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The Chiodos Bros. - Lindsay Quit Lollygagging Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lindsay Quit Lollygagging' by The Chiodos Bros.. I bite my tongue another perfect time / I'd do anything to make her happy, / Even if it means my.
The Chiodos Bros. - Ravishing Matt Ruth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ravishing Matt Ruth' by The Chiodos Bros.. This melody never seemed quite right nothing you could ever sing along to eerie rythms creeping through.
The Chiodos Bros. - Roger's And Holland's Feeling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roger's And Holland's Feeling' by The Chiodos Bros.. there is no trace of a healing. your falling tears ignite this selfish feeling. it keeps me warm.
The Chiodos Bros. - Quantum Mechanics Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quantum Mechanics' by The Chiodos Bros.. it's been so long it seems since summer's captivation. entranced in nightly dreams, you can't escape these.
The Chiodos Bros. - Vacation To Hell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vacation To Hell' by The Chiodos Bros.. Let's let the memories drift away I'm taking down these pictures of you on my wall these scars still bleed.
The Chiodos Bros. - There's No Penguins In Alaska Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'There's No Penguins In Alaska' by The Chiodos Bros.. (Woo!) / She loves me, she loves me not. / My love was my decay. / She loves me, she loves me.
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The Chiodos Bros. - Hathaway Lane Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hathaway Lane' by The Chiodos Bros.. why don't you use your knives, continue to stick them in my face leave them to be our memories that I plan to.
The Chiodos Bros. - Expired In Goreville Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Expired In Goreville' by The Chiodos Bros.. i'll stop / stabbing / when you stop / screaming / it's dropping to the terrain at my feet / palm trees.
The Chiodos Bros. - No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room ...
Lyrics to 'No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room' by The Chiodos Bros.. I've resolved upon this course, which has no need of you / Denying this day, didn't.
The Chiodos Bros. - Beautiful Blue Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beautiful Blue Eyes' by The Chiodos Bros.. A certain giddiness surpasses me / Chills run up and down my spine / Whenever I'm around you / My smile.
The Chiodos Bros. - The Lover And The Liar Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Lover And The Liar' by The Chiodos Bros.. (Mumbles, reversed words) / "How does it feel to know that you've taken someone's smile?" /
The Chiodos Bros. - Rainclouds For Eyeballs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rainclouds For Eyeballs' by The Chiodos Bros.. It's safe to come out now, no one is around this sugarcoated donut lost its flavor long ago and I just.
The Chiodos Bros. - Deserving An Explanation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deserving An Explanation' by The Chiodos Bros.. this seam is splitting, torn apart. lacerations from the thoughts of you. choking me, your words.
The Chiodos Bros. - Bulls Have Horns Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bulls Have Horns' by The Chiodos Bros.. Last night your taste was beautiful but my tongue doesn't know the truth cause when it's drown in poison.
The Chiodos Bros. - Teeth The Size Of Piano Keys Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Teeth The Size Of Piano Keys' by The Chiodos Bros.. I dropped all of my lovers / And I stood up and screamed, I'm in love / You gave it to me through.
The Chiodos Bros. - One Day Women Will All Become Monsters ...
Lyrics to 'One Day Women Will All Become Monsters' by The Chiodos Bros.. if I live to see you again / i'll take out my eyes / with this I have no way, and in.
The Chiodos Bros. - Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The ...
Lyrics to 'Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek' by The Chiodos Bros.. Let's just stop, / drop everything, / (forget each other's names) forget each.
The Chiodos Bros. - Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs ...
Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered. I'm right here in front of you and I can't stop sh-sh-shaking. I can't stop sh-sh-shaking. come on ...
The Chiodos Bros. - The Words 'Best Friends' Become Redefined ...
Lyrics to 'The Words 'Best Friends' Become Redefined' by The Chiodos Bros.. I've been lying in this bed for weeks from this / Throat's raw from screaming and I.
The Chiodos Bros. - Lexington (joey Pea-pot With A Monkey Face ...
Lyrics to 'Lexington (joey Pea-pot With A Monkey Face)' by The Chiodos Bros.. The fields are near and they wont trust the air with secrets / I can't stop.
The Chiodos Bros - The Words `Best Friends` Become Redefined Lyrics. I've been lying in this bed for weeks from this Throat's raw from screaming and I haven't ...
The Chiodos Bros. - Compromise Of 1984 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Compromise Of 1984' by The Chiodos Bros.. Come to compromise for all of me that has withered up / And faded like a fallen sunset come to ...
Lyrics to "Adrienne" song by CHIODOS: This happiness surpasses me. Just running up and down my spine Whenever I'm around you My smile b...
Lyrics to "Thursday" song by CHIODOS: Weekend day, To Hell goes the phone. I must have heard that story a million times before. No more...
CHIODOS LYRICS - Ode To The Second Hour
Lyrics to "Ode To The Second Hour" song by CHIODOS: Look at those fears we share, It seems to be nothing, But we had a heart attack, And I find mysel...
CHIODOS LYRICS - Lindsay Quit Lollygagging
Lyrics to "Lindsay Quit Lollygagging" song by CHIODOS: Bite my tongue, right now the perfect time Do anything to make her happy Even if it means my being...
CHIODOS LYRICS - Open The Fridge
Lyrics to "Open The Fridge" song by CHIODOS: These tears run down my face tasting of salt As feel my heart begin to break Your love for me come...
We're Gonna Have Us a Champagne Jam Lyrics
Formed in 2001, the group was originally known as "The Chiodos Bros," the band's name was a tribute to filmmakers Stephen, Charles, and Edward Chiodo,  ...
CHIODOS LYRICS - Queen Of Diamonds
Lyrics to "Queen Of Diamonds" song by CHIODOS: Look at all that rain Let it keep on rain What light is for lovers High on their seats undercover...
CHIODOS LYRICS - Rainclouds For Eyeballs
Lyrics to "Rainclouds For Eyeballs" song by CHIODOS: It's safe to come out now, No one is around, This sugar coated donut lost its flavor long ago. A...

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