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Shipwreck in a sea of faces. There's a dreamy world up there. Dear friends in higher places. Carry me away from here. Travel light, let the sun eclipse you
OWL CITY - To The Sky lyrics
There's a dreamy world up there, Dear friends in higher places, Carry me away from here, Travel light let the sun eclipse you, 'Cause your flight is about to leave,
LALU LYRICS - "Oniric Metal" (2005) album
I loved to live here, and that's why I sold my dreams. Now that I am ... If you wanna reach me, all you have to do is to write me a letter ... Take a look at me. Take a look ... [Count Dracula:] .... She wiped away the shadows of my sweet melancholy
I've had all that I could take so I can just shut you out. I won't let go, I will not hurt. You could never understand me. Just walk away and don't say goodbye
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Lyrics to "The Vampires" song by PAUL SIMON: Well, did you bring me my money, My cab fare My new shoes? ... Count Dracula's castle, The very ... That blade is all you need to keep the dogs away. ... Get your shit-brown ass out of here.'
Paul Simon - Satin Summer Nights Lyrics
That's cool, but you don't get no respect around here unless you belong to a bopping gang... I mean, you ... Count Dracula's castle. The very ... That blade is all you need to keep the dogs away ... Paul Simon - Take Me to the Mardi Gras + …
Jimmy Spicer - Adventures of Super Rhyme (Rap) lyrics
He said, “Yes, my man, if you show me you can I was told you had the master plan” ... he did crawl Count Dracula is what he's called He said, “The sun's gone down, ... my wings and take a serious flight I turned into a bat, I flew away I said at the ... I say And from here to there they hear my voice The ladies hear me, I am their ...
PUFF DADDY LYRICS - It's All About The Benjamins (Remix)
Cause I leave you, I'm only here for that green ... Trickin, they takin me skiing, at the Aspens (c'mon) Uhh, gangsta ... Take your pick, got a firearm you shoulda toted, suck a dick. All that ... Playa haters get away or my lead will spray. Squeeze  ...
The Bollox - Carry Me Away Lyrics
Carry me away from here. To the place I've been before. Set me free my darling dear. To the place I feel pain no more. Are we done here honey, oh we oh
COMMON LYRICS - A Penny For My Thoughts
Romans countrymen.. lend me a dollar! Ahh-ha! ... "Nigga you ain't shit.. you wasn't shit when you was here! I seen you ... Spectacular, the papes I Count like Dracula You can't ... My crew's a strange brew, a drink a day'll keep the stink away
LORDE LYRICS - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Help me to decide. Help me make the most of freedom. And of pleasure. Nothing ever lasts forever. Everybody wants to rule the world. There's a room where the ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Cruelty And The Beast" (1998) album
Hear Me now! All crimes should be treasured if they bring thee pleasure somehow. ... Twitching make me wet with thee. Carcass rub me raw" And to ... Her spells upon the Black Count Whom Her ... [Quoted words above are from Hammer Film's "Countess Dracula" (1970). The singer is ... And bore His prey away. In talons ...
Nine Inch Nails - I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal Lyrics ...
help me the only thing that works for me help me get away from myself. i want to fuck you ... help me you make me perfect help me think of somebody else. i want to fuck you like an animal i want to feel you ... i drink the honey from inside your ... My Husband and I Tried Blue Apron, Here's What HappenedBlue Apron. Undo.
ICED EARTH LYRICS - "Days Of Purgatory" (1997) album
Something is drawing me to the other side ... The time is almost here ... The whore of Babylon is here ... [Dracula (1992)] ... Take the chains of oppression away .... Iced Earth will mature and we will grow, but you can count on us being ever
Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Lyrics
Just lay me down. As you float away into the shimmer light. But I don't feel like dancin' when the old Joanna plays. My heart could take a chance but my two feet  ...
And if you're with me, put your hands in the air. Cause this is a fucking ... And you can never take that away (bitch!) ... On the count of three (CAN'T!) ... Has Dracula spiked the punch with blood? We put the ... And I'm here for you. I am so sick, ...
57, How Do You Get From Here To There? ... 64, The Limerick Song (Come On and Sing Along with Me) ... 117, Count Von Count's Continuous Country Cookin' Downhome Diner ... 127, Ernie Puts Away His Toys .... 316, Take A Breath.
Sesame Street - Do De Rubber Duck Lyrics
And while you wash away your troubles (Do de ... Don't forget to count the bubbles ... Take at least one bath a day ... Sesame Street - Sing After Me Music Video.
Dirt Nasty - Lady Killer lyrics
Lady Killer lyrics by Dirt Nasty: Intro / Dirt Nasty Baby. They Call me the Hollywood Vampire. Not just because I suck. But cause I suck.
TWIZTID LYRICS - She Ain't Afraid
Trust me. Alright look, Then I'ma go in there. And I'm just gonna start freakin that bitch down. She ain't ... This is my hook up man get your ass away. Come on man let ... She took the rubber off. And then ... 800 pound-bitch come here sweetie
OWL CITY LYRICS - Wonderfilled Anthem
or would he bring those pigs cool stuff to decorate the deck he helped them build ? Would they not get killed? Wonder if I gave an Oreo to a vampire in a creepy ...

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