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The Nits - In The Dutch Mountains Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Dutch Mountains' by The Nits. I was born in a valley of bricks / Where the river runs high above the rooftops. / I was waiting for the cars.
The Nits - The Train Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Train' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / Once on a cold grey morning / I was walking home alone / The traffic light in the falling.
The Nits - Sketches Of Spain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sketches Of Spain' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Stips) / The streets of Barcelona are filled with blood and rain / The war is rolling over Spain / Men and.
The Nits - Nescio Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nescio' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / Nescio / Questo paradi- questo paradiso / Nescio / Nella bocca del luppo / Nescio / Lo straniero è morto / Nescio.
The Nits - Under A Canoe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under A Canoe' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / I roll up the sleeves / Can she bake a cathedral / Under a canoe / I'm a swimmer in.
The Nits - Springtime Coming Soon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Springtime Coming Soon' by The Nits. (Stips) / Down in the airshaft / Of the old hotel / Doors on both sides / Of a concrete cell / No sign of.
The Nits - Walter And Conny Lyrics
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The Nits - Memories Are New Iii Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Memories Are New Iii' by The Nits. (Stips) / Another story's over - Memories are new / You walk alone along this lonely avenue / You thought she had.
The Nits - Pillow Talk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pillow Talk' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / Somebody said / You better not forget / To put heart / In front of head / I know it's.
The Nits - New Flat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Flat' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / East west home's best / There's no place like home / No letters in the box / No voices on the phone / Elevator up.
The Nits - Tutti Ragazzi Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tutti Ragazzi' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / On the backseat of a motorscooter / It's so crazy what I'm doing to her / 80 miles on the rocks / It's a kid.
The Nits - Port Of Amsterdam Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Port Of Amsterdam' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / We' re sailing on an ocean / On an ocean / And the time flies / We left the port.
The Nits - Soap Bubble Box Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soap Bubble Box' by The Nits. (Nits) / I saw a box in New York / Inside the MOMA / Clay pipe and cork / It's a soap bubble / It's a soap bubble / I.
The Nits - The House Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The House' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / I spent some time alone / In an old country home / Where the wallpaper looked like a.
The Nits - Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dreams' by The Nits. The break of day - I lift my head / I leave the bed and go to work / Bycicle - Streets in town / Rainy day is falling down /
The Nits - Holiday On Ice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holiday On Ice' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / She's so innocent / He's so different / On this mountain in Switzerland / She knows nothing 'bout boys / He.
The Nits - Unpleasant Surprise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unpleasant Surprise' by The Nits. (Peters) / The first time we met / You were walking down the street / A copy of blonde on blonde / Under your arm /
The Nits - Red Tape Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Red Tape' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / She was always thinking / That the others were the losers / And that they could kill her too / This is the.
The Nits - Harrow Accident Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Harrow Accident' by The Nits. (Peters) / Girl you look so pale you need a holiday / Why not take a break in the Scottish hills / This turned out to.
The Nits - Bike In Head Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bike In Head' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / Wake me up / Sunray / On this bright sunny summerday / Leave my bed / Bike in head /
The Nits - Empty Room Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Empty Room' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / I opened the window / You opened the door / This room needs some air / This room needs a new broom / Sun in ...
The Nits - A Touch Of Henry Moore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Touch Of Henry Moore' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / Sometimes / I hear the hammer of steel / Sometimes / I hear the grindstone turn / And I am looking.
The Nits - Cabins Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cabins' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / I'm taking my time / I am travelling / I am travelling / You, taking your time / You're.
The Nits - Tent Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tent' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / He spent his nights / On camping sites / Can this sun tan / Make him a man / He's in one of the tents / She's in one.
The Nits - Sorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sorrow' by The Nits. She does not even warn me / Or tells me she's coming tomorrow / But suddenly she's there - On my doorstep / She does not even.
The Nits - Fire In My Head Lyrics
(Nits) In a Swiss town by the lake. Fall down like a white snowflake. There's a fire in. A fire in my head. Roll on like a stone in a field. I've got a home but I've got ...
The Nits - Ting Lyrics
(Nits) I am waiting. At the bus stop 'TING TING' With my girlfriend. She is pregnant . Like a raindrop 'TING TING' And the donkey. And the bull. Are standing next ...
The Nits - Hands Of The Watch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hands Of The Watch' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / It's almost midnight now / Getting cold in Rome / The hands of the watch they turn / Turn without mercy.
The Nits - Footprint Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Footprint' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / Scar between the shoulders / Scar on the back of his head / The sole between the shoulders / The heel on the.
The Nits - River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'River' by The Nits. (Nits) / So many years / And the river flows down / So many / It is hard to count them / And so many years / I am standing there.
The Nits - Cars & Cars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cars & Cars' by The Nits. (Nits) / In the mirrors of this house / I've seen your face / A thousand times or more / In the corners of your room /
The Nits - Dapper Street Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dapper Street' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / Give me the sombre city highroads / The clouds are framed by attic windows / Those are the words I long to.
The Nits - Homeless Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Homeless Boy' by The Nits. Sometimes I was feeling like a homeless boy / In the city without hope, the city without joy / I found her just for one.
The Nits - The Bauhaus Chair Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Bauhaus Chair' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / Suddenly you came to see me / After all those years / You said 'hello' / Time has.
The Nits - Christine's World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Christine's World' by The Nits. (Nits) / On a sunday morning / The bus is stopping / At the espresso bar / She's stepping out / Into the light and.
The Nits - Man-friday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Man-friday' by The Nits. (Peters) / It wasn't there before / What is he doing here / The only to survive / The island saved my life / Man-Friday /
The Nits - House On The Hill Lyrics
(Nits) I saw the house on the hill. It burned like a tree. In an endless night. Tell me river when the fire ends. Tell me fire where the river bends. I had a vision of my ...
The Nits - Erom On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Erom On' by The Nits. (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede) / I'm fighting it fighting it fighting it / Till I am winning / Rewinding it winding it.
The Nits - Shadow Of A Doubt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shadow Of A Doubt' by The Nits. (Hofstede) / Oh I'm undecided / What I' m going to do now / Have to think it over / What I'm going to do now / I can.
The Nits - Whales Of Tadoussac Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whales Of Tadoussac' by The Nits. Today we all went / With our 'Atomic' friend / To his forgotten land / Close to the world's end / Daniel said 'take.

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