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The Birthday Party - KING INK Lyrics
Lyrics to 'KING INK' by The Birthday Party: Say something, express thyself Aay something, express yourself.
The Birthday Party - CRY Lyrics
Lyrics to 'CRY' by The Birthday Party. when ya walk outa here / when ya walk out / I gotta fill up that space / or fill up that no-space / I'll fill it up with.
The Birthday Party - WILD WORLD Lyrics
Lyrics to 'WILD WORLD' by The Birthday Party. It's a wild world, hey, it's a wild world, hey / It's a wild world, hey, hey / Hold me up baby, for I may fall /
The Birthday Party - YARD Lyrics
Lyrics to 'YARD' by The Birthday Party. In our yard how many chickens can we count / On our fingers and toes on their toes / Sitting on father's hole sitting on.
The Birthday Party - NICK THE STRIPPER Lyrics
Lyrics to 'NICK THE STRIPPER' by The Birthday Party. Insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, incest, insect, incest, insect / Nick the stripper / A-hideous to.
The Birthday Party - DULL DAY Lyrics
Lyrics to 'DULL DAY' by The Birthday Party. The light from the window / Falls on the floor / And after it breaks / I cut my feet / On the little bright pieces /
The Birthday Party - Jennifer's Veil Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jennifer's Veil' by The Birthday Party. So you've come back for Jennifer / You know, she hides her face behind a veil / And I'm warning you Frankie,
The Birthday Party - JUNKYARD Lyrics
Lyrics to 'JUNKYARD' by The Birthday Party. I am the king, I am the king, I am the king / I am the king, I am the king, I am the king / I am the king, I am the.
The Birthday Party - SHE'S HIT Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SHE'S HIT' by The Birthday Party. There is woman pie in here / Mr. Evangelist says, she's hit / The best cook you ever had / You can't blame the good.
The Birthday Party - SONNY'S BURNING Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SONNY'S BURNING' by The Birthday Party. Hands up, who wants to die / Have you heard how Sonny's burning / Like some bright erotic star? / And he.
The Birthday Party - SWAMPLAND Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SWAMPLAND' by The Birthday Party. Quicksand, I'm in it's grip / Quicksand, I'm in it's grip / A sinken in the mud / Patron saint of the bog / They.
The Birthday Party - RELEASE THE BATS Lyrics
Lyrics to 'RELEASE THE BATS' by The Birthday Party: My baby is alright She doesn't mind a bit of dirt.
The Birthday Party - SAY A SPELL Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SAY A SPELL' by The Birthday Party. Turn to my eyes so I may steal you / Snatching such a vision burns a shape into me / Yet another hole, yet.
The Birthday Party - CAPERS Lyrics
Lyrics to 'CAPERS' by The Birthday Party. What has not got my heart in it, shall we be dubbed sir names? / With a million blither tongues, mounting bristling.
The Birthday Party - BLUNDERTOWN Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BLUNDERTOWN' by The Birthday Party. Blundertown is drowned in no brainstorm / Smothered in mud at the foot of the river / The color vague is ...
The Birthday Party - KEWPIE DOLL Lyrics
Lyrics to 'KEWPIE DOLL' by The Birthday Party. Well, I love that kewpie doll / Well , I love that kewpie doll / Well, I love that kewpie doll / Yeah, I bought.
The Birthday Party - HAMLET (POW, POW, POW) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'HAMLET (POW, POW, POW)' by The Birthday Party. H A M L E T, yeah / Hamlet's fishin' in the grave, fishin' in the grave / Through the custard bones.
The Birthday Party - MUTINY IN HEAVEN Lyrics
Lyrics to 'MUTINY IN HEAVEN' by The Birthday Party. Well, I, jump and fled this fuckin' heap on doctored wings / My flailin' pinions, with splints and rags and.
The Birthday Party - SEVERAL SINS Lyrics
Lyrics to 'SEVERAL SINS' by The Birthday Party. This is a dead letter tale / If I could make this prints talk / You made a deep mark, a deep mark on me / And.
The Birthday Party - BIG-JESUS-TRASH-CAN Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BIG-JESUS-TRASH-CAN' by The Birthday Party. Right / Big Jesus, soul mates, trash can / Well, it's a fucking rotten business this / Both feet in the.
The Birthday Party - 6" GOLD BLADE Lyrics
Lyrics to '6' GOLD BLADE' by The Birthday Party. I stuck a six-inch gold blade in the head of a girl / she: lying through her teeth, him: on his back / hands.
The Birthday Party - THE FRIEND CATCHER Lyrics
Lyrics to 'THE FRIEND CATCHER' by The Birthday Party. I, cigarette fingers / Puff and poke / Puff and poking the smoke / Touches the ground / You, your lungs.
The Birthday Party - BLAST OFF Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BLAST OFF' by The Birthday Party. Blast off / Wham bam / This time it's the truth / This time nothing's gonna fall on through / These books are.
The Birthday Party - LOOSE Lyrics
Lyrics to 'LOOSE' by The Birthday Party. Now look out / I took a record of pretty music / I went down and baby you can tell / I took a record of pretty music /
The Birthday Party - KISS ME BLACK Lyrics
Lyrics to 'KISS ME BLACK' by The Birthday Party. Hey, hey, hey, hey / Now they put the stink on us / Throw us to the succubus / Fed us to the incubus / And.
Peter Mayer - The Birthday Party lyrics
Oct 28, 2011 Lyrics for The Birthday Party by Peter Mayer. I saw the Buddha open up his eyes One Sunday morning Say he s invited to a party for Christ And ...
ELVIS COSTELLO LYRICS - Tears At The Birthday Party
Think back now when we were young. There were always tears at the birthday party. You know how children can be. So cruel. That's how it starts, but. What if we ...
The Birthday Party - A DEAD SONG Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A DEAD SONG' by The Birthday Party. Well, this is true / Oh, this is true / It's true / Mister forever said / Nothing said, I can sing / Hit it and.
The Birthday Party
Lyrics to "The Birthday Party" song by GRANDMASTER FLASH AND THE FURIOUS FIVE: Beep beep, you and the crew, hold it Yeah, that's us, we're bad. We're ...
The Birthday Party - KATHY'S KISSES Lyrics
Lyrics to 'KATHY'S KISSES' by The Birthday Party. Kathy's kisses, they fall out of / Her mouth onto the floor, collect dust / And sweep them under the door.
The Birthday Party - THE DIM LOCATOR Lyrics
Lyrics to 'THE DIM LOCATOR' by The Birthday Party. Inanimational items elude I, and / In an emotional motion I swallow my / Motive of quicker location is.
The Birthday Party - The Hair Shirt lyrics
Lyrics for The Hair Shirt by The Birthday Party. Halls echo with the sounds of his footsteps Water drip drops from the ceiling Shadow of a bird Race! Race! Race!
The Birthday Party - DUMB EUROPE Lyrics
Lyrics to 'DUMB EUROPE' by The Birthday Party. on this European night out on the brink / the cafes and the bars still stink / the air is much too thick for.
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Birthday Party lyrics ...
Birthday Party lyrics by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: Beat, beat, you and the crew, hold it / Yeah, that's us, we're bad. We're.
Steven Wilson - The Birthday Party Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Birthday Party' by Steven Wilson. Sing for me, / Sing for me. / You can come with me; / You can live with me. / Heal my soul, / Make me whole. /
The Birthday Party Lyrics
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The Birthday Party - Riddle House lyrics
Lyrics for Riddle House by The Birthday Party. The street is very wide And I can't see across it My house isn't clear to me The cars move in between And I say ...
The Birthday Party - Jennifers Veil lyrics
Lyrics for Jennifers Veil by The Birthday Party. Lisa Miscellaneous The Block Party The Block Party Lisa (Supernova) Uh, uh, shake, uh, shake it down now Uh,  ...
The Birthday Party - PRAYERS ON FIRE Lyrics
Lyrics to 'PRAYERS ON FIRE' by The Birthday Party. this place is hell to me / with the devil in my bed / and the devil in this bottle / and the devil in my head.
Alien Skin - The Birthday Party lyrics
Lyrics for The Birthday Party by Alien Skin. ... The Birthday Party - Lyrics. Alien Skin. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.

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