There were flowers on my grave the day you walked away there was nothing for you to save lyrics

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Daughter Jack - Down in Flames Lyrics
Jul 10, 2016 There were flowers on my grave the day you walked away there was ... on my grave the day you walked away there was nothing left of me to save ... I start Rebuilding my heart When the parts I need are were you are Now this ...
GRAVE FLOWERS LYRICS - "Incarcerated Sorrows" (2005) album
GRAVE FLOWERS lyrics - "Incarcerated Sorrows" (2005) album, including " Leaving The ... When nothing pleases me ... When everything drowns in black, there is no turning back ... Please save me from my private hell ... Will darkness dispel and will the pressure go away .... Can't forget your smile, I see you night and day
REMEMBERING NEVER LYRICS - "God Save Us" (2006) album
You're playing on the fear that you've instilled in all of us. We don't have to ... Take the guilt to your grave. Throat cut ear ... There will be no more blood the day (the day) injustice dies ... Is there nothing left to fight for? ... Please don't put flowers on my casket. I'm not ... My prayers were never answerd .... We you walked away
COUNTERPARTS LYRICS - "The Difference Between Hell And Home"
The failure was always there. It was the ... I just never know if I'm communicating with you or the disease ... And I am nothing ... Every single day when I woke up and didn't want to die ... I'd force my ghost to write your name in the flowers on my grave ... Watch me wither away ... Walk with fire and save yourself from vagrancy
HUMAN ERROR LYRICS - "Memories Of The Afterlife" (2009) album
They sink my grave and set the stone you walk away and you let me go. Here I am, now ... My forgotten memories line a hallway ... since we were small, a sign of the ... I can't watch you fly away, fly away. If this could be real then I'd try to feel for just one day. ... and leave the flowers by your feet, ... There is nothing left to save.
on his early grave walk away me boys walk away ... to the color we were born to mourn walk away ... for there are many ways to kill a man ... But sure as night turns day it's the passion play oh my god ... but the dead rise again you fools walk  ...
END OF GREEN LYRICS - "Last Night On Earth" (2003) album
Make one new day seems so far away, in my mind, I'm sick ... days were getting cold. It was the ... There has nothing changed when all the days are ... velvet flower on my grave. ... A calling of you has saved ... Can you hear me cry, my disease, there is so much more ... I smoke, I'm walking down dead roads, I see nothing
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
My main concern. Promise that you will sing about me ... I find nothing but trouble in my life ... You ran outside when you heard my brother cry for help ... See, my hormones just run away and if I can get em back ... If you can't fit the pumps I walk in? ... Look at the weak and cry, pray one day you'll be strong ... A black flower
CHOKING VICTIM LYRICS - "No Gods, No Managers" (1999) album
In My Grave ... 500 channels of a day-dream stimulation ... 500 channels waste my life away, away. ... You may find my appearance and demeanor foolish, but it is you who plays ... The yesterday's mean nothing now, ... There's love and hate, theres live or die. .... But when it grows and flowers, it becomes the world's greed!
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - "Unia" (2007) album
I'm a doorman at my Death Row, you faceless foe of heart. An accent, a drop of .... don't make us walk away, packs stay together ... There's nothing good in this morning. ... His mother came up with such a clever way to save the day with a little white lie. ... "The words were not meant to hurt, only destroy you, my stupid son..."
UNDEROATH LYRICS - "Cries Of The Past" (2000) album
... lyrics - "Cries Of The Past" (2000) album, including "Cries Of The Past", "And I Dreamt Of You", "Walking Away"... ... As my eyes open from their state of sleep,
LOST IN TEARS LYRICS - "To No Avail" (2005) album
Nothin More Nothing Less 9. ... There's no return ... Towards my grave ... No god can save me but you can easily ... No god can kill me, my goddess this is no lie ... I've walked astray ... Sweat and tears Fades away and disappears Reaching for the sun and ... Can't face another day without you ... I hope that you were reality
THE BANNER LYRICS - "Your Murder Mixtape" (2004) album
While thousands die, the dead alive, cut their way through the cities. Flowers for the girl, ... you were dead. And though you're back and clawing AT MY CHEST
KREATOR LYRICS - "Pleasure To Kill" (1986) album
At home you've got your child and wife, but what will come tomorrow ... The slaves were all afraid ... Day turns to night as I rise from my grave ... Stands a lonely flower. It reminds the world how it was. But we kicked it away with power ... No escape nothing there no way out to save your life .... You're walking through this life
RAMALLAH LYRICS - "Kill A Celebrity" (2006) album
Just Walk Away 12. ... then we can jump on the grave pile laughing. ... There is a fear in the air that I have prayed for, for my whole life. ... Save a prayer for me. ... ( nothing) You do to me and I do to you. That's how it's gonna end: .... So fate tore away her faith on that secret day. ... Tens of thousands were condemned to die.
SAVATAGE LYRICS - "The Wake Of Magellan" (1997) album
Somewhere In Time / Alone You Breathe 17. ... AND SO HE WATCHED HER WALK AWAY ... AND MY TRAIL LEFT THROUGH THE WATER ... THAT THERE WAS NOTHING MORE .... Into day. Into I don't know you anymore. But I stand. Where you say. Thinking all the ... THERE WERE MANY FLOWERS AT HER FUNERAL
I just think about my baby I'm... ... There's nothing sweeter than my baby. I'd never ... No grave can hold my body down ... Heaven and hell were words to me
on my knees and out of luck, I look up. ... And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears. ... find there, With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.
A FOREST OF STARS LYRICS - "The Corpse Of Rebirth" (2008 ...
Now there's a taste of blood in all the throats around here. ... The streams have run slower since you went away ... Sun not waxing, but waning - walking disappointedly away. Moon with no hope of saving the day ... Left my smile all alone back there. Forced to simply sit and stare. At nothing ... Bright flowers there were
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE LYRICS - "Creatures" (2010) album
I hope you drown in all the cum you fucking swallow, to get yourself to the top. You're ... But I know that there's nothing real inside ... Sleep all day party all night, never grow old never die ... And we are rising from the grave .... You once were my sanctuary, and now you are my prison ... Just walk away and don't say goodbye
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - "Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River ...
I think I saw you in my dreams you were. Stitching up .... There is nothing you can do to save it, to make it ... It crept unwelcome in my head the day they had her torn away. It changed ... The past is a flower ... I watched the smoke pull your ghost from the grave .... I felt your sickness brush against my arm as I walked by you -
EIGHTEEN VISIONS LYRICS - "Obsession" (2004) album
I know it hurts but you don't have to walk away. I don't ... I can't be that way when my life looks this grey so I let go. ... you can't save me from yourself. and I should put you in the grave. these dead flowers aren't in bloom but still I picked them just for you. ... you don't know what it's like and you've never ever even been there.
MOTORHEAD LYRICS - "Snake Bite Love" (1998) album
Crazy arms, crazy legs, save me the last dance. Hold me ... Shoot your shot, shoot the moon, nothing that you can't do. All for me ... The tales they tell, of how we stand this day ... All their wives must scream and cry (Stand fast) ... I don't wanna see the flowers ... Spoke to the devil, he turned away. All of my friends were there
LEANDER RISING LYRICS - "Heart Tamer" (2012) album
Ghost Away (International Version) 5. ... You're too weak to see it, and I'm to strong to hear it ... My heart bears the spark that will light up the dark ... That this will be the day ... You never saved me in the end ... Cut in half by the world, and their wars, ... I'll take my vows to the grave with you ... Usual heartbreak, nothing original
LYRIEL LYRICS - "Autumntales" (2006) album
My Favourite Dream 5. Promised Land 6. ... I sing and dance the day away ... Because the grave would hinder me ... We walked side by side ... At that time there was no need to dance ... When you and me were, oh, so young ... Of summer day .... Spring flowers, autumn moon, ... But see there's nothing holding you anymore
When you've been at the bottom, you see the hunger inside of you. Don't say what you ... Leave some flowers for my brother. Girl I love ya ... Niggas outchea dying every day. And they ain't ... There's a chance that I won't make it here tomorrow ... Would you walk up to my casket? ... Pour a cup full, hope it take away the pain
RAUNCHY LYRICS - "A Discord Electric" (2010) album
Shake Your Grave 7. ... Now what's wrong with sinking Now you really got a boat to row. Sending out the ... You will make it through the day With nothing left to say ... We were the pleasure of your heat ... Like flowers in the heart of darkness ... But there's something about you .... And the devil just laughed and walked away
ELECTRIC WIZARD LYRICS - "Time To Die" (2014) album
Marijuana burns inside my crypt. High up ... Like Caligula is how I would treat this world if it were mine. ... But I don't care what you say all the flowers turned to black and died anyway. ... I've a gun named Oblivion that'll take all the pain away ... Mindless slaves to their lusts and technology ... Cos it's your funeral every day
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I ... Walk with me ... I'm like Elvis in there, they can't believe you dropped ... Or broad day in L.A., I'ma tell Em and Dre This nigga bootlegging my music, ain 't nothing for him to say ... So they can put me in the SWAT car and lock me away
Born With Blood On My Hands
... (2015) album, including "The End Of The Lie", "Echoes Of You", "Etwas Starb In Mir"... ... there's blood on my hands ... nothing can change us ... One day the dark clouds did circle though I choose to not look so high ... my days were as bleak as my dreams ... I want to know who'll save this soul ... you pushed away my hand
POLKADOT CADAVER LYRICS - "Last Call In Jonestown" (2013 ...
Save us now father from what we've become ... You and I were meant to be ... Battle ready, From the cradle to the grave ... Where the devil in the details, tied my neck into a knot ... A night at the opera, a day at the races. You should have seen the look on their faces .... And then she walked away, Never to be seen again
MOTLEY CRUE LYRICS - "Motley Crue" (1994) album
They gotta put a bullet in my head if they want to keep me down. Let me hear it. ... You're the monster in the closet, they'll take your secrets with them to their grave. Locked you away behind cast iron doors. I'd rather see .... Pretty little poison apples, mama said, "Now don't you walk this way, just find .... We can't save it now.
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Plague Of Butterflies" (2008) EP
Silent and so quiet were the woods. On the ... Don't know what I stayed there for so long, ... You're losing the sunsets, you will never get them back. ... And kept a light on my window, for anyone to come. ... As I walked through the snow. ... And you will lead her to your grave. ... And we drift away, together away from the pain,
LORD OF THE LOST LYRICS - "Antagony" (2011) album
From The Cradle To The Grave 10. ... Every day I ask you what is it for. Though you ... ThereĀ“s nothing left to touch a heart that is so ... I have walked in line, I have made my confession to erase my guilt ... Is there a savior to take me away to a better place. No, no one is coming to save you and allay you, and no one is safe
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - "Rooms Of The House" (2014) album
There were bookshelf plans on the workbench ... Would you fly out for my funeral ? ... Stumble on the walk back, someone stoked the fire at camp ... But you never look away when you do ... But it's all a haze I remember vaguely lights then staring there to you ..... Flowers on the grave, marble where they etched that name
SATYRICON LYRICS - "Rebel Extravaganza" (1999) album
Sinful woman walk with me cause I'm the wolf on your shoulder ... If you dare to withhold the immense power and the greed ... it's just flowers, flowers ... I see the cross of Peter overwhelming their coward countenance ... I am the last of my kind and I'm tied in bronze chains ... damned or saved, how could we ever know?
AVATARIUM LYRICS - "The Girl With The Raven Mask" (2015) album
You were pointing to the clouds, you laughed and laughed, and danced for hours . A little happy girl, ... Some in their dream homes, and some somewhere at sea
RED CIRCUIT LYRICS - "Haze Of Nemesis" (2014) album
Watch me on my stairway to the sun. Oceans ... Does it feel far away? ... On another day ... A dead man walking ... Oh lord save my soul ... Can you say the spider acts on his own? ... There is no time to waste ... The promise you kept means nothing to me ... In a picture of my burning grave ... Chaining the flower of my memory ...
ELVENKING LYRICS - "The Scythe" (2007) album
My glance is reflected in the blade of the Scythe ... She'll take you away ... " Nothing can ever be done to avoid my last touch" ... You come to me with a piece of your shadow pretending to see ... Still to this day they follow an icon - I can't believe it ... There was one death that saved us all ... You're my slave in your grave ...
SIRENS AND SAILORS LYRICS - "Skeletons" (2013) album
Born & Raised (Flower City) 9. Calm Before ... You've earned your place and paid your dues ... Save your excuses for somebody who really cares. You ... I can't just look away and keep pretending like there's nothing wrong ... Down on my knees I pray, to see the light of another day ... The opportunity that you were handed

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