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Dyema Go Dung Pon Yuh Ed, Iyla Go Dung Pon Yuh Ed Drop Dead Montego Bay ... Wine An Cum Up Bak Den U Tump It Mek Mi See Yuh Tic Toc Tic, Tump It
Fling it over deh so den you bring it cross so. Me nah put no gyal above you. You alone me see tick tock pon yuh toe so ... Ticking the tocking how you do it timely
Tic toc, tic toc, jus spin it and wine it. Ten man a watch to goin' blind. Tru dem nah stop look pon how yuh a time it. Shake dat booty, baby, turn it round and round
Go pan knee gyal. Den crawl (lawd) [Verse 1:] Cah gyal you can tic toc pan di stiff cock. Gyal yuh nah run from fuck wen it hot. Sit dung pon it come up and wine ...
Tony Matterhorn - March Out Lyrics
Mi Seh Walk Wid Yuh Fren & Tic Toc Pon It Mi Gyal Tic Toc Pon It Mi Gyal Tic Toc ... March Out Spin Yuh Roll & Den Yuh March Out March Out My Girl March Out
Alrite den. Let's go! [Chorus:] Get horney. Gal come whine up yuh body. You chill me. When you whine up yuh ... Tic a likke, toc a likke. When yuh inna Addi lap
Vybz Kartel - Bicycle Ride Lyrics
Aye gyal bend yuh back Bubble pon that Tick den you tock Everything shot!!! Yo a wa do some gyal, real old zoot Weh she a go wid har stinking foot A wa that?
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Tightest Punani
Yuh punnany b-b-bless up(pum) your hole tight, weh mi sey mi waan yuh do, ... Tek di thing out fi mi pants put it inna yuh pussy and. Tic-toc fi mi hand [CHORUS  ...
Aidonia - 630 (RAW) Lyrics
Nov 29, 2013 Position it pon di cocky gal, tick it an tok it When yuh cock it up, ... fi mi flick it an catch it Den yuh get wild an ah dip it an drop it All yuh get pon di ...
T.O.K. LYRICS - Footprints
One set of footprints inna di sand and yuh a grumble and a screw a seh it ... seh last night a seaview dem kill a youth den mamma tell mi seh her church sister
Cham - Vitamin S Lyrics
If he nah do yuh good just call mi and I will dweet. Mi alone love ... It nice when yuh get a one dose when yuh wake ... Cham - Cham - Tic Toc Lyrics Lyric Video.
Jah Vinci - Gaza Wine Lyrics
Den mi touch yuh thighs (girl) She whine like seh. She come from another world. Every tic weh she toc. Mi deh pan time. But di topic is Gaza Whine Soh if yuh ...
Vybz Kartel - Gwaan So Lloyd James Lyrics
inna hip stars you hips dem a gwaan so, fling it ova dey so den yu bring it cross so, mi nar put nuh gyal above you, you alone me see tic toc pon you toes so.
Cham - Fat Punnany Girl (Hottie Hottie Girl) Lyrics
Girl drop it like (*Whoa) can yuh pop it like (*Whoa) Then hop ... Girl every man a stare cau dem jeans weh yuh wear ... Cham - Cham - Tic Toc Lyrics Lyric Video.
Cham - Love It Like That Lyrics
Yu caan come quick. Where's yu pride? Pressure must be ... Yuh got to believe me, I tried. To be gentle ... Cham - Cham - Tic Toc Lyrics Lyric Video. Cham - Tic ...
Aidonia - I Like Her Lyrics
Den jump up pon me. Mek I mek yuh feel it! ... When me done yuh cya seh me performance poor. Lawd. ... When yuh reach up a top tic toc stop! Gyal me fuck yuh ...
Yuh bun a spliff hole a mince works so hard fi get yuh bread den di same fren yuh par wid him want yuh dead chew him know weh kina money yuh a wull him ...
Busy Signal - Mek She Stamma Lyrics
She stand up one place and hav di waist line ah coil. Den tip me mek u tip me mek yuh tip pon yuh toe. She ah quint an quint say ah me one mek she... [Chorus ]
Busy Signal - Wine Like That Lyrics
Cause ah dat style dem like Gal [Chorus:] Oh girl I like wen yuh wine like dat. Fling it to di side den yuh bring it right back. Girl mi sey mi love how yuh tight an fat
Busy Signal - Step Out Lyrics
Alright den [Hook:] Wuk gal ... Mi tell dem straight, yuh know she we a di new recruits. Watch yah ... Yow, Kartel, Sassin, every ting lock in (yuh see it) Watch yah ...
Busy Signal - Sweet Love (Night Shift) Lyrics
Den me introduce har to mi bunny energizer. Love inna ... Tonight mi wah hear wen yuh seh "ooh and ouch" Lock off ... Busy Signal me nah go Biggy Small yuh
Busy Signal - The Tightest Lyrics
You grip me wid di ting weh deh outta yuh frak gyal. I will never you alone. Want you by my side. And the reason I'm rining your phone. Girl me wah you fi know

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