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Don Q Lyrics - The Hot Box Freestyle
Lyrics to "The Hot Box Freestyle" song by ... Feds got a Record label niggas signing deals Them ogs had candy cane since candy rain Moving pigeons since new edition ...
Twista Lyrics - Blood N Blood Out
Lyrics to "Blood N Blood Out" song by Twista: Me and my closest roll dog came up in an early age on the corner servin cane gang bangin and ... was he moving too fast
E-40 Lyrics - Happy To Be Here
Lyrics to "Happy To Be Here" song by E-40: ... so I had to be, the daddy of the family ... tryin to outslick the feds
T.I. Lyrics - Sugar Cane
Lyrics to "Sugar Cane" song by T.I.: ... your homeboy to the Fed ass nigga (What kind of nigga is that?) ... we'll move out there Network in no time, ...
Hot Boys - Stick & Move Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stick & Move' by Hot Boys. / ... Stick and move (Baby) Man they just had a murder round here ... For the Feds to investigate it
The Clipse Lyrics - Grindin'
Lyrics to "Grindin'" song by The Clipse: Yo... I go by the name ... And disguised in this rap so the feds back up Watch it, like my whip, ... I move caine like a criple
Lil Durk Lyrics - Feds Listenin
Lyrics to "Feds Listenin" song by Lil ... My momma, told me, Chrisy Louie, had the feds wit 'em My momma, know I ... Your nigga move that dope, that glass nigga ...
Cake Lyrics - Italian Guy
Lyrics to "Italian Guy" song by Cake: ... And putting down his metal cane ... Federal Funding Long Time Got To Move
Hot Boys - Stick & Move Lyrics -
For the Feds to investigate it I need another 30 days Francesca made it ... (Juvenile) Stick and move (Baby) Man they just had a murder round here (Juvenile) ...
A closed mouth don't get fed ... I don't move unprepared ... Livin' nigga's dreams but a nigga had to suffer Ridin' through the storm I don't think I could recover.
Hot Boys Lyrics - Stick & Move
Lyrics to "Stick & Move" song by Hot Boys: ... Stick and move (Baby) Man they just had a murder round here ... For the Feds to investigate it
Dead Prez Lyrics - Behind Enemy Lines
Lyrics to "Behind Enemy Lines" song by Dead Prez: ... the feds and the snitches ... brothers and sisters So he had to be framed yo, you know how the game go
Chinx Drugz Lyrics - We Rollin
Lyrics to "We Rollin" song by Chinx Drugz: They clock how we rolling, boy, that's how we do it, Keep the pockets swollen, rhymes how we move, T...
Gucci Mane Lyrics - Scarface
Lyrics to "Scarface" song by Gucci Mane: ... I had to move to Miami ... The Feds looking at me -- get some glasses, ...
Nipsey Hussle Lyrics - Dre Jackin' For Beats
Lyrics to "Dre Jackin' For Beats ... Look cut the lights out twist up a sack cause the feds tappin ... Were I handle the pack see a nigga like me just had to ...
PnB Rock Lyrics - Free Da Real, Pt. 2
Lyrics to "Free Da Real, Pt. 2" song by PnB Rock: ... And every other week he getting visits from the feds ... But had to smoke a nigga cause he tried to take some
Lil Wayne - Walk Lyrics
And the feds know just what's up in this motherfucker ... So with that lets keep it moving, ... That fills the cane so Wayne the neutral
E-40 feat. D.D. Artis - Happy to Be Here Lyrics. [female singer - repeat in background] I'm just happy to be here! [E-40 over singer] Hard times, the struggle The ups ...
The Last Mr. Bigg - Hoe Check Lyrics
When you go to the feds she gone kick you to the curve ... Said she had a spot where I can sale a bunch of cane ... suck a dick and move to the next lick
Gucci Mane Lyrics - Dead End
Lyrics to "Dead End" song by Gucci Mane: ... Had to fit in It's a dead end I heard the feds on me You can to A dead end
Game - Jesus Piece Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jesus Piece' by ... Everybody King of Diamonds til the Feds pull they ... Niggas said they sold cane, thats a bold claim Fourteen, had a brain that could ...
The Dayton Family - Feds Lyrics. By: Gabe Whoa, whoa, whoa, All the drug dealars,? niggas? unable to be faded. Feds they want Bootleg permantly incarserated. but i ...
Game, The - Jesus Piece Lyrics -
Everybody King of Diamonds til the Feds ... Niggas said they sold cane, that's a bold claim Fourteen, had a brain that could throw flames So strange, had to blow ...
Rick Ross - Rich Is Gangsta Lyrics
Lyrics for Rich Is Gangsta by Rick ... guard's gate Elevators like Frank's on Scarface New Presidential had that pavé ... Fresh up out the Feds ...
DJ Clue - Fantastic Four Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fantastic Four' by DJ Clue. ... All I did flip some cane ... Routine had to stop met a new connect got it 18 a whop
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Walk In
Lyrics to "Walk In" song by Lil' Wayne: ... And the feds know just whats up in this motherfucker ... That fills the cane so wayne the nuetral
Trae Lyrics - Ghetto Pain
Lyrics to "Ghetto Pain" song by Trae: ... tryna get it the way you know and keep the feds out of range ... and ask why he had to leave and move into another place
Kanye West Lyrics - Gone
Lyrics to "Gone" song by Kanye West: ... Cause they got me thinkin money mighta gone to the feds ... But I had gone with my friend, ...
La The Darkman - City Lights Lyrics
Lyrics to 'City Lights' by La The Darkman. ... Yo fuck regular cops niggaz get scoped by the Feds. The ghetto live in bloodshed ... had a big screen but he pawned it.
Yo Gotti Lyrics - Chapter 1 Intro
Lyrics to "Chapter 1 Intro ... that was sum to me one move turned to another then ... had to mask up then the feds scoop have of the whole hood ...
The Firm Lyrics - Five Minutes To Flush
Lyrics to "Five Minutes To Flush" song by The Firm: ... 4 in the morning Feds are out at the door ... By the time they had busted in I had touched the cash
Twista - Blood In, Blood Out Lyrics
came up in an early age on the corner servin cane ... heard he f**king with the feds ... was he moving too fast talking behing my back to them damn hood rats
Roll Deep Lyrics - Show You
Lyrics to "Show You" song ... Then again I never had shit to lose, Two of the feds were on me like shit to shoes, I had shit to move not shit to prove, Had two ...
Kane Brown Lyrics - Used To Love You Sober
Lyrics to "Used To Love You Sober" song by Kane Brown: Life was great, Wouldn't change a thing, I had it all but with you I had more, But out of nowhere ou...
Tru - Stay Real Lyrics
Stay Real Lyrics Tru. ... city relocate(what) Feds kicked the nigga door in you know what they found up in the residence Only way get out the shit you had to be the ...
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