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Unlv - Drag Em 'n' Tha River Lyrics
[yella] You fake cheerleadin' bitch! you want a nigga like me to beware, ha? I'ma show you some spokes right now, you bitch you. [tec-9] Take them braids out ...
Unlv - Chill & Hussle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chill & Hussle' by Unlv. Verse one: {lil' ya} / It's that nigga of the block call me the hood mac / Down to make some snaps so what's the haps? /
Unlv - 211 - 187 Lyrics
Lyrics to '211 - 187' by Unlv. Chorus: {u.n.l.v.} / 211s at night 187s in the day light / Nigga we just don't give a fuck / 211s at night 187s in the day light.
Unlv - Rape U 4 Your Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rape U 4 Your Life' by Unlv. Mac melph calio gonna rape you for yo life ya bitch you / Believe dat yeah! / Chorus / Chillin' on the set wit the fully.
Unlv - Uptown 4 Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Uptown 4 Life' by Unlv. / SAY THAT SAY THAT SAY THAT!
U.N.L.V. Lyrics
View the 53 full and accurate lyrics we have for "U.N.L.V." on LyricsBox.com. Find them now!
Another Bitch (Street Version) Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Another Bitch (Street Version)" from "U.N.L.V.": Lil Ya Talking, I got a trick for all these hoes thats out here sucking ...
Unlv Style Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Unlv Style" from "U.N.L.V.": Lil' Ya, It ain't but one U N L V nigga so stop, Rap huntin' stuntin' frontin' to make yo name ...
Unlv - Nigga I'm Bout It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nigga I'm Bout It' by Unlv. {talking} / Motherfuckers I got kids, I don't them listenin' to that bullshit / Fuck the niggers! motherfuckers need to.
Unlv - Hike Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hike' by Unlv. All the gangsters out that third stop / That mutherfuckin' bullshit don't you / Know you dissin' a u. n. l. v. theme bitch / Cash.
Unlv - Mac Melph Calio Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mac Melph Calio' by Unlv. (yella): / Now everybody's talkin' about they run it and that war shit, / But they never seen a playa tellin' to y'all the.
Return Of U.N.L.V. Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Return Of U.N.L.V." from "U.N.L.V.": Tec-9 and (Lil Ya) talkin, Yeah yeah yeah, (Return of the Trend Setters), UNLV (Trend ...
Unlv - Go D.J. Lyrics
Unlv - Black Connection!! 226 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Connection!! 226' by Unlv. First verse : / I pulls up in my newly, / Painted blue 'nee / Completely out of my own mind, / Determined, to be a.
Unlv - Playa Hate'n Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Playa Hate'n' by Unlv. Chorus: {tec-9} / Why is everybody player hate'n me / I guess it 'cause, i''m ballin' in that u.p.t. / It's the incredible,
Lyrics: Unlv - Got A Lot Of Love
Lyrics for Got A Lot Of Love by Unlv. Album Straight Out Tha Gutta.
Come Up Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Come Up" from "U.N.L.V.": {tec-9}, Well i'ma do it like this I'm obligated to bust rap's and peel cap's, For snap's in order ...
Unlv - B' G' Z (True Story) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'B' G' Z (True Story)' by Unlv. Magnolia $limm talking: / What Up wit cha'll niggaz ha? I got 1of tha' most ruthless( and hoe I mean / deadly ya' see)
Unlv - 6 Baronne Awk Awk Lyrics
Lyrics to '6 Baronne Awk Awk' by Unlv. Chorus / I say boot up or shut up / Nigga get yo life lit up / Yeah yeah yeah wootay / I say boot up or shut up or / Get.
Unlv - Jazzy Bitch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jazzy Bitch' by Unlv. Verse one: {lil' ya} / I can never run out of bitches to right about it / My forget they name but I got game / That's how I get.
Unlv - 3rd Ward Court Date Lyrics
Lyrics to '3rd Ward Court Date' by Unlv. Verse one: {tec-9} / It all started in the streets at the age of ten / I started hangin' out late snatchin' purses with.
Unlv - Boom Get Chopped Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Boom Get Chopped' by Unlv. {talking} / I'm sick of it / Me to / Stop playin' / This here is for the / Tan shade man with the braid's / Stop playin'
Unlv - Don't U Be Greedy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't U Be Greedy' by Unlv. {yella talkin'} / My dog gonna be home with a story to tell / Ya see, y'all know what I'm talkin' bout / {yella boy} / Me.
Unlv - Shake Shake It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shake Shake It' by Unlv. Verse one: {tec-9} / Still got a lot of dog bitches on my list / Who be fuckin' for office and under cover suckin' dicks / I.
Unlv - Wild Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wild Out' by Unlv. THE LOX LYRICS / Wild Out / Crazy Time! / Whoa (My Dawgs) / Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, (OK) / Whoa, Whoa (yo,yo,yo), Whoa, (yo, yo, ...
Unlv - Things Got Wild Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Things Got Wild' by Unlv. Chorus / Tell ya bout this time things they got wild / They got wild they got wild they got rowdy / So let me tell you.
Young Cellski - Stressed Out (feat. UNLV) lyrics
Lyrics for Stressed Out (feat. UNLV) by Young Cellski.
Unlv - Pop 'em Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pop 'em Up' by Unlv. {u. n. l. v. talking} / Wusup! to my nigga kel, third ward is the motherfuckin' house / Mac melph calio, r.i.p. pimp daddy, kilo.
Unlv - Cash Money Groove - Fuckin' Right - All Right Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Cash Money Groove - Fuckin' Right - All Right' by Unlv. *** "all right fuckin' right / Won't cha holla at a nigga" is after every.
Unlv - There Dey Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There Dey Go' by Unlv. Master P)-talking / Uh huh, little somethin somethin for my tru niggas in New Orleans, Tulsa, / Oklahoma, Richmond California,
U.N.L.V. song lyrics collection. Browse 23 lyrics and 6 U.N.L.V. albums.
Unlv - Pocket Full Of Furl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pocket Full of Furl' by Unlv. Where the furl nigga? where the earl nigga? / Gonna get ya fuckin' mind right. / Tell me where the furl nigga. where.
Lyrics: Partners-N-Crime - Fuck UNLV (Talk That Shit Now)
Lyrics for Fuck UNLV (Talk That Shit Now) by Partners-N-Crime. Album Pump Tha Party.
Unlv - Low Down Dirty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Low Down Dirty' by Unlv. Verse one: {lil' ya} / Goin' for it all I want to ball fall / So give me some chip's, I got's a / Motherfuckin' nine on my.
Booty Bop Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Booty Bop" from "U.N.L.V.": I gotta lotta dope bitches on my mind, But I won't allow bitches to waste my time, After a couple ...
Unlv - No Struggle No Progress Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Struggle No Progress' by Unlv. {tec-9} / I don't like to dream about gettin' paid / No time for slippin' no time to get laid / Got to get mine,
Unlv - Straight Out Tha Gutta Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Straight Out Tha Gutta' by Unlv. Verse one: {tec-9} / Straight out tha gutta they label a nigga / As a problem to the other side but they just / Want.
Unlv - Bad Ass Yella Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Ass Yella Boy' by Unlv. Words like boy what is you doin' you created that shit / Chorus: / Just a lil' bad ass yellow boy / You crazy because my.
UNLV Wind Orchestra & Thomas Leslie - Sanctuary lyrics ...
Lyrics for Sanctuary by UNLV Wind Orchestra & Thomas Leslie.
Unlv - Manny Fresh Mix Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Manny Fresh Mix' by Unlv. Verse 1: / It aint ove yall i got some shit on my chest these niggas bittin beats given me / reasons to flex, you know they.

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