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Random Ruins Of Reality - The Awakening (time Has Come) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'The Awakening (time Has Come)' by Random Ruins Of Reality. many aeons ago / he was banished... with shame / he slept so long / that he forgot...
CALIBAN LYRICS - "The Awakening" (2007) album
You'll never hurt me again. Your time is gone. My time has come. Your life is done. This darkness you gave my everyday
We are alive and our time has come. For a new awakening. Come death, come suffering, I will not live in fear. In this fleeting life where time escapes us. The path  ...
Lyrics to "My Time Has Come" song by CALIBAN: I fought my way through the darkest days Out into the light I was scared and I cried But I believed...
Finist - Time Has Come Lyrics. Days of betrayals and days of deceptions Have come to Aryan land so long ago Christian lie and jewish ... Album: Awakening.
DARK FOREST LYRICS - "The Awakening" (2014) album
Vast awakening seeing ourselves as we are. Now the time has come to. Overthrow deceivers of this world. And see possibilities. Of consciousness, divine
VICTORIUS LYRICS - "The Awakening" (2013) album
VICTORIUS lyrics - "The Awakening" (2013) album, including "Metalheart", " Kings Reborn", ... Higher, higher open your eyes, the time has come to raise a storm
MERCILESS LYRICS - "The Awakening" (1990) album
You touch the crucifix. It's slowly falling apart. What's hiding in the shadows. Who's waiting in the dark. Look into his eyes. The eyes of sorrow. The time has come
SEANCE LYRICS - "Awakening Of The Gods" (2009) album
you know your time has come. Laughing demons. Surfing on nuclear shockwaves. Don't take your eyes off of them. They'll ...
Days of Jupiter - Awakening Lyrics
Jan 12, 2017 ... Pray For a new awakening Pray That it awakens me The time has come so rise up for a new awakening Inherited faith we enclose ourselves ...
DARK AT DAWN LYRICS - "First Beams Of Light" (2002) album
The emotions have jsut gone through my head. Amnesia possibly ... Never to all the awakening, oh never lift the veil ... Prepare for the time it has come. Look to ...
FAIRYLAND LYRICS - "The Fall Of An Empire" (2006) album
The Awakening 6. Eldanie Uelle 7. ... All that was long beloved will be turned to dust when time comes by ... [chorus] Time has come to break the chains of pain
HOPE FOR THE DYING LYRICS - "Dissimulation" (2011) album
The Awakening: Dissimulation 9. The Awakening: The Veil, Lifted 10. Vile Reflections ... The time has come for all the wrongs, to be turned into rights. It won 't be ...
VALHALLA LYRICS - "Once Upon A Time" (2001) album
VALHALLA lyrics - "Once Upon A Time" (2001) album, including "Humans", " Hymn Of Victory", "The ... The Awakening 2. .... Time has come for this fading planet
KREATOR LYRICS - Second Awakening
The Second Awakening Finally reborn together we're standing. Now the time has come. The Second Awakening Things wont be the same. As the spirit awakes ...
DIMMU BORGIR LYRICS - "In Sorte Diaboli" (2007) album
The Sinister Awakening 9. The Fundamental ... Fear of the conscious mind will have you facing away. My word and ... Time has come to step up. And take back ...
Finist - The Awakening lyrics
Jul 6, 2010 Lyrics for The Awakening by Finist. The winter is coming The nature seems to fall asleep But life is lasting somewhere deep ... Time Has Come.
WINTERSUN LYRICS - "Time I" (2012) album
WINTERSUN lyrics - "Time I" (2012) album, including "Time", "Land Of Snow And Sorrow", "Sons Of ... Behold the rain of stars - The awakening of darkened skies ... Oh rain comes and washes the hate away ... But now the time has come for us!
PALE DIVINE LYRICS - "Painted Windows Black" (2012) album
Shadow Soul (The Awakening) 8. Painted ... What did the maker have in mind when hand held clay? And did he ... And now the time has come to face my fear
ÆNIMUS LYRICS - "Transcend Reality" (2013) album
The Awakening 3. The Grasp Of Ruin 4. ... Resounding from deep within the flow of time. From what did these .... Our time has come to flourish. Thrive in what we ...
CRYSALYS LYRICS - "The Awakening Of Gaia" (2011) album
album: "The Awakening Of Gaia" (2011). 1. ... Time has stopped the eyes "Io son la ... And so she reacted,and we will all feel the effects for years to come" FIRE
DAWN OF RELIC LYRICS - "Lovecraftian Dark" (2003) album
The Awakening 9. Bowels Of Murder 10. ... Staring through the time and reason. To Radath that lies vast ... Hear me now our time has come. All pride has been ...
STEEL ATTACK LYRICS - "Where Mankind Fails" (1999) album
The Awakening (The Tragic Kingdom - Part II) 9. Thunder ... Curses from ancient times lie here asleep. The gate of .... When the time has come for you. Thunder ...
PATH OF DESTINY LYRICS - "Dreams In Splendid Black" (2016 ...
The Awakening 2. Invocation 3. Embers 4. Reign Of ... Now the time has come— my religious son. To face everything—that in live we have done. I stand in this ...
Fairyland - The Awakening Lyrics
The Awakening lyrics performed by Fairyland: Mourning time has worn away hope fulfills our dreams Buried in time ... Time has come to break the chains of pain
Lyrics to "The Time Has Come Again" song by THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS: The time has come again Slowly walking down the steps To where she would ...
DRAKKAR LYRICS - "When Lightning Strikes" (2012) album
The Awakening 12. My Endless ... From the farthest reaches of the Universe, the Space Gods have come! ... His conscience starts drifting back in time to different
Killswitch Engage - New Awakening Lyrics
There is more to life than this. We are more than just this flesh. We are alive and our time has come. For a new awakening. Come death, come suffering, I will not  ...
EVOL LYRICS - "The Dark Dreamquest Part I" (1994) demo
The Awakening 5. Witchlord ... "Witchlord, come to us, thine servants 'till the end. ... "Kneel, my servants, I heard your sick pleas, the time has come to fight
ROYAL HUNT LYRICS - "Paradox" (1997) album
The Awakening 2. River Of ... My time has come I'm leaving, my mind is tearin' me apart. I wanna ... Solid walls your golden cage, now it's time to turn the page.
SUBLIRITUM LYRICS - "Dark Prophecies" (2002) album
Dark Prophecies. Morning rise awakening of the darkage. The time has come, so beware and prepare. You can see, you can fell that all evil are about to be real
GALNERYUS LYRICS - "The Ironhearted Flag, Vol.2: Reformation ...
The End Of Sorrow [The Awakening] 6. Crawling In The ... Even If The Darkness Comes... [Vanishing Hope] 10. ... We don't have time to take a rest Run and run!
HADES ALMIGHTY LYRICS - "The Dawn Of The Dying Sun" (1997 ...
The Awakening Of Kings 3. Apocalyptic Prophecies ... thou shalt see no tomorrow come beware the future ... the time has come for death and there is no return
1, Forced March. 2, Let My Soul Fade. 3, Prisoner. 4, The Awakening (Time Has Come). 5, The Dark Side · More Albums ...
NARNIA LYRICS - "The Awakening" (1998) album
... "The Awakening" (1998) album, including "Sign Of The Time", "Touch From You", ... Never Before Have You Felt Such A Pain ... Jesus Comes To Our World
DEMONICAL LYRICS - "Darkness Unbound" (2013) album
suffering bodies, suffering minds, flesh of contempt come forth, ... Vivid awakening of fearless mind. At last, the time has come. For this legendary retaliation
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE LYRICS - "Disarm The Descent" (2013) album
We are alive and our time has come. For a new awakening. Come death, come suffering, I will not live in fear. In this fleeting life where time escapes us. The path  ...
ELUVEITIE LYRICS - Santonian Shores
... song by ELUVEITIE: We packed the Wagons A'thing arranged, there is no Turning Back The Time has come All too soon A Sta... ... The awakening came nigh
Lyrics to "The Time Has Come" song by HILLSONG UNITED: Found love beyond all reason You gave your life, your all for me And called me yours forever ...
I have not a companion but the drops that are fallin' all over me ... 2, Let My Soul Fade. 3, Prisoner. 4, The Awakening (Time Has Come). 5, The Dark Side.

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