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Parliament - P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) Lyrics
Top of the chocolate milky way, 500,000 kilowatts of P.Funk power. So kick back, dig, ... Yeah, W E F U N K, y'all now this is what I want you all to do. If you got ...
Parliament - P Funk lyrics
P Funk lyrics by Parliament: "P.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)" / Good evening. / Do not attempt ... We have taken control as to bring you this special show. We will return ... Top of the Chocolate Milky Way, 500, 000 kilowatts of P. Funk-power .
We are children of production Produced in conjunction With the urgency of our Dr . Funkenstein In his widsom ... 6, This Is the Way We Funk With You (Live/1977).
7 Days Of Funk - Let It Go Lyrics
Let it go, you got to let it go. I came to funk wit you one time. Making everybody wanna get up. This is the way we funk, yea sir. Making everybody wanna get up
24, Give up the Funk (Tear the Roof off Sucker) - Remastered. 25, Prologue. 26, Loose Booty ... 57, This Is the Way We Funk With You (Live/1977). 58, Extraction.
Parliament - Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) Lyrics
Tear the roof off, we're gonna tear the roof off the mother, sucker / Tear the roof. ... 9 This Is the Way We Funk With You ... You've got a real type of thing going down, gettin' down ... Ow, we need the funk (let us in we'll tear this mother out)
... SHEERAN: Ah lahmlahlah Ah lahmlahlah I met this girl late last year She said, "Don't you worry if I disappe... ... But me and her we make money the same way
Langhorne Slim & The Law - The Way We Move Lyrics
There we are extending into shooting stars, in our houses in our cars. You didn't know it, now you do this is the way we move. In the belly of the whale
ELEPHANT MAN LYRICS - The Way We Roll (Remix)
Lyrics to "The Way We Roll (Remix)" song by ELEPHANT MAN: (Busta Rhymes) { Shaggy}] This is the way we roll (Everybody, ... Just incase you might not really know when this is the way we roll ... Funk Flex yuh pimp mi ride yuh mi a honor
Digital Underground - Way We Swing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Way We Swing' by Digital Underground. Yo Shock man ... Ah MC's, you like the way we swing. Well listen close ... And just rock this, you can't stop this
I got a rubber in my pocket and I'm talking like this. Face down, ass ... That's the way, we like to fuck. ... And I got shawty on my line, tryna do the you know what.
DIZZY WRIGHT LYRICS - Independent Living
My nigga we gettin' straight to it and makin' the way (makin' the way) You playin' the diz, you playin' The Veg but I'm payin' the way (I'm payin' the way) I painted my ... Funk Volume is up in this bitch, damn right motherfucker, we made it. Ha!
Now this is not your average everyday rap song. We ... I clock this y'all, we're on the microphone ... Cause America, likes the way we swing (We love you too!)
Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein Lyrics
We love to funk you, Funkenstein Your funk is the ... We love to Funk-a-stein ( Yeah, we love you Dr. Funkenstein). We love to ... Discuss This Song. Add a new  ...
I don't want you monkey mouth motherfuckers sittin' in my throne again (Aye aye ... This shit is elementary, I'll probably go to jail. If I shoot at ... We want the funk
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Funk Flex Freestyle #017
Lyrics to "Funk Flex Freestyle #017" song by MEEK MILL: What we doing, Flex? They see us, Funk ... Seen too many trill niggas fall to let you bitch niggas beat me 'Fore I take a loss they gon' have to RIP me. But that'll never happen take this war shit deeply. My young ... They say I'm still stuck in my ways and to be honest
BANKS LYRICS - Fuck Em Only We Know
Lyrics to "Fuck Em Only We Know" song by BANKS: I don't mind Don't mind if everybody's far behind Don't care if they can't understand the way That y... ... You and I We're just like magnets baby, hypnotized. Even addicted to your grumpy face. I know exactly just how many ... baby, do you see me. Cause this is special, baby
WARREN G LYRICS - This Is The Shack
Ya know why? huh? huh? Should I tell ya? You know why? Yeah.. cuz ya ya ya ya chillin in the shack beeyatch! [Chorus x2] This is the shack, this is how we act
Funkentelechy (Where'd You Get That Funk From) Lyrics - ...
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Funkentelechy (Where'd You Get That Funk From)" from "George Clinton": Yo this is mood ... Saying you might as well pay attention ( this is mood control) ... Oh, but we'll be pecking lightly ... (Have it your way)
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Machine Gun Funk
Lyrics to "Machine Gun Funk" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: So you wanna be ... This ain't Christopher Williams, still some ... Until we motherfuckin meet again
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Funk Session
Lyrics to "Funk Session" song by TOO $HORT: The mother fucking funk seesion is about to begin Crowd around, ladies and gentlemen crowd ... You see we can't along cause we just don't want to ... This is the part Shock takes your heart and leaves you vision blurry ... Just maybe not the same way I love my niggeros
Whodini - Five Minutes Of Funk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Five Minutes of Funk' by Whodini: Until the thing ends But in the mean time, the in between time If you work your thing, then I'll work mine We came. ... Now this is the last chance for us to get off. So either get loose, or you aught to get ...
Lyrics to "One More Chance" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: All you hoes, callin' here for my daddy get ... Hi daddy, how you doin', this is Tyiest, I was thinkin' about you last ... best friend and we don't get down like that. ... I got the funk flow to make your drawers drop slow ... The way my pockets swell to the rim with Benjamins
Parliament - Mr. Wiggles Lyrics
... have this swim? Mr. Wiggles here, sayin', "May we funk you? ... Ooh, the Motor Booty Affair this is the big one ... And we'll find our way back to the one end time
Lyrics to "All The Way Live" song by THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: Let's funk it ... In this day 'n' age ain't nobody safe, ... Huh, we're bringin' it, got you singin' it,
Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk Lyrics
This shit, that ice cold Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold This one, for them hood ... Before we leave I'mma tell y'all a lil' something Uptown Funk you up Uptown ...
we regulate any stealing of his property ... gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep! ... G-Funk step to this. I dare ya. Funk on a whole new level [Nate:] the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the ... So Many Ways
Warren G - Regulate Lyrics
Some brothas shootin dice so I said "let's do this" I jumped ... Strings We brings. Melody G-Funk Where rythmn is life. And life is rythmn. If you know like I know
CIARA LYRICS - 1, 2 Step
This is a Jazze Phizal (Jazze Phizal) productshizzle, Missy (Missy), ... Whichever way the beats drop, Our bodies will ... And we will, we will rock you up. It don't ...
So listen to the way that we're rhyming on the funk [Shock G] Now we would like to ask you. Have you ever heard this style befo' You gotta say no. Cause there ...
Snoop Dogg - Signs Lyrics
... leave her alone / (Oh wee!) Nigga you ain't no G! / She likes my tone, my cologne and the way I. ... Are you telling me this is a sign? She's looking in my eyes, now I ... If something go wrong then you know we get to Cripping. [Chorus: Justin ...
Funkentelechy Lyrics - Parliament feat. Funkadelic
Funkadelic": Funkentelechy, (You deserve a break today so name that feeling), ... ... We can't afford free speech (Mood, mood ... (You deserve a break today, have it your way) Funk is not ... (This is mood decontrol, urgin' you to funk on, yo, ho)
Lyrics to "Funk The Fear" song by ESPERANZA SPALDING: Funk the fear, live your life Funk the fear, live your life Funk the ... Why don't we seize the day. And frost it in our own way. Why don't you dare take a slice of this sitting out paradise
PUSHA T LYRICS - Blow / Funk Flex Freestyle
Lyrics to "Blow / Funk Flex Freestyle" song by PUSHA T: Malice found religion, Tony found prison I'm just tryna find my way up out this fucking kitchen A Bi... ... We kicking up dust like the Colosseum floors. Walls full of safe's like they mausoleum doors ... Yeah, the fear of God's in you motherfuckers. This art imitate my life
HOPSIN LYRICS - Funk Volume 2013
Lyrics to "Funk Volume 2013" song by HOPSIN: Finna' throw the whole game outta focus Beat it in the head ... Yo, this was something that you couldn't prevent
Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Fuck With You' by Big Sean: That shit can break you down if you lose a good girl I guess you need a bad bitch to come around and make it up.
Yeah, we gon keep it moving like that. Yeah, some of ... Yeah, yeah, so ah, we gon' keep this thing grooving (G-Funk here ... Heat G-Funk prvide you, turn it up, blow ya speakers out ... Orgasmic niggaz gone through the way that I'm coming
You said this is the way it's supposed to be. But it just don't seem right to me. And that's outta sight. Some folks need an education. Don't give up or we'll lose the ...
We about to flip it on some ol' laid back, mellow my man tip. We gon' set it like ... Manu-facture, you can even ask Anita about the, rap-ture. I figured, perhaps ... The way we do it like this. That, for my ... [Black Thought] Yo, I got spunk, plus funk
HOPSIN LYRICS - Dream Forever
Lyrics to "Dream Forever" song by HOPSIN: You're the only girl who never disrespected me You always ... The way I feel for you, you can't revoke it. Cause it changed me, and my family knows it. Damn, we both just kind of just fell into this

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