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Lyrics to "Ship Of Doom" song by XANDRIA: When the sun is down and the moon is up Our story will be told Oh when they call our names and we ra...
James Bernard - The Ship Of The Doom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Ship of the Doom' by James Bernard.
Xandria - Ship of Doom Lyrics
Jan 27, 2017 Lyrics for Ship of Doom by Xandria. We will call you all to gather We will bring you fantasies We are born from smoke and fire...
Xandria - Ship Of Doom Lyrics
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XANDRIA LYRICS - "Theater Of Dimensions" (2017) album
4. Call Of Destiny 5. We Are Murderers (We All) 6. Dark Night Of The Soul 7. When The Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born) 8. Ship Of Doom 9. Ceilí 10.
ALESTORM LYRICS - Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid
We sail to the halls of doom. With the black flag raised in the sky. With a crash of thunder. Our ship sails 'cross the waves. On a course to the frozen arctic seas
CARACH ANGREN LYRICS - "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship"
Several attempts to contact that what appeared to be the size of a ship. No response 'till I receive ...
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Ghosts Of Loss" (2005) album
4. Forgive Her... 5. Fragile 6. Ghost Of Laura Palmer 7. Gloom, Beauty And Despair 8. The Ship ... Cold wind carries the voice of doom. Singing songs for the  ...
THE LAMP OF THOTH LYRICS - "Portents, Omens & Doom" (2008 ...
THE LAMP OF THOTH lyrics - "Portents, Omens & Doom" (2008) album, including ... Wings Of Doom 4. .... Floating above like ships of gossamer on a rancid sea
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
And the ship sails on, back to the North Through the ... As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. Water ... He prays for their beauty not doom. With heart he  ...
DOOMSWORD LYRICS - "Resound The Horn" (2002) album
Our ship devours the ocean waste. The sea is the nature on which we where born. Approaching our bay resound the viking horn. The hammer triumphant,
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Warriors Of The World" (2002) album
MANOWAR lyrics - "Warriors Of The World" (2002) album, including "Fight Until We Die", "House Of Death", "Hand Of Doom"... ... Viking ships cross the sea
Lyrics to "Doom Walker" song by BOBAFLEX: Warning, warning the planet earth is under attack run for your ... Armed with nukes to shoot the mother ship down
ICED EARTH LYRICS - "Night Of The Stormrider" (1992) album
In the dawning hour. The doom and destruction begins. Inside the natives minds ... Traveling down in the ship of pain. I chose this fate no turning back. The river ...
Lyrics to "X Marks The Spot" song by COLDPLAY: (So I reach for it) Stare into darkness, staring at doom My heart go boom, bo-boom boom Stare into...
VENI DOMINE LYRICS - "Material Sanctuary" (1995) album
... "Material Sanctuary" (1995) album, including "Beyond The Doom", "Wrath Of The Lion", "Behold The Signs"... ... You were like a ship lost but my winds have
NEKROGOBLIKON LYRICS - "Goblin Island" (2006) album
Killing the old, enslaving the young, Eating our flesh with forked tongues. They sailed away on a ship of doom, The hold below a gory tomb - Prisoners of war,
DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY LYRICS - "Battle Sluts" (2009) album
In their ship of doom. The Geishmal undead. Cursed are the streets. That run red with the blood of children. And the guts of war. The Geishmal undead
DOMINE LYRICS - "Dragonlord" (1999) album
... album, including "The Battle For The Great Silver Sword", "The Ship Of The Lost Souls", "Uriel , The Flame Of God"... ... Out of the night as shadows of Doom
He a motherfucking trip, trip, sailor of the ship, ship. When he make it drip, drip kiss him on the lip, lip. That's the kind of dude I was lookin' for. And yes you'll get ...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Jubileum Volume II" (1993) album
Where dragon ships had sailed to sea. More times ... Big enough to take two dragon ships inside. And all of Asa .... Time has come the doom is near. Stillness  ...
WARBRINGER LYRICS - "War Without End" (2008) album
At The Crack Of Doom 6. Beneath The Waves 7. Instruments Of Torture 8. .... The ship strikes the bottom. As you take your final breath. Trapped beneath the ...
Lyrics to "Ship To Wreck" song by FLORENCE + THE MACHINE: Don't touch the sleeping pills, they mess with my head, Dredging the Great White Sharks, ...
EVIL SCARECROW LYRICS - "Galactic Hunt" (2014) album
Book Of Doom 8. Dance Of The Cyclops 9. End Level Boss 10. Flight Of ... Are you reading? I'm [coughs] Wait. What's that? Over there behind the ship is that?
Domine - Horn Of Fate (The Chronicles Of The Black Sword - The ...
I'm the Champion of Doom Eternal Doomed to herald ... Domine - DOMINE - The Ship Of The Lost Souls w/lyrics HD Lyric Video. DOMINE - The Ship Of The Lost ...
ALESTORM LYRICS - "Back Through Time" (2011) album
Their ships were powerless against our cannon fire. We took no ... and our ship began to sink beneath, I grabbed some .... This time the beast will meet its doom
carach angren - the sighting is a portent of doom lyrics
Carach Angren - The Sighting Is A Portent Of Doom Lyrics. In the age of ... Several attempts to contact that what appeared to be the size of a ship. No response ...
SWASHBUCKLE LYRICS - "Back To The Noose" (2009) album
Cruise Ship Terror 10. No Prey No ... 'Til our ships burn to the sky! Killing for .... With eyes like the size of massive moons it foresees or impending doom. A world  ...
CATTLE DECAPITATION LYRICS - "The Anthropocene Extinction ...
Certain doom - assured destruction of finite ecosystems. You may not know it now, ... All aboard this ship of fools, this train of pain is finally boarding. Tendinous ...
MF DOOM LYRICS - Basket Case
Lyrics to "Basket Case" song by MF DOOM: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all lived ... And that's an order - ship your daughters to my quarters at once
THE ACACIA STRAIN LYRICS - "Continent" (2008) album
Dr. Doom 4. Forget-Me-Now 5. Cthulhu 6. Baby Buster 7. Balboa Towers 8. JFC ( Jesus Fucking Christ) ... it's hard to keep sinking ships afloat. I am the failure she  ...
Bobaflex - Doom Walker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Doom Walker' by Bobaflex. Warning, warning ... Doom walker, of the galaxy. I will Destroy ... Armed with nukes to shoot the mother ship down. Fight!
KRUX LYRICS - "Krux" (2003) album
of revolution and doom" Didn't think you would find ... To smile at my doom. Crude salty frozen .... We built a ship of great soviet enterprise. Moscow calls eternal ...
Nekrogoblikon - Goblin Island Lyrics
Mar 8, 2013 They sailed away on a ship of doom, The hold below a gory tomb - Prisoners of war, Held with no mercy! They came from a land ebeyond our ...
SIG:AR:TYR LYRICS - "Godsaga" (2010) album
My ship has sailed from northern shores. The dragon star ... The doom that speaks my name ... When the final horn speaks, my doom shall be one with the stars
ALESTORM LYRICS - To The End Of Our Days
And soon this doom will come for me. And I look back and wonder. Of the times we once shared. I stand here alone on the bow of the ship. Counting the hours 'til  ...
IRON MASK LYRICS - "Black As Death" (2011) album
Rebel Kid 8. Blizzard Of Doom 9. The Abscence 10. .... Blizzard of doom will get our soul. Blizzard of Doom ... Time flies fast the ship is empty. All our loved ones,  ...
CANDLEMASS LYRICS - "King Of The Grey Islands" (2007) album
2 'o clock, the basement doom shift ... The ship of fools, a cursed bark of pine ... Thanks to DooM "apocalyptic.doom.ritual for sending tracks ## 5-8, 10 lyrics.
MANILLA ROAD LYRICS - "Voyager" (2008) album
A dragon-ship of dreams come true. You can have your peace. No straw death for me. To unknown seas. Voyager brings. The Man-God King Lord of doom
WARRIOR SOUL LYRICS - "Chill Pill" (1993) album
In my darkest doom. The sky awoke the sun. But the light escaped the ... The ships great masts conceal, Cargos of Doom... Cargos of Doom Cargos of Doom ...

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