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Tom T. Hall - Faster Horses Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Faster Horses' by Tom T. Hall. He was an old-time cowboy, don't you understand / His eyes were sharp as razor blades his face was leather tan / His.
Tom T. Hall Lyrics
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Tom T. Hall - Homecoming Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Homecoming' by Tom T. Hall. I guess I should've written, dad / To let you know that I was coming home / I've been gone so many years / I didn't.
Tom T. Hall - Spokane Motel Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spokane Motel Blues' by Tom T. Hall. I don't know what I'm doing here, I could be someplace else / Like in Atlanta drinkin' wine, wine, wine / I.
Tom T. Hall - I Like Beer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Like Beer' by Tom T. Hall. In some of my songs I have casually mentioned / The fact that I like to drink beer / This little song is more to the.
Tom T. Hall - Day Drinkin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Day Drinkin'' by Tom T. Hall. Hey Dave, you know when we get home / We're really gonna catch it, what's our excuse this time? / Well dear, we'll just.
Tom T. Hall - Me And Jesus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Me And Jesus' by Tom T. Hall: Know Jesus got / Me and Jesus, got our own.
Tom T. Hall - Deal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deal' by Tom T. Hall. Well life is a gamble and the days they're just so many decks / Oh the hours are cards they deal and you play what you get / Oh.
Tom T. Hall - 100 Children Lyrics
Lyrics to '100 Children' by Tom T. Hall. One hundred children, brave boys and girls / They come from nations all over the world / One hundred children marching .
Tom T. Hall - Redneck Riviera Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Redneck Riviera' by Tom T. Hall. Down here on the Redneck Riviera a drinkin' beer and singing country songs / Chillin' with the motel door wide open.
Tom T. Hall - Molly And Tenbrooks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Molly And Tenbrooks' by Tom T. Hall. Run O Molly run, run O Molly run / Tenbrooks gonna beat you to the bright shinin' sun. / To the bright shinin'
Tom T. Hall - Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On' by Tom T. Hall. Johnny got up one mornin' he went down to the company store / Got him a big box of bullets to fit.
Paradise Lyrics - Tom T. Hall
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Paradise" from "Tom T. Hall": Daddy won't you take me back to Muglenberg County, Down by the Green River where paradise lay, ...
Tom T. Hall - Shoeshine Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shoeshine Man' by Tom T. Hall. Well I met a man in Montgomery Alabama / I was waitin' on a bus and he was shinin' shoes and I heard him say / I' m a.
Tom T. Hall - The Old Side Of Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Old Side of Town' by Tom T. Hall. Ain't it strange how people change and almost overnight / Who once was a country girl is now a, a socialite /
Tom T. Hall - Fox On The Run Lyrics
[Chorus] She walks through the corn leadin' down to the river. Her hair shone like gold in the hot mornin' sun. She took all the love that a poor boy could give her
Tom T. Hall - Ravishing Ruby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ravishing Ruby' by Tom T. Hall. Ravishing Ruby, she'd been around for awhile / Ravishing Ruby, she was a truckstop child / Born in the back of a rig.
Tom T. Hall - I Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Love' by Tom T. Hall. I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks / Slow- movin' trains and rain / I love little country streams, sleep without.
Tom T. Hall - Magnificent Music Machine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Magnificent Music Machine' by Tom T. Hall. He's got nothing but talent and time on his hands / He loves his music, hangs out with his band / He's got.
Tom T. Hall - Randy Raccoon Lyrics
(Tom T. Hall). This is the story of Randy Raccoon He stays up all night and he sleeps until noon. He's been up so long he's got rings on his tail. He's wearing a ...
Grandma Whistled Lyrics - Tom T. Hall
(Tom T. Hall) Everybody has their music that they like to sing and play. Everybody had a song they like to sing along life's way. I have never heard my favorite ...
Tom T. Hall - The Monkey That Became President Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Monkey That Became President' by Tom T. Hall. I was there on the day the monkey came into this world / His face was round and reddish and his.
Tom T. Hall - I Can't Dance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can't Dance' by Tom T. Hall. I can't dance and I never could, I guess my feet don't match / I've been thinking 'bout dancing with you, but I'm.
Tom T. Hall - A Million Miles To The City Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Million Miles to The City' by Tom T. Hall. Yeah, I remember it now, we were kids back then livin' down on the farm / We were told that the city.
Tom T. Hall - Song For Uncle Curt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song For Uncle Curt' by Tom T. Hall. I hate to write this song I never wanted to / But after all, Curt writin' songs is what I do / Right now the.
Tom T. Hall - Highways Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Highways' by Tom T. Hall. Highways take me everywhere I want to go with one exception standing / That road leads into the quiet places in the ...
Tom T. Hall - Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me' by Tom T. Hall. Three fingers whiskey pleasures the drinker / But moving does more than that drinking for me /
Tom T. Hall - Ballad Of Forty Dollars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ballad of Forty Dollars' by Tom T. Hall. The man who preached the funeral / Said it really was a simple way to die / He laid down to rest one.
Tom T. Hall - A Week In A Country Jail Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Week in a Country Jail' by Tom T. Hall. One time I spent a week inside a little country jail / And I don't guess I'll ever live it down / I was.
Tom T. Hall - Ode To A Half A Pound Of Ground Round Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Ode To A Half A Pound Of Ground Round' by Tom T. Hall. This is the song about the time I nearly starved to death in Roanoke Virginia / I woke up.
Tom T. Hall - Ramona's Revenge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ramona's Revenge' by Tom T. Hall. Ramona lived just down the hill from us. / She kept the house ger mother drove the bus. (an old yellow school bus )
Tom T. Hall - I Flew Over Our House Last Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Flew Over Our House Last Night' by Tom T. Hall. That old Kentucky moon was shinin' bright as day / The stars were twinklin' in the milky way / The.
Tom T. Hall - That Song Is Driving Me Crazy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Song Is Driving Me Crazy' by Tom T. Hall. That song is driving me crazy, I gotta hear it again / First time I heard it I was with some friends /
Tom T. Hall - Give Her My Best Lyrics
Tom T. Hall - Beauty Is a Fading Flower… Tom T. Hall - A Week in a Country Jail Tom T Hall with Lyrics. A Week in a Country Jail Tom T Hall with… Tom T. Hall ...
Tom T. Hall - I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Washed My Face in The Morning Dew' by Tom T. Hall. The first strange town I was ever in / The county was hangin' a man / Nobody cared if he lived.
Tom T. Hall - Country Is Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Country Is' by Tom T. Hall. Country is sittin' on the back porch listen to the whippoorwills late in the day / Country is mindin' your business.
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Tom T. Hall - America The Ugly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'America The Ugly' by Tom T. Hall. There was a man came to see the USA from a foreign land / To photograph the progress of dear old Uncle Sam / He  ...
Tom T. Hall - Local Flowers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Local Flowers' by Tom T. Hall. I have traveled this world over I have rambled all my days / When my journeys have all ended place some flowers on my.
Tom T. Hall - Big Motel On The Mountain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big Motel On The Mountain' by Tom T. Hall. This song is for you big motel on the mountain just in thought to pass the time / And for the people who.

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