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Team Eastside - Operate Like a Boss Lyrics
Dec 20, 2015 Lyrics for Operate Like a Boss by Team Eastside. Got it all on me feeling crazy, Reached in my Roberts felt the keys to the spaceship, Feel...
[Payroll:] Fuck bitches, get money. They catch feelings, They get ugly. I don't trust a bitch far as I could throw her that's why after I hit I play a role like I don't know ...
B.O.B LYRICS - We Still In This Bitch
Lyrics to "We Still In This Bitch" song by B.o.B: I'm in my zone I'm feeling it Stop blowing ... In the air, one time for a nigga like me, With a squad like this ... Wassup Eastside? ... Ima boss and you a worker, listen here boy dont make me hurt you
Lyrics to "Ooh Na Na Naa Naa" song by LIL JON & THE EAST SIDE BOYZ: Ooh Na Na Naa ... Move your tongue like that once more girl I'm bout to nut again
LIL' B LYRICS - Reggie Miller
Niggas like me, I feel like I'm Reggie Miller Came straight from the ... It's Lil B for Lil Boss bitch. Check me out. Westside gangstas, Eastside mobsters. Southside ...
And now I stack that shit and mean it like I'm on my last. I stay so ... Better stay lowkey but I can't wait to let 'em feel my wrath ... 150 Dream Team, I'm the boss
Westside shorty, with an eastside nigga. They say it's ... It's like Hov got Bey, it's like Bey got Jigga Really though let ... She on the team, shorty mine now. And we  ...
Sy Ari Da Kid feat. K Camp, DC Young Fly, Snootie Wild, OG Maco ...
Sep 20, 2015 I Say it 300 times We what the streets wanna see Feel like 300 spartans, ... Squad!) Yeah 3-3-300 spartans, leading and marching Swimming in women, I'm sleeping with dolphins(Nah!) ... I'm my own boss, cap'o, and lieutenant(Yeeuuuh!) ... deep in Young Eastside nigga Jacquees(Jacquees) In the coupe, ...
Bitch I hit one button, my roof open like a hard spot (Daaaaaamn!) Make me ... Ask around on the Eastside, I'm the S-H-I-T .... Got racks, ain't talkin tits (Feel dat!)
Lyrics to "In The Zone" song by FUTURISTIC: We feeling good, we feeling right Do eastside go harder than southside, you fucking right You know t... ... Blue jeans, with a shoe string, niggas ball like hoop teams, oh we. Groupies, all these niggas getting mad, get a ... Where the boss, bitch, fine as hell. And you ain't seen him, ...
Lyrics to "Family Affair" song by DISTURBING THA PEACE: Feel like niggaz taking us as a joke Gotta show 'em whose boss My team gotta eat You niggaz be  ...
Snoop Dogg - Vato Lyrics
21st Eastside of the Beach, ... Like he was a straight G, ... I had you niggas runnin' like a marathon, ... So feel the need to bleed, ... We gotta move our team,
I'm a boss lil dog, go and fetch [Payroll] Awwww shit fenkell in this bitch (4-1) Keep the iron so I'm never wrinkled in this bitch. White diamonds looking like a kilo ...
You feel me ... Like a diamond in the sky. And these words I can't ... Everybody can't be the boss ... He said, "Meek Milly, you did for the team again" We gon' ball  ...
Problem - Rap Monument Lyrics
Hoes like feel then I Stockton assist. It ain't no stoppin' shit ... Boss daddy used to call the police ... My team's official, you ain't shit, that's why she's trying my crew
My squad, you know? [Verse:] Bitch I'm ... I know niggas hatin', choppas like the Haitians I ain't single-chasin', ... Feelin' like a nigga made it. Run it back, there ...
I guess it was meant to be like passing Beyonce a Tic-Tac And that ain't a diss, ... And I'm starting to feel like my fans are now condemning me. Listen, I don't owe ...
21st Eastside at a beach, This motherfucker ran ... I hate you niggas running like a marathon, Lil G's tryna creep on the east wit it, Talking bout they ... We gotta move my team cuz my people's ... On this song make it feel like a drive-by. It's ashame ... Candy (Drippin' Like Water) · Get A Light · Gangbangn 101 · Boss' Life · LAX
DORROUGH LYRICS - Ice Cream Paint Job
Lyrics to "Ice Cream Paint Job" song by DORROUGH: Haha Yeah Mr. D-O double R I say... Yeah buddy, rollin like a big shot Chevy tuned up like a nasca...
B.O.B LYRICS - Beast Mode
Why do I rep that east side and why do they all call me B.O. But see I ... I'm kinda like a blur with these words, guess I'm just reserved with these verbs. Running at a ... Take your girl, have her back, we don't want her round my team. She's a slut  ...
Drake - From Time Lyrics
You shouldn't have to deal with that, I'd never make you feel like that. 'Cause I love me, ... "Been Bocka AKA Not Nice from Timegiene been a East Side ting,
Fuck boss shit I ain't never lie ... Listen cause I ain't feeling you doe. I'm a go ... Hear my song while I'm shopping like me that bitch. My team fly homie we dat shit
B.O.B. - Still In This Bitch Lyrics
... Bitch' by B.O.B.. / Im in my zone Im feeling it / Stop blowing my buzz quit killing it / So buy another round / They tried to shut us. ... In the air, one time for a nigga like me with a squad like this ... Whats up Eastside ... Im a boss and you a worker
Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth Lyrics
I'm stressed out so much I'm like, 'Why stress it? ... I succumb so much to this game I feel sorrow. I answer more ... And I'm starting to feel like my fans are now condemning me. Listen ... Eastside Long Beach: Atlantic avenue and Hill ... Cheering for his team ... I worked at UPS for a week and my boss ain't have to fire me
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Preach' by Young Dolph: Make boss moves She like to argue so I sent that bitch to law school.
KID ROCK LYRICS - Devil Without A Cause
But I finally broke like an egg yolk I ain't no joke. Like some uncut dope motherfucker, Kid Rock's to blame ... I did it without you got a brand new team. No triple ...
Tyga - The Motto Lyrics
... don't get it do ya? / Type of money everybody acting like they knew ya / Go uptown, New York City bitch. ... I'm in the building and I'm feeling myself ... My team good, we don't really need a mascot. Tell Tune ... It's Eastside, we in this bitch
DRAKE LYRICS - The Motto (Remix)
... don't get it do ya? Type of money everybody acting like they knew ya Go Upto. ... I'm in the building and I'm feeling myself. Rest in peace ... My team good, we don't really need a mascot. Tell Tune ... It's Eastside, we in this bitch. Wish a nigga ...
THE GAME LYRICS - One Blood (Remix)
I'm bickin back, bein bool on the Eastside Or New Orleans ... While I sit behind team, point 'em out like a line up [Juelz Santana] ... The boss made it, yeah, we floss flagrant. Shame how I .... Style on niggaz, (but feel it to the numb) Japanese  ...
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Gangbang Rookie
I'm a boss out here on the West Killa Coast is ... Sign up on my team, there's a little room left ... Yeah, it's time to get this change, guess I'm like Obama ... Feel the young guap game ... Long Beach, Eastside when I ride, Skinny side get real low
Now that my name's stretchin' they startin' to feel threatened. I'm rowdy, I'm rough ... Up north, but of course I show up with a team. Roll deep like ... We goin' down like a light switch, we on that hype shit. Middle fingers ... Got girls across the east side blowin' me up (bling bling) They all got ... I'm a boss with suburban swag
RUFF RYDERS LYRICS - Shoot 'Em In Tha Head
I'm S.P. bitch, I'm the boss of boss. I talk arrogant and me and guys link up. And these is more than words, if you feel like the songs is to you. Then it probably is, ...
FRENCH MONTANA - Bad B*tch Remix lyrics
Treat her like my whip, I put some shoes on her [Verse 1: Rick Ross] ... still eyes on the east side. Pinky ring, may be running with the [?] It may be something when you run into a mob boss. On trial ... Drink it to the head, man, nigga feelin' woozy
Ice Cube - Go To Church Lyrics
Snoop D-O-double-G, Eastside L.B.C.. And I'm ... It's the big boss Dogg I'm back in action and smashin. I flash with the bling I sur-pass the supreme. You don't really wanna have a clash with my team ... Just like that dopeman, nigga what's up?
Waka Flocka Flame - .MGK – Wild Boy Lyrics
I'm an East side Cleveland wild boy (East side Cleveland wild boy) We got baseball bats like the Indians and my team pop off like cowboys. You're a white flag, ...
Conceited vs B Magic Lyrics - URLtv
See, I don't feel that nigga. This K shine ... Back in my arms again, I am the boss. I will survive till we ... How does it feel to steal everything like Aladdin and it still didn't get you far? So learn how .... I pack twelve and keep a big ten like college teams. After a round ... All on the east side high with this lean on me. I say, fuck you, ...
2XL - Rock On lyrics
Rock On lyrics by 2XL: Rock to the front / Rock to the back / Be up in the club shorty where you team at / Rock to the left / Rock to the.
J Lethal - We Still In This Bitch (remix) Lyrics
I'm in my zone I'm feeling it. Stop blowing my ... In the air, one time for a nigga like me with a squad like this. With a team so ... What's up Eastside We in this bitch ... I 'm a boss and you a worker, listen here boy don't make me hurt you. You want ...
... for me-like I stand up for Da Team-they fly like Peter Pan-they Lost Boys with the ... lames no need to mention-I spit everyday and flip the Eastside City of Angel's .... that feel like God's Angel's-load up in my Arthur C. Hailey Golden Cradle-and ... gave me that Osco Cosco at a Costco-mang can they sure boss low-Trapstar ...
No Panty - Hola Lyrics
Hop up out that pretty mothafucka like hola. Please to ... Watch the players on ya team, look at they face in huddles. They hid my ... I'm from the Eastside, Spanish Harlem's only golden child. I'm only into fast ... That papi spitting, written feel it realer, word to mother. I don't need ... Say hi to a boss bitch, a boss bitch. Say hi to a ...

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