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Brandon Jarod - The Age Of Zero Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Age of Zero' by Brandon Jarod. Be and it is / jus by speaking it lives / self sustained, yet hooked to everything anywhere jus not a particular.
Dark Age - Zero Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Zero' by Dark Age: Energy raging in a state of alert.
デーモン小暮 - AGE OF ZERO! (Japanese Ver.) lyrics
Lyrics for AGE OF ZERO! (Japanese Ver.) by デーモン小暮.
Ayreon - Age Of Shadows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Age Of Shadows' by Ayreon. / No more aggression ... [Daniel Gindelow:] The age of shadows has begun ... zero (one) one (zero) zero (one) zero (one)
Ayreon - Age Of Shadows (incl We Are Forever) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Age Of Shadows (incl We Are Forever)' by Ayreon. ... (The age of shadows has begun). The age of ... zero (one) one (zero) zero (one) zero (one)
When I Die lyrics and translation - Age Zero
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics and translation for When I Die by Age Zero. I'll have written a book when I die when I die I'll have found my love when I die when I d...
Age Zero - Perfect Memory lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for Perfect Memory by Age Zero. To create is war To fail is law With bottled doubts It's all a try out Never easy to exist With parasitic ...
DARK AGE LYRICS - "Dark Age" (2004) album
Zero. 1,2 is everybody ready too? 3,4 push me just a little more 5,6 no more will I take the kicks 7,8 cause I am fucking full of hate
Age Zero - Itisuptome lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for Itisuptome by Age Zero. Is it up to me? To find my own way Is it up to me ? All the things we say Is it wrong is it right Nothing to know ...
Age Zero - I'm Not Afraid lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for I'm Not Afraid by Age Zero. Here - in this place we stay Here - is the grace we play Here - in illusions of truth Here - no one knows ...
Age Zero - Perfect Tragedy lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for Perfect Tragedy by Age Zero. Tonight driving alone till the dawn Tonight through the light of this town Thousand little tragedies and ...
Age Zero - Close Enough lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for Close Enough by Age Zero. Me as the one to see these things here out of range Near the sky to look up, it's not the same I get the ...
Age Zero - Perfect Memory Lyrics. To create is war To fail is law With bottled doubts It's all a try out Never easy to exist With parasitic thoughts inside A silent ...
SHADOWCAST LYRICS - "Space Age Revolution" (2011) album
(This is the change of my belief, Zero zone) Capture the minute. Fight for the moment. Its seems like dementia is just another word
ZERO DEGREE LYRICS - "Surreal World" (2010) album
Of the blue isle in the sky. In a world, in a time, in a whispering age. Demons and gods fought for the rule. In between the tidal of ...
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Edguy - The Eternal Wayfarer lyrics
Apr 24, 2014 From ease to the sky Until the world gets in the way Ring in the age: countdown to zero Chasing the afterglow The outcome is set as far as I ...
Age Zero - Age Zero Lyrics. There is a soul there is a breath there is a word There is a night there is a land there is a dream There is an ocean there is infinity ...
And I get lost in the clouds. There's no sense of time with you and I It's zero gravity. Ohhh Ohhh no no no. Hey ooohhh. The ages fade away. Till there's no more ...
Future Of The Left - Reference Point Zero Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reference Point Zero' by Future of the Left. stand and count the holidays or do their will unbidden / leave your stomach ... at the tender age of seventy
When all the world keeps holding on at ground zero. We'll leave it all with God ? When the war it rages over the ages. You can't erase it once you spill the
Zero Comfort Margin 3. No Tears Fall Through Hollow Eye Sockets 4. Chemical Goat 5. Whimper 6. Android (120 Ampere Opiate) 7. Host(Age) 8. Bohemian ...
"Zero House". You took my pride and I want it back. No more loving on the torture rack. No more running when you call my name. The things we've done, baby ...
Age Zero - Another Version of Us lyrics
Aug 11, 2015 Lyrics for Another Version of Us by Age Zero. Akogare wo ima Tsukanda Daikansei no namari ni kokochiyoku utareta nara Saa tobi komou ...
EMERGENCY GATE LYRICS - "The Nemesis Construct" (2010) album
And End To The Age Of Man 6. Point Zero 7. Excite! 8. As My Bride Cries Blood 9. This Time 10. The Green Mile 11. Diary Of Nightmares... 12. In Vain 13. World ...
Age Zero - Nothing's Lost lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for Nothing's Lost by Age Zero. About a dream About a life From the noise Nothing is lost About possessions About beginning What ...
DAYDREAM XI LYRICS - "The Grand Disguise" (2014) album
Watch Me Rise 4. The Guts Of Hell 5. The Age Of Sadness 6. Wings Of Destruction 7. About Life And Its Ending 8. Phoenix 9. Zero Days 10. Alone 11. The Grand ...
Zero Degree - Whispering Age Lyrics. In a world, in a time as young planet grew Fire and ice created the surface Of the blue isle in the sky In a world, in a time, ...
Morgan Delt - The Age Of The Birdman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Age of the Birdman' by Morgan Delt. ... The Age of the Birdman Lyrics. from Phase Zero. Morgan Delt - lyrics Phase Zero Other Album Songs ...
Age Zero - Freak lyrics
Sep 1, 2015 Lyrics for Freak by Age Zero. I am the freak that you want I am the freak that you need I am the lover every night I am the heart which for you ...
STARGATE LYRICS - "Beyond Space And Time" (2012) album
2. Save The World 3. Sands Of Time 4. Nothing's Forever 5. Nightspell 6. The Power Within 7. The Dark Rift 8. Age Of Aquarius 9. Ground Zero 10. Hysteria 11.
Daydream XI - Zero Days Lyrics. The first of its kind In secrecy ... So sad they found the gaps. The zero days. ... 5, Phoenix. 6, Zero Days. 7, The Age of Sadness.
WOLFHEART LYRICS - "Shadow World" (2015) album
Zero Gravity 3. Storm Centre 4. Last Of All ... Autumn in shades of fire. Brings the age of snowfalls and ice ... Creates a zero gravity. Existence Without intention
Chris Cornell - Ground Zero Lyrics
Who in the world you gonna hold. When all the world keeps holding on at ground zero. We'll leave it all with God. When the war it rages over the ages. You can't ...
MORTILLERY LYRICS - "Shapeshifter" (2016) album
Radiation Sickness 2. Age Of Stone 3. Bullet 4. Mantis 5. Black Friday 6. Wendigo 7. At The Gates 8. Torture 9. Shapeshifter 10. Patient Zero 11. Neckbreaker 12.
Lyrics to "Year Zero" song by GHOST B.C.: Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satan...
Sirus - Unite and Resist lyrics
Lyrics for Unite and Resist by Sirus. sleeping in the age of terror boys and girls now look alive your scorn cannot be measured zero love and zero drive slee...
CHANNEL ZERO LYRICS - "Black Fuel" (1997) album
Born in the age of stones. Rot away flesh and bones. Intensive self-defence. Nothing is safe when the silence breaks. With the caveman. Worship the fire gods
Age Zero - Eigenwelt Lyrics. Another mood Another day Another land Another touch We receive signals From all over the world Not able to verify these Should  ...
Age Of Shadows
[Daniel Gildenlöw:] The age of shadows has begun ... zero (one) one (one) zero ( zero) zero (zero) ... [Jorn Lande - ad libs in last chours of Age of Shadows:]

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