.: Yeah, ay ay, Why don't you let me welcome the niggas ... No big mouth that hold cake, fag bait ass niggas allowed ... I would like to welcome you ... I was just high, even lying when I say I love you
Shawty silhouette looks like a dolla sign. Caught up (caught up) Thats just how a nigga brought up (brought up) Blow ones for you luney ass niggas. Straight ...
ATTILA LYRICS - "Guilty Pleasure" (2014) album
... you're a fucking hater. Welcome to the party fuck bitches see you later ... so just stick to your niche. You'll never do it like I do cause you're a boohoo ass bitch
Lyrics to "Party Prophet" song by YELAWOLF: And I came into the house And I saw a ... Lord, I am the party prophet! ... Welcome to the church of Rock 'N Roll Treat this grown ass party like I did school. I don't give not a single damn, and I didn't then too. Will Ferrell just put his nuts on your grandmother's favorite kitchen stool
MEEK MILL LYRICS - House Party Remix
Lyrics to "House Party Remix" song by MEEK MILL: Ay Meek Milly, is my niggas there? ... Only me and my niggas, tell her bring a friend or two ... Welcome to my house party party ... I do you like Kid and whoop your ass when you get home
After Party Lyrics - Omarion
Full and accurate LYRICS for "After Party" from "Omarion": It's smeeling like bath and body works, Liquor on my breath ... Welcome to my after party ... Ass up It's an after party, nigga, put cash up oh ... He can use the bed just take off my sheets
2PAC LYRICS - California Love
California... knows how to party California... knows how to party In the citaaay... ... Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild west. A state that's untouchable like Elliot Ness The track hits ya eardrum ... We in that sunshine state where that bomb ass hemp be. The state ... Only in Cali where we riot not rally to live and die
Lyrics to "Party Monster" song by THE WEEKND: I'm good, I'm good, I'm ... I just need a girl who gon' really understand ... Like Selena, ass shaped like Selena
Lyrics to "Party In AZ" song by NB RIDAZ: On a hot dessert high way rollin my 64 feel the heat from the ... new twist didn't know we could drop like this player don't hate bump ... Welcome to the party in arizona (arizona) any time of year (any time of ... just to hit the ass nbk with a brand new sway houston texas to the bay I
Welcome to the show. I'm Shaggy, like you ... This bitch in front of me was like a hundred and five ... Old ass bitches try to kill mutherfuckers (Ha ha ha ha) ... He just served a half a year in the county jail ... Now we gotta bring a close to the party
RIO feat. Nicco - Party Shaker lyrics
Yeah, the party shaker Wake up, wake up People getting on gonna rock your ... us troublemakers But we just like to party And party tonight From Rio to Jamaica ... ass upon the floor From Rio to Jamaica We are the party shaker So welcome ...
R.I.O - Party Shaker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Party Shaker' by R.I.O. Yeah, the party shaker / Wake up, wake up / People ... So welcome everybody ... But we just like to party ... Your ass shake
We have of just gettin' home, now could I get that lap dance? She's got a tattoo of me right above her ass man. In the streets of ... Ain't nothin' but a White Trash Party! So let's have us a ... Til I feel like I been hit wit the sharp part'a the hammer
ICE CUBE LYRICS - You Know How We Do It
Ain't nuttin goin on but the bomb-ass rap song. Hittin all night long. Just like me on the black and white ivory ... Put on _Knee Deep_, we'll turn out your party
ICE CUBE LYRICS - We Be Clubbin'
We be clubbin' Heyy hey heyy heyy look here look here first of all I wanna welcome ... Gave the order to slaughter any ass like that. You know ... Down ta get this mothafuckin' party crackin' Nigga back ... We just bumpin' and bangin' Like it ain't ...
KID ROCK LYRICS - Devil Without A Cause
People claimin that they know me, but they only know a portion ... Like some uncut dope motherfucker, Kid Rock's to blame ... Yeah we come to party, so get down everybody (Come On) ... Bet that ass hoss I ain't forgot ... Welcome To The Party
R.I.O. - Party Shaker (feat. Nicco) - Video Edit lyrics
From Rio to Jamaica, we are the party shakers So welcome everybody, let's ... they call us troublemakers But we just like to party and party tonight Oh, hey, oh, oh, ... Everybody get your ass upon the floor From Rio to Jamaica, we are the party ...
WARRIOR SOUL LYRICS - "Salutations From The Ghetto Nation ...
Shine Like It 4. Dimension 5. Punk And Belligerent 6. Asskickin 7. The Party 8. The Golden .... I`m just ass-kickin` rock and roll. No one`s ... Welcome to the party
... people like, "Damn! That's a cold ass honkey." ... Probably shoulda washed this , smells like R. Kelly's sheets ... I hit the party and they stop in that motherfucker. They be ... Fifty dollars for a T-shirt - that's just some ignorant bitch (shit) I call that  ...
I just listen back and now I'm sounding like a trumpet. ... I'm swallowin the goose, got a model gettin loose, and I never party unless I got some bottles in the ...
Lyrics to "Party Girls" song by LUDACRIS: I came to party like tonight will never ... Titties plastic, ass fantastic. They just brush my hair and touch me everywhere
Megamix Lyrics - R.I.O.
Just like me. Baby I, I only ... like you! Yes you are, party animal star ... Way you move that ass, baby not too fast. Could feel ... So welcome everybody. Let's party  ...
ATTILA LYRICS - "Outlawed" (2011) album
Welcome to the party, let's make a toast to booze, blunts, bitches, and new beginnings, ... Don't take offense to this, just another song for me to spill on your conscience. ... Every motha-licka make it sicka take a picture, gonna elevate the party like you know I ... So much ass in the building, such little time to decide what's right.
TOKYO BLADE LYRICS - "Pumphouse" (1998) album
Like a moth that dances with the fire. Can't resist the ... Big shot knows it all, when you fall on your ass its gonna make my day [Chorus] ... Hey you, you're doing all the things just like you want to do ... Welcome to the party, everybody's welcome
Redman - Welcome To Da Bricks Lyrics
Redman: / Haha welcome to Tha Bricks the city where tha rats will whoop your ... Yo, during tha day mutherfuckers work out here just like anybody to make ends ... shine your car up, joy ride through tha hood, hit a cook out, pool party, whatever. ... Don't matter how large your crew is, don't matter what city your stinkin ass is ...
Lyrics to "Ass Like That" song by EMINEM: The way you shake it, I can't believe it I ain't never ... And do not treat me like a murderer, I just like to pee, pee, pee
Stuntin Lyrics - Drake
Keep yo ass inline, don't be tryin' to roller skate. Fuck all the ... I just listen back and now I'm soundin' like a trumpet. This for all the ... And i never party less, i got some bottles and a booth. I just walk up ... Welcome to the gathering. Welcome to  ...
Just taste my tootsie roll, ... Welcome to CandyLand! I'll split your ass in two, So take ... Just close your eyes and dream, ... Sticky like a lolly, ... Like a candy cane.
Lyrics to "Party Train" song by REDFOO: Yo, I need to know Who came to turn up at their favorite festival I need some people, some party peo... ... And rats that like them bottles. Calling all my ... Ass, cash or flash, no one rides for free (But me!) ... "Party Train" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
Baylor Barnes - Welcome to Reality lyrics
Lyrics for Welcome to Reality by Baylor Barnes. Yo! Hope you're ... Ya I'm down to party, if she first class. Everybody's ... Turn that ass into a tambourine, and baby just shake it. Wanna drop it like a yo-yo, she'll be tippin' on the flo-flo. All these ...
THE WEEKND LYRICS - The Party & The After Party
Lyrics to "The Party & The After Party" song by THE WEEKND: I understand your body wants it I know your thoughts Oh you ... Be there in a minute baby just one call ... I'll race your ass up on them stairs ... Feeling like a million bucks before
Lmfao - Party Rock Anthem Lyrics
We just wanna see ya shake that ass. In the club party rock, lookin' for your girl? She on the top. Nonstop when we in the spot, party movin' like its on the block
X-COPS LYRICS - "You Have The Right To Remain Silent" (1995 ...
Welcome To New Jersey 6. Your Mother 7. The Party's Over 8. 5-0 9. ... When they beat you down like all the other fools ... Spends her life just squirting pups and turning tricks for me ... Joined up with the X-Cops, kickin' ass and porkin' chops
Party Shaker Lyrics - R.I.O. feat. Nicco
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Party Shaker" from "R.I.O. feat. ... So welcome everybody ... But we just like to party ... Everybody get your ass upon the floor

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