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LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Mrs. Officer
Lyrics to "Mrs. Officer" song by LIL' WAYNE: Hey... Hey... Yeah Hey... Yeah Hey ... Mrs. Officer, Mrs. Officer Tell your lieutenant get them cuffs off of ya. I'm kid ...
50 CENT LYRICS - I Don't Know Officer
Lyrics to "I Don't Know Officer" song by 50 CENT: It's 50, It's the Unit, that means it's money, ha ha Nah ... Ain't tryin to talk to or hear from or see those people
Yes, those mystery hours. Mystery hours. Mystery hours. Mystery hours. Mystery hours. But officers, The rumbling, The sound of the collective crumbling,
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER LYRICS - Memoirs Of An Officer And ...
Lyrics to "Memoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman" song by EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER: Walking through the city ... Where now are those who dared to dream
Z-RO LYRICS - Crooked Officer
Lyrics to "Crooked Officer" song by Z-RO: Too many times I done been hated on, by 5-0 Fuck your ... What about my Negro people, look how they stare at them
Lyrics to "Mr. Officer" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Bookey, feds dem ah move spookey Mi ah drive in from grange hill With a pound of di marijuana Poli...
Take it all off, I don't wanna see you baby in those clothes. In your birthday suit, don't be ... Officers bad girl, you're so wanted. To be honest, I have a rocket in my  ...
Stampin' Ground - Officer Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Officer Down' by Stampin' Ground. When reason dies behind closed ... As those batons fall, turn a blind eye. In an ideal world. There'd be no need for ...
Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper Lyrics
Touch them up and go, uh-oh! Ch-ch-chang chang. Here comes the hot stepper, murderer. I'm the lyrical gangster, murderer. Excuse me mister officer, murderer
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Watch My Shoes
And these rappers ain't shit I like my fast food faster, ... Mr officer stop arresting your bitches, Stop let the ... Gaters by the doors, baboons and those grizzly's
An' you could give Sheri back those car keys. Because everywhere I walk I would not have to say please. Please Don't pull me over mr. officer. Don't pull me ...
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - Playing Dangerous
Everybody knows that I'm a good girl, officer ... Do you really have to put those tight handcuffs on? Looking at me ... Let's get in the back of your cop car, officer.
The Non-Commissioned Officers - Frozen Tongue lyrics
Feb 22, 2015 Lyrics for Frozen Tongue by The Non-Commissioned Officers. ... have done Those who are old, they once were young But you remain the same.
JIMMY BUFFETT LYRICS - Sending The Old Man Home
They'll tear down the officers clubs. And write off the overdue subs. So let's drink to their memories. Our heroes and our pals. To those crazy navy flyers. To those ...
Oh, those silly boys in blue. Well, they won't catch me and you." "Have you been drinking, son? You don't look old enough to me." "I'm sorry, officer, is there a ...
Body Count - Smoked Pork Lyrics
Uh, hi officers, um, we had a flat tire back there. Do you think you guys could ... " Right now my job is eatin' these doughnuts, or maybe... hey, wait a minute. Aren't  ...
Arresting Officers - Deserve to Die lyrics
Sep 13, 2010 Lyrics for Deserve to Die by Arresting Officers. ... but not for retribution We must protect our citizens from those who try to do us in And when we ...
Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Massacre Lyrics
can pick up the garbage with these handcuffs on." He said, "Shut up, ... Scene of the Crime there was five police officers and three police cars, being the biggest ...
Officer! You have got the wrong man. No, no, I'm a student of medicine, the son of ... receives the prize that was promised by all those fairy tales that drugged us.
Ghetto Bird On Top Of Us,punk ass Officers ... They Dint Kill Me So Now Them hoes Gotta Feel Me, ... They Cant Stop Me,But Certainly Them hoes Can Try,
Officer is one spliff mi have it unto to sunday. Please take di ... Because we don't like those beast. Dem a move ... Mr officer tell me weh yuh wah. Weh you stop ...
LITTLE FEAT LYRICS - Those Feat'll Steer Ya Wrong Sometimes
I was staring at myself in the mirrored sunglasses. Set on six foot five of Texas Ranger He hollered turn down your radio son. I stuttered officer wha-what have I  ...
That's the reason officers get fragged motherfucker. Don't give me speeches ... Some people learn from mistakes and don't repeat them. Others try to block the ...
Richard H. Kirk - Uprising Lyrics
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Officer Negative - Real Faith Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Faith' by Officer Negative. Faithless is.... / something ... Officer Negative Lyrics. Overview / Lyrics (see all) ... blessed are those who have not seen
2Pac feat. Busta Rhymes - Revolution lyrics
... those are gangs, you know what I mean The correctional officers I had a correctional officer tell me straight "We the biggest gang in New York state Straight up.
D12 LYRICS - Nasty Minds
... me to do what? What are those? You want me to stick those in your what? Wh... ... See you probably bonin them officers just to pull up on me. That's why sixty ...
J-JON LYRICS - C.O.P. (Criminals Of Permision)
"NYPD officer plead guilty. To raping ... And practise on us all those lethal tactics that they teach you ... And if so, Mister Officer just pray that the lord forgives you
Oh not a problem officer it's all good I'm just know what I'm saying comming from ... straighten mine. and I don't believe in wastin time well catch them hoes later.
Richard H. Kirk - Zoom In Closer Lyrics
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Officer Negative - Don't Turn Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Turn Away' by Officer Negative. Every time / You ... Officer Negative Lyrics. Overview ... You'll never hear them the same way again. Discuss This ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - So Ambitious
F-ck y'all. The motivation for me was them telling me what I couldn't be, Oh well, [ Jay-Z] ... enough for these offices, Back to the drawing board ducking officers,
Z-RO LYRICS - Mo City Don..Freestyle
Off my chest, while these hoe niggas be doing what. They be doing ... Crooked officer, crooked officer. Make a nigga ... Got these hoes running round, in a frenzy
I got another clip in my drawers, there'll be screaming and officers down ... When a nigga be hustling on them corners ... Tell me if Hilfiger chose those jeans
Les Miserables - Upon These Stones - At The Barricade Lyrics ...
Let them come if they dare. We'll be there! Army Officer [Offstage] You at the barricade listen to this. No one is coming to help you to fight. You're on your own
Gregory Isaacs - Rumours Lyrics
Please Mr. Officer, let go me hand. You don't know me and you don't ... And all de youth them know me a dem friend. Rumours dem spreadin' Claim that a ...
Richard H. Kirk - Inclement Weather Lyrics
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We are told to hop the bags I guess the officers know best ... Can't the officers see the slaughter will happen once again ... With those buxom wenches" Trenches ...
Richard H. Kirk - Targeted Arrests Lyrics
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Richard H. Kirk - Umladen Lyrics
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