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Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Dumi Maraire - Ready Lyrics ...
... never quit even though the thing's heavy we push like a 7-7 chevy boy ready ... a boy dying i ain't lying we are self built, self made, self sustained self seekers, ...
Lyrics to "Self Made" song by MAYBACH MUSIC GROUP: Self made Gotta ... Self made. Gotta handle your own. I'm a handle mine [Verse 1: Wale] ... Tell the owner hit the locks when we stepping in ... But I'm a build it ground up, once again
PUSHA T LYRICS - Drug Dealers Anonymous
So I built that all glass quad level first home. Shatter all of your ... We got storefronts, we got employee stubs. We been ... Life made me ambidextrous. Countin' ...
IN FEAR AND FAITH LYRICS - "In Fear And Faith" (2012) album
IN FEAR AND FAITH lyrics - "In Fear And Faith" (2012) album, including "Self Fulfilling Prophecy", "Last Man Stranded", "You Had Your ... Look What You Made Me Do 5. ... We'll accomplish everything that comes in the midst of the end of days ... I can build us a home from what's left of our lives .... (I can't sustain my spin)
CREATIONS LYRICS - "Unworthy / Humility" (2013) album
We all hide evil in our hearts / I've lost touch as I watch every fault, / Every failure ... I had made this life about me / Thinking the whole time / I was on the road for ...
XERATH LYRICS - "III" (2014) album
Man made stars on earth. Turn solid matter to ... For now our balance is sustained . By mere ... We toy with the fire like a curious child. Curiosity that has built so much. Has built a means to destroy it all. The cold ... A shadow of your former self
ARTIZAN LYRICS - "The Furthest Reaches" (2015) album
Built by foreign hands. Chambers that ... We can summon the gods with the light of the pyramid ... Where dreams of light are made ... So perfect self-sustaining
ALLEGAEON LYRICS - "Fragments Of Form And Function" (2010 ...
Self-sustaining biological processes ... Mechanisms machines to mold our fate as we travel across the folded line ... A species built to prevail the taste of blood entices you not knowing how to fail ... Feeling the wrath of life you manufactured
RZA LYRICS - The Whistle
From a baby's lip, the digi made me flip. Plus they ... Undetected like the wings of a Stealth, I move for self ... We never die, built my name, sustained like blood
PSYCLON NINE LYRICS - "Crwn Thy Frnicatr" (2006) album
Of self sustaining chemistry. Do I fade ... We must cleanse this earth with the sulphur and rain. Still you're all ... Bow down to the world to the world that made me
What Monsters We Have Become (Pt. 1) ... and through our convictions we're born anew ... and every city shall fall burning cities will fall to the ground and return to the ash that once sustained them ... Where will you turn when you've burned every bridge you've built .... to be renewed to define self righteous in our ignorance
RENASCENT LYRICS - "Through Darkness" (2005) album
4. Through Darkness 5. Sustain Me 6. ... We are all condemned to burn in fire .... Build up, build up the highway! Remove ... Of self-serving and man-made rules
AFGRUND LYRICS - "The Age Of Dumb" (2012) album
A net of misleading, built so stable, confused about ... While depending on help, we only get led astray ... Perpetuating a self-righteous species war, a " sustainable" animal holocaust. ... two have been made back and the world became a wreck.
SEDITIONIST LYRICS - "Memento Mori" (2013) album
This empire was built to sustain. Any type of threat that we propose. We have shaped ... The taxes we payed. Only funded your ... You will never know what its like to think for your fucking self. You'll never ... I made a promise to myself. To never ...
IF HOPE DIES LYRICS - "Life In Ruin" (2006) album
This is what we are this is what we've become semi-conscious parts of a highly ... foundation to build our towers ever higher this is a course we can't sustain failure ... Living on borrowed time we've made a mess of everything forsaken simpler ... no difference it's in our own self interest to abandon the course we're following ...
DEATHSPELL OMEGA LYRICS - "Crushing The Holy Trinity (Disc 1 ...
I've made myself sick wondering about it, ... And there the living self is, knowing not why, ... If we do not acknowledge something greater than ourselves, ... Exists through nothing but a sustaining and ruinous excess, ... What has been built
SLAVES LYRICS - "Through Art We Are All Equals" (2014) album
SLAVES lyrics - "Through Art We Are All Equals" (2014) album, including " Starving For Friends", ... We made a wrong turn ... These words are self-inflected ( you're drowning yourself) .... These calloused hands built the foundation of my life
BEHEMOTH LYRICS - "Demigod" (2004) album
is a mirror ov my small self: ... slay me as I created thee ... divine. take for example Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy": if we look closely at talismans symbolising micro- .... sustain my being in million-fold forms .... it is said thay were the founders ov Egyptian culture, built the Sphinx and other megalithic monuments.
ILLUSION SUITE LYRICS - "The Iron Cemetery" (2013) album
We are the twins through time. Feel my ... And science made it so ... With a fist that hurts or self-sustaining mind games ... I build a statue that will stand eternity
PROTOTYPE LYRICS - "Continuum" (2006) album
But not self-taught. You let others. Be the cause. There we go racing towards the sun ... A fortress you've built ... What was made of stone ... Control I sustain ...
HATESPHERE LYRICS - "To The Nines" (2009) album
Like rings from drops in a pool of blood we break like a sick single crop. ... The future falls when built on broken walls and we are left, looked upon standing tall.
DISRUPT LYRICS - "Unrest" (1994) album
racial hatred has sustained innocent ... we've got a long way to go before we're truly equal, [Chorus] .... I'll be my same old self. Without a ... Why aren't they the ones that are made to suffer? And for .... Smash divisions - and all who build them
MASTER LYRICS - "Slaves To Society" (2007) album
Life's been changed, Time's sustained. ... At crossroads I made some mistakes, decisions were all made in vain. Fighting for ... We put all our faith in our fist, our lives would all end with a twist. Liar, cheater ... The poisons of life self induced social murder... We're taught ... At ground zero a new building will be built, and all the ...
THEOCRACY LYRICS - "As The World Bleeds" (2011) album
I am from the beginning of time, and I am sustaining the system of life. I am symmetry, reason .... Build a fire and fan the flame. Sacrifice .... Self-appointed kings with no power. Built a ... Now we're only drowning in the mess we made. Blood on ...
COUNTERPARTS LYRICS - "Tragedy Will Find Us" (2015) album
I've made up my mind. Death is my birthright. ... We burden ourselves with intent and ambition when we've accepted that all hope is lost. So dance past my lips ... Sustained by the flame of another, the embers begin to reignite. There's a hole in  ...
DISARMONIA MUNDI LYRICS - "Cold Inferno" (2015) album
We're alive in endless pain. Real life has never ... Self-castrated everyday to play a part that's not your role. I am getting to ... It seems you're made of plastic, while I' m made of solid stone. I'd rather ... As defenses crumble to sustain the guilt alone. Abased to a .... Build a cage of gold and lies and force us to belong. Free will ...
THURISAZ LYRICS - "Circadian Rhythm" (2007) album
Aware of all mistakes I made. Hoping for ... Caught in self-build conservation ... Thinking of the lives and time we left behind ... Sustained ignorance is the way
AFFIANCE LYRICS - "Gaia" (2016) EP
If we are to survive, rewrite history, reboot our minds. We are taught to fear ... This was not built to last, it was designed to collapse! ... These habits can't sustain our lives ! ... The cross you made .... To truly discover one's self, one's purpose. We ...
NERVOSA LYRICS - "Victim Of Yourself" (2014) album
Until When We'll Be Sustain Them? Until When We´ll Be Victim's of Their Responsabilities? Twisted ... Insult to Your Self-Worth You Envy but ... A Coward Not Able to Build ... 8. Death. The Line Is Formed, Wait for Your Turn, It's Going to Come
DESTRUCTION LYRICS - "Inventor Of Evil" (2005) album
Common knowledge built on scars. Spreading ... Resistance with a high sustain. The defiance will ... Prayers of steel made us to believe in sin after sin ... We're stapping the drama in hell with the kiss of death .... Eliminating with self-esteem
THE HOLY GUILE LYRICS - "FSU" (2013) album
Who died and made you God? Forged a lie and ... How can we commit a man to the height of a God When we ... Self submit to a darkened creed. So swear the ...
SILENT CIVILIAN LYRICS - "Rebirth Of The Temple" (2006) album
Your threat to deconstruct my will cannot sustain. Unwritten laws of ... Sedate your fears and build your train of thought. Stand up for your ... Rebirth of self esteem ignore whats fake. Move on, your .... Made up of this world we live in. Live Again ...
DESTRAGE LYRICS - "Are You Kidding Me? No." (2014) album
I made it up, choosing paths, day by day. ... We are all here to witness the indomitable power of creation. .... better, healthier, more civil life to foster a rising spiral, towards a sustainable evolution. .... We built new moments. ... Self-styled rebels.
NASUM LYRICS - "Shift" (2004) album
Grinding it to dust. We're just particles ... The world we knew has come to an end ... Your failure I will sustain ... That self destruction sets me free ... Deadlock, stalemate, break the chains you made yourself ... Their hopes built upon a pile of lies
ACRANIA LYRICS - "Totalitarian Dystopia" (2014) album
With the characters created. By such ... Building a theatrical mass distraction. That these ... "Whilst we whisper that we don't want your excuses, we don't give a fuck about the ills of man. We are selling .... Nothing more than a maggot simply sustaining. .... Experiments pluck at every cell of this complex & self aware organism
SEPTIC FLESH LYRICS - "Esoptron" (1995) album
laden with creases deep like self deceit. They seem lost in ... built upon the solid stones ... to sustain your lie made world ... "They are the grass, we are the blade
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Age Of Consent" (1988) album
VIRGIN STEELE lyrics - "Age Of Consent" (1988) album, including "We Are Eternal", "Cry ... Remember to tell him the price we had to pay .... Be strong in your self ... You made me love you, hen you turned your back upon me now ... Pictures in the night, can't sustain the light of day ... I build, you burn, then one forgets
DØDSENGEL LYRICS - "Imperator" (2012) album
Timeless emptiness in a self-spawned Space Consciousness ... I build MOMENTUM. .... I sustain by unleashing. ... me from oblivion, made ... We were ever one.
We're all addicts hooked into a toxic culture .... Setting in stone a future we cannot sustain. We can't quench ... An ego lost in the valley of self disdain ... We made our beds on the cold hard ground ... You built your bastions of ivory and pride
Muse - Uprising lyrics
People are seriously so idiotic and self righteous sometimes. ... I don't care if you disagree with me, we need to realize the truth though, because one of these days , it's going to be .... Ya know, if the government was truly made for 'The People' and by 'The People'. .... Not sure if its the build up and climax or the clever lyrics.

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