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Broadways - Under My Belt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under My Belt' by Broadways. count these days, feel like i ran a marathon, / more like a cigarette-a-thon, one three month day, / six more lanes, so.
MOBB DEEP LYRICS - Quiet Storm (Remix)
in the parkin lots, where my nigga Rock like to spark-a-lot. My Brook-lyn style speak for itself. Like a wrestler, another notch under my belt. The embezzler ...
PLIES LYRICS - Me & My Goons
Couple killas on my right, couple killas on my left. But I am a muthafuckin' killa myself. Got my Glock 40 right up under my belt. Hit you wit' this burner and you will ...
And man the man in the mirrors. And thought of callin' it quits. But I'm still finishin' my beers. He's still raisin' his fists. I think I got too many sunrises under my belt
THE GAME LYRICS - Wouldn't Get Far
{"For you baby, I'd find you"} For you. And you, for alla y'all [Kanye West] For you... uhh.. Pop quiz, how many topless, black foxes did I have under my belt, like ...
GUNPLAY LYRICS - Tats On My Arm Freestyle
Lyrics to "Tats On My Arm Freestyle" song by GUNPLAY: Gats under my Gucci belt, tats on my arm Sliddin' up her ocean drive, comin' down like uh Sliddin' u...
Lyrics to "In My Continental" song by ATMOSPHERE: In my Continental Splinter off the mental ... Why would I work against myself and hide it under my belt?
I grew up, made the blade my new toy. Friends said boy with what you ... Under the hill, with just a few notches on my belt. Take it away, don't want no more
Ab-Soul - Dub Sac Lyrics
I had a dub sac in my bucket rolling around like ''fuck it'' Now I got a ... Baby wanna know what's under my belt. Maybe cause I paid so much for the belt. Call the ...
The Waifs - Three Down Lyrics
I got three under my belt. Just four more to go. Then I'm going home. (Take me home!) Well we were driving out of Nashville and the clock it said 12am
Cock suckers low blowin under my belt. Yeah they hangin from the tip. They tryna get a sip don't let em get a grip.. I'm pissing on em myself 19 a nigga went ...
HOT BOYS LYRICS - Respect My Mind
I got a few under my belt and I'ma make it one more. Cock the 4-4 and knock his brains out on the floor. Respect my mind [Chorus] [B.G.] Me, Wayne, Turk, and ...
How I Feel Lyrics - Chris Brown
Cock suckers low blowin' under my belt. Yeah they hangin' from the tip. They tryna' get a sip. Don't let them get a grip I'm pissin' on them myself 19 a nigga went ...
Respect My Mind Lyrics - Hot Boys
I got 2 under my belt and gone make it one more cock the 4-4 and knock his brain out on the floor respect my mind. Chorus (B.G.) Me, Wayne, Turk and Juvenile ...
What Makes The World Go Round Lyrics - Shyheim feat. ...
There a toker, under the numb, scumb looker. Get the gatherin ... The sun ain't never shine on my block ... The glock under my belt, tucker, the wild mother fucker
Omarion - Hood Star Lyrics
And I confess that I'm feelin' myself. I confess that I'm in it the wealth. The money under my belt. So much r and b baby that my show could be shelfed. I'm lost in ...
I already knew you were fading [Chorus] 'Cause I'm already standing here on my own. And I don't understand it baby just what went wrong 3 days under my belt
CHRIS WEBBY LYRICS - There Goes The Neighborhood
But I got a lot under my belt and I felt. At times it was a lost cause. But I always got back upon my paws dog. So I know I'm gonna make it in the long haul
There must've been something about my careless upbringing. That got me into so much trouble at ... OG stripes up under my belt. Do it by myself, I don't need no ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Justify My Thug
Lyrics to "Justify My Thug" song by JAY-Z: Uhh, this feel right right here Quik It's like it's 'sposed to ... to himself or get clapped for what's under that man's belt
B.G. LYRICS - Made Man
On my sixth solo album I'm a made man now (yep) Six years strong in ... God forgive me I got a graveyard under my belt (forgive me lawd) I done walked in the  ...
Lyrics to "Two Little Girls" song by ANI DIFRANCO: you were fresh off the boat from virginia i had a year in new york city under my belt we met in a...
Elhae - Doesn't Matter Lyrics
Cause niggas under me only helped me up the ladder ... Thinking I'mma focus on my health these days ... Grammy nom under my belt yeah I got purpose now
CYPRESS HILL LYRICS - What Go Around Come Around, Kid
Under my jacket. Oh where oh where. Do ya think I pack it. Under my belt when the cards get dealt to all the players. And though the punk ass fakers just come
TYGA LYRICS - Bad Bitches
Got a sign on my dick, bad bitches only. Got a sign ... I ain't got no time hoe, stop blowing up my cell phone ... I got a ton of chicks under my belt like a zipper, yea
And I got to make sure that I take care of my family. And it ain't no ... because my boss is getting on my motherfucking nerves ... 'Do rag with a gat under my belt
Where I'm from yo the jakes'll murk ya. Act like you know and the fiends'll jerk ya. Three classics under my belt. I just lost my comrade, I need something to melt
JUICY J LYRICS - You Want Deez Rackz
So much money in my face I'm livin' a dream. Whips outside ... A big mansion all my weed stanky. So many titles under my belt Yankees If you money hungry ...
Lucy Woodward - Standing lyrics
Are the things that hurt so much, well, I'll never know Three days under my belt And I can't remember the last thing you said But you were 15 inches away from ...
Plies - Me & My Goons Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Me & My Goons' by Plies: I keep a couple killas 'round me when I ... Got my glock 40 rite under my belt hit you with this burner you will melt I only hang
Lyrics to "Dub Sac" song by AB-SOUL: I had a dub sack in my bucket Rolling ... Baby wanna know what's under my belt maybe cause I paid so much for the belt
Couple of bodies under my belt and with mad kids for self protectin. Don't know ( bitch) and keep my hands on a little bit of solo shit. It's Bone Thugs forever ...
Lucy Woodward - Standing - T2 Vocal Up lyrics
Feb 15, 2016 Three days under my belt and I cant remember the last thing you said But you were fifteen inches away from me when you said it. you mumbled ...
Lyrics to "Black Belt" song by MADCHILD: It's all up in my head Aye, aye It's all up in my head It's all up in my ... Under my bed I got a Glocc and it's sawed off
CA$H OUT LYRICS - My Bloodline
Lyrics to "My Bloodline" song by CA$H OUT: Cold, money ain't got no deadline But getting money, bitch is in my bloodline Ye and at the table ma... ... Money under my mattress, and I'm fucking an actress ... Versace, that be my belt buckle
And keep her on my side like a fuckin' hip. She gon' make sure I survive, she gon' do it well. Baby I just want them thighs right under that belt. She just want me ...
PJ HARVEY LYRICS - When Under Ether
Lyrics to "When Under Ether" song by PJ HARVEY: The ceiling is moving Moving in time Like a conveyor belt Above my eyes When under ether The...
Gunplay & DJ Holiday - Tats on My Arm lyrics
Aug 17, 2014 Lyrics for Tats on My Arm by Gunplay & DJ Holiday. Gats under my Gucci belt Tats all on my arm Sliding up her ocean drive Coming down like, ...
Your body's under my belt, just to make it official. I forget that he mission, never forget the pistol. Thinking all the way in, killing and leave the victims. I got trust ...
TRAE LYRICS - Gittin' High
Lyrics to "Gittin' High" song by TRAE: I'm still in it homie, yeah I ain't never left A couple more problems under my belt, got me pacin m...

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