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Sweetbox - Cinderella Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cinderella' by Sweetbox. Cinderella are you really that happy? / Cinderella are you really that lucky? / I want to know is your life like you.
Sweetbox - Read My Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Read My Mind' by Sweetbox. Read my mind / Read my mind / In your eyes you look so weary / Fighting light with dark and dreary / And even though ...
Sweetbox - Life Is Cool Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Life Is Cool' by Sweetbox. I never really try to be positive / I'm too damn busy being negative / So focused on what I get / And never understand.
Sweetbox - 1000 Words Lyrics
Lyrics to '1000 Words' by Sweetbox: I know that you're hiding things Using gentle words to shelter.
Sweetbox - Sorry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sorry' by Sweetbox. I never / I never / Don't wanna make you said / I never wanna make you lie / I never wanna see you cry / (verse 1) / Shadows in.
Sweetbox - Addicted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Addicted' by Sweetbox. You know I won't put up a fight / And I know you' re wrong but I'll say you're right / And it'll keep going down this way /
Sweetbox - Miss You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Miss You' by Sweetbox. (Verse 1) / Don't be afraid to cry / It wasn't wasted time / We just couldn't win that fight / And I knew you couldn't stay /
Sweetbox - Superstar Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Superstar' by Sweetbox. Mr.Big Shot, you're gonna hate me / Mr. Big Stuff, you're gonna suffer / Mr. Big Shot, you're gonna learn your place(Aha-Aha)
Sweetbox - Don't Push Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Push Me' by Sweetbox. (Verse 1) / Im a love em and leave em / Touch and tease em kinda girl / Im the perfect type / For one wild night / Yeah,
Sweetbox - For The Lonely Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For The Lonely' by Sweetbox. This is for the lonely / This is for the lonely / Sometimes I think / I wished on the wrong star / 'Cause I always seem.
Sweetbox - Everything's Gonna Be Alright Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' by Sweetbox: Everything's gonna be alright Everything's gonna be alright.
Sweetbox - Lacrimosa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lacrimosa' by Sweetbox. (Man) / Yeah......yeah,yeah!!! / Sometimes I feel like I don't have / Nothing in this world, but the Stress / Anger and wrath.
Sweetbox - Every Step Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Every Step' by Sweetbox. In every crowded room / In every lonely bar / The faintest trace of you everywhere / Or on a busy street / When someone.
Everything's Gonna Be Alright -Reborn- Lyrics - Sweetbox
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Everything's Gonna Be Alright -Reborn-" from " Sweetbox": Guess we've reached the grand finale, I'll take a bow as the curtains .. .
Sweetbox - I'll Be There Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'll Be There' by Sweetbox. / Doesn't matter when you call me at night / I'll be there I'll be there all the time / Doesn't matter when the tears.
Sweetbox - Human Sacrifice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Human Sacrifice' by Sweetbox. Do you still remember when you promised me the perfect love / And I gave you everything and still you said it wasn't.
Sweetbox - With A Love Like You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'With A Love Like You' by Sweetbox. I remember the day when we first got close / It was out on the beach under the warm sun / Just breathing the air.
Sweetbox - That Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Night' by Sweetbox. That night / That night / By your side / I cry / One night in late July / I saw you cross the room / Then you asked me for a.
Sweetbox - Crown Of Thorns Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crown Of Thorns' by Sweetbox. I wrote every note that you sung / Fought every battle you won / But I'm pulling out the nails / Of the cross you.
"Sweet Box". Wat-ching sweet time box of love. Put me in your sweet box. I'm coming along in your sweet box. Do I have to take all night to get there. I saw in the ...
Sweetbox - Graceland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Graceland' by Sweetbox. Feels like a runaway train in my heart / Feels like my thoughts are wounding me / Feels like the spark is seeping out of my.
Sweetbox - You Don't Know What You're Sorry For Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Don't Know What You're Sorry For' by Sweetbox. In your eyes, I can see, / My reflection through the tears / In between, all the lies, all the.
Sweetbox - Chyna Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chyna Girl' by Sweetbox. Life hold my breath / I am drowning in my dread / The wind is getting strong / The wind is getting stronger / There's no.
Sweetbox - Waterfall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waterfall' by Sweetbox. I'm your own Mary Madglene / And your cross is the one I'll be carrying / Watching over you / I'm always watching you / I.
Sweetbox - Pride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pride' by Sweetbox. Are you happy now / Are you better off / Are you a bigger man / Are you loving it, tell me / Your last words echo on / Do they.
Sweetbox - Unforgiven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unforgiven' by Sweetbox. Unforgiven... / Unforgiven... / Unforgiven... yeah...Oh / Keep hittin my head on the wall / Cryin out but who hears my call /
Sweetbox - Real Emotion (album Version) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Emotion (album Version)' by Sweetbox. What can I do for you? / What can I do for you? / What can I do for you? / What can I do for you? / I can.
Sweetbox - After The Lights Lyrics
Lyrics to 'After the Lights' by Sweetbox. He met her backstage / She was s'pose to be just another girl / For the night / But there was something in her smile /
Sweetbox - Ladies Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ladies Night' by Sweetbox. Good morning, class / Here are 10 simple ways to get rid of a lazy boyfriend. / Leave him / Like he leaves the dishes /
Sweetbox - Liberty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Liberty' by Sweetbox: Liberty? Gravity? Do memories remain? Did you find freedom?
Sweetbox - Beautiful Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beautiful Girl' by Sweetbox. Another magazine creates a dream that I can't reach / That I can't be but I try to be / And another label tells me /
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Lyrics - Sweetbox
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" from "Sweetbox": Everything's gonna be alright, Everything's gonna be okay, Everything's gonna ...
Sweetbox - Boyfriend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Boyfriend' by Sweetbox. Always hatin' on me when you talk, talk, talk / Be steppin' to me on the block, block, block / But I don't want your.
Sweetbox - Piano In The Dark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Piano In The Dark' by Sweetbox. Verse 1: / Daddy always said / These are the 88 keys to pain / And daddy always said / Rinse down the hurt before it.
Sweetbox - Utopia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Utopia' by Sweetbox. Praying for something to carry me through / Waiting for the day when I know what to do / Hoping and hoping for a ray of light /
Sweetbox - Somewhere Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Somewhere' by Sweetbox. (Do you know? Do you know why your heart stands still?) / Do you know what you're looking for? / Why your tears dry clear ...
Sweetbox - On The Radio Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On The Radio' by Sweetbox. Every year 525600 minutes are gone / Did you hear me? 525600 minutes are gone / Oh it's just goodbye / Oh it's just.
Sweetbox - Killing Me DJ Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Killing Me DJ' by Sweetbox. Killing me DJ with another sad song / KIlling me with another sad love song / I'm ten feet under now / Singing whoah.
Sweetbox - Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dreams' by Sweetbox. Your cruel glances, your gaze hurts / Evil dances behind your words / You set the volume before I've spoken / You took my ...
Sweetbox - Pretty In Pink Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pretty In Pink' by Sweetbox. Verse 1: / Now we're back in 1984 / He's waiting by the door / She's all dressed up for the perfect night / Oh and he's.

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