Tommy lee sparta buss yuh head lyrics

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Kla Kam lyrics and translation
Oct 13, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Kla Kam by Tommy Lee Sparta. ... you endz and buss out yuh head inna you nappy World Boss done know say whole ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Psycho - GTA5 Lyrics
Feb 2, 2015 Lyrics for Psycho - GTA5 by Tommy Lee Sparta. ... And don't try run in caa yuh will get ghost () Buss bwoy head a dem gate daily In front pastor, ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Dollar Bill Lyrics
Dec 31, 2015 Lyrics for Dollar Bill by Tommy Lee Sparta. ... deep throat Careful how yuh hunt fi the cheese bro Money mek yuh head back leak out Step inna ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Psycho Lyrics
Mar 11, 2016 Lyrics for Psycho by Tommy Lee Sparta has been translated in 2 ... di worse ting yuh will see Woii dem set duppy pon me Buss shot inna head ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Goat Head lyrics
Oct 1, 2015 Lyrics for Goat Head by Tommy Lee Sparta. ... shot dem Anytime when mi shot dem The war is on up twon not giving up Rifle buss out yo head ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Vibes Inna Dis Lyrics
Oct 26, 2014 Lyrics for Vibes Inna Dis by Tommy Lee Sparta. ... paw yo toe like a ballerina ( Repeat ) () High grade buss inna head Like a Molly, like a Molly, ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Hero Lyrics
Lyrics for Hero by Tommy Lee Sparta has been translated in 1 languages ... Any bwoy try trip a go drop Buss one straight in a him f–king head back I see dem ... deh mi never scared Talk yuh a talk and a run off yo mouth Straight it mi rise, it a ...
Step Like Dead lyrics and translation - Popcaan & Tommy Lee ...
Oct 16, 2013 Lyrics and translation for Step Like Dead by Popcaan & Tommy Lee. ... Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta, Tommy Lee ... allow Gaza man dem born bad Shoot head off a pillow Bumbo hole better don't play tuff r else ... list So Bad show huno seh mi just got to yuh Mi wi buss yo throat wid mi ratchet Weh life gone ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Bun Nu Nu (Raw) Lyrics. Claims Record Di ... Buddy head extra tuff di hood so larga ... Gyal mi wah yuh eat off the head a mi hood enuhnu
Tommy Lee - War Wid Di Dead Lyrics
May 13, 2013 Lyrics for War Wid Di Dead by Tommy Lee. ... diss jus try mek the s.k buss one eye run wanted mek bay head fly wen yuh talk inna ears wen mi ...
Popcaan & Tommy Lee - Jah Watch Over Me Lyrics
Jah Watch Over Me lyrics performed by Popcaan & Tommy Lee: Sad street Di lawd is ... Suh yuh know man grow fi tuff. Head ah stoplight. We haffi wipe di dust. Whole heep ah time people cuss. Seh dem youth yah to stink ah dem nah go buss
... Lee song lyrics collection. Browse 79 lyrics and 65 Tommy Lee albums. ... 32, Gal Yuh Pefect. 33, Sister Mary (feat. ... 60, Goat Head. 61, Sister Mary ... BUSS A BLANK / MANIAC Lyrics Tommy Lee ... The Sparta Don-EP Lyrics Tommy Lee ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - Let Me Put It in Lyrics. ... yuh nuh worry bout pickney, pickney haffi feed senorita, man ah ... baby yuh ah go too hard, nuh she unda di vibes
Browse 96 lyrics and 108 Tommy Lee Sparta albums. ... 69, Gyal Yuh Perfect ... 94, Buss a Blank ... Sik Inna Mi Head - Single Lyrics Tommy Lee Sparta ...
Tommy Lee Sparta - So What Lyrics. ... So try no judge mi wid yuh suck pussy mouth cauz mi never suck no pussy bout yah () Head catch a fire i rum my soul
Bonez MC - Evil Lyrics
Raf Camora & Tommy Lee Sparta. New! ... So me buss out dem Bomboclat head and cut, hmm. Ich habe das ... One inna yuh face, mek you calm down a bit

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