These hoes thirsty they need water wrist game on water lyrics

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Gucci Mane - Aqua Water Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Aqua Water' by Gucci Mane. Joker: Extraordinary ... Hella game, hella fame, Drop top Corvette yellow mayne ... Hanging with them dope boys cause they on the same shit. ... These thirsty hoes straight poor, my wrist look like a faygo.
And all these bitches wanna fuck me cause a nigga made it. I'm getting paper heart ... Before I ever made a hit, I had a wrist game. In the kitchen with them ... Have they own homies do him like they never knew him. I'll have Armelle walk up on ...
20 years in, rap hustlin', got in the game I'm hawkin' ... These niggas lyin' in they rhymes, you could stop pretending. My pants saggin' in this bitch, don't give a fuck who feel me. And if you disrespect me nigga, you gon' have to kill me. Bitch ... Faggot throwing water at the event at my show ... You know hoes love attention
Famous Dex - No Hook Lyrics
Mar 26, 2016 (Woah) I got the xans for the low These bitches they coming for more You ... they fold D-D-B, you already know Man I'm off drugs with the hoes.
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Gone For The Winter
They say you can't do it cause the last nigga fumble. As soon as you ... Like Ray Allen in game 6, when James missed. Then Bosh tapped it to ... So what you have-nots know about having knots? Love for a hater ... Everybody wanna shine, gotta give these niggas a gem ... I killed all them hoes, I'm the murder capital. I'm the ...
P-Lo - Light This Bitch Up Lyrics
I need bass, make it fast. Every girl in the ... Make the hoes go retarded. Whole game ... Pre game call a Uber then we all mob. Every night ... Move around with the wrist. Short told us ... Girls climbing in the section calm down you a bucket of thirst. Can't shit ... Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex-Boyfriends. Ed Sheeran ...
LIL SNUPE LYRICS - I'm That Nigga Now
They ain't seen a nigga kill the game like this ever since that Christopher Wallace dude ... Got the food up on my back, these niggas know I fuckin run it. I'm that ...
Will I Am - Feelin' Myself Lyrics
Hunny on my wrist, couple karats on my neck. Givenchy keep ... All these car keys drive them chickens to my crib. Dru Hill? ... Pool in the crib you could land a water plane in it ... And now I'm banging hoes in the continental ... Now everybody trippin' like they poppin' molly ... So I don't need your brains I need my ass kissed
Just flipped the game like Houston, I'm used to ... Ice water chest, and my wrist like a cool cup ... And they can't get on my system 'cause my system is the solar
50 CENT LYRICS - Clue / 50
And I'ma drink a lot a water. And I'ma take ... Yo, niggas wouldn't rob Frankie if they had the chance. Wasn't cause of ... Came thru stuntin' wit his wrist all rocked up. Shoulda ... At the dice game, he rolled ahead, crapped in the crack. I'm like " Nah, ... Visit for these lyrics. A-Z Lyrics ... Surrounded By Hoes
THE WEEKND - Drinks On Us lyrics
I just signed so many checks my wrist about to pop ... Went from hipsters, now it's models and these singers ... I keep a pedicured lawn so them snakes, they will be dead ... Grand total, five digits, make those hoes repent ... Yeah, we need more than racks, my comrades want them illions ... Got more water than a waterbar
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics
I don't fuck with these niggas 'cause they shady. These bitches they just wanna have my baby. Born in the eighties, crack baby. Mama she was in the streets so ...
Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot Lyrics
14 Oh No · 15 Can You Control Yo Hoe · 16 Signs ... See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams? ... The interior like suicide wrist red ... When my niggaz fill ya vest they ain't gon pass me shit ... Ain't no other way to play the game the way I play
TWISTA LYRICS - Bussin' No Discussin'
[Intro] Yo Twist! Shit, niggaz out here been talkin real sideways man. Shit... it's time to show niggaz what's really hood [Chorus: Twista] Bussin never discussin
TOO $HORT LYRICS - The Bitch Sucks Dick
They can't resist, the MC MC MC thing ... When it comes to me, game is tough. Have you heard about baby, man she sucks ... Asked her if she needed a ride
79, Wrist Game. 80, I Move Chickens ... 131, What They Do. 132, Home Alone ... 211, Thirsty ... 316, I Hate Hoes ft. Lil Flash ... 340, Dollar Sign (These New Puritans remix) ..... 750, Have It All (Feat. Pharrell) .... 1013, When I Was Water Wippin.

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