Tek time baby come fi the beating, a long time a mi know seh she need it lyrics

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Vybz Kartel - Calambria lyrics and translation
Sep 11, 2015 Easy now no need fi go down, Enur and Kartel a tell some clown Easy now no need fi go down. ... back shot, stop chat Baby What's dat, that's not a cock, wine pon cock, tek time pon dat Tun roun fi mi cock, me a join from back She seh see di door deh come open dat Pose like seh u soap ... Guns Dem Beat.
Vybz Kartel feat. Keshan - The Goods lyrics and translation ...
Mar 15, 2015 Yow Syvah, some bwoy nuh know Weh a gwaan enuh Mi ago teach dem dis enuh. ... har Everyday suh yuh gone inna your bar Weh yuh tek dis fa, mi say yuh nuffi ... beat har Yuh nuh spend time and a so mi meet har caa When yuh fi a ... so mi haffi send fi yuh long Sweet hood Teacha di bwoy can't fuck mi ...
Gyal you tek man fi fool. Tek man fi ... We a do we ting cause you know seh me no love chat. Breast dem ... Me no have no time fi a waste gyal. Come ... And we can do the tings weh you feel you need to ... She know wah me want to do ... Come over me place let me tell you this straight ... Let me tell you this straight, oh baby
Baby yuh know seh mi have it, hey ... [Chorus:] ... Man all a tek poison pill fi yuh ( Hum Hum) Congress a ... And she caan memba when di last time she grown
Lyrics to "Virginity" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Mi nah watch yuh boyfren So it was in ... Baby... Memba di fus fuck. Memba di first time pussy hurt up. Push in a inch it buck and it stuck ... Yuh tell mi yuh madda ago beat yuh fi dat. Two day lata me seeyuh come bak. Yuh tun big woman yuh come fi tek cock. Baby. ... You Can't Say
Baby come wine up, come show seh yuh love mi. Yuh don't know (yeah) ... Mi tun up di fuck now baby. Mek noise if you waan but don't deady deady. So bawl fi yuh mamma fi yuh pappa mi nuh matter by time yuh fi cum yuh fi done cum ... Big long cocky gone up inna yuh lungs ... Mi mek yuh haffi ask mi if mi a tek drugs
Masicka - Best Girl Lyrics
Apr 12, 2016 Yuh back that up She cack that up Yuh bruk mi heart, She patch that up ... Mi love the two a unno girl nuh mash that up Mek mi explain More time yuh see mi vex and ... fi par Mi seh baby calm down mi cyan tek the bagga war Mi love you ... lock mi out Mi need her to she wrap mi now The cock come out from ...
Popcaan - Cah Believe Lyrics
... supm doh ? / All when she see me wid har , me tell har a neva me / She say , she gimmie every love in. ... Cause you done know how the gaza dweet ... Me seh baby you a mi heart beat. She ... Mr. Madden and Browns a come fi you gyal ... Same time wifey a move to the broom. She seh you and you gyal tek me fi cartoon
FRENCH MONTANA LYRICS - Freaks (DJ Suss One Remix)
Lyrics to "Freaks (DJ Suss One Remix)" song by FRENCH MONTANA: Fi di dancehall fans dem! ... A from mi know seh this gyal a, so so some gyal a ( FREAKS!)
Eatin' Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce. Tell your boss ... Man a badman you fi know say. Disrespect we no tek, no way Jose Try that 'pon ... Because we beat murder charge like O.J [Kanye West ... I'll be gone long, grab that [?] set your [?] [Kanye ... She cut from a different textile ... And held it 'til the right time
Makin dem have a good time. Ya man ... Come down now Rihanna Tek it to ... It's a long time now me wha plow de sile ... Anytime she want it back she ha fi call Dutty Paul Admittin it on de spot I know de real Sean Paul ... Cuz she feelin top up and tall wat de ting say ... Make me hot all ova my body (baby girl, yo, baby girl )
Damian Marley - Hey Girl - Rovleta Fraser Lyrics
I know your love is real ... Well I seh baby you the cleanest, the true definition of what my queen is. Nothing coulda ever really come between us, share the same room and Jah will ... Why mi love fi all she's worth, sitn' fi gwan she wi start it first ... Always on time tek a chance and bet, she's a fine piece of mind with the right ...
Alkaline - Spoil You lyrics and translation
Nov 15, 2016 Too pretty fi tan inna house Go, get yuh stuff Under the moon light, just me and you ... And if you drop me pick you up Me back you up and stick you up Beat you with di lumber pan ... when yuh birthday come Grab on pan me Baby just mek me spoil you Get yuh anything you like Long as you alright then me ...
SIA LYRICS - Cheap Thrills (Remix)
Come on, come on, turn the radio on. It's Friday night and it ... Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight (I love cheap ... I don't need no money (u worth more dan diamond more dan gold) As long as I can feel the beat (mek di beat jus tek control) I don't need no ... (Wah fi see di ting u have weh mek mi feel week girl )
Me Love You Bad lyrics and translation - Vbyz Kartel
May 16, 2014 ... mi owe yuh Mi have something fi yuh Mek mi bring yuh pon di Gaza Mi wah ... ma-mi baby Mi asking yuh kindly For a moment of yuh time right beside me If ... it nah tek yuh nothin fi avoid me But mi see it from yuh stop seh yuh like ... fi come early Misbehave, di teacha beat she She seh Woii, Kartel mi love ...
Sean Paul - Feel Alright Lyrics
Wave up yuh hand because yuh know seh yuh tight (Woman) Bounce and ... Baby and mek me wuk yuh all night ... Every ting gwaan mi fine if yuh don't waste nuh time ... Pon di sitten weh yuh have dat a fi mi fi mi ... Sean Paul - Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind Lyrics Lyric Video ... Sean Paul - Tek Weh Yuh Heart Music Video.
Lyrics to "You and Him Deh" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Mi caan believe seh you dweet Baby a lie dem a tell pon me ... Mi bredren tell me, yuh fren dem fi go weh
Cham - Vitamin S Lyrics
... 'Vitamin S' by Cham. Intro:] / She miserable, says she stressed, / so mi give har some S-E-X / A just di lovin, dem a request, / dem hear seh a we a. ... Gal nah tek nuh check cause it good fi stress dem waan di ... One, dos, three times a week and dat will ... [Verse 2:] One day a Nikki come check mi she neva have nuh voice
Bad Riddim Dem come. Tiad a idot ... Ride it good Lady Saw don't go off beat ... To how dah riddim yah bad mi wah you sidung pon it ... Mi say... Riddim you want baby a dat a dweet. Dah one yah wicked and bad outta street ... Coulda a dwaili weh a clap mi know how fi sidung pon it ... Early morning one a di wickest time
Mavado - When You Feel Lonely (Tek Off Your Panty) lyrics ...
Mi fi ah tek off yuh panty. Nuh listen wah yuh man seh. And when you feel lonely. Mi come fi di sitt'in wah ah hold me. Gyal ah fi mi fi ah touch you some place ...
Beenie Man - Who Am I?(Sim Simma) Lyrics
It's like ah basketball she tek time out fi vomit. Well listen to me style and uno fi listen to me lyrics. Ah Beenie Man deya me ah drop it. Ah say ... Gal de way yuh hot yuh have mi body under pressure ... Woman yuh body ripe just to know yuh got de power but ... You are my guiding star my shining light I love you baby(die)
All I know the time it is getting dread. Need alot of ... And a tell mi seh dem have something fi gimme gimme ... Gimme di gal dem, after di chronic we tek a drag
Major Lazer - Where I Come From Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where I come from' by Major Lazer: Poverty mi curse it, mi pocket ... From I was a baby wrap up ina nappy ... Me and teflon fi have housefi kill up on di hill ... And if a JSE me seh mi sure bout stocks, and if ah mek it inna life « Chronixx » sure bout that ... When time dem see we babylon get upset and start vomit eww.
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Doesn't Mind' by Sean Paul: No, she doesn't mind (aight) she doesn't mind (aight) she ... Girl I got you so high, and I know you like, So come and push it on me, if it feels alright, ... Gimme di ting becah mi waah fi lock pon it ... My baby she don't mind at all ... Same time I line mi align mi top ... Tek Weh Yuh Heart.
Creston--we gon' say it for y'all [Stephen Marley] She loves to party, have a good time. She looks ... Pimpa's paradise! that's all she was now ... Studied and enjoyed herself, I don't know what drove her to avoid herself ... Esteem get a beating, life is uncertain ... She always want tek it too far ... Mi wonder how she mek it so far.
Mavado - Come Into My Room lyrics
Di Genius... A Stacious Sexiness, ladies. I wanna make love (I want you) Di gyal say her first *boyfriend* Did ah live inna dream. Sunday she wah love, him gone  ...
Sean Paul - Buy You A Round Lyrics
Yuh duh kno is SP long side Chino weh we seh(yo ohhhhhh) ... Look how she phat n' she round ... And yuh dun know say I'll be d man that straight up chillin' ... Perfect time killin' ... Well d gyul dem wuh fi know wuh mi put inna mi bag??? ... Girl bring it come, come let mi put it on you ... Baby girl cauh you got ah cute face
Popcaan - Love Yuh Bad Lyrics
from Where We Come From ... Baby Cock up your bumper. Sit down pon it. Girl ya pum pum good and ya fit. Mi ... And mi fi be yuh. Baby dad. Baby dad. Baby dad. Girl ya good body drive me ... Put it on Insta, say mi baby mother ... Baby. Love when you yuh reach to yuh climax. She bawl and grab up my ... Nine months time
Mavado - Gyal Wine lyrics
Gyal Wine lyrics by Mavado: Intro: / Something like this / Fi mi ladies / When you see mi / You get, (wet)wet like, (wet)wet like di. ... One thousand time she seh she waan mi. Har man gone ... Goodas gal have good punanny. Mi tan ... Baby Hear now a weh you come. I'm a mek it tell it to yuh friends on the bomb .... Heart Beat.
Yo my man DJ High Tek - Shit, this motherfucking beat is nice. Back in the day them dwankies didn't want to believe in us. Little did they know that they was in for ...
Dima, me need your vagina [Chorus:] ... Me ah talk bout, me ah tell u say me ah beg yuh a fuck ... Your tight pussy plus fi me fat cock (eqaul) Pussy open wen cocky knock knock. Browning say she never see a body dat black ... Long we ah fuck and me body still ah go ... Dis badder dan d blues dem ah come pon floor
UB40 LYRICS - Red Red Wine
Still need her so. Red, red ... Any time I see you go it makes me feel bad ... Red red wine you really know how fi love ... Red red wine in a modern beat style, yeah
Ah nuh calypso but woman yuh fi dip so. Ah nuh disco ... And me need lovin' too come mek me wine pon yuh. Yuh nah ... Cock it up, tek di wine up. Fuck inna ... Baby put yuh 2 foot over the wall ... Cause how she hear seh mi mash up Cabrina
So baby, what's the story? Did you find another man? ... And you're back on the street like you didn't miss a beat, yeah [Chorus:] Tell me what it takes ... but your love made me a prisoner, yeah my heart's been doing time. You spent me up like  ...
Vybz Kartel - Mi Beat Up Di Pussy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mi Beat Up Di Pussy' by Vybz Kartel. Gyal / Me ... She say me cocky good if me ah put it on sale. Cock it up ... Me say baby anu me do u dat. True yuh  ...
Sean Paul - Temperature Lyrics
Baby girl, all my girls, all my girls Sean da Paul sey,. Well woman the way the time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm. I got the right temperature to shelter you ...
Assassin - Anywhere We Go Lyrics
Anywhere We Go lyrics performed by Assassin: Well a nuh mi mek di catty want ... a wifey fi get up an guh gi it away A nuh mi mek she ah beat off mi gate some ... Wi done know... seh ah tru dem oman want fi gi we some ... Time alone we haffi spend... nah fi spend nuh money ... But fi dem... tek weh our gyal highly unlikely
Baby Cham - Vitamin S lyrics
[Hook:] She misereable, say she stressed. So me give ar some S-E-X. Ah just the lovin', them ah request. Them hear say ah we have di best. That's why [Chorus ...
Kiprich - The Letter lyrics
[Intro: Woman Voice (Kiprich)] So Kippo, yuh seh affa mi tek wey yuh phone every ting arrite (Yes baby everyting alrite) (Yuh nuh hav pen?) Yea man mi have ...
Sean Paul - Head To Toe Lyrics
Don't pretend you don't need me / Daily monthly and weekly / Sean da Paul ... Hear me tell the girl them say ... I give you my love and you know it's guaranteed ... And if a talk you a talk it make man heart a beat ... Cmon baby girl this is not a good time fi tease ... Sean Paul - Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind Lyrics Lyric Video .

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