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Terry Allen - Cortez Sail Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cortez Sail' by Terry Allen. See how the rain / Falls from the sky / Drifting down / From your high mountain's eye / But don't look surprised /
Terry Allen - Lubbock Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lubbock Woman' by Terry Allen. Well / She's sittin'' in the front room / Just watchin the tv / Paintin' her nails red / In a black negligee / She.
Terry Allen - There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern ...
Lyrics to 'There Oughta Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California' by Terry Allen. / Yeah there oughta be a law-aca.
Terry Allen - Amarillo Highway Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Amarillo Highway' by Terry Allen. Well / I'm a high straight in Plainview / Side bet in Idalou / An a fresh deck in New Deal / Yeah / Some call me.
Terry Allen - Rendevouz USA Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rendevouz USA' by Terry Allen. Sa la vey / Sa la guerre / When that soft suburban moonlight / Plays a mansionette melody / Calling all blue collars /
Terry Allen - Ffa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ffa' by Terry Allen. Yeah / He never done too good / When he's in high school / Ah / He never even talked / To a popular girl / Yeah / He just hung.
Terry Allen - Beautiful Waitress Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beautiful Waitress' by Terry Allen. Well it's not silly / When she brings you your chili / To grab a cracker / And distract her with a crunch / A.
Terry Allen - Cocktails For Three Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cocktails for Three' by Terry Allen. Cocktails for three / Oh it's gettin' to me / Yeah passin' afternoons / Sittin' in these cocktail rooms / Ah.
Terry Allen - Thrity Years Waltz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thrity Years Waltz' by Terry Allen. I remember standing / All scrubbed down and clean / Tapping my foot / By the record machine / An I was watching.
Terry Allen - Great Joe Bob Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Great Joe Bob' by Terry Allen. He was a panhandle prince / Schoolboy football king / I told him 'Hi' in the halls / 'Cause he could run them balls /
Terry Allen - Bloodlines Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bloodlines' by Terry Allen. Oh my mother / She is a mountain / And her breast / It touch the sky / And my father / He is a river / Running through.
Terry Allen - Give Me The Flowers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Give Me the Flowers' by Terry Allen. In this world today where we're living / Some folks say the worst of us they can / But when we are dead and in.
Terry Allen - Crisis Site 13 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crisis Site 13' by Terry Allen. I'm 13 years old / I hate your guts / an I got a zip gun / I got a reefer / I've been screwing since I was 9 / an I.
Terry Allen - I Just Left Myself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Just Left Myself' by Terry Allen. Well / I just left myself today / Hell / I couldn't wait to get away / There's still a smear / Across the mirror.
Terry Allen - Buck Naked Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Buck Naked' by Terry Allen. Running naked down the state / Highway / Runnin' naked in the middle of the / Day / Runnin' naked like a tom cate /
Terry Allen - Truckload Of Art Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Truckload of Art' by Terry Allen. Once upon a time / Sometime ago back on the east coast / In New York City, to be exact / A bunch of artists and.
Terry Allen - Flatland Boogie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flatland Boogie' by Terry Allen. Hey Up on the Caprock / Me and my baby ride / Goin a hundred miles an hour / Cause this old Ford can still fly / Got.
Terry Allen - Little Sandy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Little Sandy' by Terry Allen. Little Sandy / Little Sandy / Little Sandy / Outside / A cold wind blows / But itæ? ¯ colder inside / You lay in.
Terry Allen - Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy' by Terry Allen. Well I was caught up with myself / On the highway at night / Drivin' like a bat outta hell / When I.
Terry Allen - Red Leg Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Red Leg Boy' by Terry Allen. Chorus: / Missouri born / Red leg boy / He just born / Yeah to playin the ball / Ain't much good / For much else at all.
Terry Allen - Roll Truck Roll Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roll Truck Roll' by Terry Allen. Chorus: / Yeah roll truck roll / Yeah roll truck roll / Better get on down the highway / You better get on ... down.
Terry Allen - What Of Alicia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What of Alicia' by Terry Allen. Well he just turned 17 / When he left old Abilene / With his bags...and permission / From the kin / Yeah but things.
Terry Allen - Room To Room Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Room to Room' by Terry Allen. Ah standing in the kitchen / Looking out the window / Wondering when she'll come home / You know she's out drinking /
Terry Allen - My Amigo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Amigo' by Terry Allen. I need money / I need love / I need a Cadillac / To give me a shove / And get me out of this up-tight / Mid-night / Into.
Terry Allen - Feelin Easy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feelin Easy' by Terry Allen. Well I'm feelin easy baby / Breezin through the blues / Bout half-sleazy baby / But who's to pick-n-choose / I got the.
Terry Allen - Pink And Black Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pink and Black Song' by Terry Allen. Well, I drove down to the drive-in and then I drove in / I asked that carhop for a coke and said, Let's go for a.
Terry Allen - Girl Who Danced Oklahoma Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girl Who Danced Oklahoma' by Terry Allen. Yeah, she tried to live on the inside / And get a house and make a home / And she tried to give and be.
Terry Allen - Billy The Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Billy the Boy' by Terry Allen. Snow White Angel / On the wings / Of a snow white angel / He played steel guitar / And the drugs / Broke his brain /
Terry Allen - Southern Comfort Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Southern Comfort' by Terry Allen. When Jesus saves the world / Where will you be? / Out on the lonesome plains o Texas / Or the shores of the Galilee.
Terry Allen - Red Bird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Red Bird' by Terry Allen. Ho down down / Ho down dee / Red bird dancin / In custody / Goin down / New Orleans / Red bird dancin / An a red bird sing.
Terry Allen - That Kind Of Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Kind of Girl' by Terry Allen. yeah / I know you don't understand this / But I think you have a death wish / Even though I know you do not want.
Terry Allen - Highplains Jamboree Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Highplains Jamboree' by Terry Allen. Ahh, she was a honky tonker / An' he was a family man / An' she showed him her gold teeth / When he'd hold her.
Terry Allen - Galleria Dele Armi Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Galleria Dele Armi' by Terry Allen. During the time of the second World War / A small town in Italy / Death / Came / Aboard / Train number 8017 / It.
Terry Allen - New Delhi Freight Train Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Delhi Freight Train' by Terry Allen. Some people think that I must be crazy / But my real name is just Jesse James / An I left them half-crocked,
Terry Allen - Ain't No Top 40 Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ain't No Top 40 Song' by Terry Allen. Well they found her dead / Face down in a ditch / And they chased and caught / That son of a bitch / Ain't no.
Terry Allen - Wolfman Of Del Rio Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wolfman of del Rio' by Terry Allen. Well / He took his first release / On a highway / In a 1953 green Chevrolet / An he was carryin and awful load /
Terry Allen - Oui Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Oui' by Terry Allen. Oui, oui / Oui, oui / Well, I give up all my sculpturing / 'Cause my life had gone all sad / I went to work down at the factory.
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Terry Allen - Night Cafe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Night Cafe' by Terry Allen. Yeah the truck drivin man / He gonna understand / When he pulls into the night cafe / He gonna walk right in / Where.
Terry Allen - Doll Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Doll' by Terry Allen. From the east side of Chicago / To the down side of L.A. / There's no place that he goes / We don't bow down to him and pray /

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