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Won't somebody come take me home? It's a damn cold ... Take me somewhere new. I don't know who you are. But I... I'm with ... And no one likes to be alone
GUILLEMOTS LYRICS - I Don't Feel Amazing Now
I don't wanna know your name. I don't ever wanna speak again. I just wanna be somewhere I can lose myself ... Just take my hand and make me glad I'm changing. Oh take my hand ... Just take my hand and laugh like you are crazy. Oh take ...
One Night Only - Chemistry Lyrics
Take me somewhere I don't know. Watch all the people down below. We've got all the time in the world. It must be the chemistry. Tonight I hope that you know
Estelle - American Boy Lyrics
Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day ... Don't like his baggy jeans but I'ma like what's underneath it ... The Pips at they Gladys and I know they love it
Avril Lavigne - I'm With You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm With You' by Avril Lavigne: Take me by the hand Take me somewhere new I don't know who you are But I, I'm with you I'm with you.
IN FLAMES LYRICS - "Come Clarity" (2006) album
I call on you to take me on. Break me ... Leeches. Like leeches ... I'm glad I don't belong. Save me the speech (I know) You'll be ... Take me somewhere. Don't ...
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye: You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness. ... But I'll admit that I was glad it was over ... And I don't even need your love. But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough ... In an interview with Take 40 Australia, Gotye explained: “I didn't intend it to be a two  ...
LILY ALLEN LYRICS - Littlest Things
I don't know why I trusted you but I knew that I could. We'd spend ... I know it sounds lame but it's so true ... You take me out shopping and all we'd buy is trainers
How many drinks will it take me to get you alone baby? [Pre-Hook:] ... I know we both gone off the liquor. But you should come chill with a nigga. Come chill baby, chill baby. Bumping, grinding all on the floor, know a nigga like that babe ... Rubbing on your thighs, don't it feel right? ... So glad she came to chill with a nigga.
Lyrics to "Glad You Came" song by THE WANTED: The sun goes down The stars come ... You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me ... So let's go somewhere no one else can see, you and me ... Now I'll take you by the hand ... Last To Know
LIV KRISTINE LYRICS - "Enter My Religion" (2006) album
... album, including "For A Moment", "You Take Me Higher", "Streets Of Philadelphia"... ... I'm moving somewhere I don't want ... I feel like I'm coming home to you ... I didn't know where to search for the answers ... I told you I'm so glad you came
The Apache Relay - Home Is Not Places Lyrics
Like a wound that is exposed. I need to run, I need to go. I took my time, I got no more. So take me somewhere I don't know. 'cause Home is not places, it is Love.
I don't know how this happened. I feel like I done slipped up and fell somewhere inside your love. I think ... I'm glad that you're mine, all mine, all mine. I won't ... Know I love 'er like ... It didn't take me a while just to figure out that you're all mine
Lyrics to "Didn't Cha Know" song by ERYKAH BADU: Oh hey... Ooh hey I'm trying to ... I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere. Ooh hey ... So many things I still don't know. So many times ... and life is free. Take a ride on life with me
David James - What We Weren't Looking For Lyrics
Don't know where you're going Don't know where you've been All I know is that I wanna see ... ... what I'm feeling right now Don't know what it is, but I wanna find out And take it ... might be going somewhere I cant say for sure We just might have found what we weren't looking for Some might call me crazy Some might call it ...
ABBA LYRICS - Super Trouper
... are gonna blind me But I won't feel blue Like I always do 'Cause somewhere in th. ... So imagine I was glad to hear you're coming ... Feeling like a number one ... And when you take me in your arms ... I know it's gonna mean so much tonight
[Emanny] I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough ... And then remember it takes two people to argue ... Media training but he don't know how that go
Girl you know you like a pistol, you a throw away [Verse 1:] ... They gotta be somewhere else ... You can take my love and hide it, don't give up on me today
Lyrics to "Shawty Know" song by WEBBIE: Boo.. I mean you my ... Sometimes I don't even know they name before it even happen. Know what ... You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it all. You can ... Listen to me, everything gone be fine. ... Cause shawty know she lookin like… woah.
MAROON 5 LYRICS - If I Never See Your Face Again
Now you've gone somewhere else. Far away. I don't know if I will find you (find you, find you) But you feel my breath ... [album version:] It makes me burn to learn you're with another man [music video ... Take me down, but take it easy. Make me  ...
I told 'em they belong to me, that goes on for forever. And I think ... LOLOL I'm glad you find this shit amusin' Heard a lot about me 'fore we started off. I know you heard that my pool parties like Mardi Gras I know ... These days I don't talk ' bout them days like I miss 'em ... A lot of niggas cut the cheque so they can take this flow
Like you don't know I'm coming unglued. Why you gotta. Why you ... I wish you said something mean to make me glad that you said goodbye. Why can't you look  ...
Maroon 5 - If I Never See Your Face Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Never See Your Face Again' by Maroon 5: 'Cause you keep me coming back for more And I feel a little better than I did before ... Now you've gone somewhere else far away. I don't know if I will find you (find you, find you) ... Take me back, but take it easy ... Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger (Explicit) Music Video.
CHASE RICE LYRICS - Happy Hour (Worktape)
And I don't know why but I still buy drinks for two. Make 'er scrate for me, men ... Send me out to sea and take me to a place where the whiskey's a little more sour
Sailplane pilot in the blue take me up there with you. The world looks ... And I was swimming through the sea (Cause they don't know who they are) I was falling ...
You look so beautiful. No one but me knows you're insane. I feel so damn pathetic. My friends just don't get it ... Cause if you wanna take me home. You know I'm ...
CHILDISH GAMBINO LYRICS - Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)
Loving you is all I know, baby. You make me feel so ... Let me hold it down, I'm so glad we found. It's whatever you like, make it feel good [Chorus:] ... Let's go somewhere far away, baby. Where we don't need no phone, oh ... "Pop Thieves ( Make It Feel Good)" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
DRAKE LYRICS - Wu-Tang Forever
You would look at me with no hesitation and you'd tell me baby, it's yours. Nobody ... If you nervous, hit the lights, I know we only fucking out of spite. Cause your man don't do you right, do you right ... Stadium packed, just glad to see the city on the map ... I just like the rush when you see your enemy somewhere in the club
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Common Courtesy" (2013) album
... watch me. We always knew back then, just where I'd be right now. ... Where they know me, not just my name. There's not ... You wanna take, take, take, take, take it away from me. Take it away ... You don't have to like me, but you're gonna respect me. ..... Why can't you just meet me somewhere in the middle? It's in the ...
ETERNITY X LYRICS - "The Edge" (1997) album
We'd like to take you to a place so far from here. A lesson in lost and ... Smiling like a glad man. Frowning like a ... Don't dig my head for remorse in this, trust me it's not there. I'd rather talk .... You said somewhere that I oughta know. And you ...
PLIES LYRICS - Runnin' My Momma Crazy
hurt me knowin' I'm runnin' you crazy (know I'm runnin' ya crazy)... I wanna talk to ... to bond me out of jail. I get in trouble I call you seem like it never fail. Can hear you now "boy you need to sit ya ass down somewhere" I come and eat I take a shower then I'm out of there. I know I'm stressin' ya at times seem like I don't care
Two years since you walked away from me. Since all of our ... She don't take me there like you used to. And it hurts ... Cuz Lord knows I've tried, yeah [Chorus 2]
BILLY CURRINGTON LYRICS - Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right
... A woman is mystery A man just can't understand Sometimes all it takes to please her Is the touch... ... Don't know what I did. To earn a love like this, but baby, I Must be doin' something right. Anywhere you wanna go. Baby, show me the way
BROTHER FIRETRIBE LYRICS - "Diamond In The Firepit" (2014 ...
She's out there somewhere, she still waits for. The one ... I don't care. All I know is I can't take this anymore ... I'm not like this , glad that you don't see me now
Take me to your daddy's farm. Let me hear your balalaika's ringing out. Come and keep your comrade warm. I'm back in the U.S.S.R.. Hey you don't know how  ...
Blake Shelton - Honey Bee Lyrics
I don't know how long it'll take me. But I'll do my best ... And I got you smilin' honey right back at me. Now hold on ... I'm glad we had this talk. Nothing left to do
WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - Extra Extra Credit
I got a bad bitch, her name you don't need to know. If you can take her off of me, that mean iont need that hoe. Yea, I'm like the ... How not to win the award but be glad for your nominations. If getting ... I'm famous all the bad hoes like me now.
JAY-Z LYRICS - I Did It My Way
(at the airport like five days like I'm a Beatle or somethin) ... Took your high score down, put my name up nigga. Tore the doors ... They don't give a shit unless the accused just happen to rap ... It's in the past and I'm glad, now I'm back to being Hova ... Helicopter meet me, Teterburo take me over ... U Don't Know (Remix)
Lyrics to "As Long As I Got You" song by LILY ALLEN: It seems like only yesterday you were with ... Didn't take me long before I had moved myself to yours. Glad ...
Let me show you everything I know. The jungle ... Right, my little pooh bear, wanna take a chance? Wanna sip ... You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes

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