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East India Youth - Total Strife Forever III Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Total Strife Forever III' by East India Youth.
East India Youth - Total Strife Forever II Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Total Strife Forever II' by East India Youth.
East India Youth - Total Strife Forever IV Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Total Strife Forever IV' by East India Youth.
East India Youth - Total Strife Forever I Lyrics
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3, Montage Resolution. 4, Beaming White. 5, Total Strife Forever IV ... Total Strife Forever (Deluxe) · Total Strife Forever (Deluxe Edition) Lyrics East India Youth ...
East India Youth - Dripping Down Lyrics. Artist: East India Youth. Album: Total Strife Forever. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it .
East India Youth - Dripping Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dripping Down' by East India Youth. you may be moving at glacial paces / but you're not melting / wrapping your arms around all of the concrete / you.
East India Youth - Looking For Someone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Looking For Someone' by East India Youth. Looking for someone, looking for someone / I don't know where they are / Looking for someone, looking  ...
East India Youth - Glitter Recession Lyrics
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East India Youth - Song For A Granular Piano Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song For a Granular Piano' by East India Youth.
East India Youth - Heaven, How Long Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heaven, How Long' by East India Youth. The larian awakening / On my trip to the evenings / In undiscovered carnivores / Shopping for ...
East India Youth - Looking For Someone lyrics
Mar 6, 2014 More lyrics from the album. Total Strife Forever East India Youth - cover art. Total Strife Forever. Jan 10th 2014. 01 ...
East India Youth Lyrics
Midnight Koto · East India Youth · Montage Resolution · East India Youth · The Juddering · East India Youth · Total Strife Forever IV · East India Youth · Turn Away
PARADISE LOST LYRICS - "Draconian Times" (1995) album
3. The Last Time 4. Forever Failure 5. Once Solemn 6. Shadowkings 7. ... And your ways appear a total lack of faith .... I'm laying low, strife is gaining slow
HALLOWS EVE LYRICS - "Death And Insanity" (1986) album
3. Lethal Tendencies 4. Plea Of The Aged 5. Suicide 6. D.I.E. (Death In Effect) 7. Nefarious 8. Nobody Lives Forever 9. ... I know not how to stop it live through this pain and strife ... Death to the hungry now death to the weak I am in total control
EDGE OF SANITY LYRICS - "Infernal" (1997) album
3. 15:36 4. The Bleakness Of It All 5. Damned (By The Damned) 6. Forever .... there is no escape from total extermination .... Will your overcome the circle strife
NECROPHOBIC LYRICS - "Hrimthursum" (2006) album
3. I Strike With Wrath 4. Age Of Chaos 5. Bloodshed Eyes 6. The Crossing 7. Eternal ... Decomposing roots we'll climb to battle and to strife. I strike from the ... Forever I'll continue to spin my wily threads. The world .... Total destruction will reign
METALLICA LYRICS - "Death Magnetic" (2008) album
1. That Was Just Your Life 2. The End Of The Line 3. Broken, Beat & Scarred 4. The Day That Never .... The crying, weeping, shedding strife. Year after year, life ... Would change his life forever? Set sail to sea but ... Total eclipse. Suffer unto my ...
INISHMORE LYRICS - "Theatre Of My Life" (2002) album
The Ravens Eye 3. Burn it Down 4. Revolution 5. I Can't Cry 6. Lost 7. When Heaven's Calling You ... after all the fights, the love and the strife. I welcome you to ... black forever is all I want to be. .... Total darkness fills now the room, the curtain ...
EMPEROR LYRICS - "Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath"
3. The Majesty of the Night Sky 4. Cosmic keys to my Creations and Times 5. Wrath of the Tyrant 6. .... Forever they are in the hills in their stone homes of grief. Because I am the spirit .... of awe and derision. Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression, hatred and strife. ..... Total playing time: 2:23:00. Disc one ( tracks ...
SATANIC WARMASTER LYRICS - "Fimbulwinter" (2014) album
3. Korppi 4. When Thunders Hail 5. Dragon's Egg 6. Nuin-Gaer-Faun 7. Winter's Hunger 8. ... ENDLESS SURGE OF GRIEF AND TOTAL DARKNESS ... WHERE THE RAVENS FOREVER CRY IN MOONLIGHT ... THE CRUX OF MY STRIFE
THOSE WHO FEAR LYRICS - "Unholy Anger" (2013) album
3. Holy Anger 4. Leech Life 5. Burn 6. Day Of Judgement 7. My Domain 8. ... Total disregard for the lives all around you that you destroy ... The people you've broken, their souls forever condemned. I'll ... The demon speaks of murder and strife
BARBATOS LYRICS - "Rocking Metal Motherfucker" (2003) album
2. Satanik Beer 3. Rocking Metal Motherfucker 4. Drink Till Death 5. Blond Hair And Bitch! 6. ... Total violent night. Metals fucking ... Distant storms of strife echo as thunderous guns. The kingdom ... And where upon my oath I must forever fight !
SPEAR OF LONGINUS LYRICS - "Domni Satnasi" (1997) album
3. I Am War 4. What Is It, Aton? My Side Itches!!! 5. Devil's Poison 6. Blood Soil 7. Tribal Wars ... Total war. Black Armageddon, Ragnarok War, I want war. Burn the infidels, see their pain. War, total ... Fucking forever ... The joys of eternal strife
EMPEROR LYRICS - "In The Nightside Eclipse" (1994) album
3. Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times 4. Beyond The Great Vast Forest 5. Towards The .... They can not be laid to rest forever. .... Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression, hatred and strife. ... Total playing time: 48:26. With " A ...
UNEXPECT LYRICS - "Utopia" (1999) album
3. Metamorphosis 4. Shades Of A Forbidden Passion 5. Palace Of Dancing Souls 6. The Fall Of ... The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost 9. In Velvet .... On the fringe of total madness. Pawns of ... For we pass as a gentle breeze born of strife
CARNAL GRIEF LYRICS - "Out Of Crippled Seeds" (2004) album
2. The New Era 3. Entrapment Concealed 4. Deadlands 5. Entangeled In Chaos 6. Insanitary ... At least it seemed that way - but nothing lasts forever. ... your actions a strife towards aggression ... of the total devastation of your own selfimage.
EMPEROR LYRICS - "Emperial Live Ceremony" (2000) album
3. I Am The Black Wizards 4. An Elegy Of Icaros 5. With Strength I Burn 6. Sworn 7. ... Forever they are in the hills in their stone homes of grief. .... Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression, hatred and strife. .... Total playing time:
DISSECTION LYRICS - "Reinkaos" (2006) album
3. Starless Aeon 4. Black Dragon 5. Dark Mother Divine 6. Xeper-I-Set 7. Chaosophia 8. God Of ... Our dark gods of chaos will return, this time to rule forever supreme. The dragon ... Unleash your hatred upon all life and kill this world in the final strife. Tiamat - Queen of the ... I am the power and total victory. I' m the murderer, ...
ANCIENT WISDOM LYRICS - "Cometh Doom, Cometh Death" (2004 ...
3. Sulphurfields 4. Cometh Doom, Cometh Death 5. Procreation Denied 6. ... Burning with strife ... Mankind, forever gone ... A total death embraces the earth
THEORY IN PRACTICE LYRICS - "The Third-eye Function" (1997 ...
1. Submissive 2. The Third Eye Function 3. Astral Eyes 4. Self Alteration 5. Worlds Within Worlds 6. ... Now forever protected from the fears inside. Your fate is .... I carry the yoke of total self-denial. Slaves under ... Increasing materialistic strife
NASUM LYRICS - "Grind Finale" (2005) compilation
Blind World 2. Think 3. Scarecrows 4. No Time To Waste 5. Total Destruction 6. Between ..... Let's seal up the tomb forever and end this reign of hate. Where he's  ...
RING OF FIRE LYRICS - "Dreamtower" (2002) album
Dreamtower 3. The Pharoah's Curse 4. Refugee Of The Free 5. Blue Sky 6. Laputa 7. ... The midnite sky goes on forever ... Total apathy ... To only strife and pain
BLOOD TSUNAMI LYRICS - "For Faen!" (2013) album
Dogfed 3. The Rape Of Nanking 4. The Dungeon Of The Rats 5. Metal Fang 6. The Brazen Bull 7. ... Total Overkill ... Forever Dogfed Introduce ... Full out strife
MISTHERIA LYRICS - "Messenger Of The Gods" (2004) album
3. The Chimera 4. The Beast Of The Maze 5. King Midas 6. Dynasty Of Death 7. Children's ... The other Gods taste the revolution and strife. But Zeus still holds ... It´s gone forever and ever. Now I saved .... Total playing time 01:18:51. Mistheria -  ...
IMMOLATION LYRICS - "Stepping On Angels...Before Dawn" (1995 ...
3. Rigor Mortis 4. Warriors Of Doom 5. Immolation 6. Dawn Of Possession 7. Internal Decadence 8. ... Total death, in peace you rest. Obliterate ... Doused with chemicals forever your cursed. To walk the earth as ... destiny of strife. Lurking in the ...
DISCREATION LYRICS - "Procreation Of The Wretched" (2015) album
Planetary Punishment 2. Descending To Abysmal Darkness 3. Megacorpse 4. Procreation Of The ... The accuser and the oppose embrace the total other. Realm of ... This ritual should last forever. To release my ... The age of strife. Unification if ...
SATIFER LYRICS - "Mass Grave Of Humanity" (2013) album
3. I Am Not Alive 4. Into The Depth 5. Hypocrisy Of Mankind 6. Death Cult 7. Mass Grave Of ... I am forever taken by night the only feeling- ... endless creation and total destruction sands of time tear ... with a knife in single strife it is time to end ...
TRIUMPHATOR LYRICS - "Wings Of Antichrist" (1999) album
Infernal Divinity 2. Conquered Light 3. Heralds Of Pestilence 4. Burn The Heart Of The Earth ... Smothered forever, dreamless night. Wore the ... The eternal strife
MOKER LYRICS - "Translating The Pain" (2007) album
1. Intro 2. Manic Existence 3. Your Dark Self 4. My World Decays 5. Another Lost Soul 6. ... In the darkness forever bound. You'll lurk at ... Release me from this life, anything to end this tormented strife. Wishing I .... Left in a total mess. Deal with ...

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