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MOTORHEAD LYRICS - The Thousand Names Of God
Lyrics to "The Thousand Names Of God" song by MOTORHEAD: Walking forever is a long long time, Destiny is just the same old line, The war has come and we ...
One Thousand Names of God lyrics
Lyrics for One Thousand Names of God by Teho Majamäki feat. Johanna Kurkela .
Slayer - In The Name Of God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Name of God' by Slayer. I want to, invite you, welcome you / To my hate, to my scorn, to myself / Saturate you, infest you, betray you /
Yngwie Malmsteen - In The Name Of God Lyrics
In the name of god. We didn't know for sure. That evil is right outside our door. And now all the bad and ugly. Showing their faces more. So now we have got to ...
Amorphis - The Lost Name Of God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Lost Name Of God' by Amorphis. We have to know, we have to see / Religions so many, which one is for real / That it makes us to believe? /
Signs From The North Side
The Lost Name Of God 8. The Pilgrimage 9. Misery Path 10. ... "The sound of thousand warriors. The fields of thousand battles. Still, in our hearts we can hear
Unleashed - In The Name Of God Lyrics
In the name of god. A preacher rapes a child. He puts his hand. On top of his little head. He says: my son. You mustn't be afraid. I am your friend. In the name of ...
Sabaton - In The Name Of God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Name Of God' by Sabaton: Chosen by God or a coward insane, stand up and show me your face!
Ziggy Marley - In The Name Of God Lyrics
In the name of god you kill in the name of your god. In the name of god you conquered in the name of your god. All religion should be wiped out. So that people ...
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "Train Of Thought" (2003) album
DREAM THEATER lyrics - "Train Of Thought" (2003) album, including "In The Name Of God", "Stream Of Consciousness", "Vacant". ... While a thousand candles
UNLEASHED LYRICS - "Dawn Of The Nine" (2015) album
... The Son Of Thor!", "Dawn Of The Nine", "Land Of The Thousand Lakes"... ... Where Is Your God Now? 5. The Bolt ... His loyals calling out his name... The Bolt  ...
AGONOIZE LYRICS - "999" (2005) album
AGONOIZE lyrics - "999" (2005) album, including "God For Sale", "Rebellion", " Hate"... ... In The Name Of God 17. ... Two thousand years of unconsciousness
SABATON LYRICS - "Attero Dominatus" (2006) album
Rise Of Evil 4. In The Name Of God 5. We Burn ... With six thousand tanks in our ranks. Use them as ... Chosen by god or a coward insane? Stand up and show ...
Dakona - In God's Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In God's Name' by Dakona. Hear the crack of a bullet down on seventh avenue tonight / Man lies bleeding on the floor / Hear the cry of the cop car as.
Matt Redman - 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) Lyrics
... rich in love And You're slow to anger Your name is great And Your heart is kind For all Your. ... Ten thousand reasons ... Lord I'll worship Your Holy name.
IRON & WINE LYRICS - My Lady's House
She is more than her thousand names. No hands are half as gentle. Or firm as they like to be. Thank God you see me the way you do. Strange as you are to me
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM LYRICS - "Melancholy Pessimism ...
is it what god wants? You pray for him. You will die even! Is the thousand illnesses, but only your illness is the ... was in the name of god only. Brooks of blood ...
Lyrics to "Redneck" song by LAMB OF GOD: So goddamn easy to write this, You ... But I ain't one to call names, ... You can tell the same lie a thousand times,
THE DEVIL'S BLOOD LYRICS - "The Thousandfold Epicentre" (2011 ...
album: "The Thousandfold Epicentre" (2011). 1. Unending .... I call your name: Devil of a thousand faces. Burning ... On the shores of God's forbidden streams
There's a thousand things. You think you don't deserve. All hope is lost. When You spend it all. And you just can't beat the odds. I bet you don't curse God
INSISION LYRICS - "Revealed And Worshipped" (2004) album
The god with a thousand names. In the opposite of our world. I transcend into the mind. I wear the mask of death. Oblivious to life itself. In this world of power
There's a foe of a thousand swords. They've been abandoned by their lords. Their fall from ... In the name of God For the grace, for the might of our Lord For the ...
DAVID CROWDER BAND LYRICS - O, For A Thousand Tongues To ...
Lyrics to "O, For A Thousand Tongues To Sing" song by DAVID CROWDER BAND: Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing My great Redeemer's praise The glories of my God and King The... ... Jesus, the name that charms our fears. That bids our ...
ABUSED MAJESTY LYRICS - " Man Created God In His Own ...
ABUSED MAJESTY lyrics - " Man Created God In His Own Image" (2008) album, ... he saw thousand faces of death .... he acquired thousand names
Levi Kreis - In the Name of God Lyrics. I feel a righteous anger when I look ... Won 't phase me if a thousand more have to die. Cause I'm justified. In the name of ...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" (1994 ...
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" (1994) album, including " Magic And Mayhem", "To Fathers ... Thousand Lakes 2. ... I was one with my god
THUNDERBOLT LYRICS - "Apocalyptic Doom" (2007) album
Unity With Thousand Names 5. Spadnie ... DENY CHRIST – GOD IS DEAD! [Part II] The final war ... Throne of fucking god has fallen down!!! You will die in ...
NEAR DEATH CONDITION LYRICS - "The Disembodied - In ...
From The Refusal Of God To The Negation Of Humanity 4. Torturing ... In the name of Rudra, the destructive storm god. We initiate .... He of the thousand blades
NIGHTBRINGER LYRICS - "Apocalypse Sun" (2010) album
Seven sisters in conjunction wail the name of God and Quayin's black winged ... Through tribulation and strife ten-thousand fold or ways nighted and unknown ...
Enigma - Silent Warrior Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silent Warrior' by Enigma. Long ago, for many years / White men came in the name of God / They took their land, they took their lives / A new age has.
Oh my soul, worship his holy name ... I'll worship your holy name ... Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find ... Ten thousand years and then forevermore
CEREMONIAL OATH LYRICS - "The Book Of Truth" (1993) album
Chapter VIII: The Last Name Of God 10. Chapter IX: The .... Vengeance - Two thousand years of Hatred concealed in shrines of Temptation [Wheghtor:] "Eyes of ...
Matt Redman - Blessed Be Your Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blessed Be Your Name' by Matt Redman: God you give and take away Oh you give and take away My heart will choose to say Lord, blessed be Your ...
I fell in with an outlaw band, their names were known quite well. How many times we ... One night we rustled cattle, a thousand head or so. And started them out on the ... I want to live for you alone, Oh God these words I vow. My wicked past ...
VOCIFERIAN LYRICS - "Preludium To Massacre" (2003) album
Pierced by a thousand stars. Watching at the ... Has been enough to destroy the whole of god's work. Six days of ... The beast of a thousand names... ...The black  ...
Pray to God that our side is right. Even though we won, I still may lose ... don't forget that I was so young. Fought so scared in the name of God and country.
BO BURNHAM LYRICS - From God's Perspective
Lyrics to "From God's Perspective" song by BO BURNHAM: The books you think I wrote are way too thick. Who needs a thousand metaphors to figure out you shou.
HELLOWEEN LYRICS - The Invisible Man
I've been captured in the name of god. To save people, but who cares? Since a thousand years. Until the holy land will come. Here I am the invisible man
LEE BRICE LYRICS - Seven Days A Thousand Times
Lyrics to "Seven Days A Thousand Times" song by LEE BRICE: A Saturday downpour carved out rivers in the sand she said it was ... And God, the last day I didn't wanna leave without her ... through all the rain and the way she called my name
Sepultura - Amen Lyrics
I'm feeling numb. The storm will come. In the name of God I'm the chosen one. Terror raids the land. To ashes we'll be sent. In the name of God Lives cast away.

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