Take me to the water i want to feel the sun on my face lyrics

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Lyrics to "When I Get There" song by CHRIS CAGLE: Well, you can have the truck and the stuff Baby, ... I wanna feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair
Said take me home. Take me home. Could feel the sun about to rise ... It's just me and my daddy and a kid named Cope ... Like I was swimming in a sea of soul ... My daddy turned his face up towards the sky ... Straight from the water children
Jana Mashonee - Take Me Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Me Back' by Jana Mashonee. Remember when / A friend was a ... Oh I just want to feel the sun on my face. Oh I just want to feel well get to that ...
Lyrics to "Atic" song by ASTRID S: Say you need your space, I can read your face When it gets cloudy, just come and find me Take you to... ... Let me be the one, let me be the one. Show you how it's done, crash into the sun ... Can't stop my head from spinning. Everything's gone. You make me feel like water. Go with the flow ...
... CAB FOR CUTIE: I want to live where soul meets body And let the sun wrap its arms around me And bathe my skin in... ... And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing. And feel, feel what its like to be new ... Then I hope it takes me too
Lyrics to "A Match Into Water" song by PIERCE THE VEIL: Let's go! I kissed the ... And I don't ever wanna lose my best friend. I screamed out ... How does it feel? ( How does it ... Make me a promise here tonight, love like a tidal wave. Dreamless  ...
SOUNDGARDEN LYRICS - "Superunknown" (1994) album
SOUNDGARDEN lyrics - "Superunknown" (1994) album, including "Like Suicide" , "Half", "4th Of July"... ... Damn the water burn the wine ... I feel the hurt surround me ... My Wave. Take, if you want a slice. If you want a piece. If it feels alright. Break ... As no one knows. Hides the face. Lies the snake. The sun. In my disgrace
Oh mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head. See, the sea wants to take me. The knife wants to slit me. Do you think you can help me? Sad veiled bride ...
It's been like a whole day since I stopped [pause] ... Your sun shines on my face ... This feeling can't be wrong I'm about to get my worship on. Take me away
RAGE LYRICS - "Trapped!" (1992) album
5. Questions 6. Take Me To The Water 7. ... I feel so strange here, do you know? I have heard ... who use it. And if we want to have a tomorrow ... Death's place in life and how to face it, See how ... My dried out body's got no shelter from the sun
JOHN DENVER LYRICS - Sunshine On My Shoulders
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine in my eyes can make me cry. Sunshine on the water looks so lovely, sunshine almost always makes me high. If I had a day that I could give you, I'd give to you the day just like today. If I had a song that I could sing for you, I'd sing a song to make you feel this way.
So deep, so wide, will you take me on your back for a ride. If I should fall, ... I feel like I'm sinking down ... My feet won't touch the ground. I need ... 'Til the sun has left the sky ... 'Til the washing of the water make it all alright ... I face what I denied
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
BRING ME THE HORIZON lyrics - "Sempiternal" (2013) album, including ... Can You Feel My Heart 2. ... Show me your face, show me a reason to think. My ... Will burn just like a thousand suns ..... The sun will return and you come back down!
Lyrics to "Wake Me Up" song by NORAH JONES: Wake me up when it's over, Wake me ... When he's gone away and taken everything, ... When the water is still , ... With the sun on my face. I will still feel it later on, ... The Sun Doesn't Like You
AVANT LYRICS - Wanna Be Close
Lyrics to "Wanna Be Close" song by AVANT: Oooo I wanna be girl let me be I wanna be everything your man's not And I'm ... That's why I say you're truly my destiny. I'm gonna get cha. If it takes me until forever. No you don't feel me ... you put on your face ... And even if the water starts to run over ... I wanna be the sun,
I can see the sun come up time to get ... water never felt this good ... and it feels like life is taking over, it feels like its meant to be cause I can see the sunrise on my way. I can see the road rise to meet me. I can feel the earth underneath my feet
I'm sinking to the bottom of my. Everything ... Sometimes it feels just like I'm falling in the ocean. Let the waves up take me down. Let the ... Let the rain of what I feel right now...come down ... I thought of just your face ... Now waking to the sun
40 WATT SUN LYRICS - "The Inside Room" (2011) album
40 WATT SUN lyrics - "The Inside Room" (2011) album, including "Take Me In", " This Alone", "Carry Me Home"... ... But I can say nothing for the weight of the action that lies like scars upon my face. But I will ... What in the world would make me feel that way .... I'm watching you watch the water, wondering why with every deep ...
Lyrics to "Want Me Too" song by CHARLIE WORSHAM: You got a lock on your heart, it's chained in the ... Tell me what it takes to put a smile on your face ... My heart's skippin' like a stone on the water. Tell me what do I gotta do. To make you want me too. The way I feel, couldn't fall any farther ... Underneath the golden sun
JACK & JACK LYRICS - Paradise (Never Change)
It's quite a shame that ain't really how you oughta feel, It's all the same, ... Light a flame, rock it back and forth, let me take you away. With my ... Keep your head held high, like you're chiefin' on the herb. It's absurd ... At the ball park with my friends swing batta batta, ... Watch the sun hit the water as the waves curl, No plans ...
THE AMITY AFFLICTION LYRICS - "Let The Ocean Take Me" (2014 ...
THE AMITY AFFLICTION lyrics - "Let The Ocean Take Me" (2014) album, including "Farewell", "Skeletons", "Give It All"... ... It's like there's water in my lungs , And I can't take ... I can't face another day, I am so fucking tired. For I am ... And I feel so fucking helpless when I can't be your relief. Oh! ..... I said farewell to the sunlight,
THE KILLERS LYRICS - Bling (Confession Of A King)
The sun is beating down my neck. So I ran with the ... Like a stone on the water, ... Don't tell me that it's over, Stand up ... I feel my vision slipping in and out of focus, ... Now I've got the blowing wind against my face ... We're gonna make it out,
So don't sleep on the things that my hands have done ... Take it while you get it, toss this and forget it ... Standing where the water meets the shore you feel the sun. Touch your face and leave its mark with nowhere left to run ... From the hands of my mother to the hands I see before me ... I never wanted to say but I had to
Club 8 - Jesus Walk With Me lyrics
Jesus Walk With Me lyrics by Club 8: When I wake up in the morning / Feel the sun shine on my face / I get up and I'm yawning / There is so. ... I wouldn't want it any other way 'Cause then I'd only stay the ... She Lives By The Water · I Wasn't ...
LEAH LYRICS - "Kings & Queens" (2015) album
You wanna leave this world in style. But what if we ... Here the darkness overtakes me. I try to run but I ... You will always take them by surprise, in silence. Erasing ... I feel the sun on my face ... Than all the water and oceans combined. There is ...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "The Scarred People" (2012) album
384 4. Radiant Star 5. The Sun Also Rises ... You've got the freedom to choose what you wanna see. But the bottom in ... And a train to take me back to Berlin .... Three parts of cold spring water. To bring ... I feel the sun upon my face. Thanks to ...
PORCUPINE TREE LYRICS - "Fear Of A Blank Planet" (2007) album
My face is Mogadon ... The pills that I've been taking confuse me ... He's in a band , they sound like Pearl Jam ... You feel no sun ... The water so warm that day
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under The Bridge' by Red Hot Chili Peppers: I don't ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way.
VANISHING POINT LYRICS - "Distant Is The Sun" (2014) album
VANISHING POINT lyrics - "Distant Is The Sun" (2014) album, including "Walls Of Silence", ... Walk alone or with me, pull the daggers from my back ... Light takes me under. Free now I feel, no more am I the burden to you. Take in ... Turning deeper is my face ... Your eyes deceive, your words like poison flow right through me
Turning water into wine ... I was feeling part of the scenery. I walked right out of ... I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant ... they've come to take me home.".
DAWN OF DREAMS LYRICS - "Amber" (1997) album
Push away this endless water-curtain. Like a teardrop on a face. I flow down my way ... I have the feeling Like being torn apart. When my ... My imprisoned sun, caught in stone. Now my friend the ... Take me down... into the beyond. Tears are  ...
Yeah, we fall like leaves in the garden of Eden, Eden Now remember how it felt being in the sun, when I heard ... Here's my hand, baby take it or leave it, leave it. Time doesn't ... Oh, time to take me home-ooh oooh oooh oooh oooh. Now we're  ...
ELF LYRICS - "Trying To Burn The Sun" (1975) album
ELF lyrics - "Trying To Burn The Sun" (1975) album, including "Streetwalker", " Wonderworld", "Shotgun Boogie"... ... Black swampy water, my my ... But you can't miss her face in a crowd .... There's magic in the way you make me feel like. Magic
SYLOSIS LYRICS - "Monolith" (2012) album
Behind The Sun 5. The River 6. ... Vow unto me or suffer the consequence. I need to ... I need to take what's mine ... I need your to hurt so i can feel something ... Ripped from my grasp with no words passed ... A face hidden beneath a bone veil
BLUES PILLS LYRICS - "Blues Pills" (2014) album
5. River 6. No Hope Left For Me 7. Devil Man 8. Astralplane 9. Gypsy 10. Little Sun ... Take my hand, leave this world behind. High class ... You've got to stand up and face your fate ... Soon the ocean's icy water drowns the dreams we see ... Stay Jupiter, I wanna show you my love ... With the sick ways you got me to feel
ALICIA KEYS LYRICS - That's How Strong My Love Is
They can take me and lock me away baby 'Cause there's nothing those bars can do. I'll be the rising moon after the setting sun. Just to let you ... my love is. I used to feel kinda lonely ... we'd make. I'll be the water you need in the desert land
EDDY ANTONINI LYRICS - "When Water Became Ice" (1998) album
Sun that burn my day is coming now soldier sends ... like a bat in the light you are coming to steal all my secrets. I'm a whisper ... but I won't face your soul. Take your disguise send your ... When you feel the pain ... like a beat of my heart you are coming to kill me again. I'm a bird ...
SWORN IN LYRICS - "The Lovers / The Devil" (2015) album
Now you tell me that you don't wanna hear it anymore. Because what? ... Spit in my face because I gave a fuck. Love is dead .... So take me in, make me feel like i' m drowning. Drowning in ... The water's hit my lungs it's dripping through the seams. Take me into ... The sun burns my skin (the sun burns my skin) It makes me ...
... by LIL' WAYNE: It's kinda hard sayin this shit to ya face So I do it over snares and bass Music take me away... ... And guess what? my daughter want another
Wings To Fly Lyrics - O'G3ne
So I can wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. There we are, watching the sun go down. I can feel ... I need wings to fly, to fly, to fly, to fly. I need. I will surround myself with flowers where the water flows. So I can ... I need. Take me far away, make me feel so good. I want you nearby I my neighbourhood. Get you so ...

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