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The Suicide Machines - New Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Girl' by The Suicide Machines. Well I can't wait to tell you all about her, all about my new girl / (He can't wait to tell you about his new.
The Suicide Machines - Our Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Our Time' by The Suicide Machines. I got no time! / I got no time! / How can it end when it never began? / Why can't I win when I know I can? / Seems.
The Suicide Machines - Kaleidoscope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kaleidoscope' by The Suicide Machines. Didn't I express my regrets / About the way things are? / And I think I might've taken this too far / This.
The Suicide Machines - Break The Glass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Break the Glass' by The Suicide Machines. Breaking ¡ .myself / There's something about myself I can't control / Yet it happens time and time again.
The Suicide Machines - No Face Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Face' by The Suicide Machines. I know, they know / Don't drink, drive slow / Insane, no brain / Dress down, look plain / Big fun, no gun / No.
The Suicide Machines - Hey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hey' by The Suicide Machines. Hey! What's goin' on? / Hey! What went wrong? / Hey! I don't know why? / Hey! I might as well try! Buy / Well, I looked.
The Suicide Machines - Face Values Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Face Values' by The Suicide Machines. You've got No friends and so you're lonely. / It does not have to be this way / Just be yourself, the one and.
The Suicide Machines - The Real You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Real You' by The Suicide Machines. The word ¡ °real ¡ ± is defined as what really lies inside / You're not the person I once knew, / You're.
The Suicide Machines - Ddt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'ddt' by The Suicide Machines. Destroy the world without a thought / Destroy our lives with your bug bombs / In our food and in our blood / Chemical.
The Suicide Machines - Confused Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Confused' by The Suicide Machines. Skyscraper so call said / They're choking out the sun / And we're all so paranoid of everyone / There's no trust,
The Suicide Machines - So Long Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Long' by The Suicide Machines. You never considered how I feel / Show me something that's real / You never show me what's inside / The truth ...
The Suicide Machines - Give Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Give' by The Suicide Machines. I've got a million things going around in my head / And I never really paid attention to what you said no / And now I.
The Suicide Machines - High Anxiety Lyrics
Lyrics to 'High Anxiety' by The Suicide Machines. Well, it's the high anxiety I'm a victim of society / High anxiety, I'm a victim of society, high anxiety /
The Suicide Machines - Sometimes I Don't Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sometimes I Don't Mind' by The Suicide Machines. There's something with the way you walk / There's something there that lights a spark inside of me /
The Suicide Machines - Punk Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Punk Out' by The Suicide Machines. You're the only one in the world that you care about / Makes me want to run and hide my head / It's hard for me to.
The Suicide Machines - Unbreakable Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unbreakable' by The Suicide Machines. Friendships bloom but everything dies / Seasons change its all part of life / A storm is coming in I can see in.
The Suicide Machines - Your Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Silence' by The Suicide Machines. War for profit can nothing stop it / punish those unloyal war for oil / we dominate we obliterate / world.
The Suicide Machines - Inside/Outside Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Inside/Outside' by The Suicide Machines. If you're fucked up on the inside, then you're fucked up on the outside / Doesn't matter what you say or do.
The Suicide Machines - Permanent Holiday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Permanent Holiday' by The Suicide Machines. Well just today I was forced to say I'm going on a permanent holiday / I'll drop what I'm doing, it's.
The Suicide Machines - Islands Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Islands' by The Suicide Machines. You tell me that you've found a better way / And I tell you that it isn't fucking sane / Everything that I wanted.
The Suicide Machines - Extraordinary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Extraordinary' by The Suicide Machines. Sunny day in the park and we sit out on the grass / I knew if I stole you'd chase me to get'em back / Because.
The Suicide Machines - Reasons Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reasons' by The Suicide Machines. Toxic landfill, don't care, just kill / Losing our minds, free thoughts bled dry / Ethnic cleansing, blood is.
The Suicide Machines - Seized Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Seized Up' by The Suicide Machines. My friend Steve pissed away all his years 'cuz he was slaving building cars / Blood and sweat upon the gears all.
The Suicide Machines - Numbers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Numbers' by The Suicide Machines. Typewriters bang, / Everyday it is the same / Fact is / These people are going insane / They got sad eyes, no reply.
The Suicide Machines - Did You Ever Get A Feeling Of Dread ...
Lyrics to 'Did You Ever Get A Feeling Of Dread?' by The Suicide Machines. Did you ever get a feeling of dread? / That everything they're saying's not all that.
The Suicide Machines - Invisible Government Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Invisible Government' by The Suicide Machines. Do you know the world is run by big corporations? / Don't be a fool, don't take a part in the.
The Suicide Machines - No Sale Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Sale' by The Suicide Machines. The wind was chill as we sat on the steps, / I could see the vapor form from your breath, / Well, your lips were.
The Suicide Machines - Sincerity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sincerity' by The Suicide Machines. Some people'll tell you all about it / They know everything there is to know / So they talk, talk, talk and.
The Suicide Machines - Honor Among Thieves Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Honor Among Thieves' by The Suicide Machines. Runnin with the thieves yeah - And slumming with the rats / Been runnin fifteen years - You can ...
The Suicide Machines - The Change Lyrics
[Chorus] Hey you know that things can't stay the same. Hey don't be afraid to make the change. Hey don't be afraid to make the change. Everyone's telling you  ...
The Suicide Machines - The Killing Blow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Killing Blow' by The Suicide Machines. What were you thinking years ago / When you did what you did- and said I didn't know / Well I'm here now ,
The Suicide Machines - Too Much Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Much' by The Suicide Machines. When the extra weight hits my brain I feel like I'm going insane / That's when the hand of god cuts my cord, /
The Suicide Machines - Step One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Step One' by The Suicide Machines. Compassion is at a stand still / Desensitized this day, never know / If we will make a change this way / I'm gonna.
The Suicide Machines - Scars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scars' by The Suicide Machines. Lately things they do not feel the same / What we'll become full of hatred full of shame / Once was a face now is.
The Suicide Machines - Insecurities Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Insecurities' by The Suicide Machines. Held back by walls of security, that / I just could never see, held people at arms length / devoid of human.
The Suicide Machines - Black & White World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black & White World' by The Suicide Machines. some persecute their brothers because of / the color of their skin, oh yeah / well that's wrong / we.
The Suicide Machines - Bleeding Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bleeding Heart' by The Suicide Machines. Just a blank and empty store / Another number stuck in line / Generation gone nowhere / Are we all losin'
The Suicide Machines - Goodbye For Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goodbye For Now' by The Suicide Machines. So many things that I didn' t get to say / And you're so far away / But in my heart you will stay / There.
The Suicide Machines - Stay Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stay' by The Suicide Machines. Promise not to forget this day / Do you feel like this - Do you feel this way / Do you have to leave - Or can I make.
The Suicide Machines - All My People Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All My People' by The Suicide Machines. All my people right here and right now - / Let's stop this fight before our time is through / 1-2-3-4 / You.

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