Time flies but the world keeps turning and your eyes is no surprise lyrics

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Daughtry - No Surprise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Surprise' by Daughtry: Our favorite place we used to go The warm embrace that no one knows The loving look that's left your eyes That's why this. ... But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise. It came out like a river once I let it out ... Aladdin A Whole New World lyrics A Whole New World Lyrics Aladdin.
... not for long, But long enough to know it's hard to make songs, ... From the best in the world until the night I burn. I fought for my ... Act on it, 'cause life can flash before your eyes. Time flies, lows and highs, and that's no surprise, Come along  ...
TIMEFLIES LYRICS - Until The Sunrise
Lyrics to "Until The Sunrise" song by TIMEFLIES: It's getting late but I'm not tired There's no place I'd ... So if you feel it stand up, you could put your hands up
EMINEM LYRICS - My Dad's Gone Crazy
No plane that i can't learn how to fly. What do i ... [Verse #3:] My songs can make you cry, take you by surprise. And at the same time, make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme ... Aimed at the World Trade, standin' on Ronnie's grave, Screaming at ... And thats pretty much the gist of it,Parents are pissed, but the kids love
CRYSTALLION LYRICS - "A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night" (2006 ...
They're sowing their wind but our storm they will reap. Into the ... We're the guardians of the sunrise, on burning wings we fly ... That s when I realize our time has just begun ... Conformity brings no surprise .... It's the final revelation that will tear the world apart ... Turns away from the fire in your eyes, the fire in your eyes
THE STREETS LYRICS - Weak Becomes Heroes
Nothing but grey concrete and dead beats ... All smiles all easy where you from, what you on and what's your story ... Arms wave eyes roll back and jaws fall open . I see in soft ... Hours fly over sail round diamonds and pearls never seen so many fit girls ... No surprises no treats the world stands still as my mind sloshes round
[Emanny] I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough ... I just wanted the world to see that I was for real wit it. Wanted ... But somethin 'bout dude makes bad shit worse. Look, its ... See a person long enough you know you bound to get fly wit em ... When your house is see through, learn to close your eyes incase the
HELLOWEEN LYRICS - "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" (2003) album
Listen To The Flies 12. Nothing ... But to listen to the sound (listen to the sound) ... It's time, make believe the world is mine ... Do you know what there is just behind your wall ... Their eyes look up to heaven, address our god in prayers ... Leif (No!) Help us (No!) Shelter us. He turns into the Sun for the world .... Surprise attack
VEONITY LYRICS - "Gladiator's Tale" (2015) album
Now when you gaze upon the world, do you see what I see? Illusions of ... But with vengeance in my heart. When it's time ... Flying away like a phoenix. Dead and gone. Fly away. Phoenix arise ... And I'll be there beside you when you open up your eyes ... Faith turns and with a broken spirit and no hope of survival there
DERDIAN LYRICS - "New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse" (2010) album
I will keep your soul until you are under my spell ... And with me you'll come to rule the world! And now I want to ... But always fighting, always fighting for the win ... Will be a surprise, my crowd will rise ... And when no one can see the time to fly ... Turns the moon and moves the sea ... I'll look into your eyes your people burn!
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY LYRICS - "Wiseblood" (1996) album
cause I do not have a dime and I hate to waste your time maybe I'm ... but I got it back today in a velvet box stamped USA ... Turns a boy to a man sooner than planned ... Even though he's free, he can't fly with these heavy chains ... 'cause the sun don't rise if you close your eyes ... 'cause the tide does rise and it's no surprise
DEADSY LYRICS - "Commencement" (2002) album
But brought to kneel by the Grecian Seal, we join the family line. ... Bereft,you are of plans to gain no misery, you're no surprise we're born to fight, suck the ... Any time the force can be broken, to tear your bitter world to be open. .... As time keeps folding .... We'll see how low birds can fly, still it's yellow derriere the crystal eye.
MEAT LOAF LYRICS - Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Ain't no doubt about it we were doubly blessed 'Cause we were ... So open up your eyes, I got a big surprise. It'll feel all right ... This boy can really fly. He's rounding first and really turning it on now. He's not ... I swore I would love you to the end of time. So now I'm ... But God only knows what I can do right now. I'm praying for ...
GENESIS LYRICS - Supper's Ready
... your eyes. As the sound of motor cars fades in the night time, ... And it's hello babe with your guardian eyes so blue ... And it's hey babe your supper's waiting for you. ... But we saw a host of dark skinned warriors ... Open your eyes, it's full of surprise, everyone lies, ... (Fly away you sweet little thing, they're hard on your tail )
ONE MINUTE SILENCE LYRICS - "Buy Now...Saved Later" (2000 ...
Hate to have to say it but some don't wake at all ... The new day and these eyes never fail me. I run second ... All the sticks and the stones and the names fly ... You want me to fear you, revere you, never question your lies ... and the gun not the man keeps the world at bay ... And what if 'what if' turns out to be 'that's it for you'?
ORANGE GOBLIN LYRICS - "Coup De Grace" (2002) album
Turning you on to a world full of shit. Twisted beyond ... Now it's time for you to run. Got the fear ... Hard is the hunt for the man with no name. The sun ... Shootin' dice with the Lord of the Flies ... You're closing your eyes but you're spreading your wings ... The room keeps changing color ... It's no surprise that he can't be beat
World On Fire 11. Crown Of Thorns ... 1. Stonebreaker. Scorn by your petrified eyes ... Just like your dying for the very first time ... Run like hell it comes as no surprise. One day ... We stand but this river is washing through ... I'll fly I never liked it anyway ... Helpless man can't ignore watch your back 'cause never turns to more
FAITH NO MORE LYRICS - "Live At The Brixton Academy" (1990 ...
FAITH NO MORE lyrics - "Live At The Brixton Academy" (1990) album, including " The Cowboy Song", "The Grade", "Edge Of The World"... ... Like the first time love urged you to take it's guidance, in silence. Like your heartbeat when you realize you're dying, but you're trying. Like the way you cry ... My glance turns to a stare
Lyrics to "More Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all But it seems like that's not enough Letting you get more of me So while the world... ... My only right to preach, I spent time being each. Grab your ... Looking up at your mom's eyes and seeing hatred. Pop left ... World keeps spinning, learned sinners keep sinning
Adele - Someone Like You lyrics
30 explanations, 95 meanings to Someone Like You lyrics by Adele: I heard that you're settled down, / That you found a girl and you're.
STRAIGHT LINE STITCH LYRICS - "When Skies Wash Ashore ...
Let them pull the wool over your eyes – no hope for the fallen. Misconceptions ... this time you'll see who has the upper hand- the world is a wasteland. Don't be ...
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Reunion" (1998) album
as the war machine keeps turning. Death and ... Time will tell on their power minds. Making war ... Now in darkness, world stops turning, as you hear ... Look into my eyes, you will see who I am. My name is ... Yeah I looked through a window and surprised what I saw. Fairy wear .... Your soul is ill but you will not find a cure
Shades Apart - Stranger By The Day Lyrics
Dial your number but your voice says "I'm not home" Everything is inside out, I don't know what it's about. It keeps getting stranger by the day. Stranger by ... The world is upside down, everything is turned around ... By the time I reach your door , I can't take anymore ... I'm the one who gets surprised, I don't believe my eyes
AMON AMARTH LYRICS - "The Crusher" (2001) album
AMON AMARTH lyrics - "The Crusher" (2001) album, including "Eyes Of Horror", " Releasing Surtur's Fire", "The ... As Long As The Raven Flies ... Eyes Of Horror ... But you're giving us the blame ... There is no way we'll do the time ... The beast is here, to rule the world ... Turns it's deadly wheel ... Painful surprise in his eyes
GOTHIC KNIGHTS LYRICS - "Reflections From The Other Side ...
Shadows Of Time 7. ... Surprise you might find deep in the ground. Legend claims a man lives deep inside the Earth All alone, hidden from the world above ... A smile turns to terror, always hidden in my eyes ... No don't take me away, I will fight not follow, not fall to your blade ... But when the children got sick superstitions fly
CHINGY LYRICS - Pullin' Me Back
... song by CHINGY: Every time I try to leave Something keeps pulling me back, ... We didn't have a worry in the world, got you diamonds got you pearls ... But she not any woman, more like a sacred friend to me ... (Uh) I thought I was your man
AMPLEXUS LYRICS - "Deus Ex Machina" (2007) album
The best surprise is on the unprepared. My hope ... Reality keeps its distance ... "( Remember) March in time men ... Mannequin with their moving eyes follows me there ... But don't you think you've had enough ... It has no soul and envies the pulse beneath your throat. But .... Stand up and build a world that mirrors your own
What Would I Do Without You
Lyrics to "What Would I Do Without You" song by DREW HOLCOMB & THE ... With the weight of the world at the end of the day ... And there's still a kindness in your eyes. Amidst the questions and the worries. A peace of mind, always takes me by surprise. ... You are patient, I'm always on time ... Nothing But Trouble
PHARAOH LYRICS - "The Longest Night" (2006) album
You creep your way into the morning sky. You desecrate the stars. Sunrise, how you offend the eyes ... And the world turns without you. 2. I Am the Hammer. Forged in the fire, but cold as ice ... Black bombshells fly and swordsmen clash ... There'll come a time when we will live again ... Although it comes as no surprise
And it's crazy when your best friend turn into your top hater. Wanna roll up ... Tried to pick me off like Champ Bailey but I'm Randy Moss And I ran it all for ... They said I would't make it no way. I think my ... Jealousy in your eyes, I swear that look was deceiving. And I was surprised man I ain't want to believe it. You said you ...
Ariana Grande - Best Mistake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Best Mistake' by Ariana Grande : If I'm not the one then I'm the best mistake you ever had. ... Total waste of time ... Stars fall, and the world goes blind, boy ... 'Cause you're the best mistake I've ever made. But we hold on, hold on
Being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen. He used to ... Dancing with the devil, smoked until his eyes would bleed. But he ... But when he tried to step to ' em, niggas showed him no love. They told .... In the mean time, you can french kiss this clenched fist ... Immortal Technique'll destroy your religion, you stupid bitch
It turns me on like Vassey and Lahrule They call me Starky ... You can have anything in this world except CREAM So whatchu ... not a rape patient, you're looking good fly colored Asian Ghettoes ... Catch my eyes like highs I want your bodily surprise. Double dime some time, Ice Cream you got me fallin out like a cripple, I ...
BRAINSTORM LYRICS - "Scary Creatures" (2016) album
your faith remains unbroken, no matter what they say bring light ... we close our eyes but want the world to see inside the ... while you choose your time... you choose your time to die why I can't ... as I kneel beside you here, your face turns into stone. ... we'll fly to the other side. ... when it comes to me it takes me by surprise
HELLOWEEN LYRICS - "7 Sinners" (2010) album
World Of Fantasy 6. Long Live The ... But they're flawed, they crave the sound of our melodies. Though ... your tears. The whole construction we have built leaves no such room for blinding fears ... Open your eyes see the signs all around; Hoping fate ... Time passes by, time's gonna fly ... On her way out, she turns once more
BURIED IN VERONA LYRICS - "Notorious" (2012) album
let the whole world see the bitter you and ... must be burning and turning to fear. Cut the stem ... eyes. We'll break you're arms if you try to push us! You bite you're tongue, ... but I freeze when your not next to me. ... There's never been time for a tear in your eye .... this world keeps taking pieces even blind men stop to stare.
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Beyond The Red Mirror" (2015) album
As we will rule the world ... The king is gone, but ... The spinning wheel keeps turning ... No return. We shall overcome. We will bring you back. To a moment in time ... Your mind's still trapped in twilight .... While bright eyes are turning pale ... you will bring them down. The savior won't take the crown. Let my spirit fly. Let it fly ...
Sia - Soon We'll Be Found Lyrics
... wont be long 'Til we return happy Shut your eyes, there are no lies In this world we ... It's not the time for telling tales on me ... Turn around I know we're lost but soon we'll be found ... You're In For A Big Surprise in 2017 If You Own A Home in  ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Old Time's Sake
Lyrics to "Old Time's Sake" song by EMINEM: Good evening! This is your fucking captain speaking We will soon be reaching an altitude of four ... No one is safe from In search of a brain surgeon ... Surprised, entirely hypnotized by the sound I surround the hydrants ... But this earth calling Shady, man come on back (what?)
FREAK KITCHEN LYRICS - "Organic" (2005) album
You know, I'm talking all the time. But I've ... But you are happy to sell me your integrity ... No You look bored. Yeah you do. You look bored. Go ahead! Surprise me ... Increase the dose, there is no turning back ... Time flies and we're not the same guys. There's a sinister vibe behind your eyes ... I'll convince the world it's junk

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