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BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Mob Rules" (1981) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Mob Rules" (1981) album, including "Over And Over", " Falling Off The Edge Of The World", "Slipping ... The darkened deliver, I shake and I shiver down your soul ... You can't refuse, but you'll lose, it's by me ... Bring me your children, they'll burn! ... No never, never fall in love with a country girl!
Dio - Metal Will Never Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Metal Will Never Die' by Dio: Metal will never die. ... I will crank you up, you can't bring me down. I will make you high, metal will ... Black Sabbath lyrics.
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "The Dio Years" (2007) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "The Dio Years" (2007) album, including "Ear In The Wall", "Shadow Of The Wind", "The Devil Cried"... ... The darkened deliver, I shake and I shiver down your soul ... Bring me your children, they'll burn! ... Never ! No, never again! Listen to me and believe what I say if you can. Never, this is the end
OZZY OSBOURNE LYRICS - "The Ozzman Cometh" (1997) album
Black Sabbath 2. War Pigs 3. ... People running 'cause they're scared. You people better ... Now broken wings can't hold me down. I'm free .... A levee of tears to learn she'll never be coming back. The man in the dark will bring another attack
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Never Say Die!" (1978) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Never Say Die!" (1978) ... Cold blade of silver, his eyes they burn so wild. Mean as a ... One look and he will cut you down. Johnny ...
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Forbidden" (1995) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Forbidden" (1995) album, including "Loser Gets It All", "Kiss Of Death", ... down. There is no reason why I should need all this power, but if you cross me now, .... Rusty Angels they can't fly, Rusty Angels gonna die, yeah , ... You know it's gonna get you now, and you know it starts to bring you down.
ALRIGHT NOW! Won't you listen? When I first met you, didn't realize. I can't forget you, for your surprise you introduced me, to my mind. And left me wanting, you ...
Well I can lure any woman that I want to in my bed with me ... Daddy should've never raised me on Black Sabbath! I'm insane ... And I'm taking you down with me
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Master Of Reality" (1971) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Master Of Reality" (1971) album, including "Into ... And left me wanting you and your kind ... My life was empty forever on a down ... Will the sunrise of tomorrow bring in peace in any way ... Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear? ... You think you know but you are never quite sure
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (1973) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (1973) album, including " Spiral Architect", ... They just tell you that you're on your own ... What this next life will bring ... Lovely lady never do me no wrong ... I don't know if I'm up or down
Dio - Rainbow In The Dark Lyrics
When there's lightning, you know it always brings me down ... Who's lost and never found ... Do your demons, do they ever let you go? ... Black Sabbath lyrics.
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Cross Purposes" (1994) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Cross Purposes" (1994) album, including "What's The Use?", "Evil Eye" ... Heaven, as they bark. ... I witness a time and a place that never dies, still ... Tell me that you ain't feelin' what I'm feelin' and I Will set ... We can bring you back to Eden. ... No grave could be deep enough, down to hell if we
DIO LYRICS - "Inferno: Last In Live" (1998) album
'Cause they only bring you down. Hey you, you ... Some light can never be seen ... [Black Sabbath Cover] On and ... There's a big black shape looking up at me
Black Sabbath - God Is Dead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Is Dead' by Black Sabbath: Leaves you empty and unwhole? When will this nightmare be over? Tell me! When can I empty my head? Will someone tell. ... Swimming in sorrow, they kill, steal, and borrow, there is no tomorrow. For the sinners will be damned ... telling me that God is dead. The blood pours down
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Heaven And Hell" (1980) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Heaven And Hell" (1980) album, including "Lonely Is The Word", "Walk Away", "Die Young"... ... Can't remember when we came so close to love before. Hold on, good things never last ... The sky is falling down! ... There's a lady they say who feeds the darkness ... Roll me, I'm a never ending wheel
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Reunion" (1998) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Reunion" (1998) album, including "Selling My Soul", " Psycho Man", "Paranoid"... ... Follow me now and you will not regret. Living the life you led ... They put you down and shut you out ... You think you know but you are never quite sure ... Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way?
Dio - Don't Talk To Strangers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Talk To Strangers' by Dio: Don't dream of women 'Cause they'll only bring you down. ... bring you down. Hey you, you know me, you've touched me, I'm real ... You'll never hear them the same way again ... Black Sabbath lyrics.
DIO LYRICS - "Holy Diver Live" (2006) album
But they never really move you. You only seem ... Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue. Something ... You can feel his heart but you know he's mean. Some light .... When there's lightning - it always bring me down ... [Black Sabbath cover]
Metallica - Enter Sandman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica: And never mind that noise you heard It's just the ... And they aren't of Snow White. Dreams of war, dreams of liars. Dreams of dragon's fire. And of things that will bite, yeah ... Now I lay me down to sleep
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop Lyrics
I don't know what they're talking about. I'm making my own decisions. This thing that I found. Ain't gonna bring me down. I'm like a junkie .... Black Sabbath lyrics.
OZZY OSBOURNE LYRICS - "Speak Of The Devil" (1982) album
Black Sabbath 4. Fairies Wear Boots ... The symptom of the universe, a love that never dies. Yeah Take my ... Winter's ice, it soon will spread ... Yeah Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me. Yeah I saw ... They put you down and shut you out. You gave ... Will the sunrise of tomorrow bring in peace in any way. Must they  ...
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Headless Cross" (1989) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "Headless Cross" (1989) album, including "Cloak And Dagger", ... With him there's no fear, of the dawn bringing light. Baptised ... But Satan never listens, to the words that they send ... Tell me not fear of the flames means that heaven is closer ... When death calls - I can feel it, gonna take you down ...
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Want To Change The World Lyrics ...
Know which way I'm going, you can't bring me down. Don't you try ... I don't want the world to change me. I don't wanna ... Similar Artists. Black Sabbath lyrics.
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY LYRICS - "The Song Remains Not The ...
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY lyrics - "The Song Remains Not The Same" (2011) ... including "The First Noël", "Darkest Days", "Can't Find My Way Home"... ... As the oppressed lie writhing down on the floor ... Return me for i feel they here to say ... The blood of the hurricane where the water is never still ... [Black Sabbath cover]
SIX FEET UNDER LYRICS - "Graveyard Classics" (2000) album
What will 2000 bring? The war of ... [Black Sabbath] ... And left me wanting you and your kind ... They put you down and shut you out .... I know we'll never forget
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan Lyrics
We sail through endless skies. Stars shine like eyes. The black night sighs. The moon in silver trees. Falls down in tears. Light of the night. The earth, a purple ...
ANNIHILATOR LYRICS - "Metal" (2007) album
Look at the crooks, they're the clowns on parade. Paid for the ... A failed attempt to bring an end to me ... Pure scum and headed for a fall, karma will catch up and then you'll rot ... Get back the thing that lacked, the fact it's never gonna work out ... Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath ... Raining down on me like a ton of bricks,
ENGEL LYRICS - "Blood Of Saints" (2012) album
There's Answers that they don't want to give you. Break up in a smile, ... You can't see the Sun, ... and live like you've never been told. ... Push me further down below. ... You are the ones who bring us Here. ... [originally by Black Sabbath]
AC/DC - She Gave Me The Queen Lyrics
She gave me the Queen / She gave me the King / She was wheelin' and dealin' / Just doin' her ... She'd have the card to bring me down ... Black Sabbath lyrics.
CARNIVORE LYRICS - "Retaliation" (1987) album
That Jesus loves me ... Put Black Sabbath on ... I never was happy. I never ... Walking down the streets a bottle grazes off your head. From a window someone laughing spitting on your head. Find a weapon, bash their skulls, don't they make you sick? ... And you can go fuck yourself .... Winter tempests, bring forth the cold
RAMESSES LYRICS - "Take The Curse" (2010) album
2. Terrasaw 3. Black Hash Mass 4. ... Iron Crow Hold me Down and fly so High ... But they will never know ... Now Bring the Fire to me ... Baptised at The Sabbath
I don't know what they're talking about. I'm making my own decisions. This thing that I found ain't gonna bring me down. I'm like a junkie without an addiction
Michael George Faith Hard Day DON'T BRING ME DOWN DON'T BRING ME DOWN DON'T BRING ME ... And I will never bring you down, down, down my baby
AC/DC - Back In Black Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back In Black' by AC/DC: 'Cause I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back, ... They've got to catch me if they want me to hang
Lyrics to "Black Dog" song by LED ZEPPELIN: Hey, hey mama, said the way you move, ... Move me while you do me now. Didn't take too long 'fore I found out. What people mean by down and out. ... Will tell me no lies, make me a happy man.
Dio - The Last In Line Lyrics
We may never never never come home. But the magic that we'll feel ... You can release yourself but the only way is down. We don't come .... Black Sabbath lyrics.
THE BLACK KEYS LYRICS - Little Black Submarines
Lyrics to "Little Black Submarines" song by THE BLACK KEYS: Little black ... Oh can it be. The voices calling me. They get lost ... Pick you up, let you down
SOUNDGARDEN LYRICS - "Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across ...
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (John Peel BBC ... I Can't Give You Anything (Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions) ... Black Days III ... Seasons have come, they have gone ... Bring life to the dying ... Show me and hand me down ... You'll never make it without me .... [originally by Black Sabbath]
EMPEROR LYRICS - "Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath"
Witches' Sabbath 26. ... and this blindness can no longer give me shelter. Teach me the .... Behind the stone walls (of centuries) they breed their black art.
Deep Purple - Living Wreck Lyrics
But I knew that you would bring me down 'Cos everyone ... You said you're gonna set me free. But I knew that ... You'll never hear them the same way again. Discuss This ... Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably ... Black Sabbath lyrics.

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