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Lyrics to "Heart Of The Storm" song by DRAGONFORCE: Silently marching, our quest for revenge Lost in the ... Endless destruction consuming our land. Legions  ...
Soundtrack Artists - The Storm (This Is Our Land) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Storm (This is Our Land)' by Soundtrack Artists.
Lyrics to "After The Storm" song by MUMFORD & SONS: And after the storm, I run and run as ... on my knees and out of luck, ... And remembered our own land,
Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna - Be My Light lyrics
Sep 24, 2015 Lyrics for Be My Light by Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna. and if the storm blows through our land I'll be your shelter I'll be your shelter if you'll be ...
Lyrics to "The Storm" song by BIG COUNTRY: I came from the hills with a tear in my eye The winter closed in ... Let the strength of peace run through this land
Orphaned Land, The Storm Still Rages Inside... Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Orphaned Land, The Storm Still Rages Inside. ... The rain keeps on falling / Filling the dried land / It drinks the purity of life / ... By our own hands
SABATON LYRICS - Glorious Land
As the forces arrive. Shove! Go! Push! In the foes let collide! Facing the storm, battered and torn, Fighting for our Glorious Land! Come take our hand, together we ...
Lyrics to "Before The Storm" song by QUEENSRYCHE: Red gates of iron cast their Black shadows on this land Dividing souls... far below The gathering wi... ... Our leaders cry... we have no one to fear. We watch the sun rise, and hope
Around in the air. We're off now to seek all our fortunes. To the land of our dreams . Riding the waves and the storm. Is upon us. The winds lash the sails but
FAIRYLAND LYRICS - "Of Wars In Osyrhia" (2003) album
And So Came The Storm 2. Ride With ... We will take our sword to veil upon our land. The victory .... Here in this country of majesty, the power to defend my land
GAMMA RAY LYRICS - "Land Of The Free II" (2007) album
In the land of the free, they're calling out for me. I'm riding on the wind, I'm on my way. Into the storm, Into the storm. Now I am ...
DEKAPITATOR LYRICS - "The Storm Before The Calm" (2007) album
Dead - ashes shroud to the land, to bury all our bones. Calm - a somber day at hand, a funeral with none left to mourn. The storm before the calm. A darkness ...
NAS LYRICS - This Bitter Land
Lyrics to "This Bitter Land" song by NAS: This bitter land Watered with my soul The fruit it bears Leaves me so cold ... Survive the storm, when it comes through
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "The Power Within" (2012) album
On this march into fire, the heart of the storm. Endless destruction consuming our land. Legions of darkness destroy mankind
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Sonic Firestorm" (2004) album
In the land of a thousand souls we will carry on through the rain ... Through the caverns far below our quest will lead us ... For victory we ride, Fury of the Storm!
ATTICK DEMONS LYRICS - "Atlantis" (2011) album
ATTICK DEMONS lyrics - "Atlantis" (2011) album, including "Listen To The Fool", "In Memoriam", "Meeting ... Riding The Storm 6. ... Guided by the will, in the land of hopes and dreams ... I couldn't believe my eyes when I grappled in the shore
Spirit of the Forest - Lord of the Storm lyrics
Jul 7, 2010 Lyrics for Lord of the Storm by Spirit of the Forest. ... DESTROYING OUR LAND The lord is evil, and powerful HE DESIRE TO MAKE SUFFER ...
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Nightfall In Middle-Earth" (1998) album
Into The Storm 3. ... My king [Morgoth:] I had a part in everything. Twice I destroyed the light and twice I failed. I left ruin behind ... I've stained the land. And slain ...
ORPHANED LAND LYRICS - "Mabool" (2004) album
As he passes through rain and storm. Behind the walls of this hallowed ark of wood. Our prophets found a revelation, which they understood. Onto the ... And the waters of the flood, were upon the land.
The Cardigans - You're the Storm lyrics
Lyrics for You're the Storm by The Cardigans. Oh it's healing bang bang bang I can hear your canons call You've been aiming at my land Your hungry hammer's  ...
ICEWIND LYRICS - "Again Came The Storm" (2010) album
Our eyes were filled with mystery. Living in a land of fantasy. The spell was on, I couldn't resist. Without her, can I exist?
MATT MAHER LYRICS - Hold Us Together
Ain't the law of the land or the government? But it's all you need. And love will hold us together. Make us a shelter to weather the storm. And I'll be my brother's ...
ALICIA KEYS LYRICS - That's How Strong My Love Is
Lyrics to "That's How Strong My Love Is" song by ALICIA KEYS: Some people they ... Like a ship through the storm ... I'll be the water you need in the desert land
Bruce Springsteen - The Promised Land Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Promised Land' by Bruce Springsteen: Blow away the dreams that tear you apart Blow ... I packed my bags and I'm heading straight into the storm
When I live my dream, I'll forgive the things you've told me. And the empty man ... Wish, and the storm will fade away ... Then we can live in our new land. Till the ...
Spirit of the Forest - Lord of the Storm Lyrics. We are all walking alone, On the plains, of eternity, Cadavers, stopping our feet, ... DESTROYING OUR LAND The  ...
Yolanda Adams - Through The Storm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Through The Storm' by Yolanda Adams. The storms of life will ... But the captain of my soul, he?s always on board. He rocks me in ... On sea or dry land
Lyrics to "Across The Ocean" song by OUR LAST NIGHT: Say goodbye to the storms in the night Say goodbye to this beautiful ... This compass led us to the land we call home ... As we're navigating through the storms we pass along the way
THE GENTLE STORM LYRICS - "The Diary" (2015) album
THE GENTLE STORM lyrics - "The Diary" (2015) album, including "Epilogue: The Final ... "As soon as my eyes fell on the old chest nestled between boxes and suitcases .... The exotic land he describes in his letter sounds magnificent - colorful, ...
The Doors - Riders On The Storm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Riders On The Storm' by The Doors: Girl ya gotta love your man, girl ya gotta love your man Take ... The world on you depends, our life will never end
And sleep right through the calm before the storm. My life was just an old routine. Every day the same ... I had a job and a piece of land. My sweet wife was my ...
TÝR LYRICS - "By The Light Of The Northern Star" (2009) album
A storm has begun by my magic command. And my runes in the sand will deny them land. You may die on our feet or you live on ...
GAMMA RAY LYRICS - "Blast From The Past" (2000) album
Last Before The Storm 11. Heal Me 12. ... Land Of The Free 15. The Silence 16. ... The load upon my shoulder makes me stronger, even bolder. Oh no no, I ...
RUNNING WILD LYRICS - "Death Or Glory" (1989) album
Death or glory, oh, we're riding the storm. Cracks in the ... The wind in our sails, our flag flies high on the top .... You are bound for a wasted land. One after one ...
Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods Lyrics
The land is silent before the storm / On the vast fields of snow / The wind is blowing strong / With it's frozen cold. ... The beautiful land opened before my eyes
REBELLION LYRICS - "Sagas Of Iceland - The History Of The ...
Odin smiles to praise the land. Sword in the storm, the rock in the battle. Hakon you stand ... set their sails against our shores
IMMORTAL LYRICS - "Sons Of Northern Darkness" (2002) album
Calm before the storm we came from the north... Horses roamed ... Tremble with fear for the banner of our kings. War now ... We're the tyrants that guard the land
DRAKKAR LYRICS - "Run With The Wolf" (2015) album
DRAKKAR lyrics - "Run With The Wolf" (2015) album, including "Call Of The Dragonblood", "Invincible", ... Ride The Storm .... And the beautiful sights of my land
Lyrics to "North" song by SLEEPING AT LAST: We will call this place our home, The dirt in which our roots may grow. Though the storms will push...
Big Country - The Storm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Storm' by Big Country. I came from the hills with a tear in my eye / The winter closed in and the crows filled the sky / The houses were burning.

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