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Samhain - The Hungry End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Hungry End' by Samhain. There's a baby / In a meat slicer / On the kitchen table, half done up / Quite low / Broken Madonna / Decaying, cracked /
SAMHAIN LYRICS - "Unholy Passion" (1985) album
SAMHAIN lyrics - "Unholy Passion" (1985) album, including "I Am Misery", "The Hungry End", "Moribund"...
Justin Bond & The Hungry March Band - In the End lyrics
Jun 28, 2010 Lyrics for In the End by Justin Bond & The Hungry March Band. We all bear the scars Yes, we all feign a laugh We all cry in the dark Get cut off ...
Samhain - The Hungry End Lyrics. Samhain Final Descent The Hungry End There's a baby In a meat slicer On the kitchen table, half done up Quite low Broken ...
THE CURE LYRICS - The Hungry Ghost
Lyrics to "The Hungry Ghost" song by THE CURE: All the things we never know we need Looks like we get them in the end Measure time in leisure...
Dissection - Starless Aeon Lyrics
The seventh aeon will soon pass as it has been foretold / The false empires will crumble and all ... Unfold the starless aeon, the hungry end is coming soon
ZEBRAHEAD LYRICS - The Juggernauts
Rewrite the end. Take back what time has stole. We are the angry, the innocent. We are the hungry, the discontent. We are the marquee, the one percent
SERJ TANKIAN LYRICS - Beethoven's Cunt
In the end they all will say. Breaking someone else's heart again, Find the little evil perpetrator. And feed him to the hungry alligator. You want it all, You want it ...
Taylor Swift - The Hunger Games Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Hunger Games' by Taylor Swift. I remember tears streaming down your face / When I said, 'I'll never let you go' / When all those shadows almost.
The Hunger Games - Rue's Lullaby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rue's Lullaby' by The Hunger Games: Forget your woes And let your troubles lay And when again it's morning They'll wash away.
The Leisure Society - The Hungry Years lyrics
Lyrics for The Hungry Years by The Leisure Society. Into the night another life Twisted and torn beneath the ties That bind us between the start and end You ...
Ain't no Hell that burns enough for my desire, You say its blasphemy, that's too bad, Could be the best time that you ever had, And in the end, the hungry flames.
Lyrics to "Til The End" song by LLOYD BANKS: Nobody dead knew they would die before they woke It probably started off a beautiful day with ... Roll up the weed and blow the smoke in the sky (na na na) ... "The Hunger For More" (2004).
30 Seconds To Mars - End Of All Days Lyrics
Lyrics to 'End Of All Days' by 30 Seconds to Mars. I'm tired of waiting / For the end of all days / The prophets are preaching / That the ... The hunger of the lion
RUNNING WILD LYRICS - non-album songs
Invisible powers bringing the end, Trying the fire ... Apocalyptic Horsemen ‒ rising the explodes pyre! [Verse 2:] ... Can't you see the hungry Werewolf Lurking in ...
Whitecross - Signs Of The End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Signs of the End' by Whitecross. Take a look ... Won't you see the end is near? These are signs of the ... And the hungry children seem more and more
DESASTER LYRICS - "The Oath Of An Iron Ritual" (2016) album
DESASTER lyrics - "The Oath Of An Iron Ritual" (2016) album, including "At The Eclipse Of Blades", "The Oath Of An ... End Of Tyranny ... Tranquilize the hungry
Let your scythe reap the skies... It's time for pain never-ending... Assail... The end justifies the means, go on now whore yourself to absolve it. The hungry end, the ...
Asaf Avidan - My Tunnels Are Long And Dark These Days Lyrics ...
The hungry crocodiles are dancing in the light. But what's up there besides the darkness of ... Where the tunnels never end. To love is to pretend. Don't try to love  ...
The Prestige - Can't You Hear the Hungry Wolves? lyrics
Aug 20, 2014 Your obsessive guide to stardom is revealing the true nature of your actions. Let's set everything on self-destruction. The end is near; Can't you ...
We've seen the fall of the elite, Bury your life, take your disease. We'll end the world, When all hope is gone! The wretched are the wounded, The hungry starve  ...
If Hope Dies - The Hungry Ghost Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Hungry Ghost' by If Hope Dies. when man made the choice that production holds ... clear the forests down to the last stone ... this will be our end
RAVEN LYRICS - "Life's A Bitch" (1987) album
The Savage And The Hungry 2. Pick Your Window 3. Life's A Bitch 4. Never Forgive 5. .... Going off the edge. Under pressure, Under fire. It will never end
THE USED LYRICS - The Taste Of Ink
Lyrics to "The Taste Of Ink" song by THE USED: Is it worth it can you even hear me Standing with your spotlight on me Not enough to feed the hungry...
DISSECTION LYRICS - "Reinkaos" (2006) album
This is the winter of the last aeon, the hungry end is coming soon. Harbinger of the day of wrath will eclipse the sun and rape the moon. Unfold the starless aeon,  ...
The Hungry Hungry Hypocrites - At the Top of My Lungs lyrics ...
Jun 29, 2010 Lyrics for At the Top of My Lungs by The Hungry Hungry Hypocrites. at ... away what's dark in the dead of the night i will pray at the end of the ...
"Bitter End". So I guess you're hungry for revenge and you'll fight me to the bitter end. Well I'm sure you'll leave nothing unsaid. What's your end game, I won't ...
When you've been at the bottom, you see the hunger inside of you. Don't say what you won't ... I hope it doesn't end the way it had to start 'Cause it started out ...
RISE AGAINST LYRICS - Whereabouts Unknown
To the ends of this lost world. You have marched and you have sworn. To a tainted crown of thorns. As the hungry sails unfurl. We are thrusted from the shore
BARREN EARTH LYRICS - "The Devil's Resolve" (2012) album
BARREN EARTH lyrics - "The Devil's Resolve" (2012) album, including "World In Haze", "Martyrs Of ... Where All Stories End 9. ... Nor for the hungry ones
Lyrics to "A Place For My Head" song by LINKIN PARK: I watch how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night Shining ... I'm sick of the tension, sick of the hunger
Talk quenches thirst but does nothing for hunger. And I'm starving, it's been ... You leave me in the deep end with ankles made of bricks, But I'm used to dealing  ...
Busy Signal - Hungry Days lyrics
A bay hungry days wi face hi no Look at the hungry days wi face hi no That's why the ... it end up pon yo heal back Then pon the road a fly yo better look out fi the ...
The Leisure Society - The Hungry Years Lyrics. Into the night another life Twisted and torn beneath the ties That bind us between the start and end You empty ...
QUEEN LYRICS - Is This The World We Created?
song by QUEEN: Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed Take a look at all the ... Take a look at all the suffering we breed ... So it seems in the end .
And now the hunger's getting bigger. Come a little closer now pretentious whore and pull my trigger. Free the violence that is building in me. I say now end of the ...
RUNEMAGICK LYRICS - "The Supreme Force Of Eternity" (1998 ...
RUNEMAGICK lyrics - "The Supreme Force Of Eternity" (1998) album, including " Sign Of ... a journey... beyond the horison's end ... where is the hungry flame
Lyrics to "Jungleland" song by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: The Rangers had a homecoming In Harlem late last night And the Magic Rat drove his sleek machine ... ... The hungry and the hunted. Explode into rock'n'roll bands. That face off against ...
LORDE - Yellow Flicker Beat lyrics
"Yellow Flicker Beat" by Lorde is a new song from the New Zealand singer from the soundtrack of "“The Hunger Games: MockingJay – Part 1". Lorde made sure ...
The Hungry Ghost Lyrics
Lyrics to The Hungry Ghost by The Cure from the 4:13 Dream album on Lyrics. com ... All the things we never know we need Looks like we get them in the end ...

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