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Planes Mistaken For Stars - Thunder In The Night Forever! (We Ride ...
Lyrics to 'Thunder In The Night Forever! (We Ride To Fight)' by Planes Mistaken For Stars. burn the billboards, they've broke our embrace / and gouged our ...
Thunder In The Night Forever! (We Ride To Fight) Lyrics ...
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Thunder In The Night Forever! (We Ride To Fight)" from "Planes Mistaken For Stars": burn the billboards, they've broke our ...
TWILIGHT FORCE LYRICS - "Tales Of Ancient Prophecies" (2014 ...
Magic wings we will ride. Like a mighty ... Thunder strikes when he flies. There is ... We'll be his knights forever. There is no ... Stars are shining, on a bright night
Lyrics to "Fury Of The Storm" song by DRAGONFORCE: We are riding for the battlefield in force ... Into the fires of forever we will flare through the heavens
ARTHEMIS LYRICS - "Back From The Heat" (2005) album
10. Thunder Wrath ... I wanna you to live forever. In my world ... Rise up from the ashes coming through the night ... We ride over the Sun to find a new life to live
DOOMRIDERS LYRICS - "Black Thunder" (2005) album
DOOMRIDERS lyrics - "Black Thunder" (2005) album, including "Sirens", "The ... And the night gave birth ... Another fool has lost the race, we will forever ride
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Sonic Firestorm" (2004) album
Into the fires of forever we will fly through the heavens. With the .... We will ride with fire burning hot towards the night sky. In the land of ... I hear a distant thunder
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Own The Crown" (2011) compilation
... including "Guidance To Death (Demo)", "We Will Ride", "Into The Night"... ... By wind and thunder we will reign the sky! ... Forever we will raise our sword,
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Sword And Sorcery" (2002) album
MAJESTY lyrics - "Sword And Sorcery" (2002) album, including "Ride And Fight", "Metal To The Metalheads", "Aria Of Bravery"... ... And the bell was ringing, ringing loud into the night. So they started ... he rode through the battlefield like thunder pounding loud and wild. ... We are bound by truth and faith, forever we shall live.
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS LYRICS - "Tales Of The Brave" (2000) album
Night Of The Black Swan 10. Forgotten Land ... We ride through the thunder and rain. Mercy for none, no .... TWILIGHT forever, we are the guardians. TWILIGHT ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Inhuman Rampage" (2006) album
In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight .... Our steel will shine forever through the night and blinding rain! We'll .... There's a raging thunder
GO RADIO LYRICS - Forever My Father
Lyrics to "Forever My Father" song by GO RADIO: You don't have to be so scared and you don't have to go tonight ... Cause we just need to hold on tight for one hell of a ride ... When the lightning and the thunder had me clinging to your heart
PEGAZUS LYRICS - "Breaking The Chains" (1999) album
Forever we will fight. Across the ... Like thunder, shaking the sky. Metal Forever ... We ride to the battlefields. With our .... Solar system angels light up the night
CRYSTALLION LYRICS - "Hattin" (2008) album
Oh how we ride, my duty's calling me to seize the day. In the night we're searching. Lying in ... On wings of thunder made of steel. We could .... Forever we 'll be
Hellish War - Metal Forever lyrics and translation
Nov 7, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Metal Forever by Hellish War. The battle rages on And we still ride Filling with thunder and lightning the ... The battle rages on And we still ride Filling with thunder and lightning the black of the night.
57, Thunder in the Night Forever! (We Ride to Fight). 58, Anthem ... Fucking Fight · We Ride to Fight: The First Four Years Lyrics Planes Mistaken For Stars ...
STEEL WARRIOR LYRICS - "Army Of The Time" (2002) album
... WARRIOR lyrics - "Army Of The Time" (2002) album, including "Farewell Ride", "Your Majesty's Return", "When We Were Kings"... ... The thunder's sons, now I can see ... Spitting the fire, burning the night ... Forever together, forever we stay!
DEVLIN LYRICS - "Grand Death Opening" (2002) album
... fades into night. Ride with me, sons of thunder ... We will forever stand eternal, as the dark gods we are ... In the shadows of night I lie hidden away from thee
THUNDERWORKS LYRICS - "Thoughts & Thunder" (2014) album
THUNDERWORKS lyrics - "Thoughts & Thunder" (2014) album, including "...For All Eternity" ... All of forever. Is a single ... We ride into the night. Set to face ...
SOILWORK LYRICS - "The Ride Majestic" (2015) album
SOILWORK lyrics - "The Ride Majestic" (2015) album, including "The End Begins Below The Surface", "Ghosts And Thunder", "Of Hollow Dreams"... ... We enter the night, a promise of war. We spill our blood .... My creation, forever lost to wrath ...
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Kings Of Metal" (1988) album
Wheels of fire burn the night. Ride across ... Blood and thunder on the road .... A dark march lies ahead, together we will ride ... Forever we're Fighting the World
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Thunder Rider" (2013) album
MAJESTY lyrics - "Thunder Rider" (2013) album, including "Young And Free", " Metal Union", "Rebellion Of Steel"... ... Riding on a horse of steel up in the hailing storm ... Forever rule the night ... We will always be the warlords of the see
BATHORY LYRICS - "Nordland" (2002) album
Mother Earth Father Thunder 10. Heimfard ... This land and heaven, forever tied. Nordland ... The runes are read out loud and clear, midwinter night is long. Lifegiving ... Down the trail through this forest, through thicket we ride. The unseen is ...
In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream. At night we ride through the mansions of glory in suicide machines. Sprung from cages ...
MAJESTY LYRICS - "Keep It True" (2001) album
MAJESTY lyrics - "Keep It True" (2001) album, including "Last Revolution", "We Will Ride", "Metal Force"... ... forever we will fight. Play our music till ... The strengh of the wind and the power of the night. They are ... night. Thunder in the silence,
SEVEN KINGDOMS LYRICS - "Seven Kingdoms" (2010) album
Thunder of the Hammer 11. Seven Kingdoms ... You'll need this alliance in the coming night ... Forever glory we will dwell. The strong ... WE RIDE! To York where the king must die. Led by a boneless man on a throne made of steel. Lame he ...
GO RADIO LYRICS - Forever My Father
Lyrics to "Forever My Father" song by GO RADIO: You don't have to be so scared You don't have to go tonight I just need to hold on tight For ... For one hell of a ride ... Like you did when we were younger. When the lightning and the thunder
CRYSTALLION LYRICS - "A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night" (2006 ...
CRYSTALLION lyrics - "A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night" (2006) album, including "The ... Free like an eagle we ride through the sky ... We're the guardians of the sunrise, forever side by side ... Like thunder they rode on the wings of despair
ACCEPT LYRICS - "Blood Of The Nations" (2010) album
The roar of the thunder... back in the game. Storming the ... Riding on Teutonic terror. We will... Give em' the axe. We will... Give em' the axe. String up the ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "The Power Within" (2012) album
Cry Thunder (Live Rehearsal) 12. Heart Of The ... Night after night, for the glory we fight, .... No pain will last forever (last forever) ... Sanity torn we ride on fearless
VEONITY LYRICS - "Live Forever" (2013) EP
VEONITY lyrics - "Live Forever" (2013) EP, including "King Of The Sky", "Slaves In A Holy War"... ... When night turns to day, the darkness will fall. We live under ... We ride in like a storm from the sky. Brothers in ... God of wind, rain and thunder
Angel Sword - Lords of Thunder Lyrics
Apr 22, 2015 Lyrics for Lords of Thunder by Angel Sword. i'm in your nightmares faster ... the night as one we ride gotta see your heaven torn asunder we are the lords of ... side by side ten thousand strong tonight stand together ride forever.
IRON FIRE LYRICS - "To The Grave" (2009) album
The Battlefield 13. Blacksmith Of Thunder ... In the darkest night across the ... together we'll ride through the darkest land come take my ... forever we hold the line
HAMMERFALL LYRICS - "Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years Of Glory ...
(His soul) Forever gone to be the. Last Man Standing ... Ride through the valley in thunder and rain. The battle is ... Jerusalem was freed, we thanked the lord for our glory. We, the ... A flash in the night, a journey through time the Templars are  ...
Lyrics to "Ride Out" song by KID INK: Came in at first, had bad luck Got a whole lot ... And we gon' ride on forever ... I ain't trippin', you try to get it your night's over
BRIMSTONE LYRICS - "Carving A Crimson Career" (1999) album
... A Crimson Career" (1999) album, including "Welcome To The Night", "Heavy Metal Kid", "Tunes Of Thunder"... ... We ride the sea .... In your heart forever burn
FREEDOM CALL LYRICS - "Live Invasion" (2004) live
Blind - forever night. We will rise again ... On a storytellers night, I felt the breeze of life. And I saw the rays of light, .... Louder than thunder we ride. Ready to strike
FREEDOM CALL LYRICS - "Legend Of The Shadowking" (2010 ...
Out of the ruins we rise forever ... Their heavy sounds are breaking through the night ... And the mighty gods of thunder .... And I'm riding through the mountains
we're horsemen of thunder. The ground starts to shake as we ride side by side ... forever to surrvive, we're. Riding on the winds ... Deep in the night we circle ...
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Hell On Wheels Live" (1997) album
Born to live forever more. The right to ... Hear This Song Of Courage Ride Into The Night Battles Are ... Great Spirit, thunder birds fly, we are wild and free. To fight ...

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