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Hammock - Turn Away And Return Lyrics
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Hammock - Turn Away and Return Lyrics. [Instrumental]
Duane Stephenson - Forever Yours (Return) lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for Forever Yours (Return) by Duane Stephenson. ... the day don't turn away it only seem like yesterday when you tore my heart to pieces  ...
Return to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, leave me no one. Turn to me, return to me, return to me, you've made me turn away [Chorus Variant:]
Hammock - Turn Away And Return Lyrics
Hammock Turn Away And Return Lyrics. Turn Away And Return lyrics performed by Hammock: [Instrumental]
And in return. You gave me nothing. Show me a sign. Please give me anything. I will not hide from what's inside of me. My nemesis! I'm turning away from me
SIA LYRICS - Soon We'll Be Found
'Til we return happy. Shut your eyes ... Turn away it's just there's nothing left here to say. Turn around I know we're lost but soon we'll be found. Well it's been ...
Maria McKee - Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turn Away' by Maria McKee. Tell me words ... If you turn away, oh, honey, please stay. Why am I the ... Who'll be here when you return? If you leave me ...
ALL TIME LOW LYRICS - Return The Favor
Return the favor. Are you gonna throw it all away? (Return-turn-turn the favor) Are we gonna do this all again? (Ah!) I mean it's all pretend. And the game should ...
What won't return. But I'll take the chance. So please don't turn away. I'll find a way. I'll find a way to you. I'll find a way. I'll find a way to you. I'll keep your heart
ART GARFUNKEL LYRICS - Turn, Don't Turn Away
And it's turn by turn. Every memory carries me on my way. If I return. Are you prepared to see all of me in every way. Turn, don't turn away. Two words, "I'm gone"
Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away Lyrics
On the turning away. From the pale and downtrodden. And the words they say. Which we won't understand. "Don't accept that what's happening. Is just a case of  ...
Sia - Soon We'll Be Found Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soon We'll Be Found' by Sia: So come along, it wont be long 'Til we return happy Shut your ... Don't turn away it's just there's nothing left here to say
Lyrics to "Not Turn Away" song by THE REVIVALISTS: All I can see are blurs of red and yellow Through the ... Now that you're gone never to return again
VILLAGERS LYRICS - Becoming A Jackal
'Cause that's where the dream goes. And each time. They found fresh meat to chew. I would turn away and return to you. You would offer me your unmade bed
Shaman - Turn Away Lyrics
Turn Away. You put yourself in fire. Turn to someone else. You are the ...... cry out searching for success. Left your thoughts in darkness. One day they'll return
Bob Mould - Return To Dust Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Return to Dust' by Bob Mould. True blue star ... And in the end, return we must. The verse, the bridge ... Turn away, turn and walk away. Beyond profane ...
Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turn Me Away' by Erykah Badu. Get munny / Can't turn me away / I believe in your heart / I'll always want to stay / Can't turn me away / I believe in.
I fear to turn on the light. For the darkness won't go away. Fast, is desire. Turn out the light. Halo on fire. Prayers cannot get through. Return to sender
And we walked away. Point of no return. And now it's just too late to turn around. I try to forgive you, But I struggle 'cause I don't know how. We built it up so high ...
Now please don't laugh and turn away - this time. I don't wanna make a fuss. But this is the time for us. And I ain't gonna miss the bus - this time. No return -
ELITIST LYRICS - "Between The Balance" (2013) EP
1. Domino Theory 2. Return To Sender 3. ... Don't turn away. You're meant for more ... My eyes roll up to the back of my head and then I drift away. I would give, I ...
Queensryche - Eyes Of A Stranger Lyrics
Every night the dreams return to haunt me. Your rosary wrapped around your throat ... People always turn away. From the eyes of a stranger. Afraid to know what
SUFFOKATE LYRICS - "Return To Despair" (2011) album
We all fade away. Decaying faces surround me. We all turn to dust. What has happened to mankind. No way to stop what ...
Thomas Dolby - Don't Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Turn Away' by Thomas Dolby. I don't know why you're not talking to me / I don't know what went wrong / two people who had so much together /
Disturbed - Prayer Lyrics
Take everything away. Return to me. Leave me no one. Turn to me. Return to me. Cast aside. You've made me turn away. Living just isn't hard enough. Burn me ...
GAMMA RAY LYRICS - "Empire Of The Undead" (2014) album
and the eyes of god have turned away from Avalon ... Now has come the point of no return and I'm feeling fire ... don't close your eyes and turn away put and end ...
My Dying Bride - The Return Of The Beautiful Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Return Of The Beautiful' by My Dying Bride. Ohh, beautiful earth / For too long you have ... If you're feeble, turn away. No dagger glints in my hand
Red Hot Chili Peppers - So Much I Lyrics
So much I, wish I could. Count on you not to defeat me. Please don't turn away again. Please don't turn me into them. Please don't turn away friend. Please don't  ...
Whitesnake - Don't Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Turn Away' by Whitesnake. You say your dreams are burned to ashes / And your smiles have turned to tears, / It seems to me you welcome ...
Plain White T's - Can't Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can't Turn Away' by Plain White T's. I can't run, can't turn away now / It's all the same, nothing ever changes / The long days, the ten cent raises.
R KELLY LYRICS - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Lyrics to "If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time" song by R KELLY: How did I ever let you slip away Never knowing I'd be singing this song some day And now  ...
James Taylor - Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turn Away' by James Taylor. I open my arms to hold you, you turn away you turn away. / I feel it just like I told you, how can you turn away? / The.
Bee Gees - Baby As You Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Baby As You Turn Away' by Bee Gees. Here am I one sad and lonely guy, / One shadow of the man I used to be. / Now it's past, the love I thought ...
To a tormentor your world wouldn't understand. Turn away again. You're angered , so am I A thousand fires burn. A land of darkness from which I cannot return
Crowbar - (Can't) Turn Away From Dying Lyrics
Lyrics to '(Can't) Turn Away From Dying' by Crowbar. Speak Not / Blind Eye / No Will / No Mind / In Time / Somehow / Someway / Youl Find / I never thought you.
Lady Antebellum - As You Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'As You Turn Away' by Lady Antebellum. Standing face to face / Wrapped in your embrace / I don't wanna let you go / But you're already gone / Now ...
Gary Barlow - Before You Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Before You Turn Away' by Gary Barlow. Oooh, / Whoa oh ho, / Oooh, / Whoa ho yeah, / Mmm, / Take a look, at all we have, / I believe, it still could.
BERLIN LYRICS - Take My Breath Away
Watching every motion. In my foolish lover's game. On this endless ocean. Finally lovers know no shame. Turning and returning. To some secret place inside
TRAVIS LYRICS - Love Will Come Through
So look up, take it away. Don't look da-da-da-down. The mountain. If the world isn 't turning. Your heart won't return. Anyone, anything, anyhow. So take me, don't ...

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